Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Loot Jazz Age Style

Im a huge 20s and 30s fan and enjoy silent film. I have run Cthulhu, Gang Busters and my Cthulhu Metropolis and pulp games set in the era so here are some treasure tables.

This is one of my Louise Brooks things I've used on murals and design for years. She is one of my heroes. I find writing easier and lazier but i have foolishly started carving up building foam Ive been stealing from a building site dumpster. 10cm inch thick and meters long so im making up some roadwar terrain but if I get a foam cutter I could be really dumb and carve out a dungeon for a con or make some buildings for marvel. So might slip into art again. I prefer to have a basic income covered as a artist for hire then I can say no easier. The city I in now has a superficial love of arts and tends to rob artists at the same time. Started my course this week to.

Anyway. Robbery Jazz Age Style. The results on table are things to pick from you don't need them all. Mix and match as you please. It's just a quick guide to help you adlib this sort of stuff. Anything could be a clue also. Papers might have circled articles. That medicine could be Lysol. Use as a springboard for your own ideas.

d10 Basic Man's Suitcase
1 Sunday best or business suit
2 Bathers or winter clothes
3 Casual or work clothes
4 Shaving kit, aftershave, soap, toothbrush
5 Newspaper or book or magazines
6 Packed lunch or tins of food and can opener or crackers
7 Photographs of loved ones or love interest or performer
8 Documents like tax, registration forms, payslips, notebook
9 Small bottle of booze or medicine or cigarettes
10 Small handgun, knife or work tools

d10 Womens Suitcase
1 Hatbox with a hat, Jewelry and fashion accessories
2 Formal dress for function, work or church
3 Bathing costume or winter clothes
4 Casual or work clothes
5 Newspaper or book or magazines
6 Photographs of loved ones or love interest or performer
7 Packed lunch or tins of food and can opener or crackers
8 Soap, shampoo, toiletries, toothbrush, makeup kit, perfume and mirror
9 Small bottle of booze or medicine or cigarettes
10 Handcrafts like knitting, sewing

d10 Business Man's Suitcase
1 Stationary and notebooks
2 Documents, ledgers, legal papers
3 Envelopes and stamps
4 Gum, chocolate or candy
5 Spare tie, cufflinks, tipin
6 Money, depending on owner d10 or d100
7 Brochures and photographs
8 Newspaper, book or magazine
9 Small bottle of booze or medicine or cigarettes and lighter or pipe
10  Pair of glasses or keys or gloves

d10 Woman's Purse
1 Address book, letters or note books and pen
2 Old ticket stubs from cinema or show or bus
3 Photographs
4 Magazines or book
5 Gum, chocolate or candy
6 Makeup, perfume atomiser, mirror, tin of face powder
7 Small bottle of booze or medicine or cigarettes and lighter
8 Jewelry, bobby pins, brush
9 Stockings, scarf, knitted hat, gloves
10 Switchblade, brass knuckles, tiny pistol, razorblade

d10 Hobo Bindle
1 Harmonica
2 Bar of soap and razor
3 Small cooking pot, knife and fork
4 Old ring or broken watch
5 Newspapers, kindling wood
6 Blanket, spare socks,
7 Small bottle of booze or medicine or cigarettes and lighter or pipe
8 Tins or beef or soup or beans, box of crackers or stolen fruit
9 Tea leaves, coffee, bottle of sauce
10 Knife or tiny pistol or sap or brass knuckles or iron bar

d10 Valuables in box under a flophouse bed
1 Old jewelry, cameo, photo locket, old watch
2 Worn old family or celebrity photographs
3 Candelabra, candles, flashlight or lantern
4 Theatre program or worn magazine or pornography
5 Worn old dollar notes d10 and some loose change in a sock
6 Old china, pewter cutlery, vase
7 Half eaten box of chocolate
8 Old keys on ring
9 Tobacco, bottle of booze, drugs, lighter, cigarette tin
10 Knife, pistol, bullets, knuckle duster

d10 Things in a Detectives Safe
1 Sensitive documents and case files
2 Incriminating Photos from cases
3 Bottle of whiskey, heroin or cocaine
4 Bundle of cash d10x$10 or d10x$100
5 Sticks of dynamite d6
6 Boxes of pistol and/or shotgun ammo
7 Passport and several fake ID's
8 Bags of evidence human hair, bloody knife, skull)
9 Notebook of special contacts
10 Several pistols, possibly a sawn off shotgun

d10 Things in a Cheap Office Safe
1 Business ledgers
2 Extra set of real ledgers
3 Gold pocket watch with retirees name
4 Bottle of good spirits or wine
5 Pay envelopes with a d100 x $10 dollars
6 Box of cheap cigars
7 Some spicy magazines of photographs
8 Bundle of keys for business properties
9 Bankbook and acount records
10 Small pistol and box of ammo

d10 Things in a Fancy Safe
1 Fancy jewlellery
2 Bundles of cash d10 x $1000
3 Passport and other ID
4 High quality cigars
5 High quality spirits or wine
6 Antique statuette or idol or antique coins
7 Opium or cocaine solution
8 Stocks and bond certificates
9 Deeds and titles to property
10 Ornate pistol and ammo

d10 Things in a Criminals Safe
1 ledgers of legal businesses
2 Ledgers of criminal business
3 Blackmail documents and photos in envelope
4 Box of good cigars
5 Bundles of cash d10 x $1000
6 Fake ID and a d6 passports
7 Contact book with notes on underworld figures
8 Dynamite 3d6 sticks or nitroglycerin in a bottles or d4 hand grenaides
9 Ammo in boxes, possibly a tommy gun drum
10 Sawn of shotgun, pistols, brass knuckles

d10 Things in a Mad Scientists Safe
1 Jar of radium
2 Pile of loose bills for lab materials
3 Gold Rods d6x$100
4 Schematics of invention
5 Working prototype of gadget
6 Book of chemical formulas
7 Book detailing experiments with photos
8 Alien relic like bones or strange hand held item
9 Strange looking human skull
10 Test tubes with some strange formula

d10 Things in a Occultists Safe
1 Evil blasphemous banned book
2 Strange squat idol
3 Magical medalion
4 Sacrificial dagger
5 Strange drug in a bottle
6 Spell written in a foreign or dead language
7 Tiny gold tablet with strange unrecognisable writing
8 Crystal sphere half encased in volcanic rock
9 Weird skull with non human qualities
10 Family tree and history in notebook


  1. Fantastic COC resource here sir. Thank you!

  2. Hell yes, Louise Brooks
    I mean the charts are handy too but
    Louise Brooks!!! Any pictures of the aforementioned art murals or nah?

    1. lots on my flickr under my street art stuff


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