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Xor Revisionism and Chaos

Xor was a lot of fun to create and I thank interest from various parties and contributions. Im going to recap everything done so far, add some rants and make final call out for ideas, advice, requests and contributions before I edit into a booklet. Will include the flesh cube revised and complete, a great meat tower and a section of flesh caves. Possibly a few sample settlements too. A wonder table might be nice too.

Chaos and Law have a interest in Xor. For Law Xor represents natural logic of organic growth based on set princaples. For Chaos Xor is raw materials, rampant fecundity and cancerous expansionism. Chaos demons invade because they hope to carry Xor to the Abyss where a victorious demon lord will turn Xor into a demonic plane of torment. Law wants to stop this but does not try as hard as one might think. Is Xor too imperfect, a lost cause or even some kind of honeypot trap for demonkind?

Demons run about in Xor and try to subvert systems and communities to chaos. Law at best sends some champions or adventurers to clean up the mess to little too late. Remnants of the old ones can be found in Xor. Is Xor a old one or elder god or a product of elder magic and science? Or did Xor arise from a single cell gone mad somewhere? Or is it left over clay from the gods creation of life? Xor is a Enigma and is n

upcomming vid game

Proto Xor
Before Xor I did these posts for biological spacecraft and spacehulks overun with life

Before I considered meat mages or biowizards or meat elementalists i did this post on Blood wizards which has had a few players use in game

A spell to combine creatures.

Spells to destroy notions of race and gender good for fliechmancers

This has possibility for muscle mages to physically change when memorizing spells

Xore Lore

The post that started it all - introduction to setting with tables for basic terrain types, how Xor arives and can be bannished, orifices, fluids, encounters, hazards, loot and common mutations

Holes in Xor including types both natural and made by other beings and disasters, good for dungeons

This is more detail for dungeons and encounter information, especialy to responses to damaging Xor

A sample level of a meat dungeon with encounters tha upset ppl by using dnd monsters?

Adventurers growing up on Xor, basic equiptment and mounts

Generate settlements on Xor

Some factions for Xor

Boss monsters, sinister locations and villainous forces on Xor

Ideas for Meat Spells with help from the G+ gang

Adventure seeds for why you go to Xor then seeds for missions local to Xor for when you get there

More Xor Lore from Aeons & AugeriesXor has had lots of suggestions and input but the gold cyst of Xor goes to JD!

More factions for Xor

I wish I had seen this earlier. I think a series of spells or possibly skill to manipulate xorian nerve clusters and chemical receptors. I Envisaged theives as experts who needed skills to pick locks on Xor doors. I think spells and cult skills help every class have own Xorian secrets like fighters get secrets of caring for and using living weapons and armour. Possibly doing a level up on Xor with local trainers would help aclimatize yourself to Xor tech and secrets. A friend studying physiology suggested a electrical nervous dungeon level. Also mentioned a vagrant nerve that moves around body and controls digestive tract.

Some notes on weapons and armour
I will add some notes for basic Xor weapons plus idea for using chemical and pheromone weapons that attract monsters or make Xor not let you through doors plus this:
Bone, sinew and tooth weapons
Gum with living teeth - attacks with own HD 2-4
Rotating teeth +d3
Fleshy gum with set of teeth +d4 attacks as HD 2-4
Lamprey flail and bolas if hits sticks to target sucking a d4 per round till absorbs 8hp (16 for better ones)
Bioilogical harpoon guns
spears that secrete poison or acid
bioelectic weapons
living tubes that shoot, musk, acid, napalm
needs more

Finishing Touches
I will be starting on a pdf and I have a few design ideas for PDF

Last chance to make recommendations and requests

A few more things to finish
Considering Psionics more common on Xor
Harvesting organs, hormones, peptdes and grafting godflesh
Characters on Xor
-halflings are replaced by hairless guneapig folk
Whore Lore of Xor i dont know what i was thinking here
Children of Xor - xor births many strange things
Hormonal Secretions of Xor
The Great Flesh Cube - dungeon location plus a tower and a cave
Mutations of Xor - expanded quick mutation table
Wonders of Xor - interesting feature for adventure
Petty critters of Xor

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