Tuesday 5 July 2016

Anomalous Subsurface Shenanigans and future games

Anomalous Subsurface Shenanigans
Anomalous Subsurface Environment game tonight (ported into planet psychon setting)

Black dragons swarming around missile silo and now 6th lv party (1/2 way through second book) have been frequently distracted by the wilderness and city sandboxing and building a city brothel complex, a medical station I added when i forgot books and the tower of the dobermen wizard

Party sent to investigate dragon lair and realizing they are as tough as anyone in the land of wizards and most power holders are crazy bullshitters.

Visited Moktar pals dungeon entrance to give laeder musket on the way. While drinking and shooting a black dragon curious of sounds attacked and killed a few motkar, and wounded cheif and party druid. Got away with 1hp.

Later spying on the silo saw the stone head of wizard battle two dragons and crash after small dragon got inside mouth and caused havoc. Zardoz offered party magic guns if druid would repair head. Fixed it and bailed out above dragon silo grabbing new guns. Druids new white ape follower turned nto a exterminator and party wrestled and disarmed him then threw cursed guns down the mountain

Party hat Zardoz and went into silo crew areas and can hear dragons screeching from the plant area.....

Party debating nuking dragons or Zardoz

Cleric awed by finding holy books of Colossus in silo

More foolishness next week...

Dethenix setting one of best commercial products I have ever run or used. Players been enjoying for most of this year

Tempted to run when they get too high level either Xor, Carcosa or Hell - Devilmount looking possible too

So ASE is a low to mid level setting and my players have got to 6th level yet not finished. They have enjoyed exploring outdoor map location, villages, city factions, wizards, base buildings but getting possibly too competent now.

I mostly prefer low level and my players know it - they get suspicious about 6-7th levels. Advanced game levels harder to have newbs join. Harder to make new characters. More complex stat lines and monster abilities to DM. More easy for a well used spell to demolish some problem.

So my Hell and Xor projects are more flexible and ok for high level play (and can do low level ok too). Both are good candidates. Xor in Dethenix or Psychon works fine. Consider letting players pick characters from any tsr setting without each oher knowing then make into a party on Xor.

Runners up for stuff to run next:
Devilmount (will work in psychon but not sure on levels)
Carcossa (modules coming out soon! but a bit more horrible than my setting)
Island of the purple putrescence
Liberation of demon slayer
Barrier Peaks
Also considered gammaworld second ed pitzburke

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