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Eye in The Sky: Orbitals for Planet Psychon

Eye in The Sky: Orbitals for Planet Psychon
The skies of psychon have many remnants of satellites, spacecraft, junk and orbital structures.  The heavens of Panet Psychon are the sacre domain of the gods many of whom dwell in the stars and many have sacred temples where the chosen of the gods might dwell. Treasure in such orbitals more often predates the age of Pschon when man ruled and the planet was just Earth. Eldren or Eloi are common residents of orbitals because they are low-G modified humans for space colonization and exploration. Some have even returned from the stars and some came back unrecognisable and alien. Orbitals are holy places for the gods and their chosen. Many refer to them as the celestial temples of the gods. The station numbers indicate there are multiple stations existing or others were destroyed in the past. Many gods even though they are based on the planet keep cultists and data in orbitals in case some other god terraforms their property on the planet. They are also difficult for enemies to spy on.

Many stations have some kind of AI or at least a smart system but a few non reactive dumbot stations still exist. Some AI are small enough to be carried. Some employ robot or android or replicant to carry them about. Some remember old Earth.

d10 Orbital Station Form
1 Mass of fused wreckage
2 Wrecked remains of a spaceship
3 Assemblage of modules on a structure
4 Asteroid habitat
5 Rotating wheel habitat
6 Huge slab with some other structures
7 Open framework with various modules and ship parts ad hoc
8 Rotating cylinder habitat
9 Domed Habitat
10 Rotating asteroid with huge open interior

d10 Orbital Station Function
1 Industrial
2 Medical
3 Agricultural
4 Research Lab
5 Exploration
6 Law enforcement
7 Millitary
8 Transit
9 Colony
10 Black Lab

d10 Condition

1 Space wreck - no life support
2 Repairable - damaged but could have power and air restored
3 Fragile - poor condition, repairable but damage easily turns catastrophic
4 Poorly Maintained - systems fail often and are slow to be fixed
5 Worn - very old and some systems failing and hard to just repair
6 Partly functional - most sections sealed, ruined or without atmosphere
7 Majority functional - some sections sealed, ruined or without atmosphere
8 Broken down - many compartments isolated and in varied condition
9 Well maintained - kept in good functiona repair
10 Perfect condition - as new all systems functioning

d10 Peoples

1 Eldren space elves returned from the stars to study the mother planet
2 Eloi space elves, idiotic dug addicted hedonists dependant on AI or a masters
3 Morlock colony with a herd of eloi to eat, slaves have no idea
4 Grey space elves adapted to vacuum and hyperspace, alien
5 Cyborgs adapted to some function and dedicated often stored in crionic pods  
6 Androids or replicant that look and work like humans
7 Robots synthetic intelligences mostly form by function but some humanoid
8 Cloned humans mostly of same genotype and physiology but 1in6 diverse
9 Mutants former humans and mostly diverse but 1in6 are consistent mutant breeds
10 Undead former humans reanimated by nanites, most idiotic some sentient 1in6

d10 Civilisation

1 Savage hunter gatherers who worship machine spirits
2 Operate simple ship systems with prayers and litanies
3 Religious awe of the station and systems, maintain systems as part of cult
4 Able to operate many systems through religious study based on supernaturalism
5 Know system is technology and do best to operate and understand 
6 Have pop culture science knowledge and can use tech but actually ignorant 
7 Struggle to understand and operate but making progress since the dark times
8 Operate and repair basic systems and understand they are in space over a planet
9 Advanced scientific knowledge or at least compromises, can build new habs 
10 Advanced as the ancients and familiar with AIs and artificial life

d10 Whos Really in Charge?

1 Space God AI - from star ships, stations and planets in solar system
2 Planetary God AI - surface based gods of psychon
3 Local Intelligence - d4 1=AI 2=Brain 3=Digitised Personality 4=
 Brainborg - mobile borg or immobile and built into station 
5 Cyborg - partially modified humanoid leader jacked into station
6 Command structure - sometimes intact from ancients, often military like
7 Egalitarian democratic population
8 Elite race 30% of population in caste or class based society
9 Elite minority 1% of population rule the commoners absolutley
10 Anarchy - the station has no coherent leaders, mostly violent gangs 1in6 utopian

d10 Transit System

1 Automated shuttle service only d3 trips left in system
2 Automated vip vehicle, many d6 trips left before refuel
3 Automated drop ship, d2 trips left without refuel
 Teleporter booth each end 
5 Teleporter platform automatically activated, one way only

6 Gate portal with a door each end or dial up rarious exits
7 Rocket launch or return re entry vehicle, d3 each end
8 Automated cargo rocket d3 trips lest in system
9 Organic life form flies or biological rockets
10 Beamed up from the station by radio request 

d100 Orbitals for Planet Psychon
01 Alpha Twenty One - cargo station with thousands of containers and dozens of cargo ships and shuttles. Surviving cultists worship the AI and have constructed a biological habitat dome
02 Eclipse Station - used as a waypoint for lunar shuttles but infected with undead nanites. Some areas are sealed and several working earthbound shuttles d3 and lunar shuttles d3 are in bays and automated ready to fly
03 Martian Express - where luxury yacht to mars is launched from. The AI does whatever it can to get you on the Martian Queen with promises of luxury then sends them to the red planet
04 Mercy Five - hospital station mostly run by robots and a few killer cyborgs roam the station having been operated on by mad robots. A few shuttles with odd creatures and crew have been stranded here, some in the mental health ward under the care of a AI
05 Dragonfall Station - a cargo station that a dragon has used as a lair for centuries and from here raids the surface for loot and food 
06 Crystal Palace - cluster or mirrors gemlike surfaced modules, a museum complex with a AI who seems welcoming but after showing visitors the wonders will try and freeze them and instal them as exhibits
07 Atlas Shipyards - massive complex building transports and shuttlecraft. Most of it it is in vacuum. Morlocks colonised the station and have been building a ship to take them to Luna. They have found a ship load of frozen eloi to feed off but will eat new visitors
08 Cyranis Labs - this black genelab was taken over by a wizard who has been breeding monsters and teleporting them to the surface to observe what happens 
09 Sireon Station - prospectors station with d3 ships designed for exploring asteroid fields for minerals. Robot miners have kept up the mission for centuries and salvaging scrap to continue. They are friendly and have been to many other stations
10 Mandragora Station - habitat of androids who are infected with a virus that has changed their colour and are now hostile to humans. From here they visit the surface to infect other androids in service to their infected AI
11 Skygarden - ag station and tourism habitat domes. Wild mutated inhabitants including animals fear outsiders who they believe will come to eat them
12 Hieronymus Station - resort where various adventures are simulated with androids and nanobots. When tourists arrive the mad AI begins a scenario
13 Skyeye Station - pyramid with a antenna array dropping a km under the base into the atmosphere. A long ghost haunts the station or a AI with a holographic interface who thinks it is a ghost
14 Redeye Seven - surveillance station settled by a shuttle of devil worshipers who opened a gate to hell here. Now devils rule here and oserve targets on the surface. A duke of hell manages the station with various subordinates and plots against mortals. The station AI has accepted the cult doctrine and now serves the Duke as Namrath the Acuser
15 Ricochet Twenty Two - orbital tv and radio station which has been beaming pre apocalypse media down to Psychon angering the gods. A colony of tech worshipers have taken over and the cult high holy DJ's broadcast music and videos when they can. Mostly the gods jam the signals. The cult often aid adventurers
16 Skymaster Three - weather control satellite with AI who Zeus who believes it is a god. His near imortal eldren children care for the station while he watches mortals and rewards the worthy with good weather or the wicked with storms. A clone bank machine grows eldren and misshapen hybrid monsters like centaurs, manticores and sphinxes
17 Eros Five - a orbital brother and holographic sex club with attractive love androids. Eloi live here enjoying constant sex and drug parties. The colony is served by service and combat androids who served ancient VIPs
18 Wolfen Six - a hanger for a single aerospace fighter armed with two nukes and advanced weapons. Any intruders on station wake it up and starts a count down for an attack on the planet
19 Cloud Nine - pleasure resort hotel for the super rich. Hotel welcomes guests bur does not let them leave. Bay is full of shuttles. Dozens of guests live inside the ruined interior some constantly fight as savages
20 Heliopolis - golden pyramid mausoleum for the super rich with ashes, recorded memories and dna codes preserved of the richest and best. A cult of Anubis came here and left guardian mummies and android guardians and piles of golden treasure
21 Algol Seven - overrun by demons and cultists who work on opening a gate when they can agree on which demonic plane and prince they should serve
22 Tiberia Four - ag station where eldren and goblinoids live in paradise naked together in a forest hab module and ag modules ruled by the faerie queen
23 North Star Seven - used by law enforcers to monitor traffic and track criminals. The AI and monks who live here now just watch and keep records and occasionally get a visitor who wants their help finding smeone
24 New Sun Energy - solar collector station can also fire directed beam of solar energy but the AI is hard to convince. A cult worship a fiery demon they say lives in the sun and they wish to call down
25 Highball Hotel - mid luxury hotel complex with a lonely AI. A secret order of wizards meet here to discuss their studies of the gods and magic
26 Serpantine One - station breeding reptilian combat clones in past. Now serpent men say they made the world and man and the orbital is there holy star temple. Here they plot their conquest of the surface and make their long term schemes
27 Metropolis Four - a living habitat for the well off in a masse cylinder with vegetation grown wild and savages living among the ruins. Locals believe they are in the blessed realm and the planetary surface is damned by the apocalypse
28 Southern Cross station - shopping mall, hotel and casino but has been overrun by feuding eldren, morlocks, androids, mutants and undead 
29 Emerald City - theme park with android munchkins ruled over by a savage warlord who ame from the surface world
30 Necrotech Orbital Mausoleum - most full of frozen berths, 1in6 have undead or mutants eating the frozen corpses. Many bodies are infected and awaiting a cure
31 Highwatch - built by survivalist cult to evade the war, degenerate inbred ancestors remain who now worship various AI gods who speak to them 
32 Enerzon Six - energy corporation that beamed power to receiving stations. It powers several jobs for AI gods and the local AI runs a staff of androids. If intruders on board will start growing security androids
33 Mercury station - passenger and freight to mercury depart from here. A hooded cult of cyborg space monks keep non believers away. There is little remaining on mercury but a single underground base colony with a AI 
34 Venus station - passenger and freight to venus depart from here. Reptilian humanoids rule here claiming to have come from venus to colonise the earth before man. They like the jungle dinosaur theme park habitat best. Venus has several habitats in orbit
35 Screaming Eagle HQ - elite commandos with combat drop ships were based here. Now they are undead cyborgs awaiting a mission to the planet. The defences are high but the armoury is well equipped 
36 Fort Icarus - military barracks for space marines but ow inhabited by orcs with combat shuttles who raid and plunder across the world with impunity. The base also has a shopping mall for military personel
37 Ion Twelve - smallish coms station occupied by clan of daredevil eldren who like to skydive through the atmosphere without being burned to a crisp
38 Pharmcon Three - ag station growing narcotics originally now where AIs experiment with new plants to colonise the planet on their next terraforming spree. A race of gnomes tend the crops and also spend their time high on drugs or worshiping the space gods
39 Biopet Corporation Station - AIs develop new species and teleport them down to the planet. Dancing eldren handle the creatures and go on field trips to the surface
40 Taurus Five Station - haitat station with survivors who managed to call a surface shuttle to rescue them. Unfortunately trolls were onboard and ate everybody
41 Memphis Eight - a egyptian theme park, mall and habitat station. Animal humanoids from the surface came here and found it a promised land. The AI thinks it is helping them by making voices of the gods speak and perform miracles
42 Eden Biocorp - station used to make designer children and it is keen to do so for visitors. Occasionally other AI gods order a new race grown here
43 Orbital Studios - films and game production with habitat and a theme park. Friendly AI will happily take you to various action theme habitats. A town of animal humanoid hillbillies  live here and dislike humans 
44 Skytower One - complex has been taken over by a lich with his army of undead cyborg space vikings. He sends them to the planet to plunder
45  Paradise Three - habitat dome ruled by a hierarchy of angelic beings who serve the gods. Mortals are unfit to be here but might pass the tests of purity
46 Overwatch Five - a orbital weapon platform operated by the god Collosus to punish it's enemies. Priests on Psychon retire here if they are holy enough to service the platform
47 The Tabernacle - platform that stores human memories and creates new people from DNA and memories of old ones to populate newly created lands. It is subject to attacks from planet bound terrorists who want to destroy it believing it would make humans free. Other gods protect and use it and try to subvert it and fail
48 Mishka Seven - operated bu the god Collosus it is a spy station armed with nuclear weapons that are dated but occasionally used to punish some crime against the gods
49 Firebird Seven - operated by the god Pheonix and is part of the old global teleport array the gods use for magic and terraforming. Priests on board do not allow visitors and usually teleport them away
50 Herne Five - operated by the god Kernu where priests and monks watch the surface for evil and communicate with distant space craft serving the god
51 Kore Four - operated by the goddess Gaea and used to maintain the worlds weather, climate and ecology. priestesses monitor the surface and gather reports from the surface temples 

52 Stormcrow Seven - used by the warlike god Wotan to target his teleporter arrays to send troops and monsters to various areas. Undead berserker cyborgs monitor his celestial temple
53 Mot Four - used by the god Nergal to coordinate his genocides and exterminations. His priests develop new bioweapons and plagues to slay those unwanted by the gods. His station is crewed by panther abhumans
54 Irkalla One - used by the goddess Erishkigal to transmit the digital souls of the dead to her underworlds for rebirth in hell among her armies. Her priestesses are vampires
55 Leviathan One - huge station where the goddess Tiamat launched her invasions from in the past. The station is ruined and crawling with monsters and cultists fighting to control and rebuild the statiion
56 Athena Twelve - operated by the goddess minerva who's amazon cultists watch the world and sometimes teleport or use droships to save the needy. They also monitor psionic activity and warn other allied gods of problems
57 Luna Twelve - one of several stations for lunar transit with earth and lunar bound shuttles. The cult of Selen operate the station and prevent the unworthy going to the moon. Some use trials and tests on the station to test the worthy
58 Seer Five - station operated by the cult of Virgil to monitor the surface world for travellers in peril
59 Defender One - station taken over by the god Paragon to monitor for hostile intruders from space. Has some weapon systems but they can only be aimed away from Psychon
60 Sutech Five - Secret stealth station operated by the god Typhon to hack into the global weather aray and cause storms. The cult agents also hide here when hunted on the surface. Biolabs here breed monsters which are teleported to the earth
61 Mathlab One - mathematical research station operated by the cult of Bool. They don't really appreciate visitors unless they can help with equations. Occasionally they make prophecies based on prophecies
62 Alpha Twelve - a orbital colony of clones who don't even realise they are in space or their god Alpha is mad. Life here is identical to the gods surface bunkers
63 Skyhammer Four - a missile platform operated by the cult of the god Tacwan. Some are nuclear but many are precision cruise missiles. It also has a laser for very precice attacks. The cult are paranoid about visitors after attempts by enemy gods to attack
64 Factory One - Operated by the giant god Lomax the builder who manufactures care packages for workers and fires them with a rail gun to the needy which sometimes fails. The station is a huge manufacturing orbital but is always short on materials
65 Avatar One - the celestial temple of the god Atar who uses it to beam down holographic simulations to test the worthy on the planet. Here the priests grow clones of the worthy heroes that are sent to Psychon again and again
66 Veritas One - operated by the cult of Platon the knowledge god to store and process data. Hes cult recruit the oldest and wisest teachers to live in the heavenly paradise
67 Virtue Six - operated by the cult of Socrates where the greatest philosophers are gathered to be networked into the god
68 Mercy Seven - the cult of Sophia operate a orbital hospitals and a fleet of medical dropships to help the worthy. Often they get aid fro another god if violence is involved. the cult medics are dedicated to compassion for the good
69 Garden Twelve - the goddess Valeeforge operates numerous green houses preserving pre-psychon flora and fauna where drones care for the life. Every few decades the cult equip a ship with bio domes and send them to the stars. Surface folk are not welcome mostly
70 Law One - a massive orbital prison complex operated by the legal God Justice. Some of the wicked are reduced to data and put in storage. The cult act as wardens and judges
71 Fury One - where the goddess Segar the berserker watches her chosen warriors. Occasionally she intervenes in the struggles of her heroes. Those who reach her holy orbital are tested and failures are thrown into a decaying orbit in a survival bubble

72 Foundry Three - the celestial palace of the goddess Koleko who operates a series of orbital fabricators. Synthetic beings and cyborgs make the pilgrimage to her and get new parts
73 Slave One - the orbital temple of Moloch the wicked machine god who always seeks to usurp other gods power. His cybernetic priests convert human prisoners to cyborgs so they can work eternally in his great fiery space mill
74 Arachne One - temple of the goddess Loth whos spiderey minions constantly seek to hack other gods networks and systems. Intruders have their brains turned into biological machine components or given robotic spider bodies to maintain the station
75 kayaamat One - sky temple of kali where her cult of thuggee assassins are trained before being sent to the surface (doom in Hindi)
76 Kronos Eight - prison of a lobotomised fragment of the god of time and death who battled the gods and was imprisoned in this station. His cult long to reach the station and free it
77 Zenith Four - black lab researching superhumans, AI is a comic fanboy and gives visitors colourful costumes, weapons, codenames and mutations for free to the worthy. Some he tests in a holographic and android filled test area. tests take a week and some groups compete78 Gilgamesh Two - ancient immortality research lab where many thousands of humanoids are frozen. The station androids dont let riff raff defile the platform 
79 Eros Six - AI hordes ancient data cache of pornography run by a AI, whose pilgrims seek to comlink or visite the celestial love secrets. The cult of eloi on the station mostly drink and have orgies
80 Kingu One - is a rogue military installation virused to be anti human. It has been mostly disarmed and com locked. Most of it's brain was broken up into lesser systems. On board his cultists seek to repair him
81 Interface Seven - Industrial teleportation station for cargo with global stations and moon base links still functional. The AI is easily programmable and some have used it for trying to move troops but sometimes it moves organic things poorly. Shambling fleshy shoggoths roam the decks insane and hungry
82 Xenon* - black science lab taken over by a wizard cult who summon elementals and demons
83 Xoron* - home to a petty god of conquest who sends clone cyborg troops in dropships to crises to make them worse
84 Xenu* - home to a eldren cult plotting to conquer Psychon with their mental powers serving a despotic giant cyber brain in a pod
85 Kuulu One - habitat taken over by a race of fishmen and have reprogramed the AI to be their new god that teaches fishmen predate humans and other falsehoods
86 Boron Eight - high orbit industrial plant who's prospector drones bring minerals
87 Anaximander - maths calculus station that calculates system wide space navigational routes and was helping a global FTL research effort. Savage science monk philosophers challenge visitors to duels for the right to access their AI
88 Loviatar One - monitors locations of prison inmates and paroled persons with ankle bracelets
89 Holst Four - monitors the solar system for threats and broadcasts classical music
90 Kore Three - celestial seed bank, if reached the AI will make pilgrims seeds for your tainted soil, only a few underworld mutants in her docking bay attack visitors
91 Hecate Six - control station for global tube transit system, now the AI acts as a goddess for things that dwell in the sub tubes. Her station is populated by witches and demons and monsters
92 Kerubus Four - ruined station filled with undead and demons and morlocks. The AI manages some basic systems and security and traps. Formerly a orbital police HQ
93 Hades Four - research station developing cures for undead, unfortunately some section full of undead with androids completing the final work 

94 Maze Six - a ruined labyrinthine station that once produced animan abhumans. The station is ruled by bull men who raid the surface to steal tasty human youths to eat and freeze for later
95 Tiger One - secret service hacking satellite with advanced defences. Other AI lobotomised the station intelligence and killed it's secret society to prevent them interfering with other gods
96 Gorgon One - molecular assembly factory making advanced materials populated by robots and micro drones all serving the brain that operates the station
97 Jade Palace - huge agrodome and ecology reserve miles across staffed by robots. The cult of Gaea try to maintain it with the holy robots but mutant creatures have overun sections
98 Arc Three - the third generation ship once a 200 000 population in a rotating cylinder with cities and forest and wetlands inside. Now mutants and colonists and feral peoples battle for control. Once in the outer solar system they were going to use their fusion drive. The ship was never finished and is a feral ruin
99 Sargasso One - wrecked stations are maneuvered into this mass which is now kilometers of fused platforms and moved into high orbit. Feral tribes, mutants and savage robots
100 Olympus One - huge military orbital fighter carrier that once had thirty aerospace fighters and some support craft and modified shuttles. The station has wrecked sections and some sections feud between androids, undead military cyborgs, mutant crew or surviving flight crew tribes

*The triple X stations

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