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Fantasy Conspiracies

eed some bull for crazy old men in taverns, village idiots, madmen or radicalized halfling terrorists? Or perhaps they are true? These are for when in town. Will do a dungeon one later. Spreading stories is mad or stupid or gossipy or evil slander for a purpose.
Evil bards-spread fake and fear news
-rally angry mobs
-make slanderous lampoon to ruin reputations of towns or people
-blackmail, cash or will lie about you or your lineage or alignment
-seduce and prey on young and innocent
-ruin lives, break up marriages, spread vice
-support despots and usurpers and influence elections-spy for foreign kings and cults-encourage xenophobia and disunity-lure away youth somewhere if village wont pay bard away (thanx Gus L)

Mad Bards-Spread paranoid delusions
-Work up the mob to make more extreme violent or Dionysian
-Believe their own lies with sincerity
-start personality cults and bands
-spread vice and make it look cool
i should play an evil graffiti bard-tag cantrip
-wizard words spell 2nd lv, 10x small or one big word per level 
-wizard banner 3rd lv 10" banner or mural as if painted or glowing text various styles out there, some optical illusions and fake doors

more on evil bards later

d100 Fantasy Conspiracies
01 Goblins are babies kidnapped by elves
02 Dwarves are all male, they make babies with alchemy
03 Gnomes arelf-dwarf cross breeds
04 Bugbears love catnip, it makes them friendly
05 If you raise an orc properly they are just like people
06 Dwarves are all alcoholics, it is mothers milk to them
07 They look human but elf genitalia is monstrous and deadly
08 Halflings often die from flatulence from oveeating
09 Halflings are really cannibals in secret
10 Dwarveeat gold, cut them open and they are full of coins
11 The royal family are reptilian hybrids up to no good
12 The true heir to the throne has been raised among the peasants 
13 Several nobles are really demon worshipers
14 The current heir is a faerie changeling
15 Doppelgangers have infiltrated the nobility
16 Witches have infiltrated the royal castle
17 The queen has a secret lover
18 A member of the noble house is a traitor to the nation
19 A vampire ancestor of the nobility hides in the royal castle
20 A noble woman likes to bathe in the blood of peasant girls
21 Demons are about to destroy the world because of mortal sinners
22 Wizards are plotting to destroy the world to become new gods
23 Monsters from below are planning to invade any night now 
24 The neighboring kingdom has spies among us for a coming invasion
25 The legions of hell are corrupting the nobility/church/youth/all of the above
26 The gods will bring the apocalypse soon
27 Witches areverywhere among us, call the witch hunter
28 The plague is coming! Head for the hills
29 A comet was seen in the sky, doom is coming soon
30 A great flood is coming, head for the hills or gt a boat!
31 If a dragon eats you you will be reborn as a dragon egg
32 Under the town is a secret mega dungeon, the commoners are in on it
33 All the job offers in town are a trick to murder and rob you
34 The local beer is poisoned by elves to put a glamour on us
35 All the gold is faerie gold, only use silver or loseverything
36 Someone in area is really a disguised monste
37 Don"t trust local mercenaries, they are all mad berserks
38 The local wizard is in league with the local dungeon boss
39 A secret thieves guild is hidden in a ordinary shop
40 A secret local cult has infiltrated the administration of town
41 A god walks among us in secret
42 Petty god or spirit visited the area recently
43 The area is cursed by the gods, everyone is doomed
44 Some one has offended a god who will send punishment to us all
45 A monster has been sent to punish us all from the gods
46 The graveyard is tainted by evil now the gods no longer protect it
47 Many priests have no powers and are frauds and no authority
48 The gods are just elder giants, kin of the titans who survived the wars of the gods
49 Humans look more like the gods but are tiny and have the least magic
50 Now the old ways forgotten angry spirits and monsters will return to destroy and eat our souls
51 Som
e of the townsfolk are really undead
52 Lycanthropes are hidden among us 
53 Ordinary farm animals are monsters in disguise
54 Plants I tell you, from strange pods I've seen in the woods, replacing everybody
55 The local wizard and his apprentices constantly charm people
56 One of the local new religions is up to no good
57 The country folk around here are still secretly druids and witches 
58 Don't get arrested round here, nobody sees prisoners again
59 This area has the most kidnappings
60 Locals are secretly cannibals, don't eat meat here
61 All of th
e village babies look the same
62 Some of the villagers have been cavorting with supernatural beings
63 More of the parents have sold themselves to evil in secret, children all imps
64 Mutants are coming, look for their taint! One drop of blood will taint you with chaos!
65 The people of this area come from different stock and have many secret hidden ways
66 The people here look normal but don't be intimate with them, they are unnatural
67 Lynch mobs arise over anything these days, look out anything could set them off
68 Madness is rampant in the land, wild stories, incompetent leaders, decadence!
69 Many humans are now part orc and you need to watch out or soon everyone will be an orc, they are nasty sorts
70 The locals are touched by faeries who come at night to speak gold and leave fairy tainted food
71 Elves are inbreeding us out of existence in secret, we've got to fight back!

72 Orcs are made bad by wizards, if they were raised proper they would just be ugly
73 Gnomes are running the town, they are secretly trading influence and using illusionary magic
74 Dwarves burrow into the deep to avoid the apocalypses, but now times are good they are returning to the surface to take over
75 Halflings eat and share food forbidden to commoners, lord says food makes them fat and lazy and gruel does them good
76 Dwarves take currency into their deep holes never to be seen again which hurts the kingdoms finances
77 Magicians plan to replace the the common man with monsters and magic and machines
78 Elves are breeding a new race to replace humanity
79 Orcs are destined to replace us, they can interbreed with anything
80 Dwarves are sex mad because they have no women, look at all the short people round here
81 Its so easy to sell your soul to a devil for anything you need, even a commoners soul is worth something, imps tell you what to do occasionally for some unseen plot, no wonder everyone doing it
82 There are secret sex cults in the forest where humans mate with sylvan beings and take drugs, be wary of any sneaking around at night
83 A murder kidnapper cult int the area has been striking travellers don't go out in the dark
84 Thieves are everywhere taking over, a hidden gang war rages the streets unseen
85 The whole town is drug addicted alcoholics in secret and are awful to each other out of sight of strangers
86 Nobility randomly seize travelers and locals for some mysterious reason
87 Secret police are everywhere listening to the people, hang on a minute who are you?
88 There are only a few of those sort now but a great horde is coming of them to attack, why don't the law seize them for questioning
89 Crime is higher in areas with halflings, their lands are more productive, time they were driven off
90 Gambling is rife and the mob hold everyone in thrall through crippling debt
91 Wizards spy on us constantly, even read your mind, their is no privacy
92 A secret masked cult has taken control of everyone in power and serve a secret monster master

93 A secret connection to the non human elder races of the great under land is where our country affairs are really from
94 This isnt the first cycle of reality, all kinds of leftovers from the old ones are still around, soon this one will end
95 Xor the world eater is here to devour everything even the gods

96 We are just cattle to the gods and if we don't sacrifice to them we will be replaced, perhaps wizards can kill them all
97 Necromancers are going to make everything dead to live forever under their rule, it is inevitable the dead will out number us
98 Some new evil from outside of ours has entered bringing new menace and threaten our universe
99 The stars will soon be right! The old ones will awake, their cults work to make this sooner
100 Magical talking goats are taking over the farmyards, making animals intelligent and spreading forgotten beast cults, nobody knows their true purpose, i couldn't make any goats talk (promptly attacked by stray billy goat)

 If you die in a dungeon you come back as a monster type stuff on next indoor version.

This one is a bit broken

d10 Quick Types
01 Old race secrets
02 Royal scandals
03 Thend is nigh
04 Crazy stuff
05 Wrath of the gods
06 Local Troubles
07 Secret shame
08 Xenophibic terrors
09 Unsafe in the streets
10 Cosmic calamities 


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