Sunday 18 November 2018

EMO Class Skills 2 Rogues & Wizards

More of my basic emo rules....
Will probably put in a little book for xmas
I can update and expand as I go....
Should be ready for when I DnD in Sydney next

Another difference with my system no xp
Instead you record numbers of quests
Usually quest per current level is required to reach next level
1st lv to 2nd needs one quest, 5th to 6th advancement requires 5 quests
Adventures are significant campaign achievements or quests
Clearing out a dungeon or smashing a cult is a quest
A long journey overland or a large level of a dungeon might count
Stabbing a tied up Minotaur in a box is not
A quest should affect a campaign
 or benefit a community significantly


Prime Requisite: Agility; high score grants additional arts
d8HD/1 /
(Average 5)
Arms 2/2 Arts 8/1 Languages d4/2
Light armour (Leather 3)
-3 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 4 levels
Staff d6, Dagger d4, Crossbow Small d6+1, Sling d4, Knife d3, Club d6, Stone d3, Small Sword d6 Sword d8, Shuriken d3, Chain d6, Lasso, Bola d4
Start Equipment: all weapons skilled with 20 shots of ammo if any, tool kits for skills, leather armour, hooded cloak, common robe, 
wine skin, d4 sacks, d4 days poor rations, flints, hatPrerequisite Agility Bonus provides extra Arts +1 Looting 
+2 Cypher +3 Read Scrolls

Nefarious Abilities

Luck of the Rogue
-Get a extra luck point per level to help win at impossible tasks
Cut Throat
-A rogue can dispatch one prone, helpless or sleeping person per level per round
-to hit a unaware foe from behind +4
-Missile requires round of aiming
-Damage x2, at 6th becomes x3 at 12th becomes x4 18th becomes x5

1 Theif

Arms -  Small Sword, Knife
Arts -  Sneak, Hide, Sleight. Climb, Lock Lore, Trap Lore, Night Sight, Listen
+1 Balance +2 Jump +3 Bluff

2d4 throwing knives, boot knife, black face, 9m rope, silenced light grapple, pry bar, 3d6x10sp

2 Spy Subclass
Arms - Small Sword, Dagger
Arts - Bluff, Disguise, Spot, Listen, Shadow, Etiquette, Forgery, Escapology
+1 Fast Draw +2 Sleight +3 Gambling
telescope, code cypher, poison pill in signet ring, concealed knife, hooded lantern, 3d6x10gp

3 Assassin Subclass
Arms - Small Sword, Dagger
Arts - Sneak, Hide, Disguise, Bluff, Conceal, Bribe, Climb, Run Away
+1 Poison Lore +2 Trap Lore +3 Weapon Expert
d4 doses of blade venom, poison potion, d4 extra daggers, scarf, mask, black costume, 12m rope and grapple, small lantern, lamp oil, 100m line, 3d6x10gp

4 Charletan Subclass
Arms - Staff, Knife
Arts - Hypnosis, Bluff, Carousing, Streetwise, Forgery, Sleight, Run Away, Quack Healer
+1 Gambling +2  Fortune Telling +3 Alchemy
2d4 coloured bottles of water, d4 fake maps, d4 fake legal documents, d100 fake silver coins, d100 clipped silver coins, double headed coin, marked deck of cards, loaded dice, 3d6x10sp

5 Rake Subclass

Arms - Small Sword, Dagger
Arts - Carousing, Slight, Gossip, Etiquette, Bluff, Taunt, Intimidate, Streetwise

+1 Weapon Expert +2 Fast Draw +3 Drug Lore
d10 pills, pipe, d4 doses of opium, d6 doses of hashish, bag of tobbacco, 5L of brandy in keg, d6 vottles of wine, d4 pornographic parchments, book on diabolism, unhappy old servant, d100gp debt notices, 3d6x10gp

6 Jester Subclass
Arms - Club, Knife
Arts - Juggling, Mimic Voice, Acrobatics, Balance, Taunt, Carousing, Beg, Etiquette
+1 Ventriloquism +2 Resist Poison+3 Run Away
funny puppet, silly costume, 2+d4 decorative clubs, d6 coloured wooden balls, d6 torches, comedy wig, mask, poison antidote +d4 save, book of jokes, trumpet, drum, silly shoes, pet (d4 1=monkey 2=lap dog 3=parrot 4=ferret) 3d6x10sp 

7 Acrobat Subclass
Arms - Club, Staff
Arts - Acrobatics, Balance, Tumbling, Climb, Jumping, Wall Running, Leaping, Dance
+1 Run Away +2 Sleight, +3 Escapology
colourful costume, 60m rope, grappling hook, fancy cape, rope ladder 6m, scarf, mask, 3d6x10sp  

8 Pedler Subclass
Arms - Club, Staff
Arts - Bluff, Appraise, Diplomacy, Bribe, Bargain, Repair, First Aid, Portage
+1 Endurance +2 Pack Rat +3 March
backpack, wet stone, wire 3m, thread 30m, bag of rags and leather scrap, d4 brushes, mirror, d6 empty bottles, d4 bottles of wine, tool box, small hammer, mallet, files, drill, plane, lantern, hatchet, chain 3m, rope 6m, pet (d4 1=donkey 2=goat, 3=monkey 4=dog ratter) d4 days of feed, lamp oil, 3d6x10sp

9 Bandit Subclass

Arms - Club, Shortbow
Arts - Track, Hide, Sneak, Conceal, Survival, Spot, Listen, Scout
+1 Trap Lore +2 Moving Fire +3 Fast Draw
sack of d4 small traps, d4 rabbits, tent, bed roll furs, stolen animal (d4 1=pig 2=sheep 3=goat 4=cockerel) 3d6x100cp

10 Sailor Subclass

Arms- Small Sword, Dagger
Arts - Sailor, Swim, Climb, Navigate, Sense Weather, Hold Breath, Jump, Tumbling
+1 Weapon Expert +2  Brawling +3 Feint
d4 maps, star chart, bottle of rum, carved tusk, d6 tattoos, gaff hook, scarf, oilskin long coat, rope 12m, hammock, net, fishing line, 3d6x10sdp 

Will add more subclasses for various cultures and time periods such as adventuress, prison keeper, bounty hunter, duelist, slaver, charioteer, beggar, etc


Prime Requisite: Talent; high score grants additional spells
d4HD/1 /
(Average 3)
Arms 1/4 Arts 6/1 Languages 2d4/2
No Armour
-4 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 6 levels
Staff d6, Dagger d4, Crossbow Small d6+1, Sling d4, Knife d3, Club d6, Stone d3, Dart d3
Start Equipment: spell book, tool kits for skills, hooded cloak, common robe, 
wine skin,  sack, d8 days good rations, flints, hat, scribe se
tPrerequisite Talent Bonus provides extra spells +1= extra 1st +2= extra 1st +3= extra 2nd

Wizards Magical Abilities

All Wizard Books have
-Zero Level Read Magic, Detect Magic plus four other cantrips to start
-First Level Identify Spell, plus one plus prerequisite bonus spells
-Each level gain new spell through research
Scribe new spells from other wizard books or scrolls
-up to talent score in spells for spell levels 0-3
-up to half talent score  in spells for spell levels 4-7
-up to talent bonus in spells level 8-9
Talent roll to be able to learn any new spell discovered
Wizards lean spells inscribed in their huge books over 8 hours study once per day

1 Necromancer Subclass
Arms - Dagger
Arts - Mortician, Poison Lore, Necromancy Lore, Intimidate, Taunt, First Aid
+1 Trance +2 Healing +3 Evil Eye
Typical Starting Spells

-Zero Level Smoke Puff, Animate Tiny Animal, Disrupt Undead, Stun
-First Level Cause Fear, Darkness, Feign Death
-Second Level Undead Mount
black robes, human skull, anatomy book, bandages, sinew thread and bone needle, staff, dagger, mummies hand, canopic jar with dried brains, blasphemous ancient scroll, d4 tomb maps, 3d6x10gp

2 Illusionist Subclass
Arms - Staff
Arts - Painting, Bluff, Sleight, Carousing, Hypnotism, Illusion Lore
+1 Illumination +2 Healing +3 Evil Eye
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Noise, Animate Pipe Smoke, Smoke Puff, Coin
-First Level Ghost Light, Fog Cloud, Chromatic Orb
-Second Level Phantasmal Force
colourful robes, staff, d6 items of glass jewelry, d4 coloured bottles of water, d4 doses of black lotus resin, d4 doses of opiuum, d6 doses of hashish, bag of tobacco,  hourglass, crystal prism, pipe, d4 artworks (1=painting 2=illuminated book 3=carpet 4=mirror), paint set, 3d6x10gp

3 Enchanter Subclass
Arms - Staff
Arts - Bluff, Carousing, Music, Evil Eye, Alchemy, Astrology
+1 Trance +2  Craft Potions +3 Evil Eye
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Scare, Clean, Mend, Sparkles
-First Level Charm Person, Floating Disc, Animate Rope 
-Second Level Rope Trick
Rope, ball, pet (1=snake 2=rabbit 3=dove 4=toad), coloured s
carf, fancy box, silk cord 7m, rope 21m, knife, dagger, bottle of wine, musical instrument

4 Summoner Subclass
Arms - Dagger
Arts - Plane Lore, Elemental Lore, Summoning Lore, Sacrifice, Beast Lore
+1 Trance +2 Healing +3 Evil Eye
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Conjure Tiny Animal, Smoke Puff, Conjure Salt, Wizard Hand
-First Level Monster Summoning I, Fiery Eyes, Unseen Servant
-Second Level Monster Summoning IIbestiary Book, incense, gong, rug with magic circle design, lantern, lamp oil, 2d10 candles, d4 occult symbol medallions, 3d6x10gp

5 Hedge Wizard Subclass
Arms - Staff
Arts - Folk Lore, First Aid, Cooking, Herbalist, Magic Lore, Brewing
+1 Shortbow +2 Healing +3 Craft Potion
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Smoke Puff, Conjure Tiny Animal, Whisper, Mend
-First Level Charm Person, Know History, Sleep
-Second Level Summon Swarmbag of herbs, pipe, d6 doses of hashish, bag of tobbacco, bag of seeds, pet (1=cat 2=toad 3=goat 4=donkey), local map, book of local history, journal, 3d6x5gp

6 War Wizard 
Arms - Dart
Arts - War Lore, Command, Intimidate, Taunt, First Aid, Black Powder
+1 Sword +2 Heavy Crossbow +3 Weapon Expert
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Spark, Ignite, Stun, Icicle
-First Magic Missile, Sleep, Burning Hands
-Second Level Web
2d6 darts in quiver, metal cowl, staff, dagger, fancy cape, knife, book of famous battle plans, tankard, bottle of rum, d6 bottles of beer, whetstone, d4 medals, lantern, lamp oil, 3d6x10gp

7 Fire Elementalist 

Arms - Dagger
Arts - Elemental Lore, Incendiary Lore, Craft Fire, Blacksmith, Alchemy, Blackpowder
+1 Grenade +2 Sword +3 Focus
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Ignite, Smoke Puff, Spark, Candle Light

-First Level Burning Hands, Fiery Eyes, Fiery Eyes
-Second Level Fire Shuriken
d3 grenaides, d3 incendiary, d3 smoke bombs, d100 firecrackers, d4 signal rockets, lantern, lamp oil, field stove, 3d6x10gp

8 Earth Elementalist Subclass
Arms - Club
Arts - Elemental Lore, Mining, Herbalist, Natural Lore, Alchemy, First Aid
+1 Sling +2 Healing +3 Lay Hands
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level  Conjure Rock, Dirt, Glue, Grease
-First Level Mage Armour, Spider Climb, Bless Weapon
-Second Level Bull Strength
bandages, 50gp gem, alchemist test kit, bottle of acid, metallurgy test kit, d3 healing herb, d4 healing potion, 3d6x10gp in silver and gold and semiprecious stones 

9 Air Elementalist Subclass
Arms - Dart
Arts - Sense Weather, Music, Whistling, Ventriloquism, Abjure Words, 
+1 Bluff +2 Point Blank +3 Extra Shot
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Noise, Icicle, Gust of Wind, Whisper
-First Level Shocking Grasp, Feather Fall, Cloud Ladder
-Second Level Ice Knife
Instrument, cymbols, horn, incense, book of sheet music, song bird in cage, 3d6 darts in quiver, 3d6x10gp

10 Water Elementalist Subclass
Arms - Dagger
Arts - Mortician, Poison Lore, Occult Lore, Intimidate, Taunt, First Aid
+1 Trance +2 Healing +3 Evil Eye
Typical Starting Spells-Zero Level Conjure Snowball, Grease, Ink, Acid
-First Level Fog Cloud, Swim Like Fish, Jump Like Frog
-Second Level Cloud of Cold

Will add more subclasses for various occult traditions including diabolist, demonologist, sage, transmuter, etc

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