Monday 18 December 2017

d100 Roadside Shacks for Murder Highway

Yeah a cyber yurt.

Yep im full post apocalypse again. New osprey car game release has lots interested again. I've contacted a artist id like to lease from - James Flaxman who has right mix of realism, gloom and humour Id like. So roadwar book back on agenda. Have a backlog of must do for setting to. This could be used for gamma Oz too but that would have more country stores run by kindly old koalas wearing suspenders and akubra hats. Gamma Oz less depressing and miserable while murder highway dials pain and suffering up to 11 then hads a chuckle. Next few posts meant for gamma oz but maps and details probably usable for my car games too. More full throttle murder soon.

Quick Shack Types

01 Food stand
02 Camp
03 Residence
04 Shed
05 Authority
06 Automotive
07 Retail
08 Science
09 Crime
10 Cult

d10 Whats Happening?

01 Seemingly abandoned
02 Tourists visiting 
03 Travellers having rest
04 Cops or military
05 Cultists on pilgramage
06 Road gang break time 
07 Locals hanging out
08 Under attack from animals
09 Under attack from mutants
10 Under attack from roadgang

d100 Roadside Shacks for Murder Highway
01 Hotdog Shack - often staffed by attractive teen in uniform
02 Burgers and beef - expensive and fortified
03 Random Roadkill - daily surprise specials
04 Cannibals Choice - cheap fresh real meat
05 Fish and Chips - with synth chips and faux fish
06 Soylent Burger - synthetic cheap meat products from soy, yeast and algae
07 Gulp n Blow - terrible food and drink with prostitutes in carpark
08 Outback Grillhouse - serves native animals like galah, cockatoo, kangaroo, koala
09 Astrid's Harmony Hut - vegan food, mostly beans and lentils and rice
10 Rock n Rolls - Chiko rolls and subs and donuts

11 Shack and several tents of homeless travellers
12 Mutant shanty town

13 Gang have built some temporary homes
14 Tribal skin domes and tents
15 Several wrecked vehicles with feral kids
16 Prospectors camp
17 Scrap collectors temporary camp
18 Escaped mental patients camp
19 Evicted farmer camp
20 Gang torture camp
21 Caravan site with old people
22 Old cannibal couple
23 Old survivalist loner hates everyone
24 Farming folk struggling to survive
25 Standed family with broken car 
26 Escaped prison inmates
27 UFO watcher or conspiracy theorist
28 Local Doc, lost licence but good for out here
29 Scientist studying undead outbreak
30 Old preacher has lost his flock
31 Farm vehicle shed locked
32 Miners shack booby trapped with explosives
33 Shed where gang keep supplies, booby trapped
34 Shed with water well locked inside for locals
35 Shed with tiny private prison
36 Shed with livestock, mostly automated
37 Triffid shed improperly restrained
38 Biodiesel plant where locals bring roadkill for fuel 
39 Shed with refrigeration for locals, heavily locked
40 Fortified shed for locals in trouble
41 Tiny police station
42 Tollhouse charging road users
43 Quarantine station with military in biohazard gear
44 Local polling booth for a election
45 Roadwork office with some trucks and workers
46 Tourist information stand
47 Truck weiging station
48 Custom house
49 Military observation station
50 Country firestation
51 Tiny gas station
52 Sprawling garage
53 Roadhouse diner
54 Automotive accesories
55 Scrapyard selling parts and tires
56 Biodiesel conversion shop
57 Electric recharge station
58 Guns & Ammo for cars
59 Drive through resteraunt
60 Slick corporate service station
61 Souvenir stand
62 Cigarette shop
63 Bottle shop
64 Sly grog shop selling home brew
65 Post office and newsagent
66 Butcher Shop 
67 Farmers produce
68 Second hand charity shop
69 General store
70 Bakery
71 Weather station
72 Black lab with underground bunker
73 Bunker enterance
74 Medical centre
75 Disease control centre
76 Organ bank
77 Clone depot
78 Biologist research station
79 Mutant research lab
80 Undead research lab
81 Druglab
82 Brothel
83 Casino
84 Fight pit
85 Ruin full of junkies
86 Gang fortified HQ
87 Biker clubhouse
88 Drug greenhouse
89 Cannibal butchery
90 Fortified drug den
91 Roadside chapel
92 Cult fortified compound
93 Satanic temple
94 Mutant cult house
95 Death cult worshiping undead
96 UFO spotters club
97 Crumbling outback church
98 Tourist attraction (d4 1=minigolf 2=miniature world 3=reptile park 4=bird park)
99 Memorial to some appalling local historic event
100 A giant concrete thing built as tourist attraction popular in australia (see giant pineapple, big orange, giant sheep, giant lobster, big rocking horse, giant toilet, etc)


  1. I'm glad your writing 1d100 Tables for Murder Highway again. I really enjoyed the ones you did in the past, glad to see they're back.

    1. i think i was put off by wild misinterpretations of what it was about and the style


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