Monday 18 December 2017

Sewers and cesspits 6 - Into the Under Dunny

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Part Two  - sewer secrets and sewer hazards - two
Part Three - sewer generation - three
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Under my emo house rules sidebar is all my chaos corrupted village series too
Will Still do a frozen hell and a dungeon hell, possibly rivers of hell dealt with too all aimed a hell sourcebook. Aim is to do 7-9 hells plus several in between areas like boiler room, sewers, catacombs for people to cheat past challenges hell gives at legitimate gates of hell. Any way hell is a big enough area and subject for a while. Hell stuff in a way is like my dungeon zones but higher level. A area for hells garbage might work. City tables for hells cities.

I guess writing about hell and turds got to me a bit so Im finishing it now

So last Time I started sewers of hell

An alternate way to other levels of hell or to the human world. Today it is encounters and hazards for sewer hell. Encounters are hostile encounters that often lead to combat. hazard is dangers based on location and can be avoided.

d100 Encounters in the Sewers of Hell
01 Fly demons looking for food and filth and sinners
02 Zombie sewer worker crew with tools ignore the damned
03 Orc warriors on a glorious pilgrimage to hell through these holy caverns
04 Bored Imp prankster follows party for a while or helps start fights
05 Gremlins with pet rats heroically attack or prank giants
06 Ratman war band hostile to humans
07 Small breed or ratmen, less hostile and willing to trade
08 Ratman chaos monks with foul brazier spreading plague miasma
09 Ratmen cultists led by ratman wizard-priest
10 Ratmen worshiping a demon rat cult idol forbidden in hell

11 Fly demon worshiping altar to fly lord
12 Devil Swine wallowing in filth and eating sewerage charm party to join them

13 Fly men feasting on sewerage while others caring for maggots
14 Rat size of a cave bear ferociously stalks victims and attacks at bad moment
15 Water weirds playing in the filth
16 Hoard of desperate filthy damned beggars want all your stuff
17 Lesser devil militia marching inspecting passports
18 Lesser devil atrol bored and willing to attack any outsiders
19 Rebel outcaste devil looking for possible allies against those who banished it
20 Erinyes devils looking for people to question and punish 
21 Furious purple worm attacks from sewerage
22 Blood worms frolicing in the waste
23 Larvae crawling about on shore eating a turd 1in4 chased by an imp
24 Giant sewer octopus will eat anyone
25 Hellish giant carniverous sewer apes in a band attack
26 Witches hoping to impress masters in hell by attacking intruders
27 Savage sewer dinosaur wallowing in sewerage but hungry for manflesh
28 Goatmen warriors in service to a devil
29 Toadmen marching looking for unlawful intruders
30 Lizardmen troops on amphibious manouvers
31 Lesser devil tells mob of the damned they will be rewarded for killing intruders
32 Awful batmen searching for intruders in sewers
33 Filthy ogres wandering about feasting on sewer waste or victims they eat
34 Cave fishers in ceiling 
35 Piercer colony clustered in junction
36 Chaos sewer otter men like to play with corpses in water
37 Flail snails gorging themselves on excrement
38 Giant slug grazing on filth but likes meat for variety
39 Giant centipede swarming area
40 Gargantuan demonic centipede
41 Tarrasque wallowing here in between being tormented by humans
42 Hell hounds hunting 1in6 have a lesser devil handler 
43 A befouled styx devil in filthy robes demands gifts to pass
44 Sewer golem like a clay golem but grosser
45 Pigmen wallowing quickly grab weapons and charge at edible strangers in sight
46 Cultists on pilgrimage through hell 
47 Filthy lost band of murder hobos no idea where they are
48 Filthy band of desperate murder hobos lost in hell will kill anyone for food or grog
49 A wounded outcaste lesser devil willing to trade information for food or healing
50 Filthy were rat cultists looking for victims
51 A medium devil inspecting sewer complex for unauthorised planar portals
52 A medium devil and lesser devil guards looking for some lost souls for a mission
53 A black dragon having a bath in filth and eating a dead hell cow
54 Hell cat is friendly and offers to be a servant to a party member
55 Death knight riding a nightmare searching for a particular damned soul
56 Night Hag on nightmare offers to take you home for a larvae each
57 Giant Frogs waiting in flooded walkway
58 Fire Toads wallowing in water but hungry
59 Fire Newts exploring sewers for territory for their race
60 Firenewt scouts on strider birds skirmish only and retreat to base
61 Orcs riding wyverns on patrol resting to eat somebody they caught in spitroast
62 Greater devil riding barge with lesser devil servants
63 Cultists with hellish mutations serving the fast track to become devils
64 Goblins bathing together on holiday will grab weapons if edible adventurers seen
65 Kobolds repairing brickwork assume the worst and start shooting with bows
66 Lesser devils on patrol with guns will be satisfied firing a few volleys
67 Lesser devils with hellhound on chain searching for a fugitive 
68 Scorpion centaurs highly enraged looking to kill anyone they can
69 Giant crickets grazing on cave fungus panic and scream when intruders scare them
70 Giant sewer lobsters grazing on filth on shoreline become fiesty if food near
71 Giant sewer crabs picking clean shore line but crave meat most
72 Giant snapping turtle covered in slime aggressive ambush predator
73 Swarm of giant cockroaches mindlessly knock people over and release nauseating gas
74 Swarm of bluebottle hell flies blacken the tunnel many will nip anyone on the way
75 Giant robber flies sitting on edge of filth will attack 
76 Giant mosquitoes (reskin stirges) lurking on banks 
77 Giant sewer platypus (as bear but poison stingers and swim)
78 Lizardmen riding dinosaur or giant snapping turtle
79 Murderous magic sewer dolphins with illusion of sweetness invite you to play with them  
80 Kelpie will take form of a maiden or fine horse and try to touch victims to drag into water
81 Selkie wereseal extremely lost and wants to be free, possible love interest
82 Horrible giant weasel clan looking for food
83 Giant sewer owls hungry but night spare educated persons to talk to
84 Miserable sewer elves living among reeds and marshy bogs of slime 
85 Sewer naiad attractive but filthy and hungry for love but diseased with swamp fever
86 Hellish blood elves looking for victims to murder to drink their blood
87 Mutants crawling with plague and necrotic mutations and parasites hat normality
88 Confused gang of thieves took a wrong turn now in hell hostile but might cooperate
89 Sewer workers looking confused and lost
90 Angel mad with wrath looking for any evil or damned it can punish with its fiery sword
91 Stench cattle drinking filth on shoreline will panic and stampede if spooked
92 Gigantic sewer sea serpent writhing through tunnel hungry for meat
93 Boat load of lesser devil marines in boat steered by styx daemon
94 Hydrodaemons wallowing in filth playfully frolicking feeling frisky
95 Evil naga and cult killers looking to plunder arcane knowledge from hell  
96 Bearded devils with pitchforks angrily looking for outlanders to persecute
97 Earth elemental formed from excrement on the rampage about existing here
98 Pack of ghouls some with a legendary ghoul leader
99 Formarian giant bathing will arise hungry for meat 
100 Pisco Daemons swimming in water looking for entertainment

d100 Hazards in the sewers of hell
01 Green slime growing over sewerage hard to cross but peacefully grazing
02 Flash flood of sewerage
03 Devil magistrate with guards holding trials to see who may pass onto the next level 
04 Badly wounded unconscious angel half drowned in filth
05 Hoard of mindless least devils gibbering migrating en mass along walkways like river 
06 Gibbering lemurs swarming across walkways and the water
07 An altar to a lord of hell if not acknowledged will attract a encounter
08 Olive slime and zombies growing in area
09 Yellow musk creepers and zombies
10 Fery with a ferryman daemon awaits coin or organs to travel by waterway

11 Wrecked boats litter shore line possibly some repairable
12 Crumbling stone bridge with gargoyle guards

13 Rickety rope and wooden bridge damp and slightly rotten over rapid flow water
14 Several ropes over water with rats crossing on them
15 Scaffolding bridge over waterway used by kobold repair crew
16 Plague miasma cloud flows through tunnel
17 Area filled with flamable gas easily ignitable
18 Area filled with low oxygen require save or black out
19 Fog fills passage way making visibility poor
20 Stinking cloud floods corridor save or must flee while vomiting till outside plus one round
21 Confusing fog fas save of suffer confusion
22 Frozen section with ice bridge of frozen feces and ice crapsicles hanging from roof
23 Giant ants busily removing a blockage
24 Kobold labour camp run by several petty devils working on rebuilding a substation
25 Bridge has collapsed into flowing sewerage
26 Rapid flowing waters partly overflow walking areas
27 Section of cave fishers like to hunt in this junction
28 Dilapidated shanty town with desperate mob of needy mongrelmen
29 Crumbling bricks under walkway 
30 Walkway section of floor is a mimic that has fitted in the collapsed section
31 Slippery walkway easy to fall into waterway
32 Plesiosaur snaps at people near water way
33 Spawning giant frogs in water mostly too busy to pay attention to walkways
34 Plank over water filled with vicious rippy fish bubbling hungrily in water below
35 Kraken blocks the tunnel demanding treasure or sacrifices to pass
36 Temple dedicated to lord of hell over the sewer flow, greater devil charges quest to cross
37 Thin shaky wooden bridge with angry hungry troll living undeneath
38 Embankments and walkways formed of naked bound damned souls in stasis
39 Bored devils on suspended walkway fire muskets at travellers on paths for fun
40 Hands form in liquid sewerage grasp at feet of travellers on paths
41 Illusion of loved one calling you appears in flowing waste
42 Illusion of intact path or bridge tricking victim to fall into waste waters
43 Pacing sewer golem on path will swing at any who pass but not chase 
44 Devil watchpost being attacked by dragon, possibly move past without attention
45 Sleeping hell crocodiles on banks can be passed with care
46 Dozing hell crocodiles in sewerage form a bridge across water if crossed quickly
47 Aggressive hell hippopotamus lurking in area will chase humans on shore if noticed
48 Banks covered in rotting corpses which might slip into the river of filth if disturbed
49 Piles of loose bones, unstable and might collapse into waters if disturbed
50 Shores crowded with damned souls who push and shove each other into filth flows
51 Burning sulphurous turds of devils are on path stinking up the place
52 Giant slugs are licking of the filth of brickwork and might notice walking meat
53 Boat of devils with muskets rowing down river looking for pests who don't belong
54 Walls have collapsed over the pathway leaving loose slope of rubble into fith
55 Hellish sewer gas on fire area filled with burning gas jets blocking passageways
56 Flame geyser shoots fire from the bubbling sewer pools
57 Surface of the sewer waters has burning patches of fire 
58 Flammable gas fills corridor ready to explode violently
59 Sulphurous mineral secretions of wild colours encrust surfaces, fragile, crumble easily
60 Strange vapours and mists with eerie faces of the damned appearing in them
61 A flatulent devil wallowing in filth smiles as he farts stinking clouds filing tunnel
62 Imps hurling turds at passers by, some urinating on travellers flying over head
63 Block of solidified tallow probably from humans blocking passage
64 Giant mosquitoes hovering around, laying eggs on water, hatching from water larvae 
65 Huge head size flies buzz about nipping and landing on travellers
66 A devil on a bridge demand soul or something horrible to pass or a bizarre contest
67 Black clouds of flies block vision, crawl in eyes, nose and mouth
68 Huge tapeworms revolting heads rise from sewer waters when meat tries to walk past 
69 Huge devil with erection smiles creepily at anyone passing
70 Mounds of loose dirt, rubble and filth on banks full or giant rats with human faces
71 Giant squatting devil with diarrhea squatting over walkway 
72 Piles of rotting plague corpses littered on walkway and floating in water
73 Water choked in rotting corpses with crocodiles feasting on them
74 Damned quack doctors offering strange unpleasant remedies and cures persistently
75 Giant sewer constrictor snakes coiled up resting on banks camouflaged as excrement
76 Drunken renegade devils drinking on banks throwing bottles at travellers
77 Damned artist colony painting and sculpting with feces and impressed by their efforts
78 Giant devil baby sitting on bank smearing shit on walls gleefuly 
79 Sewer serpent forming a bridge over water, promises will let you cross
80 Damned merchant selling rubbish he has found in sewer furious if you don't like it

81 Damned dirty bandaged beggars swarming banks demanding food 
82 Damned bandits demanding a toll
83 Devil renegades demand a toll
84 Devil renegade wants you to stop and listen to his treasonous plot against hell
85 Devils want you to judge which devils turd most impressive
86 Filthy sewer nymphs want sex waiting on pathway for men
87 Devil handing out treasonous pamphlets about unfair conditions in hell
88 Gambling damned insist you play some games with them but never satisfied
89 Ferryman will transport you around area for a few gp each
90 Ferryman will transport you to local layer of hell for a body part each
91 Ferryman will take you to any layer of hell for a willing soul
92 Devil offers to show you where to escape for a soul
93 Devil offers you illusionary delicious food actually feces
94 Locked portcullis gate over sewer exit
95 Fortified hellmouth with guards, exits sewer if they let you
96 Raft made of corpses with damned pilot offering to sail you out of here
97 Giant fly demons offer to take you to the mortal world if you let them implant eggs in you
98 Giant fly demons offer to take you to the abyss no charge
99 Fallen angel tries to trick mortals to damn themselves
100 Damned wizard with sewerage golem demands toll to pass

Phew - more hell in 2018

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