Friday, 29 July 2016

Some of my adventures this week

So ive designed these guys for con mascots for Bezerka con 2. It is a bit of a struggle but I support it because it does the things other cons cant be bothered. More punters probably all it needs. Im running 2 intro games for kids and two sessions of drawing games (Exquisit corpse and doodle recall).

Most of my red tape for work sorted, rest over hopefully on monday. My blogging should be regular. I have at least three weeks in NSW for work and gaming. So planet Psychon and possibly brp road war or LTFP which I want to use for shorter irregular campaigns and I want to support more.

Hoping to get in some more paste up sessions, zine printing, pdf making and prep for a art exhibit of my 28 years of graffiti projects. But blogging full steam ahead again shortly after a slow week for me. Last year my blogging slowed juggling work, health and too much quality tv and computer games.

This week my Psychon ASE party returned to Mt Rendon to hunt and kill giggles and tried to find the necromantic midgets (no luck). Met Dr Giggles, some thugs and the fully healed allosaurus and had one of tougher fights ever. Friends with troglogytes and motkar made life easier. Found tower with sub levels and had a tough fight with a wizard and the burgandy men. Ready to go deeper and get to lower sewer like level they were trapped in earlier.

The Druid Beebeard used a custom spell that temporarily petrifies victims with gorgon breath then used shape stone to pull apat and assemble a monstrosity. Spell expired and a screaming spurting abomination died in a few rounds before party. Druids in my games are utter bastards.

Playing BX with some guys my age with two characters each and me as a (shock) player. Im kinda relatively being well behaved to the other players for me. Playing B1 in search of unknown. On way in we saw stirges fight wolves and helped kill stirges. Skinned dead wolves and stirges and hung bodies in trees for later then got sucked through magic pool in cave lair of wolves. Ended up in B1 pool room. My wizard and fighter have assumed identities of dungeon builders and threatened every sentient with our wrath. The chaotic wizard keeps conning lawful fighter his horrible schemes vs evil for the best. Other player with neutral thief and a cleric. Wizard tried every magic pool cept green slime and and filth pools and was rendered speechless, drunk and groggy then restored speech. Beat up goblins and managed to enslave four survivors. One died testing a trap. Another tried to steal a ring so was stripped and tied to rope and given pole and put in front. Other two put in front of party as meat shield. They did a good job and enjoyed the bullying hierarchy i put them in, the silver coins i rewarded them with and the food and grog I gave them. Killed some spiders, some rats and avoided traps skillfully.

Met some troglodytes and put them to sleep as they easily could have killed us. Found lots of unidentified magic items (BX doesn't have identify spell though?). Surprised some thieves eating and explained we were dungeon lords returned and convinced them to join us. We showed them treasure illusion we found and promised them a cut if they showed us how they came in and introduced us to their gang leader. On way out passed magic mouthed guardian statues we attacked them as soon as we saw light killing them all (they were wanted criminals right?). Then got goblins to stick thieves heads on statues weapons and string intestines in between statues. Now that's a unwelcome dungeon.

Got about 1/3 through all up and leveling up and shopping hopefully before we return to collect tapestries, furniture and anything salable. Mentioned my open cut dungeon mine technique or plan to attract monsters with bell into gauntlet of archer hirelings. Anyway we are having fun being horrible murder hobos and my crazy chaotic wizard making everyone a bit worse.


  1. Those mascots remind me of The Squidbillies. They must be the Aussie version, "Takobogans". ;) (Although they look more like mudrerhobos.)

  2. I like takobogans

    Puffy 1 Colouring Book available in my downloads section

  3. Real old skool gamers would say they are the sea monsters from the Sid & Marty Krofft TV show.


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