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EMO Class Skills Cleric & Fighter

Working on Elfmaids and Octopi home rules (EMO Rules) Starter Book
Going back to revising my home brew. Renames in progress.
Metric 1"=3m, default 20mm mini battlemap scale with cm=1m measurements
Weapon Proficients, armour and fighting feats all come under Arms category
Non Weapon Proficiency skills are now Arts category
Each class has common variants with pre chosen arms and arts for a quick character
There are also suggestions for what to spend INT bonus extra arts and arms slots on
Its a kit to use for own homebrew really and not a complete game
More like mod ideas for BX or 1st ed era games

sorta BX like but with skills more significant

3d6 In order bonus as per older games

3 -3
4-5 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 Average
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18-19 +3
20-21 +4
-any more than one stat below 9 becomes 9 (only one stat below average possible)
-any stat used as class prime requisite is raised to a minimum of 12

Might = strength, brawn, muscle, breaking or lifting saves
-bonus helps damage on any muscle powered weapon
Agility = dexterity, manipulation, swiftness, dodging saves
- bonus helps all attack rolls and armour class
Vigor = constitution, toughness, resilience, health saves (poison, disease, shock)
-bonus adds extra HP each level
Talent = Intelligence, perception, alertness, puzzle saves
-bonus extra slots of Arms or Arts or Languages, allows more class changes
Charm = charisma, leadership,appeal, reaction saves
-bonus followers, pots, contacts, orders or close friends, helps reaction rolls
Will = wisdom, fanaticism, piety, persistence, mind control saves (spells, sanity)
-bonus extra luck points (normally get only one, rogues get extra per level)

Class Changing

You can change class once per Talent bonus (1-3 probably)
Non human classes require a wish or poly morph to change class but possible
Elves, Bards, Gnomes can choose any one spell list type, divine, nature, arcane or mental

Prime Requisite Attribute for classes
Extra bonuses abilities for class for high ability scores
Fighters get extra Arms skills Thieves get extra arts
Wizards and priests get extra spells
Max level you can ever gain in the class equals that stat
20th level is as high as anyone can go in a class

Level Benefits

For each level gain HD+Vigor Bonus in HP for their first ten levels
Then a set number of HP 
+Vigor Bonus in HP per level
Average is the minimum starting HP you can have at first level only
4th Level (and again 8,12,16,20) gain +1 attribute point you can spend as desired
At 5th Leval and every level after gain a d3 level apprentice or a d4 zero level apprentices
-Animal followers can be taken instead but they don't improve the same way
Gain extra arts, arms, languages and class specific benefits
Spell lists imply 18 Will Prerequisite Bonus so select from these for quick start

Suggestions and Subclasses

Class and subclasses suggest skills and spells
-to let people make a characters faster if dropping in
-to learn the game when you don't know what everything does yet
-when experienced you can ignore them or make your own
-quick characters for the GM to use
Class description include suggests bonus skills and spells gained by the prerequisite stat
Subclass descriptions suggests 
Talent bonus slots to spend on arms and arts

Advanced volume

-will cover up to 20th level choices
-double the number of subclasses
-higher level magic spells
-magical crafting
-cult based cleric sub classes and starting spells and new holy powers

Basic Four Classes


Prime Requisite: Will; high score grants additional spells
d8HD/1 (Average 5)
Arms 3/3 Arts 4/2 Languages d6/2
Light or Medium armour (Chainmail 5) and shield
-3 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 4 levels
Staff d6, Mace d6, Dagger d4, Crossbow Any, Sling d4, Brawling d3, Club d6, Stone d3
Start Equipment: all weapons skilled with 20 shots of ammo if any, holy symbol, chainmail, common robe, 
wine skin, week good rations, flints, cloak, hat
Prerequisite Will Bonus provides extra spells +1= gain 1st +2= gain 1st +3= gain 2nd

Typical Starting Spells if Good or Lawful

-Zero Level Candle Light, Purify Food&Drink, Cure Petty Wound
-First Level Cure Light Wounds, Bless Weapon, Light
-Second Level Hold Person

Typical Starting Spells if Evil or Chaotic

-Zero Level Dark Ray, Scare, Candlesnuff,
-First Level Blight, Darkness, Cause Fear
-Second Level Speak with Dead

Typical Starting Spells if Nuetral

-Zero Level Seal, Mend, Stun, Open&Close
-First Level Alarm, Command, Identify
-Second Level ESP

Holy Power to Turn undead 

d12HD/Lv if less HD than level (zero includes under 1HD petty undead)
1HD/Lv vs same or one level better HD, also they get to save to resist
If HD generated double 
HD needed to turn them: 
-they are destroyed if a good cleric
-they bury themselves or sleep till the next night if a nuetral cleric
-they are enthralled for a month if a evil cleric
6th and 10th and 18th level pick extra thing to turn a tainted or otherworldly being
-demon, devil, animal, lycanthrope, faerie, witch, fire 
elemental, air elemental, water elemental, earth elemental, spirit, trolls, constructs, dragons, giants, chaos

Clerical Spell Abilities

-can learn any spell of cleric list through 8 hours of prayed once per day

1 Priest Subclass
Arms - Staff, Mace, Sling 
Arts - Ancient Lore, First Aid, Holy Lore, Scribe
+1 Steward +2  Alchemy +3 
Scribes box, journal, holy book, d4 maps, ceremonial robes, gold or silver holy symbol, bottle of holy water, d12 candles, lantern, lamp oil, sundial, 3d6x10gp

2 Templar
Arms - Mace, Crossbow, Dagger
Arts - First Aid, Holy Lore, War Lore, Siege Lore
+1 Weapon Expert +2 Brawling +3 Shoot into Melee
Heavy Helmet, knight shield, holy book, bandages, d4 healing potion, camp stove, lantern, lamp oil, d4 maps, holy symbols on all equipment and clothes, book of holy war records, 3d6x5gp

3 Friar Subclass
Arms - Staff, Dagger, Sling
Arts - Holy Lore, Brewer, Herb Lore, Carousing
+1 Survival +2 Healing +3 Steward
bandages, d3 healing herb, d6 bottle of beer, recipe book, herb lore book, journal, poached rabbit, roast chicken, loaf of bread, 3d6x10sp

5 Healer Subclass
Arms - Staff, Dagger, Sling 
Arts - First Aid, Healing, Holy Lore, Herb Lore

+1 Poison Lore +2 Plague Lore +3 Persuade
d4 healing potion, d3 healing herb, bandages, bottle of spirit, surgeons tools 3d6x10sp

6 Inquisitor Subclass
Arms -  Staff, Crossbow, Dagger
Arts - Holy Lore, Interrogate, Deceit, Occult Lore

+1 Torture +2 Spot +3 Search
d4 holy water, set of manacles, witch hunting book, book on cults, book of devils, holy book, law book, whip, d6 torches, bag of salt, bag of nails, hammer bundle of printed wanted posters 3d6x10gp

7 Missionary Subclass
Arms - Staff, Club, Sling 
Arts - Holy Lore, Persuade, 
Music , Survival
+1 Streetwise +2 Begging +3 Healing
holy book, d6 candles, donkey, saddlebags, begging bowl, d4 days feed, 3d6x5sp

8 Seer Subclass
Arms - Staff, Dagger, Sling 
Arts - Divination, First Aid, Sacrifice
Holy Lore
+1 Astrology +2 Illumination +3 Trance
bandages, divination manual, holy book, incense, narcotics, smelling salts, 3d6x10gp

9 Exorcist Subclass
Arms - Staff, Dagger, Sling 
Arts - Exorcism, First Aid, Occult Lore, Holy Lore

+1 Interrogate +2 Evil Eye +3 Trance
Exorcist manual, holy book, ropes, gag, d4 holy water, lamp, whip, 3d6x5gp

10 Cultist Subclass
Arms - Dagger, Strangling Cord, Brawling
Arts - Occult Lore, Sacrifice, Ritual, Evil Eye

+1 Hypnotism +2 Poison Lore +3 Alchemy
Bottle of poison potion, holy book, rope, d6 narcotics, evil idol, ritual robe, sd6x10sp

Will add cult specific subclasses with alternate holy powers and spells like my first draft 2013ish


Prime Requisite: Might; high score grants additional arms
d10HD/2 (Average 6)
Arms 4/1 Arts 3/3 Languages d4/3
-2 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 2 levels
Any Armour
Any Weapon
Start Equipment: all weapons skilled with 20 shots of ammo if any, common robe, wine skin, week good rations, flints, tankard, d6 torches, cloak, hat

Prerequisite Might Bonus provides extra Arms +1= brawling +2=fast draw +3=cleave

Fighting Prowess 
For 2 Arms slots may buy the following:
-a school style including four weapons (eg knight weapons)
-a weapon family such as blades, axes, bows, crossbows, guns, clubs, flails, spears
-arms skills enhancing a weapon only work for one specific weapon not any kind of group
1st level has one slot in critical hits for double damage on a natural 20
Other classes can only have one slot in weapon expert and critical hit arm skills
-fighters can increase weapon skill to master and specialist and can increase critical skill
-can spend extra arms slot on critical hit at 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th

6th and 12th and 18th level gain one extra attack per round
10th and 20th bump weapon damage up to next higher dice
Has a Command Radius on the Battlefield = LV + Charm bonus

1 Warrior Subclass
Arms - Sword, Spear, Dagger, Shortbow (Weapon Expert, Move by Attack)
Arts - Survival, Looting, War Lore

+1 Cleave +2  Carry Load +3 Armour Optimization
fur bed roll, d12 sausages, pack pony, d6 days feed, saddlebags, chainmail, round medium shield, knife, 3d6x10sp in loot

2 Hoplite Subclass
Arms - Spear, Javelin, Small Sword, Dagger (Weapon Expert, Shield Attack)
Arts - Marching, Chant, Spot

t+1 Short Bow, +2 Dodge, +3 Listen
slave servant d4 1=boy 2=old man 3=hideous 4=lazy), body oil, razor, metal mirror, painted 
round medium shield, bronze scale armour +5, three javelins, knife 3d6x5gp

3 Knight Subclass
Arms - Lance, Sword, Dagger, Spear (Weapon Expert, Ride By Attack)
Arts - Ride, 
Etiquette, Heraldry 
+1 Quick Mount +2 Steward +3 Command
plate armour, full helmet, heraldic knight shield, war horse, pack pony, saddle, saddlebags, d6 days feed, tent, boy squire, court clothes, d3 jousting lances, 3d6x10gp

4 Beserker Subclass
Arms - Battle Axe, Spear, Hand Axe, Dagger (Weapon Expert, Frenzy)
Arts - 
Survival, Intimidate, Beast Handler
+1 Berserk +2  Cleave +3 Toughness
sack of heads, sacrificial goat, bearskin or wolf skin cloak, beast cult medallion, tatoos, small sheild, two extra hand axes, knife, 3d6x10sp in loot

5 Marine Subclass
Arms - Battle Axe, Javelin, Small Sword, Dagger (Weapon Expert, Ambidextrous)
Arts - Swim, Sailor, Looting 
+1 Sea Legs+2  Dodge +3 Climb
air bladder, grappling hook, 9m rope, gaff hook, oilskin coat, carved whale tusk, fishing hooks and line, fish knife, 3d6x10sp loot

6 Archer Subclass
Arms - Composite Bow, Small Sword, Dagger (Weapon Expert, Shoot into Melee)
Arts - Spot, Scout, 
+1 Point Blank +2 Quick Draw Arrow +3 Moving Fire
fletcher tools d4 score arrows, hatchet, arrowhead mould, old uniform, d4 bowstrings, 3d6x10sp loot

7 Hunter Subclass
Arms - Composite Bow, Small Sword, Dagger, Hand Axe (Weapon Expert, Extra Range) 
Arts - Track, Butcher, Beast Lore
+1 Survival +2 Sneak  +3 Hide
tent, pot, d3 dogs (hunting or ratters), scraper, butcher knives, kilo of salt, animal skin hat, fur cloak, greasepaint, d4 animal scent bottles, scruffy hunting clothes, 3d6x10sp,in furs and hides

8  Yeoman Subclass
Arms - Longbow, Greatsword, Staff, Dagger (Weapon Expert, Marksman)
Arts - Farming, Steward, Bowyer/Fletcher
+1 Precision +2 Fast Draw Arrow +3 Extra Range
boy apprentice, bag of seeds, leather armour, deed of land, entrenching tool

9 Gladiator Subclass
Arms - Net, Dagger, Small Sword, Trident (Weapon ExpertImprovised weapons)
Arts - Performance, Drive Chariot, Streetwise
+1 Dodge +2 Toughness +3 Ambidextrous
cestus, scissors, two small swords, full helm, body oil, d4 pieces of +2 AC armour, fighting net, trident, boxing gloves, 3m chain, manacles, 3d6x5gp

10 Amazon Subclass
Arms - Spear, Small Sword, Javelin, Short Bow (Weapon Expert, Haft Attack)
Arts - Ride, Acrobatics, Jump

+1 Dodge +2 Reach Attack +3 Point Blank
two spears, d4 Javelins, scale armour +5, round medium shield, slave (1=boy 2=girl 3=old man 4=old woman), mirror, silken cord 7m,  body oil, perfume, tent, lantern, oil flask, d6 silver arrows, incense, artwork (d4 1=urn 2=painting 3=book 4=box) 3d6x10gp in jewelry

Will add more subclasses for various cultures and time periods such as musketeer, guardsman, grenadier, mercenary, mounted archer, beast master, ranger, champion, beast master, etc

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