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Faerie War Zone Part 3 Rumours and Loot

I will be doing more faerie stuff and giant cosmic tree plane travel stuff in future. Im imagining the trolls and giants and even dragons they bring back are ones of old blood. Hill giants and ogres might be more like huge ape humanoid men. White apes and cave men in BX might fit into this and other pleistocene mammals creatures, Elves could also be bringing back dragons to to really break humans, but some faerie and dragons share blood and faerie and giants and dwarves and trolls all share blood. I'm thinking the dragons used by elves more serpentine with small clawed limbs on long snake like bodies with crocodilian heads and bat wings. Anyway some elves and dragons might be kin or other powers or mutations like undead elves or reptilian elves based on my mutation lists...

A separate dark faerie table set could be done because these faeries are the relatively good elves. Ive long allowed my BX elves to use different spell lists from which class they want be most like - cleric druid or wizard or even my mentalist/psionics list. Ive long considered doing a mash up list to represent good and evil elfkind. Possibly a list for C CE CG Alignment based elves or some other criteria. Been coming a while. Anyway faerie stuff is fun. Will do more.

d100 Rumours during the Faerie Wars
01 This has happened before and all traces of mans civilization was reduced to rubble
02 The faerie world will overlap ours and smother our reality with theirs forever
03 People taken long ago by the faerie have been returning, often aged and befuddles
04 Any one sympathetic to the fey is one of them or addicted to faerie food or charmed
05 They see us destroying the world and only wish to save us from our own folly
06 When they take over we will all live eternal lives of pleasure and purpose
07 The more we attack and destroy them the more we undo creation itself
08 All kinds of natural objects may be slumbering faerie beings who are now awakening
09 Even the trees watch us and inform on our every action to them
10 Animal kind all rejoice in the new order when they are no longer our slaves

11 The old religion was more sympathetic to them and druid cults have returned to benefit
12 The priests have tried and failed to use the power of the gods to stop them

13 We broke the ancient forgotten pacts that kept our worlds apart and now we will pay
14 Strangers have been flooding the market with ancient gold coins I can't wait to get some
15 I bought the most amazing new fruit in the market the other day I cant wait to get more
16 I saw some goblins by the roadside selling magic stuff, for prices commoners can afford!
17 I saw glowing lights in the woods last night something is out there i tell you!
18 Some children found faerie flower circles the other day now they are all being kept inside
19 A newborn baby the other day, he looked like a wizened old man, it was one of them!
20 Elves caused my hairloss I tell you with their magic darts!
21 Faeries stole my prize cow the other day, taking some milk was one thing...
22 Villagers up north burned a collaborator people said was talking to the trees
23 A farm was found where the people were dead and the animals were undead monsters
24 The roads have become overgrown with grass and some trails have disapeared
25 Ancient faerie roads have been returning connecting their special places
26 A beekeeper was found dead killed by his own bees, his family fled their farm
27 A hunter was found mauled and eaten by animals, nothing like anyone has ever seen
28 Clothes was found on the farm, the only trace of humans left remaining
29 Some children went missing but only mushroom fairy rings were found
30 Giant mushrooms and toadstools have been found all over the land for some reason
31 A trapper found a whole faerie village of tiny mushroom houses but now he is mad
32 The madhouses in the city are full, an epidemic of crazed people has flooded the land
33 A strange elfpox on people is a plague sent by them to weaken us for invasion
34 The crops this year are the biggest ever, farms are out of control with abundance
35 Some of the leaders of the army have been struck with madness 
36 Some people living close to the invasion have been exhibiting strange mutations
37 I had a strange dream the other night that I met my faerie lover in the forest in secret
38 I heard strange sining and dancing from the woods the other day but kept on going
39 Some youths went to investigate the strange forest music, they never came back
40 Most of the mines in the countryside have been abandoned, flooded by kobold knockers
41 Iron production has almost ceased with mine closures, why would this happen?
42 A strange white stone tower has appeared by the road, it just appeared over night!
43 The woods seem to have grown thicker of late, more unfamiliar and strange
44 A trader came to town and left yesterday, then his rotten corpse was found in the well
45 You cant trust anyone anymore, changelings are everywhere replacing us all 
46 Young people have been disappearing, some villages have only the old and lame left
47 A woman was sure her baby was a changeling and she threw it in the fire poor fool
48 I swear I heard the barnyard animals talking and plotting against us
49 I woke up and all my food and booze was stolen, I don't know what happened
50 So this nasty gnome threatened us and we laughed then he grew into a giant and we ran
51 I heard this screaming last night and in the morning the watch were found all dead
52 I saw the ferryman just walk into the river smiling and he never was seen again
53 Several bodies have been found drowned with blissful smiles on their faces
54 Found my boy in the forest looking for some girl, now he wont eat and only thinks of her
55 Heard strange singing by the river, it seemed to be coming from under the water
56 He swears he found a door in the hill and it was full of faeries but the door is gone now
57 I met this lady in a alleyway and when I awoke she was a toothless old crone laughing
58 This woman came to the orphanage and took away all the children to who knows where
59 Brutish centaurs and beastmen have been carrying of village women god help them
60 A stranger was beheaded and tiny elves came out of him and ran into the forest
61 Elves have a much bigger plan with many worlds and humans are just a part of it
62 Strange whispering voices at night have been keeping people awake
63 People who lived in the long abandoned ruins millenia ago have been returning
64 All kinds of fantastic creatures have been spotted, unseen in generations
65 Strange weather like fog and storms has been keeping armies and travellers limited 
66 A village reported raining delicious food, people have come from miles around to feast
67 A merchant opened his strongbox and cried out to find it filled with coal
68 A man trapped elves in his barn and burned it but they all turned to birds and flew away 
69 A great noble found his lover was a elf in disguise so they had to burn her
70 Nobles known as unicorn hunters have been found murdered by elf assasins
71 A man painting elven ruins disappeared leaving only a painting of himself in the ruins
72 Children have been finding treats from the elves, like candy and gold coins and cakes
73 Faerie pranks have been an epidemic across the kingdom keeping everyone in fear
74 Strange lights have been seen from forest ruins and the old monoliths on the plains
75 Faerie are bad now other old powers like elementals, dragons and giants will be back
76 Faerie have paid off hell and calling on favours from kinship to the gods to rule overn us
77 We started this, men killed elves and defiled them, noble immortal blood was roused
78 They had warned us for decades and we hadnt noticed the warnings now it is too late
79 We have to hold true to the good gods in these troubled times and resist vile evil
80 Soon you will see things will go to far and the gods will act you will all know it
81 Elves can transform us into other faerie people and be enslaved by the elfking forever 
82 The elf queen is a dirty whore and a prostitute who has sex acts with gods and animals
83 Some worship the elf goddess as the love and fertility cult of old druid days
84 Humans who have learned the faerie spall lists are heretics and witches and warlocks
85 Many sorcerers power come from faerie bloodlines or to land and nature spirit folk
86 Some say the elf king is the lord of the green in the old nature cults
87 Many people have gone feral and naked and hairy wearing fines and leaves as wild men
88 Faerie have come and gone since the dawn age as they please taking what they want 
89 Sometimes when elves invade they return things and creatures long lost in lands of man
90 The bright elf king and queen are the same as the dark elf king and queen  
91 Elves breed rarely, their babies are sickly and weak compared to humans
92 Village priest died and within weeks the townsfolk had returned to nature and elf worship
93 Elven bards in disguise are spreading rumours and gossip, the elves control everything
94 Problems with plague and famine were caused by the elves all along to keep us weak
95 Humans need to stand strong and resist all the filthy elves, orcs, goblins, halflings etc
96 The lords of the land have appealed to hell to aid mankind, devil worship will rule us now
97 Dragons will come next to cleans the land with fire for our sins and wicked living
98 invisible faerie spirits are swarming everywhere you just need special vision to see them
99 All kinds of faerie folk are returning from the woods, the waters, the stars and planets
100 The gods and the titans, spirit lords, dragons, jotun and the old ones are all returning

Prices in war time are cheap  when flooded but possibly 4-10x times more in time of rarity. Some of these goods are designed to cause human kind ruin.

d100 Strange loot flooding the market during Faerie wars
01 Arrow that always points north, +1 if used, reusable 200gp
02 Elf arrow if stuck in ground or corpse grows into a oak tree that grows a yard a year 100gp
03 Stone arrow made by wildmen can hurt any fairy creature from magic flint 100gp
04 Returning arrow will return to quiver if not broken 1in6 per use 400gp
05 Elf Pox arrow save or inflicted with disease one use only 200gp
06 Chaos arrow save or confused one use only 200gp
07 Sleep arrow save or sleep one use only 400gp
08 Charm arrow save or charmed one use only 400gp
09 Light arrow one use light spell when elf word written on it spoken 200gp
10 Living bow grows an arrow a day up to 12 grow from the bow at most but can be picked 1000gp

11 Tin of faerie candy  highly addictive faerie food 30gp
 Tray of goblin fruit highly addictive faerie food 1gp
13 Healing herb parcel good for treating a d4 open wound often found in a d4 batches 10gp each
14 Elf bread very filling and lasts a long time, weight negligible found in d12 daily batches 1gp each
15 Chaos Mushroom will inflict a random lesser chaos mutation only once 50gp
16 Deathcap Mushroom will inflict a random lesser necro mutation only once 50gp
17 Faerie Mushroom will take viewer to a dream in faerie land for homesick fey folk 30gp
18 Faerie Cordial comes in tiny crystal bottle with d10 sips heal 1 HP each 10gp
19 Faerie cake if eaten by mortals turn temporarily into faerie being, eat 2 is permanent 100gp
20 Magic pie with various random magic effect left out as delicious tempting trap 400gp
21 Flower faerie in bottle looking sad will dance if shaken, must be fed faerie food or die 200gp
22 Gremlin in a box will perform a act of sabotage if released 100gp
23 Kobold in a carpet bag trained servant and fairly good with disarming traps or locks 50gp
24 Faerie pony is a small lithe but strong horse that ignores terrain and is very smart 1000gp
25 Goblin seeds if planted will grow into goblin servant in  a day d12 batches per tin 25gp each
26 Horn of the hunt will call a wildman who will act as a guide or scout once a week 500gp
27 Messenger faerie in a bottle, whisper it message and recipient and release 400gp
28 Faerie dog puppy will grow into a elf hound 200gp
29 Faerie kitten will grow into large clever handsome cat that understands speech 100gp
30 Blink dog puppy hard to contain when chewing or pooping growing up 500gp
31 Faerie Gold looks like polished gold coins after 24 hours vanishes or turns into stones  
32 Faerie gems look valuable but turn into lumps of coal and setting turns into twigs
33 Faerie ring if worn lets see auroras and possibly find faerie roads, gates and doors 500gp
34 Faerie lamp is a tiny glowing luminous sad faerie in bottle just shake to light 1" radius 400gp
35 Faerie arm ring allows you to see invisible faerie creatures like brownies and sprites 500gp
36 Elf Boots let you walk silently in wilderness or outdoors 400gp
37 Elf Cloak lets you keep camouflaged in foliage or the forest or in vegetation 400gp
38 Faerie Poem on illuminated scroll of very high quality 500gp
39 Faerie Painting contains a dreamland inside you can enter in dreams 1000gp
40 Spirit Bottle contains a poltergeist that will haunt where released 100gp
41 Puffball if thrown produces a 5 foot radius choking cloud that lasts d4 rounds 25gp
42 Explodestool if carefully placed will explode if anyone within 5 foot for or d6 once planted 25gp
43 Screaming mushroom baby, set as an alarm will scream if disturbed, often in chests 25gp
44 Love Mushroom if planted will grow a naked elf of appropriate gender to be your lover 1000gp
45 Feast Mushroom if planted grows into a picnic in one hour that feeds 12 well 50gp
46 Corpse Mushroom if planted with body will arise a zombie, obey planter or goes wild unguided 100gp
47 Horse Mushroom overnight grows into a faerie horse that lasts for 24 hours 400gp
48 magic Acorn will grow to 30 yard tall oak tree overnight possibly damaging structures 400gp
49 Pod Plant Seed if planted near sleeping person grows a hostile doppelganger 1000gp
50 Bat Mushroom if spore packet sprinkled grows into mushrooms that turn into d12 bats 25gp a dose
51 Faerie Dagger +1 dagger that glows with 1" radius 400gp
52 Faerie Sword +1 can harm any faerie being glows with 1" radius 1000gp
53 Faerie Shield +2 has no weight and can block a magic missile once per day 1000gp
54 Faerie Lance can grow from a dart to a javelin to a spear to a lance or a pike 1000gp
55 Faerie Chainmail weighs as mush as leather and as quiet, worn by thieves 1000gp
56 Faerie Platemail weighs as much as chain and as quiet, can be worn by clerics 3000gp
57 Faerie Axe +2 anyone executed in ritual is reincarnated 4000gp
58 Faerie Mace +1 head lights like a jewel 1" glow and +d3 damage to undead 4000gp
59 Elfbane Sword +1 +4 vs any faerie or being from faerieland 4000gp
60 Darkelf Dagger +1 and fist foe stabbed each day save vs poison or sleep 2000gp
61 Elf Key allow you to enter elf doors and enter into faerie hills and gateways 1000gp 
62 Elf Circlet lets you understand and read elvish 1000gp
63 Elf Charm allows a spell caster to memorise one extra first level spell if on leyline or elf road or standing stones 1000gp
64 Elf Beer Cup is a silver stien with a lid, once a day fills with fine bitter beer 400gp
65 Acorn Cup fills with water three times a day on request 400gp
66 Elf Perfume in a crystal bottle d10 doses +1 to reactions for a hour 400gp bottle
67 Elf Gem bonds to forehead and adds +1 INT 1000gp (only one) removed on death
68 Elf Crystal bonds to forehead adds +1 WIS 1000gp (only one) removed on death
69 Elf Star Stone bonds to forehead adds +1 CHA 1000gp (only one) removed on death
70 Elf Gloves +1 DEX 1000g
71 Elf baby sickly and weak but if makes a saving throw will live and grow 100gp
72 Goblin baby is intelligent but looks a bit like old person and will grow into a goblin in 3 months 30gp
73 Log Baby has an illusion of being a baby but isn't but popular as toy or for mad women or monster bait 30gp
74 Changeling baby like 71 but can change into a animal or tree or rock daily 400gp
75 Orc Baby grows darker, bigger, stronger and faster, adult in a year, teeth give away 50gp 
76 Goatman baby horns just coming through, grows hairier and adult in year 100gp
77 Wildman baby rapidly turns hairy prefers being clothed in leaves 100gp
78 Charmed baby will grow into a d4 1=wizard 2=sorcerer 3=witch 4=warlock 100gp 
79 Blessed baby will grow into a holy person like a priest or shaman 100gp
80 Doppelganger baby will grow normally but eats other children and malicious 1000gp
81 Owlbear Egg 100gp make adorable baby owlbear takes four years to mature
82 Rust Monster Egg 100gp takes three years to mature
83 Carrion Crawler Egg 100gp needs to be implanted in meat to hatch
84 Baby Giant 1000gp huge and grows into human adult size in a few years 
85 Terrorbird Eggs 75gp each take 3 years to mature adorable fluffy flesh eating babies
86 Giant Eagle Eggs 100gp each takes 2 years to fully mature
87 Sea Serpent Eggs 100gp grow a yard per year till mature if released in river
88 Giant Spider Egg Sac 100gp grows a d10 huge spiders but they will try and eat another
89 Hook Horror Eggs 100gp take 4 years to mature horrible nasty monster babies
90 Treant Seed ready to sprout takes hundreds of years to grow to adult 1000gp
91 Spyglass of Unseeing a large lense with a handle can see hidden faerie things 1000
92 Book of ancient faerie lore naming their royalty, tribes and bloodlines 1000
93 Book of magical beasts details habits of intelligent and giant animals 
94 Erotic coloured print of the faerie queen and or the king 10gp or the whole court 100gp
95 A great epic poem about the faerie queen the goddess of the land and her court 100gp
96 Playing cards with depictions of the elvish leaders and depicting their caste system 10gp
97 Scroll of protection from faerie 1" radius lasts one hour on person or place 1500 gp
98 Scroll of monster summoning spell but versions that faerie monsters 100gp per level
99 Scroll of speak to faerie spirits - reader questions invisible faerie spirits a turn 100gp 
100 Sword of the elfking +2 +4 vs human Intelligent Chaotic, sense Human within 3" and wielder gains fast draw skill. Communicates desire of faerie king to wielder by telepathy through dreams 5000 gp

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