Saturday, 10 November 2018

My New Marvel Campaign River City 2018

FASECRIP - home mod TSR marvel mostly

After running a game for 20 years we did a few things
Adderd Charisma so FASECRIP
i like popularity but cap in disguise still has amazing oratory skills
Spiderman possibly normal range charisma
We had characters in alter egos alot and in disguise on missions
Players chosen to do street level mystery men types

Might run this online and in real world

River city is a territory not a state
(like northern territory or ACT not a state)
Between SA and VIC states, in Starya mate,
Surrounded by bush and coutryside but
Built on now toxic swamp where sewerage is dumped too
Built by corrupt business interests and to avoid normal safety and other laws.
Disastrous social planning resulted in ghettos preyed on by crime and rich
Chemical and biological leaks, high tech leader
Indecent made the ghettos on Diablo Island made lots of poor mutants
Disproportionate crime, corruption, poverty and nazis.
Excessive super heroes and villains from whole country forced there
Many supernatural and strange events here
Government "encouraged" lots of b list super humans to relocate there
Diablo Island had a mutagenic compound released
Mutant gangs have stopped property development
Lots of forgotten bases and lairs all over city

Also been logo designing for super human monitoring agencies
Hope each game will have briefing with:
5 news headlines and a major plot thread
Wiss design it up and show here

So more superhero posts coming up


  1. This is nice. I am happy to see you doing superheroes. Marvel Advanced was the game we played the most as children - even more than d&d. As an adult I like it for what it is. The sourcebooks were so good! I don’t think I would play it anymore. Superheroes as a genre is hard to do in a RPG

    1. i like because you can do any genre
      played this more than dnd

  2. I've been wanting to check out FASERIP for forever! Recently came up with a bunch of superpowers and need to put them to use :p!

    1. I was about to be like "oh no now I'm that jerk who is self promoting off of someone else" but then I saw it's you so I feel slightly less bad about it haha.

      I posted recently a list of 100 superpowers/mutations, not with the intention of competing with something like the metamorphica revised, but each one crafted with my personal sensibilities.

    2. Ya, that was encouraging :). Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about your superhero adventures! Was that mention of an online game a call for players or do you already have a group? Depending on scheduling, I'd love to give it a go! No worries if you already have a group.

    3. meatspace version will be first and set mood online one later - possibly meat space players might be involved too

      if you want look on my elfmaids and octopi fb group


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