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Greyhalls Reskin 3: Humanoids Haven

Another Version of this dungeon

Greyhalls Reskin 3: Humanoids HavenThe humanoids long regarded this as their own lair. The death cults and necromancers don't worry them, they have their own versions. Bandits and frogmen and undead cause some problems and carrion crawlers come up from the well and latrines, especially when they get big enough to prey on humanoids. While orcs and goblinoids don't always get along a strong leader can hold them together. Lura Spleen Eater is the great grand daughter of the great chief Goran. Her name has been attracting new humanoids but there are problems. Any corpses left in the dungeon arise each full moon. They have sealed up the old crypts and a orc priest has been helping control them. Bandits and frogmen still come looking for trouble, cultists and necromancy apprentices too. Mostly the humanoids eat them or put them in the harem if male.

goblins have a d6cp each hobgoblins and orcs a d6gp each

Rooms L-R

Store Room 1
Boxes of skunk cabbage and clay pots of fermenting sauerkraut and bottles of vinegar

Fresh orc and goblin graffitti are around the entry and human skull piles

4 orc guards, two in each niche, front two with spears, others have shortbows

Gate Keeper
Hobgoblin sergeant with a axe and javelins with his pet warg guard here

Humanoids have repaired the weapon racks and have d12 swords, d12 spears, d12 axes, d6 shields, d6 shortbows and 150 arrows. The door is locked with a barred window and a hobgoblin quartermaster with a sword and crossbow guards it

Goblin servant here is cleaning the latrine and has caught a baby carrion crawler in a pickle jar

Store Room 2
Locked store room with salted meat and fish, dried beans and pickle jars

Goblin shaman (W3) with two wolves and a goblin assistant is here anointing the new statue of the goblin underworld lord

4 goblins with knives scurry around under the direction of a hobgoblin cook with a clever. They are spit roasting a human for dinner 

A goblin guards this to make sure nobody does anything fowl. He also tries to catch baby carrion crawlers that come up from the depths for the kitchen

d4 each of goblins, hobgoblins and orcs are here eating turnips and pig feet

Orc priest C1 here watching the crypts for undead trouble

Crypt 1
Sealed with a d6 skeletons and 3d6sp

Crypt 2
Sealed with a d4 zombies 2d6gp

Crypt 3
Hungry ghoul has been scratching at door for weeks 3d6gp
Crypt 4

Sealed with wight inside with 150gp and a silver sword on a plinth
Piles of rotting old necromancy books mostly used for fires and toilet paper

3 goblins playing with old alchemy lab mixing colored liquids for fun

Guarded Entry Hall
3 Hobgoblin guards with two wolves

Public Throne RoomLura Spleen Eater a 4HD orc chief with four guards is here most of the time 
Barracks 1
2d4 goblins, half are asleep the rest are playing knucklebones 

Barracks 2
d6 hobgoblins
, half are asleep the rest are drinking
Barracks 3
d6 orcs
, half are asleep the rest are torturing a cultist who wandered in yesterday
Drill Hall
A 2HD orc sergeant and 5 orcs are marching up and down as punishment

Store House
Loot stolen from humans including sacks of wheat, d4 sheep, bushel of apples, 3 bolts of cloth, small cart, ten bales of hay and a small pony

Prison Cells
In the cage is a frogman and a bandit fighting to entertain 4 goblins and a bugbear warden with a flail with 3d6gp

Women & Childrens Room
d3 each female goblins and hobgoblins each with a child will defend children and scream but will leave quietly if given the option

Sly Grog Shop
hobgoblin serving rotgut goblin grog to a d3 each goblins, hobgoblins and orcs. 24 gallon clay bottles of horrible booze and a open jar of pickled baby carrion crawlers you might mistake for pickled gherkins

Family Court
Nanny bugbear with 2d4 older goblin, hobgoblin and orc children. She will defend them while they flee screaming

Elderly goblin woman looking after a dozen crying babies in broken old cribs and wooden fruit boxes

two orc guards with spear and shield

Shrine has been decorated befitting the shrine of the orc underworld god. 4d6sp silver is on the altar

Priest Room
Orc cleric C3 is here torturing a necromancer apprentice and looking at his book with 4 spells. He has a chest with a d4x100sp worth of offerings for the god he is just minding

4 sleeping wolves here with goblinoid, orc and wolf idols around the room. A torch lighting the room is enchanted and never goes out with 3" radius light

Ceremonial Room
An orc maiden is helping to redecorate the room in orc style with human skulls and flailed human skins with her pet wolf
Funeral Temple
A goblin is chopping up a d6 orc corpses and feeding them to a warg so they don't become undead

Open door with straw and bones where wards and wolves sleep, d4 wolves and a 25% chance of a warg is here at anytime
This is the treasure room with a locked door and a huge white warg inside with one eye. Three chests each with a cobra inside. One has a d4x1000cp, one d4x100sp, one with d4x10gp and a potion of heroism and a potion of invisibility

Master Bedroom
The chief lives here and is here 1/3 of the time with several concubines from the harem. There is a 65gp pearl necklace in a box with some worthless trinkets under the bed

Death Shrine
A goblin shaman and 4 hobgoblins are in here preying to the goblin death god shrine. The crude clay statue has 30gp gem eyes

Two orc guards with swords and shields

Furniture here and the orc chiefs mother with her 4 goblin guards making some human men dance in skimpy outfits. Includes a farmer, a bandit and a cultist 

A large female bugbear with a whip is training several human men in harem costumes including a thief T1, two bandits, a necromancer apprentice W1 and a overweight merchant

Sacred Baths
Two orc grandmothers are being sponge bathed by captured human cultists while smoking hookah and eating peeled grapes and sheep liver

Hidden Cave
The rear entrance is mostly forgotten and in the large chamber are four frogmen who are waiting allies to come so they can kidnap some humanoids


  1. What's the SAN save for the Sacred Baths?

    1. I use stat saves so a WIS will power based save. I should do my dnd sanity tabel or sanity tables based on your alignment. Or as a bunch of tables like basic confusion effects.


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