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Element Toads Unite!

I wrote most of this nov 2021 then fussed over elemental occult bollucks before happy

Of course, the coolest way to die in dnd is to be eaten by a giant amphibian but until now you only have had fire toads and ice toads which is a travesty I will fix. So I'm just gonna make a generic element toad with four sub-species and ignore traditional sources. I'm a bit inspired by Temple of Elemental evil new hardbacks after reading New Nodes in 5th ed speak. If run as ad&d would be tough pretty tough. One of the best things about this classic adventure is starting as nobodies in a small village and affecting the local area then go through the temple from 1st to 8th Lv. My elemental hybridism isn't quite gygaxian

A frog book will likely happen. Maybe a present for me from myself.

So these were inspired by spirit of originals but gone awol. They probably tie in with the elemental amphibian cults. Most amphibians are linked to earth air and water but a few weirdos do fire and like deserts and volcanoes.

Planar Animal N 
Small AC+4 HD 4 Att 1
Bite 2d4 or kick d6 or grapple or spit
spit d6 (30-degree cone 2 range range) once every 10 minutes
swallows with a bite attack on natural roll of 20
Mov15 Swim6 Burrow 1 Hop 1

Medium AC+6 HD 8 Att 2  
Bite 2d6 or kick d8 or grapple or spit
spit 2d6 (60-degree cone 
range range 3) once every third round
swallows with a bite attack on natural roll of 19-20
Mov12 Swim6 Burrow 3 Hop 3 

Large AC+8 HD 12 Att 3 
Bite 2d8 or kick d12 or grapple or spit
spit 3d6 
(90-degree cone range 4) once every second round
swallows with a bite attack on natural roll of 18-20
Mov12 Swim3 Burrow 3 Hop 3

Colossal AC+12 HD 20 Att 4 
Bite 3d10 or kick 2d8 or grapple or spit
spit 5d6 
(120-degree cone range 5) once per round
swallows with a bite attack on natural roll of 17-20
Mov 12 Swim 6 Burrow 3 Hop 1

They can use their hands or mouth to grapple prey and then get an auto hit next bite attack
They can make multiple bites in a round if they wish to try and swallow prey whole
They can kick anyone attacking from behind

Swallowed prey is helpless, make a save vs drowning and take bite damage each round without counting as attack actions from the toad. Feel free to allow heroic action to escape or make the toad vomit them up like roll under half strength on d20 to move or make a dagger attack. Friends grabbing legs might help or forcing the mouth open or other creative actions might apply. 

Elemental toads are planar beings from the earliest formation of the universe. Their tadpoles are spawned in elemental material. Each element type is immune to attacks of a similar element and can swim through the material freely.  Each breed also can spit elemental matter and has other elemental powers. They eat their own eggs to brood their young and release tadpoles in a suitable elemental location. On the borders between inner worlds, elemental toads can hybridize. Most are neutral but some have extreme alignments

Standard Elemental Toads

Fire Toads 
Spit sparks, ignite flammables fail to save
Swim through fire seeming to dance and fly in flames  

Earth Toads
Spit flint shards, arrowheads and throwing stars, save or stick in body painfully, -2 all rolls d4 rounds
Swim through rock or soil

Water Toads
Spit high-pressure water, if fails to save falls back d6 yards
Mov full speed in water

Air Toads
Spit jet of high-pressure air,
Can swim through the air, may jumpstart then fly 6

Holy Toads (positive plane)
Spit ray of energy that heals allies or harms undead
Can swim through light or any lit area may jumpstart then fly 6

Void Toads (negative plane)
Spit ray of darkness that drains life or heals undead
Can swim through darkness or shadow, may jumpstart then fly 6

Hybrid Elemental Toads
Lava (Fire-Earth) spit sparks and glowing coals, save or ignites flammables
Lightning (Fire-Air) spits ball lightning arcs, save or ignites flammables
Vapour (Fire-Water) spits scalding steam jet, save or -2 all rolls from pain for d4 rounds
Ice (Water-Air) spits cold vapour and ice shards, save or slowed for d4 rounds
Wood (Earth-Water) spits swarms of wooden arrows, save or stick in body painfully, -2 all rolls d4 rounds
Metal (Earth-Air) Spit steel shards, arrowheads and throwing stars, save or stick in body painfully, -2 all rolls d4 rounds

Stone (Positive-Earth) Spit flint shards, arrowheads and throwing stars, save or stick in body painfully, -2 all rolls d4 rounds
Radience (Positive-Fire) spits rainbow prismatic rays, save or confused d4 rounds
Force (Positive-Air) spits telekinetic force bolts, saves or falls and pushed back d6 yards 
Crystal  (Positive-Water) spit crystal shards, arrowheads and throwing stars, save or bleed 1hp per round for a d4 rounds

Dust (Negative-Earth) spits jet of sand, if fails to save choke for d4 rounds helpless
Ash (Negative-Fire) spits scalding smoke and ash, if fails to save falls ignites flammables
Vacuum (Negative-Air) sucks life into a void in mouth, 
if fails save sucked to the outer void
Acid (Negative-Water) spits acid, saves or dissolves items

Elementoad Variations 
1in6 can spray an enemy with urine while fleeing as an attack, damage as a kick
1in6 have a death field with diameter = HD damage = kick attack save halves
1in6 resistant to conditions of any related hybrid elementals
1in6 have a valuable gem in their head worth 100gp per HD
1in6 in have valuable treasure in their bellies or recent faeces
1in8 have wings to fly at Mov rate for rounds=HD per hour d4 1=bat 2=bird 3=dragonfly 4=butterfly
1in8 have horns or antlers or a single horn and +1 butt attack = kick damage
1in8 can shed skin once a day to heal 1hp per HD takes 10 minutes in a trance
1in8 can make a sonic chirp alerting all other toads of food or foes within a mile
1in10 can teleport range 1 per HD as well as a normal move
1in10 blood 
when you hit them is a mutagen save or gain a minor elemental mutation 
1in10 mouth full of tadpoles and won't use bite, more likely to flee
1in12 telepathic and sentient and can speak to other related elementals
1in12 venomous bite, dave vs poison or extra damage = HD
1in20 can plane shift to their home dimension to flee or spawn 
1in20 Inflate itself to fly like an unwieldy balloon propelled by flatulence and no effort Mov3 

d12 Elementoad Adventures
1 A sorcerer opened an elemental node and elemental toads now guard it from destruction so more creatures can enter our wold
2 An elemental cult have attracted fanatics and now have bred terrible elementoads to guard them
3 An alchemist dumped some elemental tadpoles in the creek and now there are dangerous monsters attacking fisher folk and growing
4 An elementoad jumped in the smiths forge and wont come out. Drive it out or tame it so it can be useful
5 An elementalist wants you to go into this portal with this asbestos net and catch some lave tadpoles that are in season. Also you get asbestos boots and a bucket. Asbestos comes from the wool of fire salamanders so you know you will be safe
6 A wizard has been breeding new types of elementoads and its probably best he be stopped
7 An elementoad sits on a famous treasure in his came. FIght him or lure it out with some cows and steal it
8 We can hear the chirps of elementoads in the swamp please drive them away they shouldn't be in this world
9 Some pixies want to have an elementoad race and need six fine toads for the contest all the same size. Any colour is fine and our bookies will give you improved rates
10 Chaos toad daemons have taken some elementoads to limbo to breed them, go rescue the elementoads and try not to scare them
11 These magic gems on this grid of depressions on this stone altar that summons elementoads. We need some people to experiment to find which colours in what positions summon which toads. You will be well rewarded for this risk and the toads will be put to good use
12 A faction of chaos toad folk have been conjuring and breeding elementoads. Go find their lair and release the tadpoles from their dam and kill their wizard who conjures the parents 

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