Thursday, 28 July 2016

d100 Non Fatal Torments


I sucked down 3&1/2 pints and had funny dreams. This is best one:
Was some apocalyptic rotating framework sphere with unsafe edges had ppl strapped to it including me. Within sphere was more sphere layers like onion. As sphere moved it processed prisoners torturing them, impaling them shredding flesh leaving them skeletons that were unceremoniously dumped. I escaped and was chased by mad max extras who were really devils. Went on for a bit through wasteland trash heaps.

Anyway i've been busy this week working, printing a book that printer ruined and used twice as much paper, having to apply for my own now yearly police check with Justice of the Peace signing, attend a course so i can keep my job, deal with payroll, being hassled by my disability support workers interstate requesting info and meetings with them when I told them i cant attend and more bullshit. So has cost my blogging time a bit and habit a bit shattered. Not even enough time to daydream. Have a con this weekend im helping run too. Next week a bit better then i have art exhibit to set up in my other state im supposed to live in. Then back to Sydney to work for two weeks and a bit. Phew. At least i can afford some comics now.

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So these are mostly intentional non lethal torments for punishment from urban authorities, cruel nobles or dungeon monsters. Sometimes mobs get carried away and go too far. The DM should decide how long punishment lasts - quick for minor crimes, longer for serious crimes. Some might result in scarification and crippling wounds. You could roll on this several times. Last ones are weird magical most are historical.

d100 Non Fatal Torments
01 Whipped on A-frame with 1 yard long bundle of birch or "birching"
02 Whipped on A-frame with bullock drovers whip 
03 Whipped on A-frame with horse riders crop 
04 Whipped on A-frame with cat-o-nine tails 
05 Beaten with clubs by group of bailiffs and beadles
06 Beaten and kicked by group of bailiffs and beadles
07 Whipped with a flexible cane
08 Whipped with chains
09 Bound and hands smashed with clubs
10 Feet beaten with sticks

11 Locked in stocks in public to be abused by common folk
12 Locked in a gibbet or cage and left to elements

13 Chained by leg manacle to large rock and left to elements
14 Locked in a wooden box with possibly some body parts exposed
15 Locked in a pit or well with a lid
16 Locked in a dark cell alone
17 Manacled to wall and left in dungeon
18 Hung by foot manacles upside down
19 Put in cage on waggon and paraded about town with garbage hurling mobs
20 Tied to wooden cross and exposed to elements
21 Strapped in a wrack and stretched
22 Locked in a iron maiden 
23 Feet locked in spiked iron boots
24 Thumb screws applied
25 Chained up and suspended with weights hanging from feet
26 Tied to a wheel and rotated or rolled
27 Spiked collar on neck makes impossible to rest
28 Locked in a metal chair with spikes
29 Locked in a metal mask forces mouth open
30 Locked in metal mask with eyes blocked
31 Wrapped in thorny vines
32 Wrapped in stinging nettles
33 Rats in cage attached to stomach or face
34 Bound and mauled by savage dogs
35 Locked in box or pit then wasp nest thrown in
36 Tied to ant nest
37 Tied to rotten maggot filled meat or corpse
38 Bitten by venomous snakes
39 Hurled into leech pit
40 Dragged by horses
41 Branded with hot iron
42 Forced to dip hands in boiling oil or water
43 Burned with flaming torches
44 Teeth removed
45 Fingernails removed
46 Sexually abused and humiliated
47 Crush body parts with tongs
48 Objects inserted in body
49 Tattooed with name of crime, possibly on hand or face
50 Tongue cut into split
51 Restrained or locked up till starve or near death by thirst
52 Bound and swung through bonfire
53 Forcibly dunked underwater on apparatus till almost drowned
54 Objects inserted under finger nails
55 Nails hammered into body parts
56 Force fed vile fluids like piss, rotten blood, mild poison
57 Force fed painful or nightmare inducing poison
58 Burial with head exposed
59 Tarred and feathered
60 Crushed with large rocks
61 Labour in mine or quarry
62 Labour in dye pits
63 Labour processing sewerage for crop fertilizer
64 Labour building wall or road
65 Labour working with plague victims and lepers
66 Labour stoking furnace
67 Labour turning a wheel 
68 Labour cleaning out sewers and cesspits
69 Labour processing human corpses
70 Sold into temporary slavery
71 Thrown from tower
72 Thrown into rapid river
73 Exposed to sun or kept in hotbox
74 Catapulted
75 Bled till near death
76 Stabbed
77 Splashed with acid 
78 Mob throw rocks till elders satisfied
79 Drive spear through thigh, tormentors make clear they can kill you
80 Struck in head with wooden mallets
81 Locked with dangerous criminals keen to abuse new inmates
82 Locked with madmen who,s ceaseless gibbering drive anyone crazy
83 Locked up with disease carriers
84 Locked in tiny dark cell alone
85 Locked in large courtyard with common criminals
86 Locked in cruel workhouse
87 Locked in ship galley manning oars
88 Locked or sealed in tower or wall or bridge with food and air hole
89 Locked below deck on a prison hulk floating on water
90 Banished or sent to colonies
91 Wizards allowed to experiment leaving victim a mutant
92 Wizards allowed to experiment leaving victim a beastman
93 Wizards allowed to experiment leaving victim a orc
94 Victim cursed to labour for public in a zombie like state
95 Victim cursed with terrible affliction or condition
96 Ears or nose or finger cut off
97 Left in haunted graveyard with horrible undead and maddening spirits
98 A hostile mad spirit allowed to posses victim for a time
99 Turned into a animal for a time
100 Tortured by a summoned monster from beyond

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