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Grey Halls Reskin 2: Contested ruins

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Grey Halls has basics to be reskinned several times. the undead arise every 100 years but bandits, humanoids and cultists. There are periods where no one faction is in control. A few months after clearing the place out you might find it like this.

This is a reskin during such a period

I could do a goblinoid era one or a bandit one

Grey Halls Version Two: Contested Ruins

So after being mostly empty with just vermin since the undead were purged, several factions have begun scouting the ruin. Alarmed the villagers have spread wild stories of treasure to attract some adventurers. Frogs, humanoids, cultists and apprentice necromancers are all looking to establish a base or get loot.

Rooms L-R

Store Room 1
Bandit camp, d6+4 bandits HDd6. The base they use while searching dungeon, 6d6sp 3d6gp, food, water, grog and torches in crates

Roll encounter table for who is trying to hold the door now

Roll the encounter table for corpses here

Gate Keeper
Barricade on left doorway facing room, blood and broken weapons everywhere

4 orcs on guard and picking through rust heaps of armoury with a goblin slave who flees for help, each has a d6cp 

Terrible stench, plank with holes over a cistern where a carrion crawler lurks, has a orc body already

Store Room 2
6 goblins and a hobgoblin overseer with a whip, preparing food for the orc/goblinoid group, 
each has a d6cp 
Goblin shaman with 2 assistants treating a wounded orc, has several d4 healing potions
2 goblins hunting a giant rat for dinner, 
each has a d6cp 
Carrion crawler lives down here and drags anyone using well onto a ledge above the water. Several goblin corpses here

2 orc archers, one eyed hobgoblin with a morningstar and a goblin with a sling guard here, also looking for rats and what has been eating their missing friends, 
each has a d6cp 
2 zombies guard here, badly smashed idols on the floor

Crypt 1
Open, 4 skeletons laying in wall niches, a good suit or repairable chain and sword in here. They await their master to regenerate as he does every hundred years, 3d6sp

Crypt 2
Open 3 Zombies guarding 2d6 corpses they have brought back here which will be reanimated on the full moon, 3d6sp

Crypt 3
Closed but signs has been opened often, a married ghoul couple live here eating a corpse, 6d6gp 800sp

Crypt 4
Sealed with a sleeping wight with a silver +1 sword on a plinth, 4d6gp
d6 cultists with skull masks searching through ruined books for documents. HDd6 with daggers

Necromancer apprentice W3 with 2x W1 assistants looking through formula notes in smashed alchemy lab, d6gp/Lv and a dagger, leader has a invisibility to undead potion lasts 10 minutes

Guarded Entry Hall
Dire wolf eating a goblin, growls at anyone coming close or entering

Public Throne Room
Shattered decorations and d6 cultist corpses

Barracks 1
Bandit and a orc rolling on floor fighting with daggers yelling, footlockers of personal belongings from long ago, each has a d6cp

Barracks 1
Goblins searching foot lockers among the rubble ignoring sounds of fighting next door, d6sp each

Barracks 1
Doorway blocked with ruined furniture, inside bloody remains of goblins and a angry doombat. 6d6cp on corpses in room 

Drill Hall
Hundreds of bats live in here, floor wet with feces, bats might panic as a swarm , a 1pgp gem is hidden in the filth

Store House
2 goblins cooking bat on a stick over a fire, d4cp each

Prison Cells
ghoul eating a dead bandit, if quiet will let you pass

Women & Childrens Room
2 cultists on guard facing the grog shop, one has a crossbow, both with knives HDd6
Sly Grog Shop
3 goblins passed out from drinking, one throwing up and another selling drinks for a cp each, 
cash box of 6d6cp 3d6sp
Family Court
4 bandits picking through broken furniture, d4sp each

4 cribs with angry zombie babies that start crying if anyone enters HDd4 Bite d4 Jump1"

Roll the encounter table for corpses here
6 cultists and a priest C3, trying to clean up the wrecked death god shrine, priest has a +1 panther headed club and 4d6gp

Priest Room
assistant priest cleaning for the master C1, will pretend he is innocent, d6gp

dozens of creepy underworld shrines with two acolytes 
C1 repairing them, each has 3d6sp
Ceremonial Room
4 cultists cleaning the room in preparation of a sanctify ritual, box of 3d6gp of evil decor items

Funeral Temple
Acolyte C1 with 2 cultists assistants preparing four cultist corpses for future rebirth as undead, cleric has a d6gp

Locked door, mostly rotting foodstuff with 2d4 giant rats, box with 3d6sp, 2d6gp

Locked door with crossbow trap inside. d6 suits of leather armour, d6 melee weapons, d6 weeks of food in dried biscuits, 4d6sp, 2d6gp 

Badly damaged burned bed with burned zombie remains. Melted 30gp necklace in ashes
Death Shrine
Ghoul preying to the ghoul god

Roll the encounter table for corpses here
Loud croaking from here and barking, four frogmen fighting a dire wolf, each frog has d6sp

Three frogwomen trying on tattered old harem costumes, 6d6sp of beads and trinkets from rubble here

Sacred Baths
Frogman leader and his mate are spawning in this foul pool, takes a round to grab their weapons and his croak calls any remaining frogmen (not the frog wizard). Has a potion of water breathing to carry slaves to underwater home and 6d6sp and d6gp

Hidden Cave
Main chamber has a frogman wizard W3 and his two guard carnivorous giant frogs. Has a sleep scroll and a spellbook plus 3d6gp


  1. SO cool. Yeah, a Goblinoid re-skin would be very useful for all manner of low level dungeon delving. I can see this being an incredibly useful dungeon for teaching D&D to novice gamers. As always- you're awesome sir.

    1. Cool sounds like a goer or perhaps the goblins were peaceful and running a marked and gardening and painting and eating babies.....till other factions got them.

      Then bandits and then frog men. Perhaps more feral ghoul one where they feed off the zombies. Necromancy apprentices vs undead cult + undead...that one year where carrion crawlers bred out of control...


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