Thursday, 22 February 2018

What did the Dragon & Giant & have for dinner?

These are for insides of big monsters. In case of parasites use giant snakes, leeches or centipede stats or whatever you like. SOme monsters requiring magic to harm might survive longer alive.

d100 Loot in big monsters corpses
01 Sheep d4
02 Half a cow
03 Pony
04 Orc d6
05 Maiden
06 Farmers d4
07 Donkey with load of goods
08 Goat d6
09 Chicken house
10 Small brass cannon
11 Weather vane
12 Roof tiles
13 Pile of skeletons
14 Knight in armour
15 Holy symbol from church
16 Sacks of flour 2d6 and half a waggon
17 Paving stones
18 Elephants head
19 Chest with d6x1000cp
20 Payroll chest d4x1000sp
21 Sack of gold d4x100gp
22 Crate of iron rations
23 Paving stones
24 A dwarf in armour
25 Family of halflings d6+2
26 Chimney 
27 Wheelbarrow
28 Pushcart with rag and bone and old man
29 Several limbless beggars d6 
30 Mine cart with ore
31 Anvil, bellows and bricks
32 Fishing net full of fish
33 Plow and ox head
34 Treestump
35 Piles of wood and a d4 beavers
36 Several nuns or monks d4
37 Children 2d4
38 Goat with tiny waggon
39 Bales of hay 2d6
40 Small boat with fisherman and fish
41 Gallons of mud
42 Huge cyst with rusty harpoon
43 Sack of copper cups, bowls and rinds worth 3d6x10sp
44 Dead young giant worm
45 Crocodile
46 Pigs d4
47 Goblins 3d4
48 Horse
49 Dolphins d4
50 Deer d6
51 Hundreds of pounds of rubble

52 Huge parasites size of snakes attack
53 Foot long hostile maggots
54 Bear
55 Cultists in robes d6 each with d6 gp
56 Witch with broom and familiar and a d4 magic potions in bottles
57 Live imps d4 (probably turn invisible)
58 Gremlins D100
59 Zombies d6 
60 Undead skeletons d6
61 Giant snake
62 Giant spider 1in6 alive
63 Giant scorpion 1in6 alive
64 Bejeweled relic box worth d4x1000gp to church
65 Headstones from graveyard 2d4
66 Coffin
67 Inquisitor and chest of confession notes
68 Gargoyle still alive
69 Giant rats d100 1in6 chance all still alive
70 Giant centipedes d100 1in6 chance all still alive
71 Chest with live child inside gasping for air

72 Several bushels of apples
73 Barrel of cider or wine or beer
74 Cart of root vegetables
75 Two dead lovers and a haystack
76 Priest holding holy gold holy symbol worth 300gp
77 Templar with chest of client credit notices
78 Giant mushroom house with d4 gnomes inside
79 Beehive 1in6 chance still alive and angry
80 Lion
81 Chest of books worth d4x100gp
82 Box of gems worth d4x1000gp
83 Druid with gold sicle 30gp
84 Hunter in wicker camouflage disguised as bush
85 Baker, oven and d100 loaves of bread
86 Dining table and noble feast spread
87 Figurehead off a ship
88 Statue of an angel
89 Tiny smokehouse filled with ham or salami or fish
90 Wheels of wax coated cheeses
91 Surprised looking wizard with petty magic item
92 Boxes of legal documents
93 Banker and chest with 1000gp of bank credit notes

94 Barrel of pork lard
95 Chest of cast iron cookware and utensils
96 Trunk of male or female clothing worth d4x100gp
97 Chest of jewelry d10x1000gp belonging to rich family
98 Pirate treasure chest d10x1000gp but pirates want it back
99 Immortal who awakes coughing and spluttering, not sure how long in there
100 Petty god, relieved to be freed offers a blessing or future aid

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