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EMO Class Skills 4 Halflings & Gnomes

Stat Functions Revision

Might = strength, brawn, muscle
-Bonus adds to damage on any muscle powered weapon
-Can carry score in items without movement penalty
-Carry Might in items without Mov penalty (roughly kg/item)
-Up to might score x1 = no penalty
-Skills or being a dwarf can increase this by adding Vigor score-Up to might score x2 = Light Encumbrance -1 Mov penalty-Up to might score x3 = Medium Encumbrance -3 Mov-Up to might score x5 = Heavy Encumbrance -6 Mov-Up to might score x6 = Very Encumbrance -9 Mov
-Up to might score x7 = Cannot move at all
-If Move score penalties reduce to 0 can move 1 with a might roll per round
-Save roll to bend bars or break things or escape grapples or entangling attacks
-Skills using muscle power

Agility = dexterity, manipulation, swiftness

-Bonus adds to all attack rolls and armour class
-Save roll for evading traps or explosions or other dangers
-Bonus adds to initiative
-Base Movement Rate (-3 for gnomes, halflings and dwarves)
-Skills involving fine or gross motor ability

Vigor = constitution, toughness, resilience

-Bonus adds extra HP each level
-Save vs poison, disease or shock
-Your negative HP score
-Skills involving endurance

Talent = Intelligence, perception, alertness

-Bonus extra slots of Arms or Arts or Languages
-Bonus equals number of class changes
-Save save vs puzzles or problems solving or illusions or trickery
-Skills using knowledge or study or senses

Charm = charisma, leadership,appeal, reaction saves

-Bonus in followers including pets, contacts, close friends, lovers
-Bonus adds to morale of all under command
-Bonus adds to encounter rolls
-Bonus is command radius in combat (Fighters add level)
-Maximum number of loyal Hirelings
-Save to rally those under command demoralized
-Skills using communication or persuasion or creativity

Will = wisdom, fanaticism, piety, persistence, mind control saves-Bonus in starting amount of luck points
-Save vs mind control, mental spells, sanity checks
-Skills based on mental discipline or faith

Starting Languages

Common is free for all races
Each language has a read and write version separate (R&W)
Non Humans get spoken version of own language for free
Humans get local kingdom or national spoken language
 for free
-if humans have multiple languages in setting otherwise common is the human toungue

Some classes or subclasses include animal languages (scent is the written form)
-Druids, gnomes, elves, beastmen abhumans and some subclasses might qualify

Common Living Languages
-various modern human and common non human languages
-goblin. kobold, orc, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome,

Scholarly Languages
-Ancient is the human common of the old empire common on ruins mostly written form
-Dragon, troll, giant are found on pre human ruins
-Alignment languages used by churches and on other planes not by commoners

One ENC point is roughly 1-2kg but bulk might make higher
5 knives or shuriken or small items in pouch =1
2 daggers or darts =1
Most hand weapons =1
Most 2H weapons =2
Armour = AC
Quiver of 20 arrows, sling stones or bolts
Sling = 0
Short Bow or Light Crossbow =1
Composite Bow or Medium Crossbow =2
Long Bow or Heavy Crossbow=3
Water for day =1
Day of food =1
Week dry rations =1
Spare clothes = 1
Spell Book = 3
1000 Coins = 1

Beginning Spells
Most start with 4 zero level cantrips and one first level spell
Prerequisite scores grant extra first and even second level spells to beginning casters
Divine and Nature Casters typically can change these daily
Arcane wizard casters learn spells from books
Arcane sorcery casters spend spell energy levels on spells imprinted on them
-each new level they can change one previously learned spell and gain a new one
Prerequisite gained extra spells exceed the starting amount for starting character

Fire Rates

Most thrown hand weapons are one per round
-or two with quickdraw skill in that weapon or the ammo type
-daggers or rocks are 2 per round or 3 with quick draw
-knife or dart or shuriken are 3 per round 
or 4 with quick draw
Hand Crossbow 1 Light Crossbow 1 Medium 1/2 Heavy Crossbow 1/4
-or with quick draw bolt Hand 2 Light 2 Medium 1 Heavy 1/2
Bows including short or composite or long bow are 2 or 3 with quick draw arrow
Most Guns take 10 rounds to load
-or 5 with Black powder skill 
-one less with Quick Draw Bullet (better value to Quick Draw Handgun)

Prime Requisite: Agility; high score grants additional arms or arts
d8HD/3 /(Average5)
Arms 3/3 Arts 6/2 Languages 2d4/1
Any armour (but can buy additional dodge ranks)
-3 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 3 levels
Any Weapon except 2H melee weapons, only short bows and light crossbows
Start Equipment: all weapons skilled with 20 shots of ammo if any, tool kits for skills, leather armour, hooded cloak, common robe, wine skin, d4 sacks, 3d6 days food, flints, hat, lantern, lamp oil 3d6x5gp
Prerequisite Agility Bonus provides extra skills or arts +1 Brawling +2 Dodge +3 Extra Shot

Halfling Abilities

100cm to 120cm tall, stoutly built
-4 To be hit by larger than human giants, trolls and ogres
Dark Vision can see and fight in dark but difficult to see written word, artworks, details
Thrown rocks masters
-proficient at throwing rocks and can increase to expert, master or specialist
-can take one other arms skill in weapon expert beyond this
-inflict d4 damage and can throw x2/round, x3 at 6th, x4 at 11th, x5 at 16th
All saves are as if stats were Prerequisites
Can buy additional arms ranks in Dodge
Can buy additional arts ranks in Extra Luck or zero level Cantrip spells
Get no range penalties on any missile attack

Halfling Sheriff Subclass
Arms - Short Bow, Dagger, Short Sword
Arts - Listen, Spot, Shadow, Interrogate, Ropes, Gossip
+1 Fastdraw Short Sword +2 Point Blank Range +3 Opportunity Attack
These are law officers of halfling communities
Shiny badge, manacles, 12m rope, d4 wanted posters

Halfling Cheff Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Short Sword, Club
Arts - Taste, Cooking, Feasting, Drinking, Herbalist, Carousing
+1 Toughness +2 Flavour Cantrip +3 Weapon Expert (Dagger)
These are adventurer epicureans seeking new flavours to experience
Portable stove, cooking pots, live chicken, rolling pin, 4kg flour, recipe book

Halfling Healer Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Club, Sling
Arts - First Aid, Healing, Herbalist, Poison Lore, plague Lore, Alchemy
+1 Holy Lore +2 Berry Cantrip +3 Lay Hands
These are healers of halfling communities
d4 healing potion, d3 healing herb, bandages, anesthetic mallet, bottle of strong grog

4 Halfling Thief Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Shortsword, Club
Arts - Sneak, Hide, Climb, Listen, Sleight, Lock Lore
+1 Trap Lore +2 Bluff +3 Streetwise
These are urban thieves often living in human settlements
6 Throwing Daggers, mask, gang tattoo, Grappling hook, 12m rope

Halfling Sage Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Sling, Club
Arts - Ancient Lore, Holy Lore, Kingdom Lore, Occult Lore, Poetry, Gossip
+1 Planar Lore +2 First Aid +3 Divination
These are scholars of halfling communities
d6 books of lore, d4 old maps, rune stones

6 Halfling Assasin Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Shortsword, Knife
Arts - Poison Lore, Sneak, Hide, Spot, Listen, Bluff
+1 Climb +2 Fast Draw +3 Point Blank
These are killers for hire and protectors of halfling communities
12 knives, two daggers, bottle of ingested poison, bottle of blade poison

7 Halfling Wood Warden Subclass

Arms - Short Bow, Short Sword, Dagger
Arts - Herbalist, Survival, Scout, Sneak, Hide, Track
+1 Animal Lore +2 Plant Lore +3 Animal Handler
These are hunters and woodsmen of halfling communities
d3 healing herb, camouflage suit, d
onkey, d6 days feed

Halfling Gambler Subclass

Arms - Short Sword, Dagger, Knife
Arts - Gambling, Sleight, Bluff, Carousing, Drinking, Spot
+1 Taunt +2 Begging +3 Run Away
These are charlatans of often living among humans
Loaded dice, marked cards, bottle of strong grog, two headed coin

9 Halfling Traveler Subclass
Arms - Short Sword, Dagger, Short Bow
Arts - Spot, Listen, Sneak, Hide, Survival, Navigate
+1 March +2 Quartermaster +3 Whistling
These are explorers and messengers traveling between halfling communities
Telescope, 2d4 maps, backpack, donkey, d6 days feed

10 Hedge Troll Subclass

Arms - Short Bow, Dagger, Club
Arts - Hide, Sneak, Spot, Ancient Lore, First Aid, Climb
+1 Listen +2 Point Blank +3 Mimic Voice
These are shy trolls that mostly hide but sometimes come out to dwell among mortals
Sack of rocks, stew pot, 12m rope, d6 torches, hammer, 2d6 iron spikes, shiny rock, d6 dolls made from roots, d6 beer bottles, bag of berries and mushrooms for d4 days of food

will add some other non halfling subclass reskins including kobolds and goblins

Prime Requisite: Will; high score grants additional spells
d6HD/3 (Average4)
Arms 3/3 Arts 4/2 Languages 2d4/2
Any armour
-3 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 4 levels
Any Weapon except 2H melee weapons
Start Equipment: all weapons skilled with 20 shots of ammo if any, tool kits for skills, chain armour, hooded cloak, common robe, wine skin, d4 sacks, d6 days food, flints, hat, lantern, lamp oil 3d6x10gp
Prerequisite Will Bonus provides extra spell like abilities vary per gnome type

Gnome Abilities
60-90cm tall
-4 To be hit by larger than human giants, trolls and ogres
-2 To be hit by human size or medium size creatures
Dark Vision can see and fight in dark but difficult to see written word, artworks, details
Gnomes can choose a single spell list from
-arcane as a wizard (gain and use spells as sorcerer)
-nature as a druid
 (gain and use spells as sorcerer)
-divine as a cleric
 (gain and use spells as sorcerer)
-mentalism as a mystic
 (gain and use spells as sorcerer)
-gain one new spell and change a previous known spell 
per level 
Gnome prerequisite Will bonus ability
+1= extra 1st Change to form of a small animal once per day, hour per level
+2= extra 1st Change 
to form of a small animal twice per day, hour per level
+3= extra 2nd become Invisible as spell
, hour per level or until cast or attack
-each shape shifting ability must choose single form like rabbit, turtle, raven, hedgehog
-sub classes have various versions of this or specific animal forms-some have alternate powers

1 Forest Gnome Subclass

Arms - Hand Axe, Dagger, Short Bow
Arts - Beast Lore, Plant Lore, Survival, Track
+1 Point Blank +2 Shoot into Melee +3 Weapon Expert
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level  Befriend Tiny Animal, Calm Beast, Predict Weather, Detect Animal
-First Level  Animal Summoning
Prerequisite Bonuses

-as default, typical forms are badgers, rabbits, pigeon, hedgehog, wild cat, fox, mink, deer, salmon, squirrel, pig, possum
Forest guardians who live with animals and in harmony with nature
, cheerful and jolly
Wear furs and bark often have small animal pet

2 Deep Gnome Subclass

Arms - Pick, Dagger, Light Crossbow
Arts - Mining, Mechanical Lore, Repair,
+1 Quick Draw (bolt) +2 Toughness +3 Blind Fighting
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level  Smoke Puff, Snuff Light, Grease, Glue
-First Level Sleep
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are huge worms, mole, newt, toad, bat, huge cricket, albino fish or cave lobster 
Underland dwellers, living sad and melancholic lives in the darkness, good with machines
Wear armour and dress for war, often carry whistling kettle

3 Hill Gnome Subclass

Arms - Pick, Dagger, Short Bow
Arts - Mining, Carry Load, Endurance, Quartermaster
+1 Point Blank +2 Shoot into Melee +3 Weapon Expert
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Create Meal, Dirt, Gust of Wind, Sprout
-First Level Run Like wind 
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are dog, hare, goat, turkey, wild cat, pheasant, pigeon, sheep
Hill and grassland dwellers, 
wary but kind
Commoner clothes and pointy hats

4 River Gnome Subclass
Arms - Hand Axe, Dagger, Javelin
Arts - Swim, Hold Breath, Boating, Spot
+1 Quick Draw +2  Moving Fire +3 Dodge
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Purify Food & Water, Predict Weather, Create Drink, Animate Pipe Smake
-First Level Slow Poison 
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are beaver, pike, water rat, duck, marsh hen, ibis, frog, otter, turtle, salamander, eel, crayfish
Marsh and wetland dwellers, shy and elusive
Commoner oilskins and carry fishing line, hooks and fish traps

5 High Gnome
Arms - Small Sword, Dagger, Light Crossbow
Arts - Streetwise, Bluff, Sneak, Hide
+1 Point Blank +2 Quick Draw +3 Shoot into Melee
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Candle Light, Clean, Smoke Puff, Whisper
-First Level Sleep  
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are giant rat, dog, cat, goat, pig, huge cocroach, carp, pigeon, chicken, rabbit, raven
City and farmland dwellers shy and elusive

Clothes of city craftsman with apron, 4 daggers

6 Rock Gnome Subclass

Arms - Hammer, Dagger, Light Crossbow
Arts - Mining, Jeweler, Lock Lore, Trap Lore
+1 Weapon Expert +2 Toughness +3 Alchemy
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Candle Light, Spark, Acid, Coin
-First Level Alarm
Prerequisite Bonuses -instead of turning into animals turn into a rock and have no need to breathe in rock form-instead of Invisibility have Knock once per day
Greedy, suspicious, tough, miners who keep treasures locked and trapped

Miners clothes with pick, hammer, 2d6 iron spikes, bag of ore samples, helmet with lamp

7 Sand Gnome

Arms - Small Sword, Dagger, Short Bow
Arts - Survival, Find Water, Track, Spot
+1 Weapon Expert +2 Toughness +3 Alchemy
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Candle Light, Ignite, Smoke Puff, Palm Size Illusion
-First Level Magic Missile
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are rabbit, jackal, falcon, snake, toad, huge locust, scarab, dove -instead of Invisibility turn into Gaseous Film one turn per level
Secretive guardians of forbidden ruins in desert lands

Robes, camel, d6 days feed, urn with weeks water, 6 daggers, turban or head scarf, two small curved swords or sickle swords

8 Jungle Gnome

Arms - Club, Dagger, Blowpipe
Arts - Poison Lore, Survival, Track, Trap Lore
+1 Shoot Into Melee +2 Point Blank +3 Quick Draw
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level  Holy Berry, Cauterize, Ignite, Smoke Puff
-First Level  Animal Summoning 1
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are sloth, spider monkey, pig, dog, dodo, toucan, parrot, frog, snake
Guardians of jungle ruins

Loin cloth, money in ivory necklaces, face paint, dart venom

9 Plague Gnome Subclass
Arms - Dart, Dagger, Small Sword
Arts - Poison Lore, Plague Lore, Sneak, Hide
+1 Marksman +2 Point Blank +3 Quick Draw
Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Detect Disease, Detect Poison, Dirt, Conjure Tiny Animal
-First Level Venom Bite
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are various giant bugs, rats, huge mosquitoes, ticks, flies
Spread diseases and sabotage civilization, covered in sores

Wear filthy grave shrouds, with ingested poison bottle, diseased fluid in bottle, 4 daggers

10 Hill Troll
Arms - Dart, Dagger, Club
Arts - Sneak, Hide, Spot, Listen
Point Blank +2  Quick Draw +3 Cleave
Typical Starting Spells (Nature)
-Zero Level Candle Light, Snuff Light, Scare, Strike
-First Level Magic Stone
Prerequisite Bonuses -as default, typical forms are goat, wild cat, dog, pig, sheep, raven
Hide mostly from mortals but becoming more open as world increasingly invaded by evil
Small cauldron, wooden bucket wooden spoon, fur cloak, woven coarse robes, gnarled club, 2d6 darts in quiver

Probably Start Laying out book over Dec
Skill and spells main task for a basick players book
lots of stuff cut out from my overly big lists in past
fully sick advanced book will have
-monk, druid, bard, sorcrer
-abhuman (beastmen), tako, giant, changeling (spirit folk)
-nature spell list
-sample builds up to 20th lv
-more sub classes

Later book again will have
-more sf stuff

Would like to do shamen, alchemy, witch, and something
abandoned idea for ranger and paladin and assassin
have to do everything in lots of 4 for some reason

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