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War with the Necromancers 3 Rumours & Treasure

Well the end of this item as voted for on 5+ with 56 odd votes
Sewer hell almost ready
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A while back I was getting lotsa comments and enjoyed them and was inspired by them. The last few felt like robots. Sigh. I appreciate feedback and arguments and requests. My hits are double what they were a year ago.

Also If I compile all the warzone stuff humans will be easily described in one big block. Will do a d100 famous national mercenary troops too, partly inspired by my bigger campaign maps.

Also this hell is full of plagues so some stuff handy or perhaps you need to get to hell for a cure or weapon. Hellgates releasing stuff from here might be a thing too.
Plague lands 1 and 2 - very much based on Brugel and medieval art

d10 So why did you become a Necromancer?
01 Just for kicks and thrills, to be different
02 Someone I loved died and I really wanted to see them again
03 Immortality as long as you don't get made into a zombie
04 Power, the only way someone like me could get any 
05 The sex mostly, not just with zombies, all those hot pale cultists
06 Ancient knowledge at their disposal was amazing
07 My family were into it in secret for years it just made sense
08 Well I like slaves and you cant really hurt the undead
09 I developed some deformities and people shunned me
10 Everyone hated me so I showed them all!

d100 War with the Necromancers Rumours
01 The gods have abandoned us, anything could happen now
02 If the kingdom survives this the nobility and church will have to make changes
03 You cant leave any corpse, behead them, stake them burn them
04 I've considered killing and burning the elders of my family so they don't have to worry
05 I've considered killing and burning my children so they don't have to live in this sick world
06 Farms are still running with undead workers, those necromancers will have all the food
07 I'm sure they have cultists everywhere spying on us so they know who to target
08 There is a crypt I know where a wizard was buried we should burn him to be sure
09 They have put guards on the graveyard now
10 Someone trained a dog to find undead before they arise from the ground

11 A farmer was driven from his farm by zombie animals
12 Some cultists have hidden deformities, if I knew who had them Id tell the inquisitor

13 Zombie farm animals walk themselves to the butcher shop, quite ingenious
14 Your wife is pretty cold in bed everyone says, maybe she is a zombie
15 Soon every town will be under siege and the kingdom will be in ruins
16 For years the priests protected us with burial rites but you can see they have failed us all
17 Slave labour and immortality, maybe things wont be so bad
18 The gods will cut their losses and destroy the world you will see
19 That comet last year brought the miasma making undead and mutants
20 I never got to kill a man twice before, it was quite a experience
21 The nobility is overrun with vampires and demon cults they are just setting us up
22 I prefer vampires to mummies, you know where you are with vampires, just sayin
23 Mummy armies have been rounding up slaves to build something, i wonder what
24 If the ghouls did their job we wouldn't have a undead problem
25 After this is over we wont have graveyards, just a cage with ghouls
26 So if the land ain't sanctified or is defiled then the dead can rise
27 You can't trust the priesthood, their methods don't work, where are the gods now?
28 I saw a man the other day catch a zombie fish, it was still good eating though
29 Any scratch or cut from a zombie will make you one of them
30 I wonder if any skeletons are hiding close? I hate skeletons and bones
31 When I was abroad I saw a land where they dissolved the dead in acid, quite sensible
32 Burn em all, all the dead, dig em up, chop em up, we gotta do it
33 Priest said we need our bodies for the end days but maybe this is it now
34 Anyone with the sickness could contaminate us, the water isnt safe anymore
35 Most zombies are placid and obedient but if left without orders they go crazy
36 Salt around your house keeps out zombies and silver coins will  keep away the rest
37 I saw a necromancer once, let me speak to my dead Nanna, didn't charge much
38 Everyone always hated necromancers but they have always been around
39 In the old days necromancers ruled the world until mankind revolted
40 Man learned necromancy from the monster gods and the elder age empires
41 Whole lotta villagers burned other day, some say they was diseased or witches
42 Why would anyone join a death cult when there are loads of nice religions
43 There are undead everywhere but we just have to adapt and move on
44 I thought the girls in the cult were all drugged but now I realise they were undead
45 They have run the world in secret now is just the harvest time
46 I've heard of men selling their souls to save themselves from the undead, is it worth it?
47 Soon everyone will have the plague and we won't be able to tell who is undead
48 Waggon loads of chopped up body parts taken off to the ruins, wonder what for
49 Now all the dead are getting chopped and burned, cultists are smuggling bits out
50 Lots of people seeing ghosts and spirits nowadays, everyone is real jumpy
51 Seen all the clouds and fog? Much more and the vampires will be out in the open
52 I've heard chanting in the woods at night someone is up to no good
53 Church has been well attended of late praise the gods
54 As the priesthood fail the old druid faith is returning to take us all to escape in fairyland
55 We keep burning people and nothing gets better, maybe we are just doomed
56 Only those who disobey or die become slave dead, the willing might get to be immortal
57 So many liches walking the land so many new spells being rediscovered
58 I met a necromancer once who worked as a mortician, seemed nice, not really evil
59 I just pretended I was dead and moaned a bit till I escaped and here I am
60 Vampires can just feed off you just a little bit, barley hurts, not that bad
61 All kinds of treasure on the market, grave goods everywhere some real bargains
62 I used to be called a grave robber, now they pay me to dig up the dead and burn them
63 There is a shortage of wood from burning so many people they need to cut down a forest
64 I've heard of zombie sweatshops for years, some pickle the zombies in salt to last
65 If you dont sew up the zombies mouths they moan all the time
66 Undead don't need eyes stupid, skeletons see fine, they can sense the living
67 I've been digging up the old graveyard to burn the bodies, i get to keep any jewellery
68 More soldiers we send the bigger their arm gets, there is no hope
69 Ive heard zombies prefer brains, so If I leave a trail of brains into a pit I can trap them
70 That old man over there, cut off his own arm it had the necro mutant taint so watch him
71 Ive heard of gangs of undead sewer children Im not going down there
72 New graves have better locks and bars so nothing gets in or out
73 Priests say a well maintained sanctified graveyard is safe but there are lots of undead
74 I've heard vampires are pretty attractive, if I could just get a peek at one naked
75 Undead hate sound of church bells but now they ring day and night i'm sick of em
76 Undead can't harm virgins silly, they are too holy
77 Druids use live snakes as holy symbols, i cant sleep with a snake round my neck! 
78 People are disappearing all the time, they just snatch anyone they like for snack
79 Maybe if we didn't keep necromancers downtrodden we wouldn't be in this mess
80 I wouldn't mind being a cultist, fornicating with demons and beastmen seems a good life
81 Now the living dead are everywhere all kinds of wickedness is seen as not a problem
82 With all this chaos people can kill anyone and blame undead, my boss is a jerk
83 Sinners and vice are to blame for this, why wont the nobles and clergy eradicate it
84 I've handled hundreds of corpses and I haven't turned into a zombie
85 Zombies are cheaper than golems or slaves, i don't get the problem
86 Occasionally a zombie left alone goes crazy or gets possessed by evil spirits
87 I wouldn't eat any meat, ghoul cults have been slipping human flesh into food
88 I was on a Island once where they made criminals into zombies to work for their victims
89 My cat sees ghosts I tell you, it leaps up and screams where there is nobody
90 You never see zombies telling each other what to do, better than the living I say
91 If we run out of dead bodies the ghouls are gonna get more desperate and hungry
92 Trinkets to stop the undead are selling like crazy, to bad none of that crap works
93 I tell you I saw undead fighting each other, they will all turn on each other soon
94 The gods will save us they always have, don't do anything you will regret when they do
95 I heard a man used zombies to bring stuff out of sunken ships and nobody complained
96 If the city guard used zombies it would be cheaper and they wouldn't get drunk
97 Night curfew if pretty strict nowadays, even criminals are taking it easy
98 We all have to stick together in times like this and only being lawful good will save us
99 Once nobles surrender us the undead will attack other kingdoms and we can be normal
100 Im getting the next ship away from here everyone here will be dead slaves next season

Items are available and priced increased or decreased due to various factors. Evil forces release evil supplies to tempt people into wickedness. Churches make additional items to meet peoples name. Some items are criminal others are desired by the church who might insist they are given to church leaders.

d100 War with the Necromancers Rumours
01 Cheap holy symbol or lucky charm, possibly effective 1cp 
02 Holy Symbol blessed by a real priest 25gp
03 Silver dagger can harm some magic undead 30gp
04 Silver Tipped Arrows each usually sold in quivers of a dozen 1gp
05 Garlic - prices have soared and someone sabotaging fields 1sp bulb
06 Holy Water is in demand but some 1in4 is now fake, 2d4 to undead 30gp
07 Holy oil as holy water and flammable 50gp 
08 A palm mirror can see if a man is still breathing or reveal vampires 5gp
09 Wooden steaks 1cp each or a sp with a mallet in a carrybag
 Holy shroud protects corpse from being made undead 100gp
11 Select Detect Undead 300gp
12 Scroll of Invisibility to Undead 600gp
13 Scroll of create Skeleton Servant - makes single loyal servant 300gp
14 Scroll of Create Zombie Servant - makes single loyal servant 300gp
15 Scroll of Protection vs Evil 300gp
16 Scroll of Bless 300gp
17 Scroll of Animate dead - typical 12HD 1200gp
18 Scroll of Wall of Bone 12" 2d8 save for half to pass 1200gp
19 Scroll of Protection from Undead 35HD cannot enter 5ft radius 9000gp
20 Scroll of Protection from Possession 1hr no mind control in 1" radius 12000gp
21 Skeleton Potion if poured on grave arises as a hostile skeleton 100gp
22 Zombie Potion if poured on grave corpse arises as a angry zombie 100gp
23 Necro Mutation Potion (lesser) only usable once 100gp
24 Necro Mutation Potion (major) only usable once 400gp
25 Poison Potion - suitable to poison a local well to wipe out a village 100gp
26 Potion of Second Life - tastes delicious, drinker turns into a zombie on death 100gp
27 Potion of resist stench - tolerate ghast, troglodyte or magical stinks one hour 100gp
28 Ghoul Potion if poured on grave corpse arises as ghoul 200gp 
29 Mumy Potion if poured on wrappings of a mummy awakens month later 1000gp
30 Potion of Undead Control - 10 HD of undead, charm or save to resist 2000gp
31 Wand of Disruption - d100 charges does d3 to undead only 1500gp
32 Staff of Curing - cure wounds 3d6+3 2x per day 20000
33 Wand of Frost - d100 charges 6d4 cone of cold 2500gp
34 Wand of Fear - d100 charges fear on one victim 2500gp 
35 Wand of undead detection - d100 charges 2500gp
36 Bone Staff - while holding makes your CHA 18 to undead 5000gp
37 Rod of rebuking dead 3d10 charges each use as weapon +3hit d6+6 vs undead 3000gp
38 Rod of Raise Dead - d10 charges 10000gp
39 Black Unicorn Horn - vile wand shoots purple magic missile per HP spent 4000gp
40 Orcus Wand (replica) - create loyal zombies or skeletons d100 charge/HD 4000gp
41 Hand of Glory - preserved hand candle cast a sleep spell when candle fingers lit 300gp
42 Zombie skin face mask - possibly helps you hide among undead 300gp
43 Chattering Skull - will chatter annoyingly if anything moves within 1" 400gp
44 Skull Drum - with human hair, +1 Lv to bard effects using instrument 2500gp 
45 Bag of Bones d6 knucklebones that sprout into loyal skeletons if dropped 1000gp
46 Spirit Bottle - trap a free spirit that fails a save, some come with hostile spirit 5000gp
47 Death Bone - a one use wand with a death spell made from a priest leg bone 2500gp
48 Shamans Shrunken Head - if hung from belt +1 Wisdom 4000gp
49 Wizard Skin Suit - as leather armour but wizards can wear, revolting to see 4000gp
50 Skull of Wisdom - a necromancer skull that can give evil research advice 10000gp
51 The Ebon Book - primer for necromancy and how to find the black school 1000gp
52 Forbidden Secrets of Anatomy - dissections of stolen corpses illustrated 1000gp
53 The Plague in all it's Forms - medical book to help treat diseases 1000gp
54 Vampire Hunters Manual - equipment, methodology, dozens of failed accounts 1000gp
55 Book of Last Days - secrets of the apocalypse and to to delay it and its signs 1000gp
56 Book of the Dead - secrets of survival in the afterlife increasing your just reward 2000gp
57 Tablet of Speak to dead - works once a week as spell 2500gp
58 Book of Eternal Hatred - possible expensive recipes for making undead 10000gp
59 Manual of Flesh Golems - instructions with ingredients for one golem 25000gp 
60 Manual of Bone Golems -instructions with ingredients for one golem 10000gp 
61 Goat Helmet - gives you a extra attack of a d6 headbutt 3000gp 
62 Goat Chaps - improve running speed +3 and +1" leaping and better at dance 4000gp
63 Amulet of Life - stabilises blood loss below zero HP 10000gp
64 Shroud of the Dead - makes you invisible to undead for ten minutes a day 3000gp
65 Wizards Scullcap - made from a wizards scalp with hair still on it +1 INT 5000gp
66 Shroud of Doom - protects wearer from disease of foul odours, looks creepy 5000gp
67 Crown of Death - makes wearer immune to kill or death spells 5000gp
68 Ring of Ebon Desire - resist one level of energy drain 10000gp
69 Wrappings of the Ancients - wrapped wearer sleeps without aging till removed 3000gp 
70 Necklace of the Scapegoat - 2d6 charges each will stops 1 level of energy drain 4000gp
71 Helmet of Night - wearer can see invisible spirits or undead 5000gp*
72 Sickle of Silver d4 can hit any magic creature as if +5 2500gp*
73 Holy Dagger - silver +1 dagger +1 Attack if fighting undead 2000gp *
74 Scythe of the Deathlord d8+1 weapon  2500gp*
75 Sword +1+3 vs undead 1in6 has intelligence and alignment 4000gp
76 Sickle of the Death Lord d4+1 obsidian heals a HP for each person sacrificed 5000gp
77 Mace of Purification +1 +d3 to undead and is a holy symbol 4000gp
78 Plague Staff +1 Staff three times a day causes disease on impact by command 6000gp
79 Forbidden Knife- 5% chance per HD of victim sacrificed to call lesser demon 2000gp
80 Scythe of Doom - staff with magic force scythe blade at will 2d6 +3 weapon 10000*
81 Coffin of Rebirth - any corpse overnight inside becomes a feral zombie 10000gp
82 Coffin of Triumph - folds up unto a playing card size great for vampires on the go 5000gp
83 Coffin of Eternity - once sealed cannot be touched by undead or death magic 10000gp
84 Grim Altar - undead created on altar +1HP per HD 10000gp
85 Unholy Chalice - can heal undead 2d4 damage once per day per undead 10000gp
86 Throne of Skulls - who sits in this needs no sleep but gets paranoid over time 10000gp
87 Brazier of Filth -  if lit makes a sweet smell and undead tend to follow enthralled 5000gp
88 Unholy Incense - if burned all in 4" radius for hour save vs disease 1000gp
89 Saddle of the Lich - if placed on a dead horse or bones it arises as a undead 4000gp
90 Chariot of Nightmares - bone car calls two skeleton steeds at will moves 36" 25000gp
91 Bone Harp - can cast sleep three times a day 5000gp
92 Saintly Hand - once a day turns undead as a 10th lv priest if used by priest 4000gp
93 Pure Vestment - splendid robe can 3x day emits burst of sunlight 6" radius 10000gp
94 Voidmarch Chronicle - advice on facing undead hordes in battle 4000gp
95 Holy Tear of Heaven - crystal bottle with one drop that can destroy any undead 10000gp
96 Holy Shirt - white linen shirt, any undead touch by hand or weapon takes d3 10000gp
97 Holy Water Sprinkler -  holy water bottle gives 10 shots d4 damage 3" range 3000gp
98 Patriarchs Hat - ornate hat hurts eyes of undead making -2 for them to hit you 10000gp
99 Patriarchs Ring - protection from evil while worn 10000gp
100 Patriarchs Crozier - paralyses undead for round each hit +3 staff 15000gp
*Usable by necromancers who train with sickle and scythe 


  1. d10 So why did you become a D&D blogger?
    01 Just for kicks and thrills, to be different
    02 Gary and Dave died and I really wanted to see them again
    03 Immortality as long as you don't die in a flame war
    04 Power, the only way someone like me could get any
    05 The sex mostly, not just with zombies, all those hot pale cultists
    06 Ancient knowledge at their disposal was amazing
    07 My family were into it in secret for years it just made sense
    08 Well I like slaves and you cant really hurt the PCs
    09 I developed some deformities and people shunned me
    10 Everyone hated me so I showed them all!

  2. I would love to see you write a book like Goblin Mine but all about undead. Keep up the great work!!


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