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d100 Rations

requested by Chris H on G+ - Thanks for this idea

Rations are handy to have in game and this will help you to pad out loot on enemies and add some colour to your meals.

Dwarves probably best distillers and possibly make canned processed food too. More outward dwarves outside of their strongholds prefer wild boar, rabbit and mole if they can get it. Worms in aspic and termites are a favorite. Such dwarves like beer and mead.

Elves eat dried fruit and nuts and salad and a small amount of meat especially venison and rabbit. They make light longlife rations that are nutritious but not filling and bland. Elves like wine and mead.

Goblins can live off bats, bugs and mushrooms. They drink grog fermented in hollow logs that tastes terrible.

Orcs eat anything and anyone. They prefer slaves to make them food. Cubes of troll meat seared or frozen remain fresh and alive and can be grown into a troll if needed, especially when retreating.

Halflings make good quality rations but their idea of a days food could be a week or gourmet living for most poor people. If desperate they can make worst food tolerable and would rather dress up terrible food than eat less.

Beer is big in bronze age. Wine from grapes came later from persia, distilled spirits came much later again. Wine can be made from plenty of plants, flowers and fruit not just grapes. Availability of sugar, tomatoes, potatoes might be an issue in your game being new world in origin. Andeans managed to freeze dry potatoes on mountains. Grains mostly can be more easily horded and stolen and taxed than tubers. The ability to store steal and tax a food item effects civilization quite a bit.

Brine, vinegar, woodchips for smoking, might be found too. Empty containers for food will be about also. Dad told me how our ancestors were given brine with fish removed and chaff horses wouldnt eat was given to peasants by foriegn landlords (for fishy brine and shit bread - yum). Fishy gruel and terrible black bread was a gulag favorite. Starchy water from cooking rice with a dash of chilli would be a gift to beggars or the ill or elderly. All kinds of horrible left overs and offal are possible food. Tripe is common everywhere. Keeping peasants on a bad diet diet stunts mental development, height and health making them easier to exploit.

d10 How Long Will they Last
01 Dangerously past use by date but hard to tell if desperate
02 A bit spoiled but edible if desperate
03 A d4 weeks
04 One month
05 A d3 months
06 Two d6 months
07 A year
08 A d6 years
09 A d100 years
10 A thousand years

d10 Spoilage: Whats gone wrong with this?
01 Swarming with weevils
02 Swarming with maggots
03 Swarming with moths
04 Gotten damp and rotten
05 Mould growing in coating on outside
06 Fungus thoroughly ruined
07 Covered in mouse bites and feces
08 Home to a rodent nest
09 Gremlin infested
10 Psychoactive vision inducing ergot, save vs illusions and paranoia

d10 Preservation Methods
1 Dried
2 Pickled in brine
3 Pickled in vinigar
5 Smoked
6 Sealed in wax

7 In oil or fat
8 In alcohol
9 Fermented
10 Candied (or in honey)

d10 Containers
1 Box
2 Barrel
3 Clay Jar
4 Sack
5 Bucket

6 Cloth wrapped
7 Bark wrapped
8 Hide wrapped
9 Wax sealed
10 Leaf wrapped

d10 Most Common Rations for sale

1 Dried groats of mixed grains served with hot water
2 Dried hide biscuits boiled into stew tastes like boots
3 Dried biscuit from oats, barley or wheat flour
4 Dried beans
5 Salted dried meat mostly pork or beef for humans
6 Dried, salted or smoked fish
7 Pickled vegetables mostly cabbage
8 Cheese sealed in fungus or wax
9 Dried mushrooms
 Strings of garlic or onions, possibly dried 

d10 Mystery Rations found in dungeon
01 Ground dried mystery skin and hide that make a porridge
02 Bricks of dried grains you soak in water, often with growing fungus and a hint of gravel
03 Dried mystery meat strips often tastes off and horrible
04 Dried mystery vegetables and herbs in powder for soup
05 Biscuits like salted highland oat cakes, hard and dry
06 Dried insect cakes high in protien
07 Dried mushrooms mostly non poison or psychadelic
08 Dried Algae cakes mostly horrible
09 Elven wafers wrapped in leaves, delicious, nutritious but leave humans feeling empty
10 Dwarvern tinned grey slop made by alchemists, technically organic 

d100 Interesting Preserved Food

01 Beer
02 Barley grain, good for soup with herbs

03 Dried corn, ground and made into porrige
04 Dried beans
05 Dried berries
06 Fruit leather
07 Dried grain
08 Dried mystery meat
09 Dried beef
10 Salted pork

11 Bacon
12 Smoked fish

13 Dried fish
14 Salted fish
15 Crackers
16 Dried Bread
17 Pickled eggs
18 Pickled onions
19 Dried tubers
20 Pickled herrings
21 Pickled cabbage
22 Mustard pickles
23 Pickled cucumbers
24 Waxed wheel of cheese
25 Candied fruit
26 Sheep cheese in oil
27 Dried nuts
28 Dried shrimp
29 Pickled snails
30 Dried mixed vegetables
31 Dried Tofu
32 Dried bean curd
33 Dried sausages
34 Fermented beans (tempe)
35 Salted cauliflower
36 Salted turnips
37 Smoked cheese
38 Sundried fruit
39 Smoked rabbit
40 Smoked game bird
41 Jellied meat sealed in fat (confit)
42 Goose or duck fat
43 Butter
44 Dried mushrooms or fungus
45 Salted frogs
46 Jam
47 Honeyed meat
48 Jellied eels
49 Jellied lampreys
50 Blood sausage - mostly lard, blood
51 Honeyed locusts
52 Olives in oil
53 Mixed vegetables in oil
54 Worms in aspic
55 Dried squid
56 Pickled mushrooms
57 Fermented shrimp
58 Fungus covered soft cheese
59 Dried seaweed
60 Truffles in oil
61 Peppers in oil
62 Pickled ant eggs
63 Crickets in brine
64 Century eggs
65 Pickled Pumpkin
66 Pickled chicken feet
67 Pate sealed in fat
68 Sheeps head cheese (not cheese at all)
69 Jellied calf head and feet
70 Pickled brains
71 Jugged hare
72 Fermented milk (alcoholic)
73 Fermented fish heads
74 Lutefisk (fish treated with lye)
75 Pickled sea urchins
76 Dried jellyfish
77 Acorn flour
78 Chestnut paste
79 Pickled baby mice
80 Dried crickets
81 Fermented pork and rice
82 Pickled fish eyes
83 Seabirds in seal fat
84 Salted whale blubber
85 Pickled starfish
86 Dried scorpion
87 Snake pickled in wine
88 Kunga cake, pressed block of flies
89 Dried or pickled centipedes
90 Dried mosquito eggs
91 Dried Lizard
92 Dried Rat
93 Jellied elk nose
94 Wine often made from non grapes lie dandylion
95 Prunes in poert
96 Kumquats in brandy
97 Rhubarb preserve
98 Apple and blackberry preserve
99 Cider
100 Mead

Most awesome meal I found was eskimo icecream - wale and seal fat, berries and snow


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