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d100 Nice Village Encounters

What there are nice villages? Yes before villages become chaos corrupted hell holes they were possibly nice. Nice villages could be trick or a front. Drive your cynical suspicious adventurers crazy with a nice village. Places like this can remind you what the good fight for. Pubs close early here and the beer is good but mild. Possibly a petty god protects area or retired adventurers among populance.

d10 Nice Village Encounter Types
01 Animals
02 Farmers
03 Farmer
04 Merchants
05 Women
06 Elderly
07 Youths
08 Fools
09 Needy
10 Leaders

d100 Nice Village Encounters
01 A friendly goofy dog runs up barking and rolls over to show his belly
02 A friendly cat sits on a post will greet friendly travellers
03 A cheerful pig wanders up wanting a scratch
04 A jolly cow wanders up to lick travellers
05 Baby goats frolic on path about you
06 A mother duck and her fluffy babies crosses path in front of you
07 A rooster crows cheerfully
08 A pony whinnies cheerful at travellers approach hoping for a apple
09 A friendly billy goat playfully rubs his head against a traveller
10 A turkey gobbles cheerfully or geese honk with delight

11 A child runs up to strangers to say hello
12 Kids throwing acorns at each other stop and apologizes in case they upset visitors

13 A child offers to guide you around for free
14 Children run up and offer you apples they just picked
15 Several kids sing national anthem mistaking visitors for important dignitaries
16 Child offers to fetch bucket of fresh water for travellers
17 A child praises travellers in name of popular religion
18 A adorable child wants to show you their toy or dolly
19 A foolish child thinks visitors might be elves (easily impressed)
20 A child faints at how attractive a visitor is, then blushes and runs away
21 Farmers in fields offer you to join them for a beer
22 Farmers wave cheerfully 
23 Farmers offer you some free turnips
24 Farmers laying about fields with tools having a quick nap 
25 Farmers in a cart ask if you need help with directions 
26 Farmers chatting leaning on fence bid you good day 
27 Farmers gathering stones and building a wall stop to say hello
28 Farmers ask travellers so solve conflict over farming methods
29 Farmers fishing at a pond 
30 Farmers with bows, slings and some birds they have caught
31 Cheerful blacksmith offers special to travellers on horse shoeing today
32 Tavern keeper comes out of to offer first drink on the house
33 Baker offers a free loaf of bread
34 Store keeper asks if your looking for lost purse someone dropped
35 Tanner scraping hide in a frame bids you good day
36 Wood cutter offers to show you good camp sites to save inn fees
37 Butcher plucking some birds offers you biggest one at normal price
38 Stableboy offers to water and brush your livestock or pets for free
39 A barber offers a free haircut for news from out of town
40 A store keeper invites you to try some genuine bargains
41 Housewife offers travellers a blessing
42 Housewife offers you some fresh berry muffins from the oven
43 Housewife offers her foolish son as a manservant
44 Housewife asks if you have seen her stray pussy
45 Housewives spinning wool giggle and blush at visitors
46 Housewife cheers that finally decent respectable travellers have come
47 Housewife with fat jolly sleepy babies smiles sweetly
48 Housewife chases her slightly attactive daughter out of house for visitors
49 Housewife beheading a chicken, praises the gods for bounty
50 Housewives with baskets of produce respectfully let visitors pass
51 Old man mentions he was a adventurer when young and blesses travellers
52 Old woman smoking a pipe offers cheap medicine and remedies
53 Old man with stick says he cant remember when such mighty heroes last visited
54 Old woman yells out accommodation advice
55 Old man playing instrument with young goats frolicking about him
56 Old woman dying some wool smiles with toothless grin
57 Old man sweeps path in front of visitors announcing to all visitors have arived
58 Old woman sitting with her pussy on rocking chair waves and offers cup of tea
59 Old man rushes home and returns with fancy hat and implements on belt
60 Old woman invites you in to have fortunes told
61 Youths maypole dancing invite strangers
62 Youths holding hands sitting on haystack cheerfully
63 Several youths offer services for any chores
64 Attractive youths follow visitors about watching everything they do
65 Several youths wrestling stop and stare amazed at adventurers awesome stuff
66 Youths helping a old person
67 Youth compliments visitor on attractive body or equipment or pet
68 Youths singing hymns with village elder
69 Youth being schooled in a skill by elders
70 Youths helping repair old widows roof
71 Village idiot appears and tries to get adventurers to buy them a drink
72 Village idiot sits on fence points, laughs then falls off fence
73 Village idiot talking to cow about nature of reality
74 Village idiot tries to turn self in to visitors for having a heretical thought yesterday
75 Village idiot playing in mud with pig
76 Village idiot playing instrument badly, everyone puts up with it stoically 
77 Village idiot trying to convince priest to officially marry these two dogs
78 Village idiot making donkey noises 
79 Village idiot looking in bushes for purdy luvley elves 
80 Village idiot asks visitors if his standard of idiocy compares to other village idiots 
81 An old widow talking to her prolific cats
82 A old drunk being helped to feet by locals
83 A disabled grumpy war veteran being given a bath by local widows
84 Old hermit getting long beard trimmed
85 Child offering stray puppies or kittens to visitors  
86 Tradesman helping make prosthetic limb for veteran
87 Priest or druid healing homeless man so he is fit to work again
88 Soup being given to needy who sleep in barns for work
89 A adoption ceremony in progress for found homeless child
90 A sleazy lecherous travelling peddler being scolded and fined by sheriff
91 Sheriff greets travellers and thanks them in advance for good behaviour ernestly
92 A local bard offers to guide you and perhaps hear your songs and deeds
93 A priest greets you and offers free first aid or to prey for your wellbeing
94 Local wise woman tells you to be careful because two years ago she saw a kobold
95 A student wizard offers to cast a zero level cantrip spell for free like mend for practice
96 Local inn keeper asks if you want any lanterns, ropes or a ten foot pole left in a room
97 Village headman tells you about a low rent shack in village for goodly adventurers
98 Village elder offers to tell you about adventure he had fifty years ago near here
99 Village gossip desperate for any good gossip or news because so quiet here
100 Local beadle or bailiff offers to help you carry bags to the inn


  1. All of these things make me extremely suspicious. Baldrick, watch our backs!

  2. this is enough to make any party suspicious and put them on their guard!

  3. thus why after my dodgy villager tables I neededthis to complete set

  4. Good table. As DM, we become too enamored with the hidden agenda. More of this will get the PCs to lower their guards… and roll on the other table.


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