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Gamma Oz 2

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Foringa's Lands

Empire of the Sun - mecha piloting tech feudalists of Nippon
Garbage Sea - country size floating mass of garbage with salvage and mining and robot whales and platforms of feral sea nomads and exiles
Kiwiland - mist shrouded land reported to have warring parrots, kiwis, moas, crickets and sheep with mighty human tribes and the LOTR themepark now covering a large part of one island
Antarkos the Kingdom of the Old Ones - site of mining and research bases and part of the world climate control and teleporter network arrays. Some areas have micro controls such as the dinosaur parks. Ancient pre war humans live here in a military-science state serving AI gods such as Neptune. There are ruins inhabited by undead and biological constructs which have taken over areas. They have a fleet of ancient nuclear subs and a arsenal. Say they meddle in affairs of other states.
Komodo Land is a horrible wastenand crawling with Komodomen. They mine ruins with human slaves and eat the week. They sell mercenaries and slaves to The Cassawarriors and the Orungs
Cassawarrior Empire - these humanoid cassawarriors have dominated the north and have dealings with the Crocks and The Toads. They dislike non tropical areas and have a savage tribal lifestyle. They ride giant non intelligent casawarrior mutants also called gammagobblers
Empire of the Orung Is where uplifted orangutangs emerged from the forests as the dominant power with a mixture of Indonesian dutchcolonialism. The Orungs are bureacratic and run efficiently using many human subjects to fight their wars. The Orungs are a mix of Islamic, Secular scholars who follow ape stoic philosophers, buddism and hinduism plus tribal religions.
Tentacle Sea seems to be a region where kraken, squid, nautiloids, octopids ammonites operate a united territory and are at war with the Empire of the Sun. Tentacle mutant pirates have a huge flotilla and they serve their underwater tentacle masters

Strayan's Lands

Algal Bloom is a area covered in a huge mat of algae creating a ecosystem and even islands where many species live that have become immune to the poison
Sea Tribe unite a area of ocean including ruined hydro cities above and below the waves with many waterbreathers and including many uplifted sharks, cetaceans and inteligent seabird races.
Canarven is a great tribal holy place filled with canyons with ancient lost life forms a very popular place for ancient dinosaur resorts
Bloom is the capitol of the Algal Bloom where the sea territory controls a large inland kingdom. A reputation as dangerous and high
Robotland is the remains of a automated millitary that served in the war and used to monitor the seas for swarms of invaders during the apocalypses. Now robots and androids control the area increasingly fragmenting into AI kingdoms from old military bases. Humans are slaves here
Scorpionland is crawling with giant insects and arachnids and crabs and other invertibrates. Only the most savage gangs survive there
Pert is a great ruined city covering a vast area and a dangerous ruined toxic wasteland. A gang of Viking-miner-prostitutes from the town of Norseman became the leading gang
Shark Coast is a region of dangerous giant sharks some quite intelligent and some capable of damaging ships or others who can board them and invade the land
Freemental is a city roaming with mutant mental patient and surfer gangs. The local AI believes the whole region is part of the mental hospital and controls robots and androids. It is risky but good pickings
Domeland is a region dominated by advanced domed colonies that keeps less civilised barbarians outside
Alarmbane is the central warlords city who patrol the between domes and often operate at wasteland tech to not spread their advanced secrets
The Three Emu Kingdoms is central of three uplifted emu states that operate a central administration headed by a elaborate bureacracy. The elected President operates this democratic republic. Any land owning or employed emus can vote. Kalemu is it's original name
Kalgoodlie is the ancient capitol where the three kingdoms are administered from and where all the tribes meet to play cricket
Hutt River Kingdom is a ancient kingdom long separated from Australia before the big bangs. The royal family run a feudal royalist state where knights protect and rule the people
Geraldstown is a major trading port for food from land and sea ruled by king Gerald the 16th, king of the Hutt River Kingdom
Emutopia is a caste system utopian cult like kingdom that produces the three kingdoms food
Emuboola is a safe stop for traders by land and sea and has a small ruin to explore. May cars still operrate in the area. It is the public capital of
Emutopia but the rulers and central emu commune is in the country for Emu's only
Dingolands are home to dingo raiders and slavers who especially snatch babies to raise as feral servants
Sandgropers are the wasteland humans and tribe who occupy this desert region and raid neighboring lands
Wasteland the great wasteland one of most radioactive areas used for testing weapons
Badgieswarm great plagues of meat eating budgies darken the sky
Wombatopia the kingdom of benevolent epicurean wombat materialists ruled from wombatsburg a modest underground trade town
Sharkland amphibious shark men and surfies battle on the freeways here
Whalers the lands where uplifted whale think tanks live with human habitats and cyborg defence whales
The Great Bite the cliff coastline that a monster in the dreamtime ate like a cookie
Dolphin People dolphins and their floating hab water breathing human allies
Sealherders the seal nomads herd their fish snatching sea lions herds and rule the coastsDuna city of tuna herders who drunkenly battle over fish stocks
Rabbitland rabbitmen wasteland
Coober the underground gem mining capitol of the region, very dangerous
The Great Waste a great radioactive wasteland where weapons were tested and waste stored
Alice Capitol of the first people tribes, very few whites but native mutant animals welcome
Madlay A dreamy flooded ruined city famous for drug production, cannibalism cults and beast men
Linkone robot city of the iron triangle alliance mostly for manufacturing
Pordargutter industrial ruins being resettled and in a boom economyWhyallah power production and industrial wasteland
Porpirre slavery, smelting and metal working city
Crow Eaters lands of the crow eater tribes of a great wasteland
Dragon Coast where giant mutant leafy sea dragons ruleLovecreek isolated trade town
Broken hill mining town where art colonies have made huge weird monuments
Mouldareya a drug trade and food producing town ruled by mutant bikers
Cabbagelands common farming folk who operate a united militia to stay independant but often attackedGumsuckers tribes of farmers, relic hunters and and traders in a united alliance with a elected warlord
Mt Gammabeer decadent cult town who worship the great blue lake. Lots of caves in the area and they operate prisons for other nations for labour
Goonabong prosperous ruins and trading farm town capitol of the Gumsuckers
Rattown a former colonial gold mining town with good ruins and farms but giant rats are common
Smellburn a huge stinking ruins with a tyre fire over three hundred years old sustained by nanobots
Bass Strait Triangle a dangerous region where ships and air travellers vanish and storms are common. Tiny farming islands in the middle have not been seen since the apocalypses
Rainbow Island formerly tasmania renamed by the Green Fist Rainbow Alliance cult. A pro environment pro mutant utopia where state enforces orgies
Appleland southern part of the island where apple orchard clan folk live exporting cider, pigs and fruit. Everybody seems to be related
Devo a city of degenerate perverts without limits, everyone pierced and tatooed in studded leeather
Lanceton citystate ruled bythe knight of tasmania who wage war on the other tribes for degenerate sexual antics (not including homosexuals which are very common and welcome)
Hobbstown a town of satanic cultists who protect their ruins
Bluebottle Sea thick with enormous rafts of gigantic stinging jellyfish
Canburrough ancient capitol full of bunkers, AI and gangs in a ruined dome
The Gong ancient woolongong ruins and farmers hidden between Canburough and Zombie wastes
Zombieland necro virus has left area contaminated and undead have protected the ryuns from life
Sin City a decadent city in the middle of a vast metropolis with roaming tribes
Nukecastle a former mining town full of tribes of asthete artists vs wasteland hordes and excellent ruins
Rangabad a settlement of Orangutan farmers exiled from their homeland and mostly devout muslims. Also known as Orange city or Rangatown
Cornland corn farmers with a army of plant warriors they grow and eatRoachland Lands where giant cockroach monsters and swarms make ruins left unlooted
Bane toxic diseased town full of punks who eke out a living in the poison ruins
Goldcoast a city of vain, gambling gangster pure strain humans who enslave imperfect non PSH. Have a vibrant movie and sex industry and motorised death sports
Twowombats a ancient ruin inhabited by tribes founded by wombatmen brothers in Tawoomba. Country music, redneck and beastmen clans are common. It is a holyplace of the bannana people and music festivals
Bannanaland a fruit growing state of rednecks thralls of the canetoads
Jelly Islands giant jelly land masses populated by tribes
Bundyrum grog producing capitol of Bannana land with strong Toad garrison. Rum is the main currency on the east coast ruled by a mutant white bear
Rockhopper city of rubble and a old military base with robot controlled zones. Lizard and insect men are common, locals are called rubblerunners
Razor Coast huge reef area with thousands of inacessable islands many with untouched resort complexes
Townsville gang filled town looting ancient military base and seaport
Cans maritime city where land and sea beast folk trade exotic goods from far and wide. Many species here
Pigland ruled by warrior mutant wild boars and their city swine pink skinned cousins who live decadant merchant lives
Toadland cane toad lands with many vassal states and control of trade and crime widespread
Derrwin a ruined city destroyed by hurricane swept ruins where underground complexes still discovered. Also weather has stopped resettlement. Everybody thinks only idiots live there. Multi cultural but lots of conflict. Remains of huge anti immigrant coastal defences and thousands of wrecked boats and corpses on the coast
Crocland crocodile nation who fight for the canetoadsKangaland the wasteland mutant kangaroo tribe lands


  1. Thanks for the inspiration, mate! I'm getting ready to plan a gamma-world style campaign for my group and predictably was looking at the typical American setting. You've got my mind firing thinking about something closer to home now - hope you keep this series up, it's great!


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