Monday 4 December 2017

More Stuff Like This

So I started a Patreon page and have made this book available as a preview there to my subscribers with some other offers.

Partly done this to make me put up more stuff like this monthly and some other reward stuff which I'm sure I can manage. So hopefully will get my production slicker and I can work on a proper publication.

Id also like some money to buy games and artwork for particular products Id like to do to make them nicer. And because I cant illustrate everything myself because I cant solve every problem with mostly cartoon octopus doodles.

So this book is a 24 page PDF Illustrated by me tooling with a tablet and scanner. It compiles lots of tables about murder hobos, their shanty towns and other horrible day to life activities in their frontier camps of grizzled old killers.

Anyway its part of getting my production of stuff up to a standard I'm happy with. And hopefully lots more to come.

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