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d100 Psychon Mutations

Mutagens on Psychon are based on nanobots that infest every living organism. Originally weapons that modified life for combat and post nuclear survival they also carried dna across species. Most adventurers have some basic mutations of at least skin colour. The gods decided long ago that to exterminate racism they made everyone skin colour unrelated to any natural colour and even some persons change colour or have patters like piebald or stripes or spots or chamo patterns. The minor cosmetic mutation table could replace the character mutation table and is possibly faster with results on a single table.

The major mutations are frequently freakish and often offensive. Possibly a bit more inspired by John Carter style "Planet Fiction"weird 70s anime and cartoons, masters of the universe and Jack Kirby Comics and heavy Metal magazine. Some new wave 60s and 70s sf like Moorcock, Aldiss, Sladek, Spinrad. 70s Fantasy genre films like lost worlds (At The Earths Core), steampunk () post apocalypse films like Zardoz. While the Xor tables are more biological and devolve people into shoggoths. Will do the cyber mutation table shortly too.

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyborg Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

Considering Martial arts table no 12 will be martial arts mutations...whaaaaat!

The mutant class coming soon too. Basicly a d8 hd with a minor and major mutation per level and can reroll any previous defective mutations if you want to take the risk. You can roll on any table you have a chance of being exposed to or justify or have more of what you already have. Mutagenic nanites can be stimulated by radiation, chemicals or near death experiences or exposure to other mutants.

d10 Sources of Mutation

1 Blessed by capricious AI god
2 Mutant ancestor in tainted bloodline
3 Exposed to mutagenic remnants of ancient weapons
4 Latent mutagens activated by radiation
 Latent mutagens activated by chems
6 Exposure to mutant body fluids in a fight
7 Exposed to mysterious cloud of mutagens
8 Ate a mutated animal or plant
9 Handled objects exposed to mutants fluids
Exposure to mutant body fluids from romantic contact
11 Caught in strange auroras one night
12 Aliens probed you with a strange beam

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Cat eyes, night vision
02 Strange coloured eyes
03 Elongated nose, enhanced smell for tracking
04 Slit nose, self sealing nostrils
05 Pointed or shell ears
06 Huge ears like bat, enhanced listening ability
07 Snake eyes, thermal vision 
08 Compound eyes, 360 degree vision
09 Cyclops  with wide angle pupils
10 Eyes glow if angry or using powers
11 Piebald patches with a second colour skin
12 Stripes like a tiger or zebra or of colour like a cheetah with a second colour
13 Hairless all over or furry all over
14 Chamo pattern with second colour
15 Feathers or fur or scales all over
16 Metallic chrome or holographic prismatic colour 
17 Slimy skin, lose HP a day without immersion in water or dehydrated
18 Tattooed all over with designs or text
19 Skin glows in the dark
20 Electronic circuit like patterns on skin
21 Enlarged vertebrae down spine +1HP
22 Spikes down spine can be used to inflict a d3 in some cases
23 Barrel chest -6" height +6"wide
24 Extra d4 sets breasts or nipples
25 Face on chest d4 bite
26 Extreme musculature
27 Huge ropy grotesque veins
28 Siamese twin fused into chest
29 Transparent chest can see heart and organs and fluids
30 Exposed ribs can be broken off and used as knives, d4 per month 
31 Tail with fork
32 Cat tail
33 Spectacular genitals
34 Flatulant
35 Face on stomach d3 bite
36 Lizard tail
37 Hermaphrodite
38 Egg layer
39 Self cloning reproduction by budding
40 Sterile and non functioning genitals
41 Membranes under arms
42 Tentacle arms, highly flexible
43 Spike hand or hook on one hand d4 damage 
44 Less digits d3+1 on hands and feet
45 More digits d6+5 on hands and feet
46 Retractable cat claws d3
47 Webbed fingers and toes +2 Move when swimming
48 Crab Claws d4 damage instead of hands
49 Elongated arms like a ape
50 Glowing hands at will, can read by or light a few yards up close d3
51 Hooves on feet +1Mov

52 Clawed scaly feet like bird or lizard
53 Huge feet are two foot long
54 Backward bending knees
55 Can taste with feet
56 Springy tendons +1 yard jump
57 Backwards feet
58 Can hang upside down from feet
59 Flippers +2 Move when swimming
60 Spurs d3 unarmed attack
61 Forked toungue
62 Footlong toungue
63 Sharp teeth d3 bite
64 Huge luscious puffy lips
65 Fangs with overbite d3
66 Regurgitate at will, can hide small objects
67 Strange voice or speech impediment
68 Hold breath ten minutes with save
69 Tusks d3 damage
70 Teeth constantly fall out and regrow like shark
71 Transperant flesh on skull

72 See through upper skull brain visible
73 Pointy skull
74 Horns like a goat, sheep or cow or single horn d4 headbutt
75 Gemlike stones studded in skull
76 Helmet like skull +1AC
77 Swollen forehead
78 Hammerhead d4 +1 dam unarmed headbutt
79 Huge coloured hair style
80 Antenna can taste or smell
81 Lung filters, keep our dust and contamination
82 Extra heart chamber +d3 HP
83 Seasonal adaptations, skin changes colour and hair in a d3+1 seasons
84 Sneezes and wheezy when exerted or stressed
85 Heart glows like a furnace through chest
86 Heartbeat is audible in 3 yards when stressed
87 Coughs up bile, blood or coloured fluid daily
88 Antitoxin gland +2 save vs poison
89 Secret pocket in flesh for palm size object
90 Can eat cellulose in grass, bark, paper, leaves or reeds
91 Brain glows when in thought or stressed or using a power
92 Can read and write backwards
93 Ambidextrous

94 Enlarged brain distorts skull with brain texture
95 Hear voices from past lives
96 Hear chatter or static of gods com systems occasionally
97 Flashbacks to past life
98 Terrible dreams by night
99 Hallucinate when hungry or thirsty
 Mental block against harming the goods or minions or temples of a god

d100 Major Mutations
01 Nostrils in top of head like a snorkle
02 Trunk can hold objects or a half a gallon of water and squirt 3 yards
03 Xray eyes 1 foot/Lv round/Lv/day
04 Laser eyes 2d4 12" yards range
05 Energy sense within 1"/Lv
06 Sonar hearing 1"/Lv
07 Track as a blood hound
08 Hypnotism, 1"/Lv one round/Lv/day, save or distracted
09 Spotlight eyes 2" cone of light/Lv
10 Plastic face, mallable for hour/Lv
11 Skin colour change at will
12 Scaled armour as if wearing chainmail including encumbrance and Mov
13 Spikes all over d3 damage to incoming unarmed attacks
14 Odourless, makes harder for animals to notice you
15 Delicious flavour and scent +1CHA
16 Transparent flesh or skin with visible with flesh or bones underneath
17 Terrible flavour, most living creatures avoid biting you twice without a save
18 Ablative skin +2HP/Lv
19 Puncture proof skin -1 damage from edged or cutting attacks
20 Strobe Pulse, flash of light stun all in 1"/Lv for one round if fail save, Once/Lv/day  
21 Plastron shell as if wearing platemail including encumbrance and Mov
22 Enhanced skeletal structure +1STR
23 Hump or gut stores 3 days food and water/Lv
24 Chest guns, fire two biological bone bolt projectiles/round 6" range, d6 dam 
25 Wings can fly round per level, once/Lv per day
26 Huge mouth in chest +d6 bite attack on grappled or prone victims
27 Swarm hive,  3" across area Move 6" of stinging bugs, 2 damage a round, one Lv/day
28 Smog chest vents, create 3" wide fog cloud once per/Lv/day, lasts round/Lv
29 Water breathing amphibian
30 Vacuum sealed, hold breath 3 min/Lv or survive space for round/Lv
31 Prehensile tail as extra hand
32 Spiked tail +d6 extra attack
33 Blaster tail, fires 2d6 explosive shell 1" across blast, 1 shot/Lv/day
34 Scorpion stinger, d6 plus save or weakness -4STR for d4 hours, non cumulative
35 Urinate acid eat metal bars, locks, 1hp per round lasts round/Lv, use per Lv per day
36 Grow gems in belly button, d10x10gp per month
37 Eat anything organic to survive
38 Change gender over 24 hours, can have babies in female form
39 Toothed vagina or Lamprey penis d4 dam, then hangs on sucks d3/round blood 
40 Excrament super fertile growing plants or fungus within hours 1 yard patch in a day
41 Snake hands two d4 bites unarmed, victim saves or take +1 damage/Lv  once a fight
42 Shoot off fist  that returns to wrist each round d6 range 8"
43 Energy blade 2d4 melee weapon can start fires, round/Lv
44 Extra two tentacles under arms 3 yards long, grapple ot hold stuff
45 Huge spiked fist d8 damage
46 Flail hand, spiked ball and chain or flagellum, 3 yards long, 2d4 weapon or entangling 
47 Extra two arms +1 attack
48 Glider membrane, glide across as far as above ground safely
49 Eyes on hands helps you see what your doing or around corners
50 Hands can ignite at will +d4 unarmed damage
 Prehensile feet can use as well as hands if bare
52 Centaur configuration body +6 Mov, harder to trip
53 Huge leap 1"/Lv, possibly both legs fused into one configeration
54 Fast Legs +4 Mov
55 Mermaid legs, legs at will change to fish tail in water, full land speed in water
56 Power kick +d6 unarmed attack, once per Lv per day
57 Flammable foot prints, round/Lv/day, leaves d4 burning trail that starts fires
58 Spidercimb feet, feet cling to anything not frictionless or non stick
59 Feet do extra d6 unarmed attack with kick or toe claws or spurs, 
60 Axefeet can cut down trees like axe, d8 damage kick
61 Sonic Lance d4/Lv 3" cone once a day, shatters glass, victims deaf on failed save
62 Prehensile tongue yard long/Lv
63 Huge Jaws d8 bite
64 Rasp tongue foot longue/Lv, d4 damage extra attack
65 Ovipositor tongue, lay parasite egg through tongue, causes 1HP per round for round/Lv
66 Sweet Voice +1CHA
67 Spit fire 3" range d4 damage extra attack
68 Vomit acid attack, 1" range, 1hp per round lasts round/Lv, use per Lv per day
69 Folding jaw can swallow objects as big as your head even living animals
70 Tooth spitter, fire a stream of teeth 4" range, 2d4 damage
71 Jackhammer skull extra d6 headbutt attack

72 Prehensile Hair, can elongate foot/Lv
73 Flaming head +d4 head butt light as a torch at will
74 Power Beam Eye d4/Lv, once day 18" range from strange eye in forehead
75 Antenna detect life within 1"/Lv 
76 Huge forehead or elongated skull +1INT
77 Magnetic sense, feel metal or energy within 1"/Lv
78 Glowing halo or aura of power, light as a torch at will or when using powers
79 Pineal gland tendril foot/Lv, can see from tip and attack d4 unarmed, likes to eat brains 
80 Head can be used like a steel battering ram, good for doors, walls, d6 unarmed attack
81 Enlarged Heart +1CON
 Enhanced nervous system +1DEX
83 Shielded nerves resistant to all death rays or pain based attacks or torture
84 Rad proof, resistant to radiation, sparkle when exposed to strong amounts
85 Immune syndrome enhancement, resistant to all disease
86 Resistant to all poison
87 Resistant to all acid
88 Healing Crystals, once a day, eners ten minute trance in cocoon, heals 2HP/Lv
89 Blood regulator stops any bleeding in one round, stops dying if not killed
90 Regeneration heals HP every ten minutes
91 Enhanced brain +1WIS
92 Pain field 1"across per Lv, one round/Lv, save or -2 all rolls to living
93 Telepathy 1"/Lv range talk to one mind via link, sight range to initiate 

94 Empathy 1"/Lv range read and send emotions, quite good with animals
95 ESP round per Lv/day, victim save to not reveal surface thoughts
96 Telekinesis, acts as arm with STR=WIS 1" range/Lv, round use/Lv per day
97 Force Screen Absorbs 2HP/Lv, latest round/Lv once a day
98 Shock screen, d3 damage electrical to anyone touching or unarmed attackers
99 Can speak in tongues round/Lv/day
100 Mental bolt d3/Lv use per/Lv per day, victim saves to resist, 1"range/Lv

d12 Apotheosis Mutations

1 Devolve into a mindless slime creature
2 Devolve into a shoggoth
3 Devolve into a hideous ever hungry chimera of mixed up creatures
4 Spontaneously combust into a inferno leaving fine ash
5 Explode violently as a fireball with a d6/Lv
6 Evolve into a demon, devil, deva or archon depending on alignment and leave dimension
7 Break down into a elemental and go on a rampage
8 AI god atomises you but saves your imprint to use later
9 AI god takes you to their celestial house to live as a divine servant
10 AI god reincarnates you as a new person with no mutations or memories
11 Turn into protoplasmic primal ooze
12 Carbinised into a crumbling statue of ash

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