Thursday, 7 July 2016

My growing my OSR wish list 2016

So just after my second move for year, paying new bond I'm still looking for work in new town (I'm still stupidly commuting interstate for work at little profit because I hate not working). I am holding a retrospective of my work and projects since 1999 in August which will hopefully purge lots of my art collection. All my clients finally paid up so I'm willing to operate my business again...

I looked at my collection of gaming stuff and I thought I have most of my dream stuff finally but I seem to have lost my rare copy of the rpg RUS.

Canberra I can shop for three days and only got a backpack i need and almost got Prodigy fat of the land vinyl. Sydney for a week and online found lots of new stuff i want.

Can see a few hundred dollars of LuLu stuff
If only I could get local print or UK print and post
US post has killed a few purchase plans - doubles the price frequently and slow
Put me off lots of kickstarters
UK or European post much cheaper and I get in days - often better than from Australia

Feel free to shout me copies...
I quite like PDF of under 50 pages for adventures

New Carcosa Stuff
(Sorry dude slavery sucked)

Yoon Suin hardcopy as I have PDF

Dark Albion
We have quarreled over education and a few Issues but I really liked Arrows of Indra

LTFP basic book and one of the recent adventures in hardcopies as I liked PDFs and a simpler modern DnD than my homebrew version. Good for shorter games and cons so I can pretend to use "modern" game that is actually sold. I touched a copy of Blue Medusa and have one on order. In game shop saw logo I designed in print, saw a staff member on last days over mistreatment by crazy boss and chatted OSR with the guy who orders stuff and made a OSR section. If he leaves probably won't buy anything from that shop anymore.

The DCC mutant apocolypse kickstarter thingy up at moment i must get. Even though I don't get DCC I love it

Revalry In Torth and possibly hard copies of Mr Satanis earlier works I had in PDF

I should get a print on demand DnD Cyclopedia - mine was stolen by player who borrowed heaps of stuff then disappeared - other players replaced everything else for me

I look at 5th ed and touch it but don't feel it yet - pile of B&W marvel and DC reprint books I care more about - Id rather support LTFP

As far as old stuff to reclaim a few still:
GURPS books - Uplift, Humanx, a few others
TORG space aztec psion biotech book
Cyberworld (Archology sourcebook seems rare)
Cyberpunk chromebook 3 and 4
I still think 80s red box set basic dnd is best intro product
A few pre cool 80s art era tsr modules i would like but i don't want at collectors prices
Cthulhu ed Deities and Demigods
1st ed oriental adventures and i suppose unearthed arcana with a spine for completeness

Several boxes of medieval peasant armies and archer packs 1/72 i want but cant really justify when my gaming cut back so much (but writing probably more). When I was getting lots I was tempted to become online dealer as I had seen bulk sets i could resell what I didn't want and lots of mixed collections on sale.

Seems to be more Glorantha reprints I would like even though I have battered 80s versions. I might run a con game. Openqust is a good intro to BRP game and easy read compared to other versions. RQ6 Luther Arkright and arthurian pack.

I have most older Pendragon books and second ed rules - i don't have a version with magic rules sadly - possibly a few more recent source books I don't have

I will get new cthulhu stuff now I have seen it despite some problems I have

I keep getting stupid idea of running a 2 day Oldschool rpg con near xmas

This got so much bigger than I ever thought it would - doh!

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