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d100 Mobile Citidels

So I had a request for mecha cities from Luka Rejec on G+. Others contributed more entries (thanx 2  Michael RastonSherief Gaber,  Christopher PaulDallas MGoblins Henchman). I could do as a straight fantasy one with walking cities in hell or as a gonzo one with tech and magic and aliens and psionics on planet Psychon or wandering about on Xor. I could do as straight SF like Robotech SDF1. Psychon and Xor best candidates also will work there.

Another possibility would to use my citadel generators and just add mobility. So tables here you could do that. Also tables to make other kinds then a d100 for types you could find on Psychon. Look at some kids toys like skylanders and stick a citadel on the back.

I'm liking idea that cities representing their race on some blasted world battle each other, trade and hunt kaiju. I could do some strange things with this like a setting on a mostly desolate word of god monster cities. My underland setting stuff might be good for the wastelands. Perhaps each character comes from one. Might make a good wargame. Xor stuff good for interiors of living ones.

These old posts might be handy

These artifacts could be in a citadel or tables could be mixed with these

These monsters might battle a city or be good to build a city on

Citadel generators - psychon version and fantasy versions

The small tables for filling out details short in big table or use them to create new entries. 

d12 Why is city mobile
01 To battle enemy cities
02 To battle kaiju
03 Escape disaster
04 Seasonal mobility
05 To spread influence
06 Cursed
07 Serving a god 
08 Boredom 
09 Self aware
10 Secret known only to few
11 Forgotten or unknown
12 Roll d10 twice

d12 Mobility Type
01 Legs
02 Floats
03 Flies
04 Burrows
05 Swims
06 Teleports
07 Plane Shifts 
08 Carried
09 Wheels
10 Tracks
11 Roll d10 twice
12 Roll d10 three times

d12 Primary Construction
 Titanic Animal
02 Invertebrate Kaiju 
03 Hybrid Monster Kaiju
04 Machine
05 Living Stone
06 Living Metal
07 Animated Bricks
08 Mobile Crystal
09 Ambulatory Fungus
 Walking Plant

11 Bound God
12 Roll d10 twice for hybrid, fusion or other combination

d12 Surface Structures
01 Mansion
02 Keep
03 Village
04 Town
05 Castle
06 Citadel
07 Fortress
08 University
09 Necropolis

11 Monument (Pyramid, cathedral, ziggarut)
12 City

d12 Inhabitants and operators
1 Witless humans ride like parasites
2 Human magicians control and enslave rest of population
3 Undead
4 Faerie kind
5 Humanoids ride and use to raid new territory
6 Goblinoids crawl all over without any control
7 Demihumans operate it
8 Abhumans are frmer slaves of long gone operators
9 Insane cult operate and worship planar beings
10 Dwarves built or enslaved
11 Creators long gone now occupied by dozens of feuding races in ruins
12 Race of monsters control it

d100 Mobile Citidels
A clockwork trundling great wheel golem with a suburban fairymancer block inside its gleaming spyridian gyres. Luka Rejec02 A crippled Tarrasque with wheels in rear and castle on back, inhabitants shoot elephants or auroch into desired path as titbits from trebuchet
03 A Titanic hermit crab with a glass citadel on the back with a lost race of eldren dimensional travellers
04 A colossal steam powered Iron Golem with a population living in houses among cogs who maintain the golem but don't know why, the richest live in head with poor stoking furnaces 
05 A titanic swan ship with sails populated by aloof swanmays and elves with werewolf soldiers who raid for supplies in long ships
06 A great crystal disc with a city on the back which flies seasonally from crystal plinth to plinth across the world. Civilizations rise and fall in between plinth usa and locals dont realize what plinths for till the cities come 
07 A great obsidian, jet and basalt monolith filled of the serpent men that marches on adamant legs, destroying and enslaving all on it's path 
08 A colossal bronze bull with a Ziggarat temple to chaos on its back laying waste to all. chaos pilgrims and demons occupy it and guard it's treasure and dimensional gates
09 A giant tarantula with a dark elf fungal cathedral on back, clouds of spores and irritating spider hairs like javelins follow in the cities wake
10 A mechanical bronze scorpion damaged and wandering madly while on back a city of men enslaved by efreeti waste lives with intrigue

11 A great stone sphinx with a gold and quartz clad pyramid on back houses undead hordes of the mummy pharaoh, mad for gold in the service of Set
12 A slimy octopoid headed toad bodied elder god with a multi spired iron citadel chained to its back and manacled with mystic signs, mad cultists within goad creature with magic signs and use it to travel across world seeking prehuman ruins and loot relics 

13 Sentient bio engineering factories in the shape of worms, churning out untold humanoid offspring as it chews through. Michael Raston
14 Giant gold boar with brazen city and two huge cannons on back run by dwarves. Firing guns can be heard a continent away but has not been don for a millennium
15 Titan snail with mindflayer city in shell, awakens every ten thousand years to feed, then sleeps till world recovered for another feast
16 Gargantuan Chimera with Acropolis on back, populated by hostile myrmidons, relic of ancient god wars
17 A crystal tripod with citadel on back, has a great magnifying crystal it uses as a heat ray, populated by ant men determined to wipe out human kind
18 A crazed anchorite wanders the wastes. A city thrives in his imagination. The combination of ESP and Teleport permits entry. Dallas M
19 An ever growing and dying mass of weeds and vines, moving along the landscape like a heaving, shuddering tumbleweed. Houses a commune of feral druids. Michael Raston
20 A megacacti with ecology of races living inside for protection. Cacti can fire thousands of arrow like quils. On feet level beetlemen guard feet and collect refuse for cacti.. Inside hidden occult worm men store and grow food inside and run the show. Top giant talking sparrow folk scout and occasional carry bug men
21 A plodding steambutt behemoth with cute wooden shacks growing out and among it's stacks. Houses a radical neo-collectivist hippy dwarf commune. Luka Rejec
22 A cubist nightmare of inverted cathedrals of the cube demons suspended from gleaming crystal skyhooks, dragging furrows in the ground as it follows the movement of the cube-star. Inhabited by sentient molluscs, ratmen and the pygmy elves of Fur-rie. Luka Rejec
23 A great green mold-cube with a the town-houses of the eunuch mindflayers suspended in force-sacs within the roiling mold-cube, connected by prismatic Gates held in coordination by the distributed mindgasm of the groping reality extension that is Muth the Danzikkert, mother of squids. Luka Rejec
24 A floating monolith with a city of light darting through its para-crystalline quantum-computation structures, it constantly shifts. Luka Rejec
25 The reanimated skin of an undead greater titan's cow, it walks around on the limbs of dead warriors denied entry to the shores of the Rainbow Isles for their sins. Atop it's leathery surface grow the gorgeous, engorged, gloaming mushroom towers of the vegan egg-slaying elven paladins of Patanapatanupantatantan. Luka Rejec
26 A great stone mule, upon its head a crown of gold, in the crown a palace of malachite, in the palace of malachite a lapis maze. Luka Rejec
27 A great mecha of steel and whining antigrav modules, with great fang-like towers and obscure geometric monstrous sculptures, it houses a graveyard of radioactive waste safe from the lesser ones that came after the ascension of the greater ones. Luka Rejec
28 A undead titan driven by lich living in brain pan land who direct lesser undead and necromancers to operate and steer the great godling corpse
29 Twin cities, each atop a giant green scarab beetle, in a perpetual cat-and-mouse pursuit of one another across the land. This could be for amorous reasons or animosity. The inhabitants will express their city's sentiment's towards their counterparts, loving or loathing accordingly. Sherief Gaber they might steal each others dungballs - cities crushed under poop - chase kaiju for poop (me)
30 A great clockwork brass cathedral on metal legs, it's gongs and bells awaken everyone for miles. On the hour every hour it shoots out a clockwork horror that rampages across the land. Modrons built it and abandoned it but misguided cult of law inhabit it trying to understand how to operate it and the understand the patterns behind it's rambling path.
31 A great jade pyramid with a single all-seeing mad eye bobbling along atop a swirling gyre of rubbery grey-purple tentacles. Luka Rejec
32a rusting cylinder of an ancient alloy, pocked by the craters and blood-stains of crazed dive-bombing elven paragliders, it slides along the ground leaving glassy furrows when nobody is looking. Some say it is the entrance to the tubular bell of creation. Luka Rejec
33the great munificent turtle mummy of leather and horn shambles along, moaning as it seeks the long-destroyed Beach of Desire. The order of the Kogalogas rides it, whispering that the beach is just over the next hill to keep it moving, the turtle and their keep of rags and bones. Luka Rejec
34a slug grown monstrous, sloughing off fleshy little sluglets as it goes, fueling itself with the life energies of the foolish little folk, host to a tent-city of parasitic meat-hobbits who live off the little sluglets and farm it's cyst-riddled flesh for slug-pearls to trade with the bird people of the Cone Mountain. Luka Rejec
35a tower with stick insect legs home to a dreaming old woman with a heart of gold and a mind of steel. Luka Rejec
36 A great metal and rubber kangaroo with a small gnome city in its pouch. Luka Rejec
37 An amalgamation of brick golems, glazed and dazed and confused, that nearly achieved lift-off in the anti-gravitic wars against the sky-demons, now in thrall to the siren song of the nymph Emphatica the Blue-Green, they tumble and gyre in ballet-like-half-floating dance as they keep aloft her great crystal goblet-swimming pool in which her villa floats on an isle of kelp Luka Rejec
38 a great pine tree, gnarled with age, it travels along moonbeams on deathly still nights, bearing it's squirrelfolk masters and mistresses on their heathen ley-line squirreling missions. Luka Rejec
39 a giant fleshy peach encircling a kernel of steel, home to the artificial metal mind Jojo, it bobs along in rivers and seas, and floats under a levitating disk of purefloatonium when it is above land. Luka Rejec
40A tavern in a mirror that reflects itself from point to point, always suspended just above the horizon, like a rainbow perennially about to descend. Luka Rejec
41 A titanic brain in a jar on the back of a dinosaur kaiju, the brain is inhabited by horrible alien beings who engineered it as a computational device but they and the brain have gone mad and forgotten the great secret they once saught
42 Two separate threads of destiny woven into great balls of destinal yarn, they float and orbit each other, creating a tornado. Luka Rejec
43 A great bowl, empty, save for a pseudo-intellectual pea avatar of the pseudo-god Ashlar Five, it wobbles along on one shaky wheel. Luka Rejec
44 A colossal brewery on stilt legs that harvests grain with huge sucking funnels and produces thousands of litres of beer for the mysterious inhabitants within. The are short robed humanoids who communicate by belching. Peasants fear it stealing their crops but occasionally it dumps thousands of gallons of yeast slops when cleaning the great vats
45 A great floating gold sphere that drifts about randomly until it comes near a grave yard when it speeds towards it and sucks up residual souls. Dead kaiju attract it too and a huge mouth opens to eat them
46 A great fat unicorn of pearl on legs of obsidian with a horn of gold, a gaggle of laughing, never-aging children live within its mouth, a posse of grim wizened nomads live in its bowels hunting white blood cell-dogs and eating cat-sized-bacterial fruit-urchins, a clutch of grasping half-dead-but-undying wizened wretched live in the feathers of its rainbow tail. Luka Rejec
47 A tank titanic on treads of titanium, so large its peaks are lost in the clouds, crushing mountains beneath its waste, devouring soil and rock and spewing out finely made kitchen appliances that all cry out piteously for the "electric city" before choking into death. It is home to mute servitors of the machine cult than no men have worshipped in a hundred hundred years. Come to think of it, not many men are left, it's all accreta and detreta and mountains of dead kitchen appliances. Luka Rejec
48 A great steam calliope operated by gnomes on the back of a mighty hairless guinea pig. It's terrible music drives people mad after a few days and keeps babies awake. The great beast moves on when had fill with trees
49 A huge shambling pile of logs the size of a mountain, crewed by intelligent beavers. They pause to gather tasty new wood and drink lakes dry. Their main contact with humans is to taunt them and display their intact testicles which humans used to hunt for musk
50 A gigantic levitating pyramid of feces that drips thousands of gallons of effluent as it passes overhead. It seems to be occupied by a civilization of otyughs and ropers. They believe they are saviors and helpers by depositing dung heaps and monsters behind
51 A great glittering moth that blocks out the sun and carries a mighty walled city of moth men on it's back. Parasites have enraged the moth sending it out of control. The moth men used to battle ant men in dawn age but both sides have bigger problems now

52 A giant rolling clod of earth and roots, with a city inside. A civilization of various mineral based abhumans, dwarves and gnomes and talking animals like moles. The cosmopolitan races within want to roll the sphere off the end of the world and become seperate by falling for eternity, perhaps growing into a new plane
53 A titanic Amber Lion with a ruined temple on it's back occupied with cavemen descendants of fallen civilization. Made from the sap of the world tree as a plaything for gods and titans. The shamans order death to any who steal amber and can track any from the construct
54 A living glacier fragment of the Ymir (his tooth) from before the world was made. It walks on it's roots and brings it;s own frigid weather system. Has four great hills each with a cavern settlement with a different race. Include inteligent penguins and polar bears, vikings and undead. These factions fight and raid outside. Deeper caverns are filled with dark elves, dwarves trolls and purple ice worms
55 A levitating chunk of fenced-off real-estate with empty warehouses and subterranean bunkers and tunnels, some with remains. Luka Rejec
56 The Great Boat City of Black Gate; bourne aloft on a host of enslaved water elementals, aqueous sprites, and gelatinous beings. The primate inhabitants (the former servant class of the deposed Elementalists), in pursuit of landward pillage to the greater torment of their means of locomotion. Goblins Henchman

57 A colossal Russian carved wooden doll levitates across land, when threatened it opens and another half size version comes out, this process continues till a human size wood golem is the last one. The structure and it's smaller versions are operated by female druids who use the wanderings of the doll to plant female druid cults across the world. They are notorious for being angry and topless. Wood golems act as servants and soldiers
58 The spirit of an entire city that was destroyed by a volcano. It is usually incorporeal, floating across the land, except in the light of the full moon it becomes solid again. Here, one can trade for strange and ancient items, secrets lost to time, and make alliances with the spirit world. Christopher Paul
59 Manbar the Moon Lens city, a great disk that amplified moonlight into projective pulses. Goblins Henchman
60 City of Fires is situated on triangular plinth, the plinth superheated, melting the land underneath into a pliable molten mass, whence it travels an obsidian track is left behind. Goblins Henchman
61 Khank is mouthed on the back of a great grasping hand. Goblins Henchman
62 Slaver city of Pum II is pulled forward on chains attached to huge land anchors. Goblins Henchman
63 The ball-like city of Fume moves on a single great caterpillar-track, the track an infinite Möbius strip loop. Goblins Henchman
64 Nimbeara travels by chewing the land before it as if the loam were water using an Archimedes' screw mechanism. Goblins Henchman
65 A bubble-like tesseract of fluid moves by performing a double rotation about two orthogonal planes, within it's confines live an aquatic trading race. Goblins Henchman
66 An inter-dimensional city, within its confines its people are born live and die normally, in OUR dimension their lives exist for mere fractions of seconds, in OUR dimension, looking down from near by mountains, the city pulses flexes, and moves like a writhing beast as if watching a great city in fast forward. Goblins Henchman
67 The jungle inhabitants know the city as the Owl City, seen by them aloft on great wings, fearing the soundless hunters at night. Goblins Henchman Full of haunted libraries and owl men (me)

68 A titanic stone dwarf hollowed out with dwarf and troll civilizations battling within. Occasional refugees escape the age old war and cause trouble to those people displaced by the statues passage 
69 A titanic white bouncy puppy goaded by scholar eldren in a marble spire citadel who patiently tolerate their cities steed having erratic behavior. It especially chases spherical things and digs up kaiju bones, and leaves worm filled poops as big as hills behind
70 A ginormous spinning top generates a storm system and can skip over obstacles or water. The city within remains stable and a race of arrogant wizards within care little for the outside world, engrossed in their magical research
71 A mighty iron pangolin with a stupa temple on back carries imortal monks in trances across the surface of the world and sometimes beneath it 
72 A collosal crimson demon with a city for a hat and a giant spring from the waiste down bounds across the world causing chaos and destruction to all in his wake. The demon being known as Zeberdee is unaware of the race of men who dwell in his hat and study his chaotic ululation and gyrations. They believe this understanding can be used to understand the secrets of the multiverse. Only time will tell if they are mad
73 A titanic boot stomps across the world crushing villages and common folk. It is ruled by a witch who adopts all the orphans left behind. Her army of flying monkeys pillage food and abandoned children. Once inside they never age and some estimate several thousand children live inside feeding off porridge, bread and candy
74 A towering bronze tyrannosaur with a exotic serpant man palace on it's back struts across the world looking for herds of animals to eat and kaiju to fight. The serpent man cult of sorcerers are shapeshifters who might try to appear human to deceive humans. They crave magic items and books and care for their pet. Tick and worm men in the beasts body are a constant anoyance
75 A mighty hungry centipede with a road on it's back and a stupa on each segment roams the land eating all it can find. Each stupa shrine has different occupants including ghosts, animal spirits and monks and shamen of various alignments. Pilgrims travel the three hundred and sixty five shrines and prey earn merit in heaven. Getting on or off is a problem 
76 A tremendous serpent biting its own tail savagely undulates and spasms in it's battle throws across the land. Trolls, elves, men and dwarves have tiny kingdoms within and many get trapped inside trying to escape being crushed by the thrashing serpent. Parts of the serpent are exradimensional and it'd digestive tract takes years to travel
77 A gargantuan scarlet angry land whale swims through the soil occasionally swallows a town. Many races inside dwell  with towns adapting and blending populations. A race of praying mantis bio wizards have struggled for aeons to control it so they can conquer the multiverse. They abandon weird hybrid creatures and experiments through the great world inside the whale
78 A might insectoid tripod with a living pyramid stomps across the world. Inhabited by octopoid aliens who crave conquest and lock human slaves in magic control shackles and drink their blood. They use smaller tripods with tentacles they drive to capture more slaves. The great pyramid is a city with a inhospitable gas environment. Slaves live in special breathable habitats and wear living gas masks when serving the masters 
79 A mountainous flying undead head soars through the skies with a city of liches in its rotting brain. The former slain god invades lands by raining undead fromm the sky on victims lands
80 A mighty sloth fell from the trees supporting the skies long ago and crawls inexorably slow trying to fing the mythic trees lost long ago. Among it's fur grow forests with villages of savages among the folicles. If the mighty sloth is bothered the savages swarm like beserk ants to aid the sloth god
81 A enormous ginger bread house with duck legs stride across the world settling occasional luring curious locals inside. The witch who rules it with her army of gingerbread men eats some and enslaves the rest in her kitchen with addictive baked goods. Sometimes the onion domed ginger palace is found near a disaster site offering hospice to survivors then it runs away when victims are trapped inside
82 A titanic carved ornamental table with elephant head and trunks for legs roams across the world. On the table top is a small sea with islands, kingdoms, towns oblivious to the fate of people below
83 A huge wooden box walking on stubby legs roams the world with a handle on the side which turns. Inside the box churns cream of the celestial cow goddess making delicious butter for the gods. Inside the box walls and the great wheel inside holy monks and priests prey and keep evil demons away so the holy butter will be untainted. Modrons aid the priests and keep the wooden cogs moving smoothly
84 A great fiery bird crosses the skies on it's back is a city of holy people who worship the bird. The bird battles it's enemy a great vampire bat demon.  
85 A great vampire shadowy bat demon with a city of undead, cultists and demons on it's back. It battles it's enemy a great fiery holy bird but the two mostly on oposite sides of the world in pursuit of each other eternally  
86 A immense wooded X with a crucified titan writhing in pain flies across the world dripping blood. The blood forms monsters and on the cross cities of cultists and enemies fight to free or destroy the titan
87 A titanic hive of demon wasps flies across the world, the wasps scour the surface for food and kidnap humans to impregnate with wasp-men offspring who eat the "mother"
88 A sprawling cathedral on the back of a titanic stone wolf walks the world, leaving trails of undead and demons
89 A humongous hydra with a zigguratt on it's back walks the world breathing fire and laying waste to nature and civilization. In the ziggurat a race of giant harlots engage in a ceasless ritual orgy to operate the beast. Mortals are raided and kidnapped to participate but most don't last long 
90 A titanic black 4 yorned billy goat with demon sigils on fur and a iron bell of hell around his nech strides across the world. On his back a citadel of witches with a army of goatmen wage war on the mortal realm
91 A mountain scale turtle slowly drags himself across the world surface and even under it. In the shell many races have taken shelter and live obliviously to the outside world. Most of them outside is a myth but some occasionally escape and colonize the outland
92 A great shaggy cad tital struts across the world occasionaly pausing to drink a lake or play with a screaming village. On her back a citadel of catfolk live a paradise with milk, treats and comphy pillows and servants. When the great cat pauses the catfolk explore and steal anything they take a fancy too especially clothing
93 A great bell hovers over the ground shaking the earth with vibrations beneath it. When the bell tolls devastation wracks the surface. In the bell dwell a race of men with a large percentage of monks. There are several bells of different alignment that battle on sight causing havoc to the people bellow
94 A great statue of a multi headed and armed godess floats across the sky, occasionally dropping fireballs and mountainous slabs of rock and rubble. Inside are colossal seemingly endless ruins where factions of good and evil fight, decendants of builders of long ago who cannot remember why they fight
95 A great painted red with blood wooden egg rolls across the land inside rabbit men and human beserkers who control it pause to launch a bloodthirsty crusade on the poor locals. Their blood goddess is served by red robe blood druids who demand sacrifices to keep the egg working 
96 A great step pyramid shell of a mighty hermit crab strides the land. A city of cultists within sacrifice blood and hearts to their chaos god and raid lands the crab passes
97 A great pair of boobs oozes across the land crushing everything. In the cleavage valley between them a amazon citadel preys to keep them moving and safe. Invaders are enslaved, used up till ruined then thrown in front of the titanic tits  
98 A great demon mother swine with a blood drenched citadel full of angry hungry devil swines roams the world destroying all in her path with her tusks and plow like nose. Occasional she stops to give birth to a litter of giant demon pigs but thankfully she chases them and tries to eat them. The devil swine accumulate piles of treasure visible from a distance
99 A great shambling fleshy blob rolls across the surface, possibly part of the flesh of Xor or it's offspring. A great bone castle atop is home to a race of mad skinless savages
100 A great smouldering space rock crashes leaving devastation. From the crater it makes, hoard of space orcs pour forth eating and killing. When they have their fill and all the slaves and treasure they can carry they return and the rock flies into the heavens to return again one day


  1. I came up with some more at:

    1. talking about possibly a zine from all this can we include this?

    2. I've got no objection, though I may end up doing some more. I've always enjoyed the idea of mobile cities, and there are a ton of possibilities out there.

  2. @Kiseru - I wish I had read yours before I finished mine! I particularly like the flying atol with a crystal clear lagoon within - from below that would be quite a sight!

    1. I don't know about 'crystal clear,' blue holes tend to be pretty blue.

  3. I was thinking clear not colourless (so clear and blue) .... Also if it is a 'slice' in the sky it would be like a light box effect! :O)


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