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Colony Quest in the Underland 3 - d100 Great Chasms

So when players as the scouts of wandering lost settlers in the underland they will often get the job of exploring and scouting. Hopefully the colony dont get up to anything stupid while a party are away. Mostly this post is detailing huge caverns with interesting themes to explore which will have lots of uses. I will do a post on smaller caves useable for underland or normal wilderness areas later.

Will get onto paladin mutations, then a map of black stump village then gossip in hell but my access to my design comp over xmas might effect this schedule. I might try a cold hell table set for the new year and ought to get on with my Xor spell stuff and try to map Broken Hill and some other long non finished stuff....

Great Chasms
01 Nightbat Cavern - great bat filled cavern caked in guano. Grubs and bat eating creatures thrive. The remains of a vampire bat blood goddess ziggurat is in the centre 
02 Spiderhole Cavern - giant trapdoor spiders live here eating nomad creatures on paths and some areas are caked in cobwebs. A ruined spider cult temple sits on a hill  
03Skulldeep Cavern - bones from a sinkhole from the surface have accumulated for aeons. Necromancers like to come to make bone constructs
04 Black Monolith Cavern - cultists gather here to worship a evil black slab. Visitors report strange dreams and urges when sleeping here
05 Neverlight Cavern - this cavern resists all sources of light mundane or magical and is popular with light shunning creatures to raid other territories from
06 Forbidden Cavern - this cavern is dotted with shrines dedicated to forgotten gods of the prehuman age. Cultists come here on pilgrimages to leave offerings and make sacrifices
07 Devil Creek Cavern - a meandering poison stream flows through here and devils are seen patrolling the area. Somewhere a hellgate is tainting the creek
08 Silent Mesa Cavern - a mesa with visible ruined village on top is the main feature. Wandering zombies keep most away despite the dim natural light  
09 Skyburn Cavern - a strong light in the ceiling keeps out many light sensitive  creatures. Withered corpses litter the plain but nobody knows the cause
10 Blood Hammer 
Cavern - automated rusted foundry ruins built by dwarves long ago, now goblins and rust monsters roam. Mine tunnels are home to feuding goblin and kobold tribes 
11 Nightsea Cavern - A flooded cavern rich with luminescent fish and many islands each with ruins or a small community or a lair of some. Lake monsters of all types live here
12 Darkseer 
Cavern - a bleak cliff and canyon filled cave with carved relief statues and thousands of ancient prophecies carved into rocks in a dedl language 
13 Shroomwood Cavern - a great fungus forest with 30-40 foot high mushrooms. Many are home to goblins and they often celebrate visitors with a goblin market or feast
14 Black Cap Cavern - thick with fungus gardens, goblins and dark faerie folk. A fungi castle in the middle is where a dark dryad rules with her consorts and dark elf followers
15 Red Rock Cavern - red stone and soil with fossilized sea life embedded in the rock walls. Some lakes with ancient marine albino dinosaurs still survive, giant crickets feed off lichens
16 Bluelit Cavern - great blue light in the vault above from some ancient civilization. The degenerate albino ancestors of the light creators live in squalid ruins feasting on each other
17 Rathole Cavern - rubble of a great ruined city the inhabitants long dead from plague. In the dried up sewers rat men live seving their ten headed warrior king
18 Antfarm Cavern - several tribes of intelligent giant ants battle for supremacy among ruins of ancient dwarfs. Some of the ants have learned to use dwarf gates and defences
19 Fiend Rock Cavern - remains of dead here who battled to control a deposit of hell gems which fill viewers with desire. The races battled to the death and the gems are scattered 
20 Bleak Cavern - a gloomy cavern where a race of depressed evil gnomes live in a fortress. They will pay mercenaries to exterminate orcs, goblins and kobolds in the area
21 Bloodybone Cavern - cavern floor is scattered with gnawed bones or bloody trails. Degenerate trolls live here and are howling mad. Visitors start them howling
22 Haunted Cavern - ground is scattered with broken ancient weapons and bones. Spectral soldiers reenact ancient battles and kill each other every 24 hours  
23 Spectre Cavern - dour cave filled with a necropolis with hundreds of graves from over a thousands of years and many races. At least one spectre and lesser undead seen here
24 Grimhill Cavern - a ruin covered hill in the middle of this cavern is teeming with undead who have prevented any colonies taking root here for aeons
25 Ghoultooth Cavern - a necropolis here is ruled by a ghoul king who has treasure from thousands of surface world grave brought here by his minions that no thief has touched
26 Nightspear Cavern - a dark elf cavern where a clan of dark elves in a citadel plot evil against their neighboring towns and races
27 Squidfang Cavern - a great lake with islands and a green aurora lit vault. Squidmen live here worshiping their ancient demon lord. On the islands keep prisoners for eating
28 Great Void Cavern - huge empty cavern has a gateway to the nightmare dream dimension and horrors from explorers dreams roam here and cursed items abound
29 Celestial Cavern - a city of night elves live here serenely remembering the cataclysm that drove them here to build a replica of their heavenly star city from the dawn age
30 Elder Doom Cavern - great ruined prehuman idols and ruins cover this area with vaults containing mumified things from aeons ago. Guard shoggoths roam this cavern
31 Sunken City Cavern - semi sunken city was drowned long ago here and now albino fish men and axalotlemen battle for supremacy over the treasure filled wasteland and waters
32 Wormwood Cavern - something fell from another world aeons ago and the gods his it here to kep it hidden. Strange creatures and ruins with alien script are to be found
33 Nightsoil Cavern - a civilization above dump their waste here through sinkholes and thousands of bats live here resulting in worm filled excrement covered cave
34 Eyeball Cavern - a race of eyeball headed wizards live here creating eyeball servitor creatures to serve them and worshiping the all knowing eye in their ziggurat 
35 Dragonskull Cavern - a great dragon skeleton from the dawn age lies here. Dragons and necromancers come to visit it and pay homage. Some hope to raise this child of Tiamat
36 Scorpion Cavern - great ruin filled chasm is home to hungry giant scorpions who mostly feed of long dead bodies and worms buried here or any visitors that come through
37 Wormtooth Cavern - a cult of lamprey men worship the great worm here in a ziggurat. They are always rounding up sacrifices for their god they have trapped in a pit   
38 Maggott Creek Cavern - whole floor covered in writhing maggots feasting on flesh of some long dead kaiju who died here long ago. A ruined temple is visible from the entrance
39 Stewpot Cavern - the undulating floor here is covered in huge boulders and pools and the vault has a great red light illuminating the area. Bubbling thermal springs are common
40 Brazen Cavern - the soil here is littered with fragments of a army of bronze golems slain long ago. Other races come for the scraps but some occasional intact golems may attack 
41 Gold Nugget Cavern - dwarves and goblins both come here to mine and fight with remnants of mining equipment, forts and hidden lost treasure heaps everywhere
42 Glory Hole Cavern - a enterprising dark elf has opened a brothel here in a ruined dark dwarf mine catering to sexual interests of many depraved subsurface races
43 One Fang Cavern - a ancient vampire here has devolved into a hideous blind tapeworm like horror from aeons of mindless feeding. The insane being has a cult who feed him
44 Big Nob Cavern - a great stony pillar in the centre is actually a badly eroded citadel with degenerate remains of albino cannibal elves roaming the hallways
45 Three Sisters Cavern - three great mesa here some say were ogre sisters transformed. Ogres come to worship them and most bring sacks of gold with them
46 Mammoth Cavern - albino mammoths dwell here among the bone heaps of their ancestors grazing on fungus. Blind cavemen hunt them mostly by sound and smell
47 Marble Cavern - actually a hollowed out space made by aeons on mining here for the spectacular marble deposits. Half carved monuments lay among the abandoned quarries
48 Obsidian Cavern - black volcanic glass from some ancient magical disaster covers everything here and some races come for obsidian. Island temples dot the surface
49 Meatloaf Cavern - great granite mound fills the centre of this cavern and rock around it carved away by goblin miners. Goblins still live here and worship the great rock
50 Hangmans Cavern - strange tree like rock formations here often have hanging corpses, many undead struggling to escape. Used as a place of eternal punishment by some races
51 Haunted Cavern - gloomy dim lit cavern has ruined sprawling palaces from a lost civilization and spectral beings re enact their lives from the past
52 Deadmans Hand Cavern - thousands of severed hands are scattered on the floor here left by some creature long ago. Most fear the unknown thing and keep away
53 Gloomlight Cavern - a great dim light in the vault lights this ruin strewn place. A miserable race of gnomes search the ruins ruled by a witch seeking a lost machine 
54 Gorefilth Cavern - mounds of offal and gore are dumped here by bats who bring it from who knows where or why. Ghouls and worms feast on the vile mounds
55 Lichenhome Cavern - lichen covers the rocks and ruins here. Centipedes and lichen covered skeletons abound and keep people away from the secrets of the ruins 
56 Shadowkeep Cavern - a onyx castle on a mesa in the middle is guarded by shadows, shadow hounds and withing shadow knights and wraiths guard a gateway to the treasure haul of a demon of darkness. Many adventurers have failed and joined the darkness 
57 Blight Cavern - covered in mould ad mildew and great worms live of it and are herded by a race of gentlemen ruled by a beetle wizard. Their rhino beetlemen warriors wield halberds
58 Gore Fang Cavern - is covered in flensed bones and a village made of flayed skin and bones. A cult of blood wizards live here trying to open a gate to Xor the realm of flesh 
59 Winter Cavern - is a frozen cave with a glacial palace where a winter wizard and witch rule over ogres and bear riding cavemen. The dread outsiders and dream of conquest
60 Crystalkeep Cavern - a crystal cavern where albino chaos savages use crystal blades and spearheads. The cave is a place of beauty and a nymph wants the savages gone
61 Trogstench Cavern - home of a troglodyte clan who have carved a hill into a fortified sanctuary and have resisted many raids from enemies over centuries
62 Giblet Cavern - contains the petrified innards of a titan from long ago and sooth sayers come to read the rocks to see the fate of the cosmos
63 Dreadful Cavern - is populated by hostile albino cave apes and are very hostile. Some speak and they elect a mighty king to lead them in a war
64 Silver Barrow Cavern - a barrow filled cavern where races come to plunder tombs. Occasionally wights arise and slay the looters and send their new thralls home as warnings
65 Corpselights Cavern - a gloomy dim cavern where willow the wisps dance among the ancient ruins and battlefields. Occasionally someone finds a great relic here
66 Hellmantle Cavern - has many volcanic pits and dancing imps and salamanders, a hellgate hear is used as a entry to hell by wicked folk and adventurers
67 Firedrake Cavern - is home to a race of firenewts and their walking birds. They keep human slaves and worship evil fire elemental lords
68 White Ape Cavern - home to a gargantuan ape who sleeps and is worshipped by white ape men who hope their god will lead them somehow to the surface for conquest 
69 Dwarf Skull Cavern - a race of black bearded evil dwarves who use necromancy to employ undead. Undead  dwarves work in their citadel and non dwarfs patrol the cavern
70 Lizard Chasm - dimly lit chasm with growing ferns and dinosaurs and lizards with a tribe or lizard men who worship them. They have many gold treasures in their ziggurat 
71 Nightdrake Chasm - a keep ruled by a deathknight who rides a shadow dragon lives here with his army of zombies. He guards a magic mirror gateway where his love escaped into
72 Foul Lake Chasm - a putrid thermal lake full of rotting corpses and calcium deposits.  necromancers come for the corpses and other monsters com for the delicious stew
73 Stone Forest Chasm - full of petrified tree trunks in pristine condition with petrified giant reptiles and amphibians. Some stone creatures have been reanimated by earth elementals
74 Stonesong Chasm - a great lake with ruin covered islands where there was once a city. Sirens live here guarding their ancient treasure guarded by stymphalian birds  
75 Harpy Cavern - great reflective sheets of mica like mirrors are everywhere making the cursed harpies who lived here cry constantly, once they were women who spurned a god
76 Bloodlake Cavern - thousands of giant vampire bats live here and their dung has mixed with the lake to make a revolting fluid mix of rotten dung and feces a good fertilizer
77 Goblinhome Chasm - a goblin ramshackle crude stone citadel is here surrounded by a magical fungus forest ruled by a goblin king, they welcome traders and are friendly
78 Kobold Chasm - a great dungeon here is ruled by the kobold king, a son of their god and other races often hire them for building and mining projects
79 Dwarfhome Chasm - once a proud dwarf city of wonders now overrun by goblins and trolls. Adventurers come here for the treasure and danger
80 Godheart Chasm - a gigantic beating heart of a long forgotten dead god is imprisoned here still beating and a cult has come to worship it, gathering in the hundreds
81 Blackmaze Chasm - a great stone maze full of traps is the adopted home to many nightstalkers and darkcreepers who breed gibberling tribes to guard the outside
82 Alchemist Chasm - remains of a colossal apparatus that was used to make dragons in huge condenser chambers. It sprawls over miles with alchemist loot and monsters
83 Doomsday Chasm - a huge machine was built to start the apocalypse by a demon cult was built here and ruined long ago. Cultists, monsters and demons still live here
84 Stone Egg Chasm - a great sandy floor area with a gargantuan stone egg. if you listen on it's shell you can hear a heart beat. Lizard men cultists say it is their new god
85 Rusthell Chasm -  rusted iron ruins here was some kind of advanced settlement served by golems but hundreds of grazing rust monsters possibly destroyed the civiliization
86 Silver Queen's Chasm - a immortal witch lives here with her goblin and giant servants. Her white citadel is rumoured to be filled with silver treasures her goblins mine here
87 Minotaur Chasm has a naturally formed volcanic maze roaming with minotaurs who occasionally raid other chasms for food, some races send their criminals here
88 Gnomehome Chasm - an advanced race of gnomes using steam technology and employing giant flightless bat steeds. They are gloomy and grey skinned and hungry 
89 Giants Chasm - a huge cyclopean castle of a stone giant king is here. They will trade with other races but also like to eat little people. They will always buy slaves
90 Ogrekin Chasm - a sprawling ruined crude city where once ogres were great. A few of their magi still live acting as priests preying for forgiveness to the gods to lift a curse 
91 Trollhome Chasm - gibbering trolls surround ruins of a high troll citadel. Rumoured to be where the mad cancerous troll we know today were created and supplanted their betters
92 Mad Gods Chasm - filled with shimmering illusions and beings from the lands of dreams and nightmares. The mad god enjoys testing adventurers but offers great rewards
93 Casino Cavern - a cosmopolitan casino citadel populated by many underland races and ruled by a dark elf queen. Any are welcome who obey her laws and have money to lose
94 Mushroom Chasm - a race of mushroom men live here in this thick fungus forest trading food and magic fungus. They have many defences of cultivated slime and mould and fungi
95 Dragonspawn Chasm - dragons breed here in this great sulphurous pit since the dawn times. Ancient breeding dragons live in the bottom mostly in hibernation
96 Treasure Chasm - filled with ambush predators like piercers, trappers, cave fishers and more bred to guard cashes of dark dwarf treasure long ago but never reclaimed
97 Dark Fey Chasm - a decadent city of horrible dark fey with many pleasures and strange shops. Many use sex and drugs as a currency. Ruled by a semi divine king and queen
98 Witchlight Chasm - lit by a soft grey light a citadel ruled by a dynasty of witches rule here with enchanted stone and bone technology. Slaves farm fungi and lizards
99 Demonforge Chasm - a citadel of evil gnomes and demon worshipers help their demon master make evil and cursed items to send to the surface world
100 Ash Cavern - long burned out plane of ash and a ruined city. Races come here to plunder treasure and fight. Several have fortresses with the dwarvish one the biggest

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