Wednesday 6 December 2017

Seven Nano Plagues & 12 Races for Planet Psychon

The Seven Nano Plagues of Planet Psychon

1 Chromantic Reassembler Nanite CRN "Skin bug"
 - bonds coloured symbiote to epidermis and altering organs and tissue - in 12 colour configurations and adaption modes

2 Mutagenic Reassembler Nanite MAN "Mutie bug"
- creates mutations with many different strains that provide minor or major effects
3 Persona Recompiler Nanite PRN "Mind hack bug"
- change alignment, personality, history often with shared collective  changes

4 Matter Reassembler Nanite MRN "Magic bug"
-changes matter into different stuff like slime or candy or turn peope into furnature
5 Biological Reassembler nanite BRN "Changeling Bug"
-changes physical characteristics to another race or species or physical type
6 Necrobion Reassembler Nanite  NRN "Dead Bug"
- undead creating plague life form that makes monsters that can survive apocalypse
7 Psychotronic Warfare Nanite PWN "Psi Bug"
-creates mental networked shared events like hallucinations or dreams or telepathy

These weapons of the late wars are used by the gods for terraforming and psychosphere scaping projects. On the brights side hopeless nanobots re spawn garbage heaps of the ancients, create new species and even respawn treasure in ruins for some reason. Of course when you die you are uploaded to the gods to be reborn again when needed or literally rebuilt with memory implants somewhere else. The gods are funny like that. Bad gods imprison people or make them monsters but keeping them from rebirth is bad enough.

12 Chromatic Mods for Races for Planet Psychon

1 Red +1 DEX "Volcano People or Fire Tribe" reputed warmongers and pyromaniacs
-heat resistance -1hp/dice from fire or heat damage
2 Magenta +1 STR "Flesh People of the Flesh tribe" reputed slavers
-heal a hp per hour
3 Cyan +1 WIS "Sky People or Air Tribe" reputed dislike of confined spaces
-hold breath Con + Lv rounds
4 Aqua +1 INT "Sea People or Water Tribe" dislike being away from water
-water breathing amphibian
5 Yellow +1 CON "Sulpher People or Mineral Tribe" reputed miners
-poison resistant
6 Tangerine  +1 CHA "Trader People or Wandering Tribe" reputed to be greedy
-disease resistant
7 Emerald +1 CON "Forest People or Tree Tribe" reputed 

-photosynthetic can live mostly off sunlight instead of food if uncovered too much
8 Light Green +1 DEX "Wild People or Plant tribe" reputed
-chem and rad resistant
9 Violet +1 CHA "Flower People or Manna Tribe"  reputed all magicians
-Magic resistant MR 
1% /Lv
10 Turquoise +1 INT "Jade People or Dragon Tribe" reputed organised
-Extra +1AC
11 Ivory or roll d10 twice +1 WIS "Bone People or Skeleton Tribe" reputed undead
-Wounds stabilize if under zero in one round
12 Jet or roll d10 1d4+1 times +1 STR "Night People or Earth Tribe" reputed cannibals
-Extra HP d4 and +1/lv

A optional series of mods for each colour scheme that can be applied to lots of races and monsters - possibly have dice roll list of optional abilities. Just playing with this for now. But idea that the colours are universal sets that are slapped on creatures and people is kinda promising and certainly not new.


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