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d100 Holes in Xor + New type of corridor

Image from Gorematoreum - you could get married here aparently - open for one year in las Vegas
Has inspired some strange ideas

also see this

Following last Xor Decor post this is a table for intruder holes in Xor then to include the decor from last time in a d100 Holes in Xor table which is probably useful. Im running on tethered web and my new suburb has nowhere to buy phone credit. Im on bus to work 2 weeks in sydney so hopefully i get a new tower pc after and get back to fallout4. All my clients have paid up and months of stuff on my to do list done while offline a few days.

These are passages made by some outside force of Xor. They may have healed to some degree long ago. They may have moved far from the surface over time.

d12 Alien corridors of Xor
1 Made by a mole machine and healed to some degree
(possibly Law or some other planar force)

2 Made by passage of a great worm
3 Made by passage of a meteorite long ago
4 Metal pipes, steaming rust tunnel of a complex used by some humanoid race like dwarves
5 A mine tunnel from long ago for some purpose with bone supports and scared flesh
6 Tunnel from non human creatures burrowing for food (roll encounter at end)
7 Tunnel made by a destructive spell or ray that carved through Xor
8 Scarred channel made in some ancient attack from some titanic being
9 A blazing divine sky chariot crashed charring a passage, parts of it may remain
10 A infection from outside was sealed of by Xor long ago to be healed, now a dead zone
11 A alien parasitic entity hostile to Xor like a plant or alien flesh or gelatinous creature
12 Built by demons as a complex for their plots against Xor, possibly active still or forgotten

Holes of Xor

d10 Local hole use

01 Used for cult sacrifices tied and left here
02 Locals leave idols and throw food in to appease spirits
03 Local justice practices hurling people in
04 Used as a challenge for initiation ceremonies
05 Used to hurl in the dead
06 Used to dispose of garbage
07 Locals use for forbidden vice
08 Lovers meet for forbidden embrace
09 Hunters come here and await game
10 Foul witches, evil cultists hold blasphemous rites are held here

d10 Hole Entrance
01 A ten foot wide shaft going down a d10 x 10 feet
02 A sinkhole collapsed into flesh cave with pool below
03 A well d4 x 10 feed deep with fluid of some kind in pool 
04 A bubbling spring with crystalline scum around a semi flooded pit
05 Some foreign material like wood or bone supports the pit mouth
06 Scarred jagged opening made by someone or thing
07 Fleshy flap with hinge over a pit entry
08 Greasy secretions of oil surround the pit edges
09 Cone shaped slippery pit entry difficult to escape from
10 A fleshy tube breached surface and broken open

d10 Hole Class

01 Pit
02 Lair
03 Trap
04 Cave
05 Hidden
06 Tunnel
07 Scar
08 Cavern
09 Shaft
10 Entrance

 d100 Holes in Xor
01 A angry hungry carnivorous animal
02 A wary herbivore will attack any it can
03 A pile of rotting corpses
04 Smashed open pots and chests
05 Old graves dug up by looters or animals
06 Pool of oily secretions and dead skin
07 Scab covering foul infected waste
08 A scabby crater with a small iron meteorite buried in the bottom
09 Full of huge leathery eggs
10 Web covered desicated bodies left by preditor 

11 Giant tarantula guarding nest and desicated corpses
 Angry giant ant lion in lair

13 A huge hairless bear wallowing in pile of desiccated smelly corpses
14 A pack of giant mole rats tunnel complex
15 A pit of liquid with a giant lobster parasite hiding underneath
16 A pit of giant maggots with giant flies defending them
17 A pool of fluid with a scarlet giant octopus under the surface
18 A family of carrion crawlers with paralyzed victims
19 A family of hairless sabretooth tigers
20 A small tribe of goblins wallowing in foul slimy fluid
21 Stretched skin membrane covering pit of slowly digesting corpses
22 Pit expands if anything standing on edge, pit lined with spines 
23 Pit with corpses in bottom sprays cloud of toxic gas if anyone gets close
24 A mouth with teeth and toungue ready to swallow obstructions 
25 Delicious odour lures prey to slippery edge into acid pool
26 Fleshy tentacles snare anyone getting too close to pit
27 Strange fleshy fruit like cluster gives off charming sonic waves to attract prey into acid
28 Organ in pit psionicly appears as something desired, victims stuck in webbing and die 
29 Clusters of breasts in pit produce addictive milk makes victims obedient guards
30 Anything close to pit sprayed by tentacle with slime, re writes your dna into tentacle thing
31 Cave home to a tribe of naked cyclops cave men bandits
32 Cave shrine lair of a cult who perform horrible rites 
33 Cave where witches meet and have cookouts in cauldrons
34 Cave where a grumpy naked philosopher lives with his animal pals
35 Cave with a pool where animals come to drink, lick salt and get out of the weather
36 Cave where ancients have tattooed some occult mystery on the skin walls
37 Cave with oily pool with grubby traders come to collect precious fuel on hairless camels
38 Cave with piles of oliy filth, garbage and human bones and a sleeping neo-otyg
39 Cave with feral children mostly hostile but bridgeable with food
40 Cave with wizard and a d4 apprentices
41 Semi concealed cave with piles of dead murdered robbed bodies
42 Pit covered in a huge loose scab inside are piles of copper coins and pots of liquid
43 Discolored patch of skin actually top of a camouflaged giant crab or spider's trapdoor  
44 Pit opening covered in dandruff flakes hides door to subdermal dungeon complex
45 Pool of liquid has metallic structure and bodies on the bottom
46 Pool of tar like oil with struggling hairless ,mammoth and sabretooth cat trapped in battle 
47 Pit with sticky muck in bottom with remains of soldiers from the outside world with armour
48 Scarred pit with portion of stone or bone sarcophagi exposed from under regrown tissue
49 Ash in burial urns covered over in giant fingernail, several shadows lurk here
50 A Iron maiden locked in a pit covered in garbage, inside is a crazy flesh golem
51 Tunnel complex full of fungus and naked wrinkly goblins
52 Tunnel complex with a subdermal village, common folk living their daily lives
53 Tunnel into a hotel and tavern complex enjoyed by many weird races
54 Tunnel complex of mine tunnels burrowed by dwarves, other creatures have moved in
55 Tunnel deep into the subdermal realms of Xor via a spectacular fleshy cavern
56 Tunnel into subdermal cavern bubbling with streams and pools of fluid crawling with life 
57 Tunnels into cave complex of beast riding raiders with stable and living caves
58 Tunnels full of thousands of large naked vampire bats and waste pools resembling blood 
59 Tunnels with ruined equiptment fused into walls and remains of a built living complex
60 Tunnels with remains of a Migo base with alien biotech, laboratories and storage pods
61 Feasting horrors ate themselves to death here leaving scarred pit and desicated corpses 
62 A volcano sized pustule erupted here long ago leaving a stinking scarred pit full of bugs
63 Abandoned open cut meat mine here long ago with mine cart tracks overgrown
64 Scarred over worm tunnel with giant ticks feeding on walls
65 A massive explosion erupted from the subdermal realm leaving a burned scarred pit
66 Object from space fell here long ago leaving deep crater pit overgrown with alien plants
67 Some huge thing was born from here long ago leaving a jagged healed scar pit
68 Some god struk Xor here long ago leaving a clean wet wound pit that never healed
69 Remains of a mine pumping apparatus over a mostly healed scarred pit
70 A sky chariot crashed here leaving strange space trash around a healed over pit
71 Oily hairy cave complex home to clan of naked wrinkly kobolds who eat waxy secretions 
72 Abandoned mine complex with cogs and rails fused into walls where morlocks dwell
73 A long abandoned mausoleum where buried remains in wall niches are absorbed by Xor
74 Entry into huge cavern with forest of scarlet bronchial trees guarded by ochre jellies
75 Open cut mine where people cut huge sheets of scarred skin for all kinds of purposes
76 A butchers mine servicing trade caravans with meat, bone and exotic fluids
77 A tunnel complex where lazy ogres wallow in pits of gore a favored beauty treatment
78 A tunnel complex home of hairless carnivorous apes.
79 Savage cannibal elves with bone tools and piercings dwell here with goblin slaves
80 Charred tunnel complex home to fire newts and riding striders
81 A sixty foot well full of salty water with lobsters and squid swimming inside
82 A sinkhole into a large cavern with a fresh water lake of blind fish
83 A shaft deep into the flesh of Xor with iron staple ladder into the subdermal realms
84 A shaft into a naked pink bat cave with remains of a elder bat god step pyramid inside
85 A cut shaft with a pulley and 4 man bucket that can be raised or lowered into lost mine 
86 Geyser hole erupts decayed liquid once a day but enters into a ruined cave village
87 A great sacrificial shaft 120 foot deep enters into cave filled with gore and sacrificial gold
88 A great shaft with branded demon runes around it, 60 foot drop to a chaos filled complex
89 A large shaft breathing tube with string winds in and out leading to subdermal realm
90 Shaft caked in rotten phlegm and pus with a 40 foot drop into ghoul filled cave
91 Great flesh gates into subdermal kingdom of orcs, many hibernating is liquid filled sacks
92 Pool around a large drooling mouth with gap in tooth entry, a sleeping purple dragon lair
93 A pit with a long stinking sealed sphincter gate, full of neootygs, ropers and filth
94 A pit with a great semi clear membrane over a subdermal lake like a giant blister
95 Shaft into chasm where flying demons rule a citadel full of slaves desperate to be free
96 A shaft with sickly infection of green slime at the bottom with glowing maggots
97 Shaft surrounded by leaking breasts pouring like fountains into cavern of feeding things
98 Huge pit leading to subdermal flesh giant kingdom with ogre and orc slaves
99 A great gum like gate blocks entry to long sealed cave of an ancient wizard school
100 A damp tunnel into saliva pool filled caverns home to a tribe of frog folk

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