Tuesday 19 December 2017

Mannahill Region for Gamma Oz

Area has a wide variety of technology on average of WW1 level with high tech artifacts especially artworks as you aproach Broken Hill. The giant dice are crude concrete dice no doubt a ancient holy place where gangs stop to gamble to see if fate will be kind to them. Will detail towns bit by bit but Broken Hill quite huge - might need to upscale to a3 and detail over several posts.

Pop 62 humans, manimals and mutants, 90 in outlaying stations
Industry: Gold Mining, Cattle, Trade, Wool, church
Buildings: post office, train station, police station, wool sheds, Mannahill hotel (1889), weather station, schoolhouse, general store, residence, outlying Stations
Ruins: several outlaying abandoned stations and mining buildings and mines
Quaint tiny village established as trade route has hung onto life and has a thriving community of law abiding honest country folk who welcome traders. The old railway station is used as a stop for caravans. It is a popular old fashioned village preserving the old ways.

Pop 36 humans, manimals and mutants
Industry: Cattle, Trade, Wool
Buildings: Olary Hotel (1886), General Store, Eatery, Residence, Outlying Stations, Church
Post Office, Train Station, Police Station and several cattle stationsA stop for traders. Has several ruins which youngsters like to explore and gangs sometimes stay in.

Pop 12
Industry: Trade
Buildings: General Store, Residence
Ruins: Train stop
A minimal crossroad for traders but unfortunately lots of gangs camp in the area including mutant cannibals. Anyone without a caravan guard is liable for a rough time.

Pop 90
 humans, manimals and mutants, 180 in outlaying stations (2000 in 1800s)
Industry: Cattle, Trade, Wool
Buildings: post office, train station, police station, wool Sheds, Cockburn hotel (1886), bakery, blacksmith, butchers, produce store, schoolhouse, general Store, residence, outlying Stations, church, brothel
Ruins: as a once large population the area is dotted with ruins including a hotel, several churches, boarding houses, station engineer buildings and residences. Many are rubble and roofless but some have had use since the apocalypse
A small village supporting a sizable rural area and former mining trade town of 1800s. It is a bit rougher than Mannahill and occasionally the locals gather to drive out undesirables from the ruins. The old railway station is used as a stop for caravans. The station is quite large and includes ruins and abandoned engineering buildings often squatted by undesirables. Some say there is a bunker complex in the region built by those who thought there were too many in Broken Hill

Broken Hill Silver City, the Great Oasis, Capitol of the Waste

Pop 3000 (30,000 in 1920s, 17000 in 1970s, grew to 22000 in end times)
Industry: Mining, Culture, Media, Livestock, Wool, Agriculture
Buildings: Every conceivable type for tech level with many hotels, guildhalls, radio stations, art studios, pubs and brothels
Ruins: Mostly from mining era and many others from before the apocalypses. Many came here to avoid the bang and multiple ruined and possibly hidden bunkers exist
Ruins: 90% of the city is in ruins and it is regional hotspot for looters especially of exotic art ojects

Deserves a whole post. A once huge mining town then inhabited by art colonies and a famous race where travellers from the whole continent visit. it is pretty weird place. Also known as Silver city. Remains of a huge solar farm provides everyone with free power. Just down the road from Mannahis (really) are some giant concrete dice in stacks, a ancient holy place. As you get closer to broken hill there is more strange monuments. Wiljikali Tribe prosper through secret water holes. Union hall cults wear strange aprons and parate with banners and control the town. Once had a population of 30000 in early 20th century is currently only 3000. Several radio stations and television operate here operate here and broadcast to surrounding regions. Occasionally cane toads cross the desert to attack to silence the plucky town with it's dangerous messages of freedom and workers rights.There is a ruined golf course in pristine condition kept protected by robots. Many cults and religions thrive here. There is a University Campus with crionics labs. A speedway where the road warrior cult maintain a fleet of war machines. A large regional hospital and several schools.  

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