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Murder Highway Image Dump 2

Slowly the old inner cities are being rebuilt into mega complexes and arcologies. The policed zones surrounding the inner city is surrounded by walls. The outer transit zone is mostly full of truck stops, vice ridden clubs and slumburb cheap housing. Mutants, criminals or diseased dont get let in.

Advances scouts like this are enjoyed by corporates rather than military. A medium gauss gun swivel mount and advanced polymer armour makes the vehicle expensive but lack of defence makes it not much better than a raider buggy

Enhanced armour, spotlights, winch, enhanced engine, brakes, and a biofuel plant make this a good cheap car for a inter city road trip. Gunports are main weapon but a car like this might out run and armour the scrappier wasteland gangs

This is the basic origin of a Gentech Interceptor. V8, V10, V20, V16  and V20 models exist. The older models are used by independant ops and free lancers, often ex death racers try to get one of these. The more recent models are for A-list national death racers and biggest op companies and corporations. Newer models are worth a cool million. Each model was the pinnacle of design for it's day. Most road users give way to these cars by rep alone.

Cool kids from the urban zones think a trek by road to another city is a rite of passage. Outraging their parents by risking their lives instead of going to university or taking drugs in their privelaged apartment megaplexes. Some of these kids survive and take up life on the road. Most that survive never go back and go back to their apartments or get a job. More than half die like lemmings and many are incorporated into gangs. Rich parents will pay to recover their kids in gangs

Outside the urban sprawl and ruins there are rural agrizones then mostly the wasteland which makes up most of inland Australia. Technology diminishes the further from cities you go

Androids, cyborgs, clones are all available but cost millions. Companies are eager to test their products however. Bioware is harder to detect and increasingly common.

Modern smartsuits and guns and headgear allow all kinds of apps for the modern corp special forces. Low light, threat recog, stutter shot (avoid shooting your allies with autofire), thermographics, drug auto injectors, laser targeter and range finder, plus plenty more. It is a bit messier looting a cyborg.

In the pre plague ruins around most cities rat has set in all kinds of malcontents and mutants thrive. Mutant rights are a thriving issue  in news media

Punks and colourful gangs swarm the wastes but in cities they tend to have cleaner clothes and better hair. Huge cheap apartment blocks full of punks are in the transit zones. Punks are in every walk of life from factory worker to grandparents to truck stop mechanics and fry cooks.

Neural link helms offer sophisticated interface possibilities with vehicles and guns without plugs, contact points or neural interface hubs. Second hand implant sales are much cheaper and back yard cyber medics can just fit in dated military tech that is good enough for the street

Under old city those infected by necrovirus hide from the sunlight. These guys use UV frequency lasers that offend the undead greatly. UV spotlights help too. Nocturnalism and albinism are common first signs of infection. Many just carry and spread it but awaken as fast ghouls shortly after death

Many towns are ghost towns with a possible undead or gang or mutant presence. Cultists often occupy such towns and try to pass as honest farm folk

This is a common improvised combat car where even bullets are hard to get. Makers of high octane fuel are in big demand in the wastes and requires more skill than common biofuel plants make

These outlandish gang vehichles are product of recycling and scratch building with emphasis on ramming, boarding and primitive weapons like arbelasts

Some nomads and  fortified homesteads build massive multirole vehicles. This has a mechanized digging too, ram blades, a biofuel refinery, a generator, a home, a freight hauler. The heavy machine gun mount is a bonus

Huger bikes keep coming out with computer gyroscopes, independently powered wheels, reconfiguration modes for racing or off road and computerised auto driving. High tech bikes tend to hide weapon systems with transformation modes.

The most advanced bikes are increasingly space age with enclosed pods even rocket boosters or jet boosters. Corporate bikes with a single laser are adequate to destroy targets up to the horizon or even the air. Some have mechanized heave armour that merges with the cockpit

Necrocycle based on cyborg bikers infected with the necrovirus have been becoming increasingly weird. A few of these have bee ridden by gang leaders but the bike is the bigger danger

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