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Colony Quest in the Underland 2 - Exploring the deep

This is a table of problems, hazards and encounters rolled into one for the migrating tribes in underland to meet. Will do a d100 Great Chasms too. My old underland stuff could do with a compilation and update and is a good extra horrible underland setting. Id use Veins of the Earth for the greater depths and extreme wilderness areas. The underlan area in the links below would be a awful place for a poor bunch of human refugees to arrive but at least they might take over a orc inhabited citadel. I ran a campaign down here for quite a while and half the party married orcs. It's one way for the new sub human tribe to get night vision.

You might want to take some cues from Civilization, Master of Magic and other colony games. I have considered other possible colony theme series pieces including a tropical island lost world colony but also a ancient desert colony, a mountain frontier settlement or a maritime imperial colony.

Typically when settlers are travelling looking for the best refuge some act as guards, some as explorers or scouts, some manage supplies, move freight, care for livestock, mind children, care for the sick and many other tasks. Adventurers might help them but tend to do the exiting and dangerous stuff.

Once a settlement is located there is building of roads, aqueducts, farms and houses to occupy people and some of these things on the table will still be usable

Underland Zone
First version of Underland dungeon zone
Monster Murder Machines
Dungeon Machine Rooms

Underland Terrain
Your underdark is soft - description, history and encounters
Underland Ogres

Underland Orcs
The Deeps of underland first map
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Random citadels
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Mushroom Types
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Underlands of the East
Subsurface Exploration - lots on lamps and Veins of The Earth
Underland Citadel map
My underground mutations might be handy too

Example Campaign Setting with underland

First island map
Under the Islands - the middle zone and plain map  
The Deeps of underland first map and settlement map of island 
Island Gazetteer and encounters
The Deeps of underland first map

These above posts are from when I was just expanding into d100 tables

Exploring the deep - encounters for the lost tribes
01 Meet scouts of a local race who offer some pointers as to where food or habitat might be
02 Meet scouts of a local race who tell dreadful lies
03 Meet merchants who offer advice on markets and setting up trade
04 Scouts of a race report home about the new people in area
05 Messenger from a local king inviting leaders and heroes for dinner (?)
06 Doppelgangers infiltrate group and people start to disappear
07 Tribesfolk report some petty hauntings
08 Petty godling arrives to cause trouble or help or both
09 Tribesperson receivers dreams and sorceress powers to betray the people
10 Leader is ill and requires a healer or special medical knowledge or medecine

11 Cave full of shrieking fungus and chirping crickets is found where nobody can sleep
12 Great chasm with lave or acid at the bottom is in way of the people

13 Bard composes a sad ballad about the doom of the tribe
14 Bard composes a cheerful optimistic song the people sing for morale
15 Bard lampoons a faction leader exposing their flaws
16 Faction leader is murdered my rival or subordinate
17 Domesticable breed of fungus or animal is discovered
18 Some in tribe have become cannibals in secret
19 Vampire has been tailing the group and charming some followers to do it's bidding
20 Faction leader has been enthralled by a succubus and takes demonic advice 
21 Incubus has fathered a dozen odd half demon children
22 Coven of organised witches has emerged from within the group and now public
23 Tribe of mushroom men offer to aid tribe but leaders are prejudiced and suspicious
24 Strange prehuman ruins have been discovered
25 Tribe of albino mutant cannibals are hunting stragglers
26 Breed of fungus eating one eyed cyclops goats have been discovered
27 Area full of camouflaged huge rock lizards who eat a few people by surprise
28 Hag offers advice in return for three children, will raise girls as witches and eat boys
29 Piercers drop from great vaults above proving to be a problem
30 Cave fishers in cavern vaults nabbing lots of people
31 Water source seems ok but giant cave lobsters eat several people
32 Race of corpse eating cannibal cavemen follow party eating any dead who fall
33 Dangerous albino cave ape colony is in the way
34 Dragon will only let humans pass for treasure
35 Haunted are needs spirits exorcised before anyone can cross
36 Changeling of the deeps infiltrates the people but means well
37 Goblins have taught some humans to eat goblin fruit, huff spores and drink goblin grog
38 Gigantic humanoid skeleton found of ancient kaiju sized giant
39 Sleeping monsters lay on fungi beds awaiting the end times, angry if awakened
40 A black prehuman temple with a imprisoned demon tempts people to look for gold
41 Great crypt with imprisoned mummies tempts some grave robbers to release them
42 Ancient watch tower in distance lights a signal to warn someone of settlers arrival
43 Witch rules over a goblin tribe and offers her rulership and marriage
44 Easily startled herd of albino cave mammoths are ahead and might stampede
45 Someone awakened a ancient catfishman wizard from ancient times who causes trouble
46 Someone found a idol and has begun to worship it "just for luck"
47 Rumours of food shortages start a riot
48 Rumours imminent attack panic a faction who try to flee en mass with food
49 Someone is possessed by a spirit who causes trouble or has unhelpful agenda
50 Ancient automaton juggernaut siege weapon on wheel rolls about ahead
51 Addictive drug mushrooms in area getting people hooked on strange visions
52 Agents of hell in disguise trying to buy souls of population members
53 Witches offer to tell fortune for only a few babies
54 Find evidence a underland slaver trader making secret deals with a faction leader
55 Someone in tribe has been stockpiling food and a angry mob has found out
56 Someone in tribe has been found to be getting gold from somehow and wont talk
57 Gathering of mushroom men has flooded cave with telepathic spores
58 Someone found a ancient stone seal awakening some long sealed horror
59 Someone has discovered a pool with magic fish swimming in it
60 Someone found a ancient squat obsidian monument with strange writing
61 Ruins of some prehuman ziggurat temple has been found by settlers 
62 Someone unearthed a stone staircase int the deep while digging a latrine pit
63 Someone found a bundle of witch talismans and charms in the settlers camp
64 An underland trader offers cheap food and gives away demon talismen
65 Someone found a magic talking cat that gives advice probably not a hellcat
66 Some settlers killed a bunch of orcs and some adopted their children to replace lost kids
67 Some settlers defeated a kobold band and took survivors as slaves
68 Deep gnomes offer strange lamp treatments on tribe young to give them darkvision
69 Someone in settlers has lycanthropy and committing murders
70 Cave cattle on migration that people want to eat which cavemen find highly offencive
71 An albino child is born which settlers take as a bad omen
72 A savage tribe of white cave apes are outraged at setters they mistake for an ancient foe
73 Settlers capture a goblin who tells of a easily assailable cache of goblin food and gold
74 Settlers find a dwarf ruined fort where inhabitants all killed in a siege
75 Strange fluttering glowing insects fill a cave on some seasonal migration
76 A seasonal swarm of giant edible moths attract goblins to the easy feast
77 Settlers out of desperation have discovered a edible worm and gather a months food
78 Explorers find a area covered in broken ancient statues of warriors in battle
79 Explorers find a skeleton of a titanic being that fills everyone with awe
80 Settler soldiers have been skirmishing with nightstalkers who strangle stagglers
81 Bugbear headhunters have been taking settlers heads and frightening children
82 Thousands of bats migrate through area scaring everybody but providing some food
83 Local caves have a luminescent fungi coating making visibility better 
84 Something has been stalking settlers and stealing their magic lamps
85 Area has great magic lamps in vaulted ceilings, often in strange colours
86 Someone died of a fever spreading talk of some kind of new plague 
87 A earthquake panics people, some flee others willing to prey to strange new gods
88 Nonhuman cleric offers to teach underland survival methods and to preach about god
89 Hobgoblin mercenaries offer to fight for you but want food and gold
90 Some invisible assassin has been murdering settlers
91 Someone catches up with settlers from the homeland with even worse news
92 A strange light in a cavern supports prehistoric plant life and animals
93 Discover dark elves riding quadrupedal bestial humans who are pleased to meet settlers
94 Remains of a ruined colosseum from prehuman times with feral monsters in ruins
95 A number of children speak dark elf they learned from a invisible friend
96 Local goblins use a passage through the dormant body of a kaiju
97 A small army of underland people demand settlers turn back
98 Explorers find a titanic incomplete stone golem which was to battle gargantuan kaiju
99 Envoy of the spider people invites settlers to kingdom and offers gifts of candy
100 Dwarves offer settlers a place in a dwarven ruin if they will fight with their army

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