Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bezerka Con2 Day 2

 So today was a bit busier and one of my events got shelved so I played TANK a simple wargame with guy I played a saxon vs dane game last year. He likes simple wargames and nice minis and My germans were winning a bit but my bad dice rolls got me killed with 5 tanks each. I died with last tank vs one of those sneaky fast russians and a huge stalin tank. It was several hours of battering and nice and tense. Sat in on discussion on gaming with three very different but overlapping GMs. Sal has been running same mega dungeon for 26 years out doing my best 20 year marvel game.

Did some demo drawing games as I thought I would try to over lap my drawing gamers with my other gamers. Might try again but have more watchable so ppl can join in on fly. Also talked about using exquisite corpse game to create characters.

Probably could do with more players but org was very good and possibly will do some one day events later. Still wondering if I will do any more con events myself as my taste a bit arthouse/oldschool/noncommercial but not indy or mainstream. Possibly I could do RQ2 or LTFP as I want more people to play them.

I guess besides enjoying carrying heavy objects and enjoying working behind scenes without much responsibility the con got me doing a few things I wouldn't normally do and saw some stuff and bought some minis (fire, a cargo container i can copy and a chimera) and met some people and saw some friends i hadn't seen for a while. So basically good. I have a big art exhibit in 3 weeks to prep for next.

Id be interested in hearing from anyone working cons or who bring kids or youths to kids or youth events as to how to market to those age groups. Was thinking of contacting police youth orgs, scouts, council youth workers or even convening a game day in holidays. Anyone with any thoughts or experience on this or kids I welcome to comment.

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