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d100 Carny Freaks

d100 Carny Freaks
01 Victor the wildman bites heads of chickens and thrashes about angrily
02  Crazy Freda 1001 women in one
03 Cesare the Somnambulist and Dr Caligari
04 Korgo the Ape Man was kidnapped from a jungle and is very ferocious now
05 The Flesh Golem, huge man with brain damage from head wound, has been exaggerated to look like surgical construct
06 Dongo the idiot boy has no sense and does whatever he is told happily
07 Big Millie is a hairy wild women caught in the forest and trained for feats of strength and trickery
08 Zekel Moss madman in a cage, utters vile obscenities 
09 Bolivar Gordon, former noble now public mockery who eats animal dung and foams at the mouth
10 Yolanda Freak, attacks and eats dogs and cats raw
11 Selma the goat girl has horns and wears a goat costume during her act
12 Igvar the chicken man has horrible wattles like a chicken or turkey on his face and neck
13 Tobor the giant is over seven feet tall, yes he is a giant but only a young one slumming with humans 
14 Vlignar the dwarf, a drunken midget with a fake beard who pretends to be a dwarf
15 Olga the fat lady, weighs over 300lb, she invites many carny lovers into her caravan 
16 Selka and Svetlana the siamese twins pretend to be fused together but they are rarley seen apart ever
17 Rictor the dog faced freak is hairy all over but he seems to always have a new girlfriend
18 veronica the pin head has a small pointy skull and no hair, she is quite nice but people misjudge her
19 Hedley the man baby dresses in a nappy and carries a doll, pretends to be a giant baby because of his looks, six and a half foot tall
20 Luronica the swan necked woman, has six inches of extra neck and dances dressed as a swan 
21 The three legged woman dances in a exotic feathered costume
22 Gilbert the slug faced boy, has a slug face and eyestalks. Wants to be a bard 
23 Tentacle Tom has 4 tentacles instead of arms and also works at adult parties
24 Squidface the boy of the briny deep, is a fishy mutated boy who worships a cruel sea god and just wants to escape and join his kin in the sea and live forever in glory
25 Torchlight Trev glows in the dark, in light he is a albino
26 Queen Crocodile is a lady croc abhuman who eats live chickens as part of her act 
27 Barnaby the Blob boy os a tentacled formless horror with a distorted face who gibbers and madly thrashes in his cage
28 The girl with two faces has a extra face on the back of her head that mutters obscenities and blasphemy. She is depressed and wants to die
29 Cordelia the spiderwoman has a fake body she wears in a cobweb filled cage to pretend she is half spider
30 Blockhead the faceless boy has a fleshy cube for a head with nostrils and a mouth and ears but no eyes
31 Master Modric, mystic of the east swallows swords and runs knives into his body
32 Strongo the master of muscle performs feats of strength
33 Alura the tatooed lady also performs feats of strength
34 Escapo the unchainable man is a expert at escapology stunts
35 Orlando the conjurer is a expert at stage magic and sleight of hand
36 Azura the snake woman is part serpent man and makes contact with the snake cult wherever she goes
37 Lorus the bee whisperer performs with her bee hive
38 Dranfel the strange can swallow and regurgitate things in different order to what he eats
39 Labert the devourer can eat anything including nails, poison and rocks
40 Gilbert the Gimp, fakes being mad in a cage and bites heads off of chickens
41 Amazo the clown is a expert on falling from heights and pratfalls
42 Kinko the clown is double jointed and can tie himself into knots
43 Saddo the suicidal clown stabs himself and eats poison for his act and cries at will
44 Trumpo the clown, likes to steal and tell outrageous lies, is a horrible bulley
45 Adrianne is a melancholic mute who dances beautifully and does pony tricks
46 Sophie is a fat clown who births dwarf clowns on stage with a clever costume
47 Rumpole the magnificent, a vain, boastful, pretentious clown who really mocks the rich
48 Humpy the hobo clown pretends to be a pathetic bum who does anything for food
49 Stabbo the knife juggler is very jealous and a bit paranoid and quick to use knives
50 Regis the Sheriff clown mocks the law and chases other clowns with a net
 Peter the wolf boy is a feral child locked in a cage, some say he ate his parents 
52 Pinhead Petunia has a odd shaped skull and strange dreams that might come true
53 Devil boy has horns and a pointy chin, he appears with lots of pyrotechnics on stage
54 Laura the mermaid queen has been kept in a unclean tank for years and cries constantly
55 Gregor the ape boy has a tail, fur and is a devious nasty bastard
56 Simon the witch boy is a young sorcerer with several cantrips and stage tricks
57 Samantha the cat girl is a young feline abhuman who wants to go home 
58 Billy the bugbear boy, kept in a cage and poked with sticks, hates humans now
59 Mole boy is a frightened abhuman from the underland who is kept in a cage
60 Rigby the pig boy eats all kinds of garbage and sits in a pen full of mud
61 Piggly Wiggly is a devil swine who tries to take over the carny as charmed slaves
62 Beef the minotaur challenges anyone to a fight for a cash prize, he regenerates also
63 Puncho the goblin, pay to throw rocks at him, there have been over a dozen so far
64 Mysticus the cobraman is a hypnotist wizard and cult leader related to cobramen
65 Candy the fat lady is actually a tattooed ogress who occasionally eats her lovers
66 Mr Clopetey is a quadruped who walks on all four limbs and gives children rides
67 Billy the boneless boy, is a floppy, helpless boy who oozes like a blob of jelly
68 Zombo the undead, fake undead costume and makeup, varies who plays this character
69 Lordrin the worlds tallest man is 7 foot tall and is weak and frail with a weak heart
70 The Golden Ass, intelligent ass, likes fancy food and communicates with hoof stomps
71 Horriblo the dwarf, angry dwarf kept in a cage, furious and crazed wants to kill captors

72 Tiberia the Elf Queen, a sad elf in a fancy dress sadly in a cage who cries lots
73 Lorion the halfling is actually a child with boots made from a real halflings feet and a wig
74 Gimpy the gnome, chained and in a cage with paper mache mushrooms  
75 Kraag the manticore, caged monster with end of tail cut off, swears and roars angrily
76 Bufo the toadboy is a frogman youth locked in a cage with a dirty tub of water
77 Hagra the Harpy, kept in a cage and gagged to stop her horrible abuse and singing 
78 Klepto's rat circus features a failed apprentice and his trained costumed rats
79 Globus the Duck boy has a duck bill and a sailor suit
80 Necrophidius the Lich, a failed cultist wears elaborate undead makeup sits in cage
81 Ulah the slime queen sits in a tub of fake green slime with costume jewelry
82 Zora the whilp woman performs amazing feats with her whip in a light leather outfit
83 Raga the tigerman is a angry beastman who longs to escape and kill everyone
84 Kandra the hawkgirl has fake wings and is kept in a cage for show
85 Rorzak the barbarian performs feats of strength, eats raw meat and scares children
86 Hamm the cannibal locked in a cage eats raw meat and howls madly
87 Robert the golem boy without a soul, looks melancholic and lifts heavy objects
88 Gorgo the troll, gets stabbed, pulled apart by horses and hacked up but recovers
89 Pyro the fire eater is actually a devil in disguise trying to corrupt the carny folk
90 Toko the idiot boy sits and drools no matter what cruelty inflicted on him
91 Lorcus the man ape is a gorilla abhuman who is locked in a cage and teased into fury
92 Calemron the mystic can induce dreams of your past lives, he is looking for someone
93 Talus the lava man, magma abhuman kept in a cage with burning coals and fire

94 Claxis the modular man can remove and reattach his limbs due to a curse
95 Zora is a girl so light she blows away in the wind if not tied down, she dances and floats
96 Vodra the rat man is a chaos worshiping rat abhuman plotting to destroy humanity
97 Madame Xanadu is a elderly fortune teller and a priestess in secret
98 Merva the rock woman is a stone abhuman sad to be locked up, she eats rocks
99 Zorka the walrusman a abhuman kept in a tank and fed old fish, he is ot impressed
100 Murna the turtle girl a crying turtle girl abhuman who pines for the sea 

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