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Grey Halls Reskin 4: The Goblin Garden

All based on this post and the zine/map i made - will do more

I had nice feedback on this dungeon and a few pointed out it was a good beginners dungeon.  Was intended as a B1 sort of affair that with a simple village could be a basis for a campaign. Another option could be to have characters clear out the dungeon once a year with various soap opera antics in between as they grow from zero or 1st lv youths into local well off peasants.

Various reskinnings are possible given the parameters of the zine. I'm supposed to be finishing is a seaside cave companion also. A seaside village map might be good too. Have had lots of good ideas of late and my to do list has grown.

I have a bunch of early 1st ed modules and gurps sf books coming in to inspire me too.

Reskin Possibilities?
I might make up a compilation of these reskins to go with the zine/map too.

Undead, humanoids, bandits and then frog men versions. Perhaps more feral ghoul one where they feed off the zombies. Necromancy apprentices vs undead cult + undead...that one year where carrion crawlers bred out of control...

Greyhalls Reskin 4: Humanoids HavenThe goblins were peaceful and ressettled the dungeon. They ran a marked and mushroom gardens and painting. Later as extreme cults came molesting sheep and eating babies and attracting more adventurers. The other ex factions keep trying to take over and enslave the goblins so they have become alert to make up for their physical weakness. Several goblin cult spell casters are trying to sway the tribe. Chief Gragax is playing them all but favours the ancestor goblin underworld shaman cult because of the dungeon's habit of turning any intact corpses or skeletons into the undead. With the right cult those undead can be put to good uses.

goblins have a d6cp each hobgoblins and bugbears a d6gp each

Rooms L-R

Store Room 1Room is full of trays on shelves growing mushrooms, these ones are fast growing edible ones and this room has a d6 months worth of shrooms

The entry has been covered by foliage and bushes. Goblin wolves inside the guard posts in the entry hall alert occupants silently  Guards
Each niche has a wolf patiently sitting inside, possibly gnawing on a bone. Very hard to snak up on them Gate Keeper
A bugbear with two hobgoblin flunkies watches the door. Each has a shorbow and a battle axe. The bugbear will hide and ambush while the hobgoblins will start shooting when anyone fights the wolves
A goblin redsmith Kalax works here. She is very respected and has has three asistats. They have made 2d6 shortswords, 2d6 spears, d6 shields, d6 shortbows and 200 arrows 

A goblin sitting on the toilet eating a baby carrion crawler that had come up from the cistern

Store Room 2
This room with shelves with trays of mushrooms grows exotic magical types that shamans use for medicine and dream visions

Goblin Druid (D3) with two wolves and a goblin assistant is here making mushroom potions while his assistants slice shrooms and put on racks to dry. A shrine to the mushroom goddess is the main feature

Six goblins scurry round cooking mushroom stew and roasting a stolen spit roast lamb. They fight with cooking utensils 

WellA older hobgoblin guards the well to make sure no goblins pee in their water and watches for carrion crawlers coming from the deeps

Nine goblins are feasting on lamb and mushroom stew and drinking mushroom beer. They are easily surprised while eating. A untouches plate of lamb shanks have sleep drugs in them that the wolves and goblins leave alone
Goblin underworld priest here has 3 human zombie guards attending their shrine of the goblin underworld ancestor, death and hunting god 

Crypt 1
Three zombies are stored here laying in stone niches filled with vinegar but will awaken if non goblins poke around the room. 3d6cp and some rusty weapons in the niches

Crypt 2
Four 1HD d6 dam zombie goblins stand here painted in holy designs of the underworld god

Crypt 3
A zombie bugbear HD4 d8 dam with a pole axe guards the room. Chest with d6x100sp
Crypt 4

Three ghouls have been sealed in here by the goblins who were caught eating zombiesBooks
Piles of rotting old necromancy books now overgrown with yellow mould. A wizard scroll is buried under all the filth
A goblin wizard (W4) with his four assistants is here making sleeping poison potions they use to drug food and drink of enemies. The wolves are trained to leave such food alone 

Guarded Entry Hall
4 Hobgoblin guards with a wolves

Public Throne Room
Gragax a 3HD goblin chief with two bugbear guards is here most of the time 
Barracks 1
d4+4 goblins, half are asleep the rest are playing knucklebones 

Barracks 2
d6+1 hobgoblins
, half are asleep the rest are drinking

Barracks 3
d3 bugbears are here making shrunken heads 

Drill HallA hobgoblin sergeant with a halberd drilling 3d4 goblin guards
Store House

A locked store room overgrown with mould has a angry carrion crawler locked inside
Prison Cells
Several missing village folk are kept here with a bugbear warden and his two goblins and a wolf watch them. They are well fed surprisingly because the bugbear thinks they are too skinny to eat

Women & Childrens Room
Six goblin women and two hobgoblin maids with a bugbear eunuch are here with a d6 in harem costumeschildren

Sly Grog Shop
Goblin barkeeper serving a d6 drunk goblins with mushroom beer and some stolen wine. None of the goblins here care who comes in

Family Court
Three goblin mothers are here playing with a d6 baby goblins. One young bugbear is as big as a goblin already and will fight with the women

Elderly hobgoblin goblin woman is nursing a d4 babies and will beg for mercy
Four goblins and two wolves guard here

TempleShrine here is painted with scenes of the goblin underworld and several clay statue of their major gods. A d4 goblins are worshiping here and other near rooms will respond to noises
Priest Room

Goblin priestess (C3) is here anointing the belies of a d4 pregnant goblins
Ancestor shine statues here with a wise woman (C2). She has three d4 healing potions and a guard dire wolf

Ceremonial Room
Several goblins are here painting some corpses awaiting the revival on the next full moon. They will respond to shouting but otherwise very busy
Funeral Temple
A goblin is nailing a d6 coffins shut stolen from the village graveyard

Room is occupied by a thoul champion of the tribe. Others fear and avoid him and wont help. He has a d6x100sp in his nest and a collection of skulls on the shelves
The chiefs treasure room with a dozen wolf pelts, 180gp of boar tusks and a chest with 
three d4 healing mushroom potions. Another chest with a cobra inside has a d6x1000cp and a d4x1000sp. A doombat is locked in here
Master Bedroom
The chief lives here with and can be found by day with his concubines

Death Shrine
 A goblin shaman (C3) is working on the shrine paintings with his direwolf familiar

Four goblins and two wolves

Now overgrown with giant fungi including 4 shriekers shrooms and several chaos mushrooms that cause minor unpredictable mutations x2d4. A goblin Druid (D2) assistant is watering the garden and spreading spoors

Six attractive by goblin standards, a virgin from the village and a bugbear eunach with a pole axe all in harem costumes. Thee is a d4x100sp worth of semi precious stones in their costumes worn and in several chests

Sacred Baths
A bugbear and four hobgoblins are bathing in here naked with mould floating on the surface of the filthy water. It takes them a round to grab their weapons by the door or they will grab torches from wall brackets if cut off

Hidden Cave
The rear entrance has been hidden by bushes and a secret door installed. Three ghouls have hidden in the main room and are eating a dead wolf. They have a d6x10gp and a d4x100sp in a box and a +1 silver dagger in a wooden box

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