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Cockburn and More Outback Ruin Generators

The point of the campaign is to get to know the basics in the home village of Mannahill then follow the highway to more adventure into bigger and more ruined towns. Hopefully by the time they reach Broken Hill they will be ready to compete in a bigger world with more advanced ruins and tech and more complex societies. Cockburn is the second biggest town in the setting before Silver City (Broken Hill).

Cockburn is a bigger town than Mannahill and is worth a stay for a while. Being bigger it is not as friendly and cosy and everyone doesn't
 quite know each other as well. There are ruins though aplenty and all kinds of troublemakers can be found camping in them. The next step should be Broken Hill which is big enough to keep players busy for years and has opportunities for power influence and fame.

As the next biggest town it has more complex ruins. Here are more detailed ruin generators for use in the area. It could expand on the smaller towns of the simpler ruins in Broken Hill. Broken hill has expansive sprawls and mine remains and advanced bunkers were hastily erected before the end times. Some still inhabited, some still secret and others open to the wastes. They are still for fairly small and modest ruins the size of 1d6 houses.

These d8 tables are more often d6, I roll all dice at once different colours
Many structures of one type can have been modified in later eras or even restored. A colonial looking house might have had nano repair bots or high tech coatings.

d8 Local Ruins (d4 sub roll for each)

1 Mining 1=open cut 2=vertical shaft 3=mining buildings 4=tunnel complex
2 Homestead 1=farmhouse 2=animal shed 3=vehicle shed 4=greenhouse
3 Industrial 1=factory 2=warehouse 3=junkyard 4=medical  

4 Wrecked Vehicle 1=cars 2=van 3=bus 4=mass of vehicles mashed together
5 Wrecked Vehicle 1=farm machine 2=construction 3=rail or road train  4=aircraft
6 Campsite 1=tents 2=crude shack 3=caravan 4=mobile camper vehicles

7 Military 1=stockade 2=watchtower 3=fortified building 4=bunker complex
8 Advanced 1=smarthouse 2=AI complex 3=hazard shelter complex 4=war machine

d8 Age of ruin
1 1800 Colonial Mine Boom era (Boom)
2 20-21st C Waning Years - slow death of mining settlements (Bust)
3 21st C WWIII Era and recovery - era of mass (Boom)
4 22rd C World Union Era rebuilding programs (Boom)
5 23rd C Migration Era space colonisation boom (Bust)
6 24th C Apocalypse Era Shadow years, Social Wars, Plagues destroy civilization (Bust)
7 25th C Gamma Aeon Early Years (Bust)
8 25th C Recent (boom)

d8 Condition

1 Mostly rubble
2 Exterior walls semi intact, scattered trash
3 Walls intact some shelter, choked with garbage
4 Walls and roof intact, some furnishing intact
5 Doors intact and some interior decor intact
6 Windows intact furnishing and decor badly aged
7 Intact furnishing and decor in fair to good condition
8 Sealed time capsule everything in perfect condition

d8 Inhabitants (d4 sub roll for each)
1 Creature lair 1=predator 2=grazer 3=scavenger 4=omnivore

2 Loners hideout 1=swagman 2=madman 3=criminal 4=prospecter
3 Survivors home 1=family 2=refugees 3=scavengers  4=outcastes 
4 Gang hangout 1=feral punks 2=mutants 3=gangcult 4=secret society
5 War Camp 1=patrol 2=scouts 3=raiders 4=soldiers
6 Synthetic 1=androids 2=robots 3=computer and drones 4=cyborgs
7 Horror 1=undead 2=nanite colony 3=macrobe colony 4=plant or fungus
8 Mixed colony 1=in conflict 2=ignore each other 3=cooperative 4=united or symbiotic

These are intended not as just loot but hopefully links to more adventure or problem solving

d100 Interesting Stuff in ruins
01 Comlink set up to some distant place
02 Map of bunker construction in region
03 Journal of traveller with interesting ruin clues
04 Journal of survivor escaping disaster
05 Suicide note with clues of treasure
06 Map showing crude landmarks and journey
07 Hidden emergency food supplies
08 Map of a well or stash of canned water or 
09 Can of fuel with service station guide
10 Box of 3d6 dynamite sticks and extra fuse

11 Box of ore samples with map where sourced
12 Box of pretty opal offcuts from Coober Pedey

13 Box of pre crash photos of area indicating ancient sites
14 Locked duralloy safe 
15 Immobile but talkative robot
16 Raincloud seeding rocket
17 Laser designator for orbital kinetic kill weapon one shot
18 Childrens talking toy doll with some memory
19 Microscope and microfilm with notes of a terrorist leader of targets
20 Holographic propaganda pod from wartime faction
21 Dead cyborg but memory core intact
22 Box of android food paste tubes or rare type
23 Dog translator collar
24 Toy deathborg that talks and threatens everyone
25 Report on secret nuclear waste dump
26 Treasure map of plane wreck
27 Map locating several corporate region bunkers
28 Keys and map of storage locker
29 Drain map with several marked locations
30 Robot dog with some memory intact
31 Functional aircraft engine with atomic battery and torn pylon
32 Cryopod with atomic fuel cell and body inside
33 Canister of liquid nitrogen and frozed strange seed pods in foil pack
34 Map of regional hospitals and list of drugs some one wanted
35 Map of regional royal flying doctor service airstrips and hq
36 Propaganda book of social wars faction
37 Plague warning hologram message pod
38 Dead android in uniform, virused anti human memory core
39 Survivalist skeleton with gun, knife, food and tools
40 Dormant undead corpse will awaken when smells human breath
41 Emergency rescue signal device calls a robot rescue flyer
42 Locked duralloy gun case with rifle and ammo
43 Robot brain wired into a terminal to access memory
44 Tank of water with edible narcotic algae raft on top
45 Industrial drill with several drill bits
46 Bunker door locked and hidden
47 Bunker door open and flooded inside
48 Sewer or septic tank or sinkhole entrance
49 Region tourist map
50 Collection of toy ray guns probably would scare gamma age era folk
51 Cyberbrain from automobile
52 Beacon to summon military robot to attack location with timer
53 Beacon to summon lunar transport to a moonbase 
54 Remote aerial recon drone with camera
55 Remote atv recon drone with camera
56 Fibre optic camera with spool of 30 metres for exploring rubble or drains
57 Bomb sniffer requires chemical cell
58 Drug sniffer requires chemical cell
59 Metal detector requires chemical cell
60 Bomb alert siren with flat chem cells
61 Crate of expired chem cells some leaking acid
62 Rocket backpack with glider wings and helmet
63 Childrens ride-in toy car with chem cell
64 Wrapped christmas presants
65 Home made bomb possibly fragile
66 Germ vial bioterror weapon
67 Nerve gas canister causes memory loss
68 Nerve gas canister with deadly gas
69 Collection of gang or tribal costumes in a sack
70 Drum of toxic sludge with address of dump site
71 Case of construction tools
72 Brochure for industrial park in isolated area
73 Polling booth and sacks of vote forms
74 Archive of UFO spotter with map locations
75 Smarthouse brain in box marked defective
76 Map of Woomera Space Port
77 Map of plague outbreaks
78 Map of vaccination locations
79 VIP pass key into bunker
80 Military ID to pass robots in military base
81 Police ID to open station ruin
82 Hospital ID to enter sealed section
83 Scientist ID for a black science lab
84 Encrypted code to access stash of Domars (currency of united earth)
85 Cheat codes for casino one armed bandits
86 Recipe for combat drug made from cleaning chems and common medecine
87 Drug lab for making formerly illegal drug
88 Key and location of long lost rural sex shop
89 Bench and tools to recycle pre energy weapons (gunpowder and bullets)
90 Bench to recycle old chem and hydrogen cells
91 Case with d6 atomic fuel cell cores
92 Battered battlesuit, mostly repaired with notes to finish and parts needed
93 Buried bubble car with damaged fuel cell
94 Keys and safe codes for gun club and firing range
95 Passkey to enter VIP golf club maintained by robots
96 Crashed nuclear missile, depressed AI might cooperate or decide to detonate
97 Flamer with several recipes for napalm
98 Damaged groundcar needs new wheels and battery
99 Tracked military ATV with radio, 4 bunks and rad proof
100 Eggs of interesting creature food or possible to train or sell

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