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One Sheet Dungeon Zine 1 - Grey Halls

So this is something i put up as a goal on my Patreon. This one is a revision of a old one and has had map seen before. So this one is publicly available here

There will be a second one on Patreon shortly free for subscribers and I will release it here some future milestone.

It is a format I did teaching kids who were into dnd.

This is a sample of the kind of content you could put in the dungeon if you are too lazy to DIY

Version One: Return of the Necromancers
kraal the Necromancer has arisen and undead have flocked here to try as they do every century to take over the area. Locals are familiar with the warning signs. Local beginner adventurers are usually eager to see what treasure the dead have gathered for their treasure. A rival party is pretty likely, possibly evil priests, cultists and necromancers might compete for loot.  Kraal has dozens of corpses here where he waits for the next full moon when they will arise and joins his forces so he can raid the local village. The local priest knows this and offers 100gp for clearing out the Grey Halls

Rooms L-R

Store Room 1

piles of broken bones awaiting being made into undead
Front a tattered flag has been draped over the battered entrance

two skeleton guards
Gate Keeper 

a rotting 4HD zombie ogre with a pole axe d10+1

piles of rusting and rotting armour, spears, swords and shields
Latrinesdry long unused toilets, a zombie hand HDd4 lurks in one of them
Store Room 2
piles of animal bones and smashed up coffins

a evil goblin shaman (C3) lives here with a zombie bodyguard

long unused room with rusting pots and a few old knives

30 foot deep well with several rotting corpses in the bottom

a fancy cobweb covered dining table, d6 skeletons in chairs awake

idol dedicated evil underworld spirits with a dozen creepy idols
Crypt 1 

open and empty with 3d6sp among rpined grave goods
Crypt 2 

open and mostly empty, zombie sleeping with 5d6sp
Crypt 3 

open with a d3 skeleton sleeping in niches, 4d6sp
Crypt 4 

sealed with a ghoul locked inside, 3d6gp

crumbling remains of books on shelves, d6 evil books in good condition

remains of alchemy lab turned into a embalming room, 3d6 gp of spices in jars
Guarded Entry Hall
four skeleton guards
Public Throne Room
Kraal the 4th Lv skeleton wizard with four skeleton guards

Barracks 1 
rotting bunks with several footlockers of former living guards loot
Barracks 2 

pile of rotting wood with a ghoul hiding in the pile of broken bunks
Barracks 3
heap on old coffins in row with skeletons awaiting reanimation
Drill Hall 

six skeletons in a like with spears and shields awaiting orders
Store House 

zombie watches the door, hooks of rotten corpses hang from the roof
Prison Cells
cage with a imprisoned thief adventurer in leather desperate to escape
Women & Childrens Room 
broken beds and childrens toys scattered around
Sly Grog Shop

bottles of vinegar and a d6 bottles of spirits in racks with broken glass
Family Court 

fragments of children bones and broken toys

several cots with baby bones, a skeleton baby can jump 1" waits in ambush
two skeleton guards

idol of death god with 2x 100gp eyes, if removed party save or cursed -4 to hit
Priest Room
priest of the death god C3 with two zombie guards praying to gods

shrine to petty underworld deities with offerings of flesh and incense (2d4gp worth)
Ceremonial Room
tattered tapestries, skulls and a altar with a silver dagger, 6d6sp offering
Funeral Temple
temple of funeral god with two gilded jackal idols worth 60gp each

crumbling mummified bodies awaiting to be reanimated at the end of the month

locked door where undead keep loot, 2 zombie guards, 300gp, 1800sp, 2000cp
Master Bedroom

rotting four poster bed of the master, two zombie women rise from the bed
Death Shrine

shrine to the god of murder, son of the death god, +1 silver sword on the altar
two skeleton guards

scattered dried corpses on the floor, 2 huecuva leap up to attack and cause fear

four made up zombie women in chain bikinis wearing 30gp jewelry each
Sacred Baths

putrid once holy pool with a water weird living in the filth with 800sp in bottom
Hidden Cave
winding cave with a ghoul who eats other local undead, has 25gp in a skull in main chamber. The entrance is covered under vines

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