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A-Z City Key

I have done this treatment for several dungeon types and rural villages. I considered doing one per district type but my pen and paper notes showed too much repeating so one will do. Point is to use key to populate dungeons or areas rapidly with generic room types and variations. Might do a Psychon one and other dungeon zones some time. A cave one might be good.

A-Z Xor Meat Dungeons
A-Z Gothic Dungeon
A-Z Goblin Mine
A-Z Redbrick Dungeon
A-Z Village 

Use this to generate maps and this a-z to populate it

i might need to make some specialist ones for my suburbs like non human city or mutant slumbs

d100 random location key
A 1-4 A Administration
5-6 B Barracks Militia
7-9 C Church Building
10-12 D Dining House
13-14 E Entertainment Venue
15-17 F Farm Building
18-19 G Guild Hall
20-30 H Home
31-35 I Inn
36-41 J Park
42-43 K Cult Building
44-48 L Penal Building
49-52 M Market Place

53-54 N Vacant Site
55-59 O Health Buildings
60-64 P Common Shop
65-67 Q Rare Shop
68-69 R Exotic Shop
70-74 S Scholarly Buildings
75-77 T Waterway
78-79 U Underground Entry
80-85 V Vice Building
86-90 W Work House
91-92 X Funerary House
93-95 Y Charity House
96-00 Z Criminal Building

A Administration
Buildings used by governing bodies of the cities where laws of the city are written and made and records are kept. Adventurers needing deeds, titles, citizenship, warrants paid, bounties, dungeon claims, exploration permits, mercenary licences, all need to come here.
1 Public Hall - meeting hall for public discussions or common assembly
2 Court House - where trials and court cases are judged often include cells
3 Municipal Stores - government store house often for equipment, goods or food
4 Custom House - where custom staff based who examin incoming and outgoing goods
5 Record Hall - documents of deeds, marraiges, births and deaths and other documents
6 Tax Collector - tax collectors, records and counting house
7 Council Chambers - where city or ward council meet
8 Clerk Office - office of city where bureaucrats work their magic
9 Planning Office - city planing and development often with maps and models of city
10 Palace - palace of senior officials and rulers

B Barracks
City armed forces buildings where militia and army are are based and work from. City will often have a militia, town watch, military and sheriff office connected to courts. A sheriff servers the court and has two bailiffs each with two beadles who aid him. Militia are semi paid local volunteers for defence and public order. The watch patrol by night and are often paid for by local businesses to enforce curfews. Military are permanent regular soldiers for attack and defence in war. Secret police are inteligence agents seeking spies and traitors
1 Guard Post - small cell and several watchmen based

2 Gate House - controll entry into a court or district with gate, guards and murder holes
3 Guard Tower tower - watching or bigger with guards and cell incide
4 Recruiting Hall - office where men offered boots and daily meat to join armed forces
5 Drill Hall - hass where men train and march and assemble in
6 Armoury - where armed forces store and make weapons and armour
7 Militia Barracks - dormatories for armed forces, mostly halls with a dozen bunks
8 Militia Office - office where local militia directed from by sheriffs and bailiffs and beadles
9 Secret Police Bunker - where secret police based with cells, dungeon and sewer entry
10 Fortress - fortified defencive structure possibly holding some goods or important point

C Church

Religious buildings made by various church organisations and cults. Every block has some religious structure. Many act as administration for ecclesiarchy of various faiths. Religions are quite competitive for attendees and buildings. City encourages church charity and tax breaks.
1 Templar Hall - templar barracks where they live, prey and store banking records
2 Hermatige - where pilgrims, monks and hermits live or stay in barracks
3 Holy Monument - statue, fountain, symbol or idol dedicated to a god or saint or hero
4 Monastery - where monks live and work often some industry or scriptorium or winery
5 Inquisition - where investigators of witches, demons and foul spirits based
6 Reliquary - where religious treasures and relics kept for pilgrims to visit for a fee
7 Seminary - school where clerics and priests trained by religion
8 Shrine - small often roadside holy place often attended by a young cleric
9 Temple - larger church with worship for 12-100 people inside run by many priests
10 Cathedral - huge church towering over city 100+ church staff and 1000+ at a service

D Dining

Common eating areas for all kinds of food and drink popular with many citizens with no kitchen at home or travelling or just rich enough to eat out.
1 Street vendors - stall, stand or pushcart offering cheap common snack food from a cp

2 Snack bar - counter selling popular snack items often with a specialty like pie from 1cp
3 Greasy Spoon - Small eatery for common workers who are regulars from 1cp
4 Coffee House - exotic, fashionable places with literate and bards meet from 1sp
5 Tea Room - exotic place for intellectual discussion over mystical herbs from 1sp
6 Canteen - common mass eatery for workers of a single trade like clerks or sailors 1cp
7 Ale House - cheap place to drink often with games or entertainer with no meals 1cp
8 Tavern - common drinking and eating place with a good night out for both from 1sp
9 Restaurant - where wealth and sophisticated persons eat and ponder from 1ep
10 Feast Hall - where groups come to celebrate with all you can eat and drink 1gp

Popular sports, games and performances keep the masses happy but are also hotbeds of vice and rebellion. Popular with all classes and visited by secret police often. Prices from 1cp common 1sp merchant class 1gp for noble.
1 Theatre - large hall for performances with large boisterously drunk audiences

2 Fighting Pit - small cheap grubby stadium with are for men or animals to fight for money
3 Gladiator Pit - fancy large facility for state spectacles of slaghter for the well off
4 Music Hall - huge hall with band for mob to sing and watch popular common performances
5 Opera House - huge ornate theatre for nobility but some abandoned and ruined
6 Amphitheatre - large ground for races, sport events with covered raised seating
7 Dance Hall - large hall with band, dancing and dancing troupes performing
8 Side Show - cheap stalls and tents with carnies, freaks, games, gimicks and scams
9 Speakers Corner - stone blocks where various people speak to locals on various issues
10 Odeon - hall where singers and poets perform works for civilized audience

F Farm Buildings

Even in the big city agriculture dominates life and there are many work opportunities for farmers in the city.
1 Stables - where horses bought, sold and kept with various qualities
2 Granary - where large stores of grain kept under guard
3 Grain Mill - mill where grain ground into flour for bakeries
4 Barn - for storage of animal feed and other farm animals in stalls
5 Piggery - where city waste and sewerage is fed to pigs
6 Feed Market - where animal feed sold
7 Farmers Guild - where farmers meet and display goods
8 Farmers market - where farmers sell goods to commoners
9 Livestock Market - where animals in pens sold and suctioned

10 Bird House - great house where birds kept for ornaments, messages or food

G Guild Hall
Various buildings of trading and crafting organisations of the city. They meet, drink, feast and maintain industry monopolies and protect members. Some act as banks, pension funds, bulk buyers and other uses. Some even have retirement homes and widows and orphans homes.
1 Artisan Guild - craftsmen of various specialisation guilds

Adventurer Guild - dungeon looting adventurer clubs
3 Mariners Guild - sailors clubs and ship owner and navigator guilds
4 Mercenary Guild - various mercenary company barracks and offices
5 Trader Guild - small local traders, stall holders and shop keepers specialties
6 Merchant Guild - trade companies and houses who freight bulk good across land and sea
7 Magical Guild - specialist magician schools, clubs and secrts
8 Trade School - school run by guild to train students often a sweat shop for orphans
9 Post Office - carry messages by runner, horse, bird or sea
10 Banking Office - pure financial organisations exchange or loan money and goods

H House
Where people live
1 Shack - a cramped one room building made from recycled garbage 4-10

2 Cottage - quaint often d3 room wood and plaster common house with thatched roof  1-12
3 Tenements - crumbling single room flats, substandard construction and bad health 1-8
4 Apartments - huge multi story buildings with small rooms and often no stoves 1-6
5 Homestead - multi room house for a family often with a shopfront or a business 1-12
6 Townhouse - pleasant courtyard house with multiple levels for a family and slaves 12-30
7 Fortified House - manor house with easily fortified windows, lookouts and entries 12-50
8 Community Hall - where locals hold community events, meeting and entertainment 100
9 Penthouse - fancy apartment building with owner usually on top floor in best one 12-30
10 Mansion - a sprawling huge house complex for a extended family and servants 20-200

I Inn
Temporary accommodation mostly for travellers of various quality.
 Flop House - where drunks, drug addicts and homeless stay 1cp
2 Boarding House - cheap common house with board and meal most have curfew 2cp
3 Lodging House - nicer common house with larger rooms ans service 1sp
4 Dormitory - mass housing often for industry, cramped and filthy 1cp
5 Messenger Station - where traveling messengers stay and refresh and pass on news
6 Caravan Lodge - where traveling caravans stay with animals and workers
7 Hotel - large place with quality rooms and stables 1cp floor 4cp or 1sp or 1gp for rooms
8 Coach House - where travellers using coaches stay on travels between trips 2-4cp
9  Student Lodge - where students establish cheap housing many bawdy and vice ridden
10 Guest House - rental house with servant for more substantial travellers like merchants

J Park
Various parks in the city for various purposes. Many are enjoyed by locals and urchins.
1 Military Monument - statues, graves and other monuments to past wars and battles

2 Religious monument - collection of shrines and religious statues or monoliths
3 Civic Monuments - monuments to civic leaders and organisations
4 Plaza - open area often with stalls where people meet and socialize
5 Hedge Maze - often overgrown thorny mazes often where homeless or stray animals hide
6 Botanical Garden - park with interesting trees and flowers sometimes foreign or huge
7 Zoological Garden - park with exotic animals caged for scolars and popular entertainment
8 Fountain Garden - park with expansive water feature often a common meeting place
9 Fairground - common fair and carnival events held here
10 Common Green - 
common area for various seasonal events, markets and recreations 

K Cult House
Buildings built or operated by evil insane cultists, quite common in the city, remnants of ancient evil
1 Witch House - where witches do or once lived, creepy with strange secrest

2 Cult shrine - where some cultists meet to revere a idol or shrine in secret
3 Cult warren - mess of interconnected shambling buildings turned into a cult nest
4 Cultist House - old large house where cult live and meet serving the master of the house
5 Secret Lodge - secret fraternal order or men's club meet to mostly drink
6 Monster House - house occupied my dangerous creature and avoided
7 Demon House - house known for evil, murder and wickedness, mostly ruined
8 Cursed House - sinister empty house where something happens to every resident
9  Haunted House - old empty house where the dead drive intruders away
10 Black Lodge - evil wizard school entry where demons teach black arts

Penal Buildings
Prisons are quite common and specialized. Also include buildings for state punishment of all kinds. They can be quite small but most overcrowded and cruel.
1 Debtors Yard - where those who cant pay bills are worked in sweatshops to pay

2 Jailhouse -common prison often divided into seperate classes and standards
3 Torture Chamber - place where authorities torture confessions from victims
4 Asylum - where disabled and mentally ill or troublesome are locked up
5 Oubliette - tiny confined prison built into wall or tower for single inmates for years
6 Execution Point - a block for public beheadings, hangings, disembowelment
7 Punishment Block - a block for floggings, gibbets, stocks and mutilations
8 Star Chamber - where secret courts drag prisoners for questioning
9 Lords Prison - important prisoners kept in luxury quarters under contract for ransoms
 Prison Hulk - a ship left afloat with chained up overcrowded prison

M Market Place
Many specialized markets are inn the city
1 Street market - common mixed goods from stalls and traders

2 Artisan Market - for guild approved fine craft items for the rich
3 Craft Market - for ordinary craft goods for commoners
4 Spice Market - where exotic food flavouring herbs and spices sold
5 Slave Market - where live prisoners sold for sale and kept
6 Goblin Market - where goblins sell strange fruit, fungas and strange stuff
7 Treasure Market - where exotic found goods like old coins and dungeon loot sold
8 Black Market - where criminals sell illegal and stolen goods without proper tax
9 Fleamarket - were second hand common household goods and trinkets sold
10 Fish Market - where seafood brought in by fishermen live

N Vacant Site
Places have been abandoned and ruined by neglect. Such places often used by children, gangs and the homeless.
1 Squat - ruined building filled with homeless people possibly paying rent to criminals

2 Shanty Town - collection of shacks and tents on empty or ruined plot for desperate poor
3 Homeless Camp - with neat rows of old tents and some clergy bring food for homeless
4 Empty Lot - empty grassy lot with some trash and potholes and rubble
5 Abandoned house - damaged empty old house often occupied by someone in secret
6 Building Site - slow building side with scafolding, stacks of bricks and builders
7 Ruined factory - old industrial building like workhouse with remains of machines
8 Ancient Ruins - ancient walls and rubble with carvings and other signs of ancients
9 Garbage Mound - lot full of trash and garbage possibly run as a second hand shop
10 Rubble Heap - mounds of rubble from long collapsed building and dumped here

O Health Building
Various services for bathing, laundry, hygiene, first aid and healing.
1 Sauna House - a heated steam house for people that like to sweat

2 Bath House -  small wash house where common folk pay to be washed
3 Apothecary - selling medicine made by alchemist or a complete charlatan
4 Public Bath - large public pool where people meet to be sociable and bathe
5 Barber Shop - common for shaves and hairstyles but also first and and dentistry
6 Holy Spring - place where special spring flows into sanctified holy belonging to a church
7 Wash House - where laundry washed by commoners usually filled with washer women
8 Laundry - a commercial  laundry complex serving well off and better hotels
9 Churgeon - a private healers house mostly with private clients
10 Hospital - a large complex for the sick often maintained by clerics for a church

P Common Shop
Everyday shops as used by commoners
1 Butcher Shop - shop to buy meat and butcher animals

2 Bakery - baking bread and cakes and snacks
3 Produce Store - selling vegetables, eggs, dairy, and some live chickens
4 Tailor Shop - selling clothing repairs, alterations and comisions
5 Tinkers Shop - repairing and selling old pots, tools, knives and trinkets
6 Metalsmith - metal cookware, tools, horseshoes, nails
7 Leatherwork - leather goods like tools and clothes, saddles, bags
8 Carpentry Shop - wooder furnishings and everyday items
9 Stonemason - stone items like idols, bricks, fireplaces, headstones
10 Pottery Shop - pots, bottles, jars, vases, plates

Q Rare Shop
Less common specialty shop used by better off professional and merchant classes
1 Herbalist Shop - selling herbal medicine, charms and drugs

2 Scribe Shop - selling written works and reading and writing services
3 Pawn Shop - selling second hand goods and high interest loans
4 Armourer Store - armour and weapons sold to public
5 Map Shop - cartographer and navigator supplies and old maps
6 Rug Shop - carpets, runners, wall rugs and more
7 Book Shop - mostly second hand books
8 Idol Shop - idols from many cults and religions
9 Jeweler Shop - jewels cut and set, secong hand treasures
 Wilderness Shop - selling ropes, folding boats, pulleys, mining tools, traps

R Exotic Shop
Shops in this class are rare and too expensive for the common folk. Most have a guard to keep out rifraff and might refuse commoner or merchants only dealing with the rich
 Magic Store - shop selling magic items and services
2 Humanoid Store - selling goods from the old country for non humans
3 Demi Human Store -  selling goods from the old country for non humans
4 Alchemist Shop - selling and identifying potions
5 Engineer Shop - machinist tools and machines mostly for building and industry
6 Gunsmith Shop - blackpowder, guns and cannons
7 Antiquities Shop - old decor items and art objects of high quality
8 Divination Shop - specialist in telling the future my magic or charletan
9 Golem Shop - builds magical mechanisms to be servants, pets or guards
10 Black Magic Shop - sell curses, evil books, poison and drugs

S Scholarly
Educational facilities for learned classes or for specialist teachers of certain skills. Fighting schools a common part of education.
1 Scriptorium - large scribe centre making books and scrolls with dozens of scribes

2 Library - place where you can pay to look at books often scholarly or magical
Museum - where exotic goods kept on display for the entertainment of the idle rich
4 Bard School - where bards go to learn trade from a master
5 Gladiator School - fighting school for martial artists for hire
6 Gymnasium - where people go to train and exercise and practice gymnastics
7 Fencing School - where gentlemen learn to fight for self defence
8 Wizard Tower - where wizards live and teach small groups of students
9 Wizard School - where many wizard students taught in formal boarding school setting
 University - where magicians and scholars study advanced degrees

T Water Way
Docklands and waterways where people cross rivers or land trading ships or have fishing fleets. Navy and pirates and merchants main shipping.
1 Shipyard - where ships built

2 Merchant Dock - merchant moorings with storage sheds of merchant traders
3 Criminal Dock - dock full of villainous scum, pirates and theives
4 Cargo Warehouse - warehouse storage for shipping
5 Fisherman's Wharf - where sall fishing boats dock and sell fish
6 Poor Bridge - where commoners permitted to cross
7 Middle Bridge - where well to do and merchant class cross
8 Nobles Bridge - where only the rich and servants may cross
9 Ferry Jetty - where folk await boat or raft to cross water
10 Canal Way - water channel to transport goods with a built waterway

Underground Entry
Various underground city passages and complexes

1 Catacombs - tunnel complexes where dead buried and people hide
2 Dungeon - complex for state torture but overrun with monsters
3 Drain Passage - manhole entrance to drain system
4 Cistern - entry for underground water storage complex
5 Well - opening to underground water spring or cistern for common use
6 Latrine - public toilet block
7 Tunnel - entry to tunnels used for transport goods unseen
8 Hidden Canal - covered canal entry where goods moved on water in tunnels
9 Garbage Pit - hole where garbage is dumped and possibly gets moved
10 Sewer - enterance to sewer system under city

V Vice
Seedy business mostly run by specialized criminals guilds and tolerated by state that probably gets a cut.
1 Pleasure Dome - perfumed pleasure house of sorcery cult

2 Lotus Den - drug house where customers lay in drugged stupors
3 Whorehouse - prostitute houses with wide range of services and specialties
4 Brothel - large complex with dozens of prostitutes run as business by house
5 Gambling Den - seedy house opened to public for games of chance
6 Pornographic Press - erotic prints made here by earnest fanatic artisans
7 Private Club - private gentlemans club with fancy drinks, foods and rituals
8 Casino - fancy upmarket gambling palace for the rich
9 Burlesque Club - dive for seedy exotic performance, food and drink
10 Strip Club - where cheap live sex shows and services available with grog

W Work Shop
Various places of mass labour often dangerous and polluting workplaces.
1 Warehouse - storage of bulk goods mostly for merchants to store and sell from 

2 Brickyard - where clay bricks made, fired, recycled and sold
3 Dyers - pits of chemical dye with stained workers
4 Abattoir - animals slaughtered on industrial scale
5 Brewery - beer brewed from grain in giant kettles and barells
6 Metal Yard - large scale smelting and refining of metal and large blacksmith projects
7 Lumberyard - trees cut into planks and carpenters make large thingsen mass
8 Textile Mill - fabric factory with weavers looms, spining wheels, fabric and tapestries
9 Artisan Studio - upmarket art studio where artist and students make fabulous work for rich
10 Sweatshop - large factory overcrowded with workers many who ive at work

Funerary Place
Where dead are buried, prepared and celebrated by population. Most are sanctified and fenced to keep out necromancers, grave robbers and undead. ones where the sanctity expire become haunted and places of evil. Necromancers are unpopular but many wish to speak with the dead so they are quire common in cities just for this
1 Graveyard - fenced blessed field with headstones and possible buildings for dead

2 Mousoleum - huge building for storing rich dead in stone crypts,  a great monument
3 Tomb - stone building for individual or family with some monument on surface
4 Mortuary - building where dead stored, mummified or made ready for funerals
5 Crematorium - where bodies burned by specialist priests for some religions
6 Necropolis - city of the dead, large scale area with many tombs and monuments
7 Corpse Pit - pit where commoner corpses and plague victims thrown in with lime
8 Charnel House - where bodies flensed so skeleton remains can be kept
9 Necromantic Lair - necromancer tomb or tower where they teach and serve comunity
10 Funeral Parlour - where funeral ceremonies held before burial or burning

Y Charity House
Various religions practice charity a good source of new recruits and competing who can help the most. Some professional bodies like sailors guilds run old seamens homes. Orphanages are good profitable business. Some charities make good money.

1 Orphanage - house for orphans often provide training and real sweatshop experience2 Seamen's Home - where old and crippled and mad sailors live after tithing to order for life
3 Poorhouse - place where poor housed, fed and clothed by church workers
4 Missionary House - mission with specific group it aids raises funds and work on project
5 Soup Kitchen - free soup and other donations for poor administered here by church
6 Homeless Shelter - large complex of temporary clean church run dorms
7 Workhouse - live in factory building run fairly well and not over crowded possibly a co-op
8 Pilgrim Hostel - where traveling pilgrims can stay and prey and receive charity
9 Old Widows Home - old women live here in a sweatshop knittong and sewing
10 Almhouse - collects money for poor, hospitals, orphanages, convicts with charity drives

Z Criminal Guilds
Criminal organisations have a long history and many have a legal front and pay tax or bribe the secret police to exist. Highly specialized city crime syndicates operate all over the city in various niches and classes. Non regulated criminals are hated by everyone.
1 Thieves Guild - a criminal gang based here with many living in run as secret society

2 Assassin Guild - clubhouse for prpfesional killers often run like a cult
3 Beggars Guild - beggars allocate turf and pool resources for food and housing
4 Pirate Guild - seafaring plunderers discuss internal matters then get horribly drunk
5 Smuggler Guild - guild for smugglers who pass as shifty traders selling dodgy goods
6 Lotus Cult - drug dealer guild warehouse where drugs stored and refined before sale
7 Orc Gang - gang of orc thugs mostly work as criminal muscle or killing
8 Protection Cartel - guild of criminals specializing in extortion and muscle
9 Spy Ring House - group of spies possibly for hire as a guild or foreign agents
10 Gang Turf - Common youth gang might hold sway over many houses or alleyways

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