Thursday 22 November 2018

Marvel Rank Tree

In my marvel game I use this for character generation
I added charisma stats cos i can

We make base human first 

F Pr A Typ S Pr E Typ Typ Typ  Typ Typ 
add 5 ranks (Ex max for human)
2 contacts 2 talents
each rank added to C adds a extra contact
each rank added to mental stat CRIP 
adds a extra talent

then add these ranks as per chart for powers and enhanced attributes

then add background option

Made this to be a simple visual guide considered a bigger one for more powerful campaigns from monstrous or unearthly. this is fine for street mystery men to basic xmen types. I used bigger one for my kaiju game.

Fits in with previous character gen posts.

EG Making Base Human

Dr Howard Thorne

F Pr A Typ* S Pr E Typ Typ* Typ**  Typ* Typ 
* add 5 ranks
F Pr A Gd S Pr E Typ Gd Ex  Gd Typ
Contacts: University, NASA, Lab Assistant, Meddling Son
(2 base + 1 for stats +1 from 
Academic professional talent)
Talents: Engineering, Astronomy, Physics, Computers, Tinker/Repair, Academic
(2 base + 4 for stats)

Then Add Ranks

Doctor X
F Pr
A Gd + Ex = Rm
S Pr
Typ Gd Ex + Rm = Inc Gd + Ex = RmTyp

Rm X-Ray Form
-insubstantial, damages organics on touch
-xray laser stunt
Ex Telepathy
Ex Flight

(2xRm + 4xEx)

H 44
K 86

Then Add Options

Gd Meldsuit
- instant change costume
- adapts to powers and hard to damage
-Gd Protection vs energy and kinetic attacks, handy for when powers off
Rm Forcefield Bracelet from aliens


  1. It feels like you are building your own game with the same Universal Chart

    1. not realy
      ive just evolved character gen systems that work and make characters i want

      4 systems built in game ive added several more and a stat thats it and not any plans to make other changes mostly add setting stuff


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