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d100 Wonders of Xor

At work all kids dream of being pro youtubers they were advising me on how to monetize my online adventures. I might do a Utube rantspace one day. I like the book review type blogs and i have lots of stuff i could review and include non gamer stuff like comics and art books. I could greenscreen a panel for me to use but probably wait for my next computer and i would have to edit video blah bah. I still need to play with googlehangout gaming but i can be slow to start new tech alone. Sniff.

A donor box might appear here as occasional someone offers to give me cash. A Paetron is possible. One issue I have with this page being monetized is i rip off art without credit mostly. I have over 30 000 images of my art online and I dont care as long as nobody making income from my stuff like on tshirts - I welcome people to use for non profit blogs. I prefer attribution especially in print or publishing like pdfs. So I might do something like make paetron content use my art which would be collage (real or digital) or pictures of toon octopi mostly or art past its use by date or licence free clip art.

I got offered three jobs in two states today. I was going to quit several jobs and stop commuting interstate but im currently working in Sydney as relief of permanent staff and also helping out a con while creator is a bit ill. Sydney warmer than Canberra and i missed a blizzard. I kinda prefer cold to sweating like a pig but my joints seize up and affects my mood. Also Syd I have a few hundred friends and hard to be bored. I guess I will save and decide where to live next year when I have cash to make choice.

Anyway Xor wonders are things you can witness as part of awe inspiring scenery, monuments and possible adventure hooks. I kinda avoid set hex and point crawl as I hate content not being used and tables give more freedom. If you want a detailed local map you can generate some hexes or ponits using the tables. Will run Xor after ASE but it has been going for most of the year and only problem is heroes now as tough or better than most NPCs around Dethenix. Will start my hellbog setting soon too - with earthy horror swamp and a hell plane of swamps. My players know I prefer low level play and wary of getting better while wanting to improve for own sake. So I have done more mid to high level stuff. My main problem with high level is it slows and complicates game - more time to do things, more spells that break your stories, more dice to be rolled, more record keeping etc,

d100 Wonders of Xor
01 Great bone citadel reaching into heavens 
02 Huge blood geyser shoots up and rains down
03 An alien rusted metallic structure attempting to tap bio electricity
04 Gibbering giant face on a flesh mountain
05 Gigantic breast spraying milk into air that forms into a stream
06 Gigantic crater with huge sphincter pooping
07 Gigantic crater with spiked toothed mouth like a sea urchin
08 Huge eyeball that moves and looks at intruders
09 Area covered in eyes everywhere
10 Gibbering mouth in thousands

11 Sea of pink writhing tentacles or worms
12 Great flesh trees with clans of humans connected by umbilical cords

13 Pink coral reef with ecology of strange human like beings filling ecological niches
14 Huge crater with face in bottom, locals hurl strangers into it's mouth
15 A crashed star ship with weird automated defense puzzles and illusions
16 A rusted ocean liner turned into a town 
17 Forest of gigantic hair follicles with roaming creatures
18 A gigantic arm blindly reaching and trying to grab and crush anything it can reach
19 A titanic ear with a waxy bristly pit into the subdermal realm
20 Thickly carpeted with hair region, creatures curled up asleep, pleasant droning sounds
21 Great bubbling lake or well of of acid, a structure built on floating foam and scum
22 Great cut bleeding swollen canyon, partly filled with blood, puke, piss or remen
23 Some civilization made great tattoo patterns for the gods too look down on
24 Huge bone and flesh aqueduct carrying veins and open flowing fluids
25 Bone henge frequented by blood druids
26 Huge waterfall of blood emptying into a scarlet mist shrouded lake
27 Huge sprawling bone ruins
28 Rotting kaiju carcass crawling with giant flies and beings battling over best bits
29 A mountain of flesh with a face budding from xor trying to break free
30 A huge crater with thousands of tentacled mutants fornicating and eating each other
31 Scarlet flesh tower citadel of eldren, mostly empty
32 A huge sphincter releasing fart gas, goblin kids with torches trying to set alight 
33 Huge arms growing from Xor thumb wrestling or playing rock paper scissors
34 Huge mouth gate in mountain under siege from orcs trying to batter teeth down
35 Tempting but empty town with food growing from walls, actually a trap that eats citizens 
36 Two mountains with faces spitting at each other with a saliva lake in between
37 Giant mouth choking in lake of it's own vomit
38 Gigantic forest of cocks get aroused as creatures walk near them
39 A great fleshy bridge reaching into a huge dimensional portal
40 Colosseum of meat and bone where death matches of monsters are cheered by crowds
41 A huge pit lined with shattered ribs and muscle opens into subdermal kingdom
42 A titanic nose where cyclops giants mine green and yellow nuggets to trade as food
43 Weird fleshy citadel outpost of migo who mostly abandoned it leaving monsters
44 Huge ruin of biological vehicle being built by lost race to escape Xor
45 Forest of antlers, horns and tusks growing with tufts of hair for brush 
46 Forest of fleshy trees growing transplant organs, orchards with eyes, ears, noses
47 Forest of giant bronchi swaying with Xor's breaths
48 Forest of anemone with massive trunks and tentacles catching airborne spores  
49 Mountain of star fish or sea urchins or gelatinous blobs
50 Clouds with millions of sky jellyfish some enormous some with deadly stings
51 Millions of crabs on migration cover landscape for miles
52 Millions of fleshy pink bats swarm blocking out sky and screaming
53 Valley of train size worms eating calcium deposit growths
54 Sprawling maze with walls made up of fused naked humanoids who spent too long inside
55 Valley with lost race of titans semi fused with surface of Xor but idiotic and babbling
56 Canyon with living creature bridge creatures entering mouth to cross
57 A massive flesh pyramid with a great judging scowling eye that twitches and stares
58 A titanic mind numbing shoggoth twitching and pulsing and sucking, growing slowly
59 Titanic humanoid made from thousands of fused people seated on mountain
60 A titanic baby suckling on a giant breast of Xor in sleep
61 Two colossal shoggoths groping and kissing each other
62 Lake of pink floating cells and tears, any approaching are bombarded with hallucinations
63 City built on skin membrane over a mighty living lake that feeds off evil dreams of people
64 A flesh city grown by race of pink lizard men and their pink dinosaurs herds
65 A distant mountain explodes and sky rains pus and infected globs of diseased matter
66 A lake of bile where demons relax, bathe, splash each other laughing and towel slapping
67 Giants jumping in valley to make boob and buttock like hills wobble and jiggle for a laugh
68 Titanic eggs with something squirming inside, one is under attack from something
69 A valley where giants are being born from the surface of Xor fully formed
70 A great egg in distance starts to hatch, a newborn hungry baby kaiju roams area for days
71 Kaiju trapped in giant amber like resin polygons with shocked expressions
72 Valley where skeletons are growing meat and some start to stand and come to life
73 Gaping flesh smoking pit to the abyssal realms of demonkind, flying demons in distance
74 Haunted bone sky scraper swarming with bats and flesh hounds, home to vampire king
75 Infested scarred hills, tainted green purple and pimply with bone dome of ghoul king
76 Giant fleshy snail with houses carved into shell slowly moves, a friendly trade town
77 Giant praying mantises are rearranging sacks of giant brains from behind a force field
78 Great sea shore with floating brain cities in distance
79 Giant star nautilus has crashed and it's internal species assimilating into Xorian ecology
80 Titanic tentacled anemone where colourful fish men civilizations battle for supremacy 
81 Skeleton graveyard where millions of animals have come to die
82 Dead lake of nitrates and mummified crystallized creatures that tried to drink it
83 Valley of fantastic crystals some with creatures frozen within
84 A pair of kaiju snuggling asleep against a mountain looking content
85 A god like being crashes from sky, starts to attack Xor then is swallowed up
86 Mountain with a ring of monster heads at base, atop it is a mighty flesh castle
87 Citadel of ceratin has grown into the sky and a murderous band of monsters dwell within
88 Tribe of giant cyclops with harpoons chasing land whales or purple worms
89 Great alien crystal fortress grows like infection in Xor, evil space eldren within
90 Titan lounging on a bone throne being served meat from quarry by morlock serfs
91 Titan covered in warts strangling a dragon and forcing it to burn them off
92 Colossal tentacle faced eyeless flesh toad being worshiped by faceless naked savages
93 Titans kids playing with knucklebones willing to play with interesting creatures they find
94 Pink salty water begins to rise flooding land full of pink crocodiles and giant squid
95 Kaiku whale and squid battling in a salty lake bellowing and screeching
96 A titanic open mouth has a city built inside for shelter, a friendly fearless trade town 
97 Savages set fire to hairlike grassland then snack on delicious burned skin of Xor
98 A great citadel shaped like a skull on a square plinth grown from the flesh of Xor
99 Polyp hills leaking secretions where chaos worshiping cancerous trolls are spawned 
100 Citadel and citizens growing rapidly from flesh of Xor by time you get close they believe they have been dwelling here for eons complete with ancient customs and traditions


  1. Pigs cannot sweat. They have no sweat glands. One reason they are not kosher, in fact, though not a major one, I'm told.

    1. actually they do
      just not very well
      humans sweat better than most animals and are built for endurance

    2. i have no idea what you are referring to in text of a blog i wrote 2 years ago

    3. ive never seen the sweat thing listed in qualities of kosher in talmud or old testament or koran - id love to see source of this


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