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War with the Necromancers 2 Encounters & Wonders
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probably don't need A-Z necromancer lairs or carousing with necromancers  

So as usual for opening of the war encounters and wonders start off simpler allowing you to use a d10 or d20 in the opening phase before things go to hell. If night time a issue replace undead with light tolerant variety or use weather such as dark clouds or fog which only adds to the effect.

d100 Necromancer War Encounters
01 Crying child who wont say where they have come from only everybody dead and walking
02 Fleeing villagers declaring it is the end of the world and begging for food
03 Inquisitor and militia investigating some undead in a village graveyard
04 A undead hand crawling on the road
05 A rambling old hermit wont get out your way is really a zombie
06 Black robed students carrying worldly goods in sacks in high spirits due to a secret
07 Student on road looking for his master carrying a blasphemous forbidden book
08 Sheriff and a mob looking for grave robbers in area searching waggons
09 Sickly traveller exhibits necro mutations but is trying to hide it
10 Man on way to report walking dead seen to magistrate or sherrif

11 Waggon of robed labourers pulling cart ladened with coffins (cultists or zombies?)
12 Peasants carrying body to a bigger holier graveyard where undead don't prowl

13 Cultists with barrows and shovels plus d6 potions that raise zombies
14 Shambling 4d6 peasant zombies on the road chase at any living they see
15 Old person dragging wrapped dead partner on muddy sled, corpse starts to move
16 Crazy woman with zombie baby fleeing intolerant village
17 Mob wants to burn old necromancer for talking to undead spirits
18 Militia guarding a pit full of corpses with lime on top concerned might arise
19 Zombie parents chasing their living children who are afraid but don't want to be alone
20 Villagers have caught a apprentice necromancer cultist and plan to burn him
21 Waggon load of bodies off to be burned with militia guards
22 Skeleton soldiers march down road d4x10 march in unison but will chase living
23 Necromancer apprentice with ten skeletons holding up travelers for anything he fancies
24 An undead ogre with a leather mask and a axe roaming road for food
25 Headless zombie staggering on road but can only vaguely sense living
26 Ghouls howling in the distance if night you might see some in the distance
27 Robed travellers reveal themselves to be ghouls once close, led by a ghast
28 Lady necromancer with her ghoul cultists threatening travellers for money
29 Fresh acolyte priests from the seminary marching out to face undead for first time
30 Templar war priests on horse back fresh from fighting undead now needing rest
31 Inquisitor and crusaders searching travellers for taint of necro mutations or undeath
32 Zombie bugbears d12 wandering in a pack looking for food
33 Spectral minion soldiers on march to relive a peasant massacre they committed long ago
34 Spectral minion knight on horse back attacks travellers passing a landmark
35 Necromancer with cult and zombies is digging up a graveyard and making more undead
36 Soldiers on the march when you get closer you see they are zombies
37 Paladin seeking aid to kill a necromancer in a local crypt making undead
38 Dozens of skeletal animals rise from the woods and swarm to attack
39 A necromancer apprentice offering to sell cursed relics useful in these troubled times
40 Skeleton cavalry gallop on the road charge anyone visible
41 Skeleton archers in defencive position holding road up ahead
42 Dark lone rider, a wight on a zombie horse scouting for forces of evil 
43 Wight and a d6 half strength thralls await to ambush on the road ahead
44 Shadows from among the trees step out to block the road
45 Badly smelling decrepit monks carrying a cauldron of evil liquid for some foul purpose
46 Family of cannibal cave killers becoming ghouls, out to murder to celebrate
47 Chaos templars on horse seek to stop anyone acting against the undead cause
48 Skeletons driving undead ox funeral waggon carrying skeleton archers
49 Skeleton apprentice with soldier skeletons inspecting travellers for anti undead activity
50 Lady necromancer and her troop of zombie lovers marching to habited areas
51 Necromancer commanding a mighty skeleton warrior to lead his skeleton swordsmen
52 Sons of kyuss shambling down the road though mist, their glowing worms visible
53 Coffer corpses scattered on road by waggon of spilled coffins, will leap to attack
54 Necromancer orc priestess with her juju zombies out for a feed
55 Hecuva polymorphed into handsome young clergy to get close
56 Zombie knights plodding sadly down road, with slowly chase people to kill
57 Zombies loading a waggon with people they have killed so far today on road
58 Ghouls and ghasts screaming chasing commoners
59 Shroud wearing corpses by overturned waggon on the road are sheet ghouls
60 Corpses scattered on road arise as shee ghouls led by sheet phantom creator
61 Wraith squirming black smokey horror that should not be moving to civilization
62 Wraith leading d6 wights warriors in service to a dark power 
63 Lone mummy limping down road trailing bandages
64 Mummy leading skeletons with spear, sword and bow
65 Mummy in chariot with skeleton driver, horses and sword skeleton escorts
66 Vampire cultists led by a thrall (with them if night) looking for food for the master
67 Village mob hunting a invisible killer who must be hiding in area (eastern vampire)
68 Wolves in service to vampire on the prowl, if night it will be not far behind and hungry
69 Shadow mastiffs hunting a local youth with basket of food for grandma
70 Shadow demon leading shadows exhorts the to attack and leave none living
71 Villager possessed by a haunt tries to direct travellers into undead army near by
72 Apparition holding the road driving away travellers
73 White haired corpses by roadside, by night a banshee holds the path
74 Zombie travellers wander road untill see food, by night their spectre master is with them
75 Agent of nobles possessed by ghost delivering false information
76 Spirit who was murdered under a tree is in human form seeking a lover 
77 Spirit tries to scare people off the road to keep them from meeting worse horrors ahead
78 Spirit in form of a priest warns travellers but will point out location of relic to adventurers
79 Dark elf leading zombies demands humans hurry up and die already
80 Spirit in form of old woman tells you where vampire coffins can be found
81 Necromancer master with a hundred HD of skeletons, zombies and other undead 
82 Necromancer apprentices and cultists transporting waggon of corpse parts
83 Horde of cannibals necro mutant cultists finally can stop hiding and just start killing
84 Gang of chaos goatmen cultists of Orcus, many have mutations
85 Necromancer master with chaos goatmen and zombie servants
86 Vulture men eating human corpses by roadside, one is a necromancer
87 Pit full of squirming undead body parts (see petty undead) cultists throw in vctims
88 Undead wolves rampaging over area killing all, chase rabbit towards party
89 Zombie cavemen rock throwers riding a zombie mammoth rampaging down road
90 Skeleton army on the move with siege weapons bound for a town 
91 Apprentice skeleton wizards with skeleton guards have barricaded road with bone wall
92 Insane flesh golem killing and dismembering travellers to see how they work
93 Evil high priest of death god riding nightmare with cultists, zombies and demons
94 Evil high priest of plague god with army of plague monks, ratmen and rotting zombies
95 Master necromancer leading army of skeletons, zombies, cultists and a collossus
96 Master necromancer with army of goatmen, necro mutants and death cultists
97 Vampire army on move by night but guarded by zombies by day when they camp
98 Mummy king wizard leading army of ancient skeletons
99 Night Hag leading army of shadows, wights and zombies with her dark elf son
100 Lich leading huge army of mixed undead, cultists and necromancers

d100 Necromancer War Wonders
01 A putrid miasma of stinking mist covers the area for a few miles worrying everyone
02 Priest caring for victims of a new sickness spreading across the land
03 Man selling dog that hates zombies because it wont shut up now
04 Empty old coffins dumped by side of the road
05 Posters warning grave robbery now punishable by death
06 Preacher warns end of the world in nigh, donations accepted
07 Graves on the side of the road have been dug up by someone and bodies gone
08 Peasants burning some bodies a break from common custom for burial
09 See hands burst from roadside grave as a zombie is born
 Hear bells ringing and smoke from mass burnings of the dead
11 Villagers and priest digging up reputed necromancer to burn before he arises
12 Militia searching for suspected cannibal killers in area
13 Evil priest inviting travellers to worship orcus prince of the dead who will spare us
14 Flagellants whipping selves invite you to join them in stopping the gods punishment
15 Galloping merchant on horse goes by, "flee the end of the world is coming"
16 Robed old traveller offers to help you speak to long lost dead spirits of loved ones
17 Necro mutated parents trying to give away their children before they eat them
18 Cultists can be heard chanting, if investigated necromancer is raising undead
19 Sobbing priest praying over ash heaps that used to be his congregation
20 Skeletons led by necromancer tearing apart old chapel searching for necromantic relic
21 Apprentice necromancer offers his selection of zombie women for a low low price
22 Cultists preaching time to wake up and accept the new age of death
23 Skeletons building siege weapons and equipment from giant bones and sinew
24 Man selling fake holy water from local creek, claims it is best from a famous temple
25 Man selling holy symbols, garlic, silver daggers, mirrors and various charms
26 Huge cloud of bats darken the skies
27 Huge cloud of flies swarm over country side
28 Mosquitoes in thousands mostly anoying but spread disease
29 Ravens picking meat from gibbets in the trees
30 Heads of bandits on poles have become undead and mostly look confused
31 Gibbets hanging in trees with corpses of bandits have become zombies but cant escape 
32 Villagers with beautiful young girl debating if they should just give her to the vampire
33 Villagers digging up and beheading and staking corpses supervised by inquisitor
34 Villagers driven from homes due to poltergeists
35 Priest and a mob staking a vampire they have just dug up and getting a fire ready
36 Several distraught newly changed necro mutants alarmed the mob will kill them
37 Vultures swarming over area in numbers never seen before
38 Fox running with a twitching zombie hand
39 A devil in disguise hands over a map indicating lost holy relics used to fight undead
40 Pile of burning corpses in a pit unattended
41 Cultists with waggon moving a un animated flesh golem for their master
42 An old barrow grave by roadside looks freshly disturbed possibly wights inside
43 Viking warrior mercenaries burning some corpses and dividing up treasure
44 Druid leading a congregation promises powers of nature will triumph
45 Druid and priest arguing in front of villagers on which faith will save us in time of need
46 Bandits come peacefully asking if you know any safe place they can go
47 Druid exhorting followers to shed clothing and run wild and free in the woods
48 Priest preaching undead atracted to vile thoughts and wicked desires
49 Zombie eating a dead horse cant be bothered to stop
50 Remains of huge flesh colossus surrounded by scaffolding captured by confused mob
51 A distant colossus eating whole animals and people
52 Hundreds in payed begging gods to seal the underworld and forgive mortals of sin
53 Necromancer cultist preaching servitude and the rewards of eternal undeath
54 Remains of battlefield with cultists collecting corpses to be reanimated
55 Old roadside tomb sealed door freshly opened
56 Hundreds of screaming fleeing peasants bemoan the march of death
57 Cultists building a great effigy of orcus or same other god or demon
58 Shrines to orcus or same other god or demon found increasingly frequently
59 Necromancer cultist offers people chance to peacefully join us now or die horribly later
60 Hundreds of marching spectral minions on way to relive attack on a city centuries ago
61 Thousands of zombies in grid holding up arms used as computational device by cult 
62 Wall of bone blocks the road made with a spell
63 Wall of twitching undead flesh and gore blocks the road made with a spell
64 Line of zombies with linked arms blocks the road
65 Zombies forming a pontoon bridge for mummy chariots to cross river
66 Zombie farmers working the fields directed by a newly converted living cultist
67 Tower formed with undead skeletons the overnight camp of necromancer master
68 Dug up old crypt with piles of bones being sorted where bone golems were created
69 A skeleton bird trying to fly and hopping about sadly
70 Undead giant vultures carrying skeleton wizards fly by
71 Cultists of worm god promises their god will devour the dead if only other gods forgotten
72 Necromancer cultist telling farmers how with zombie labour they will never work again
73 A dog following zombie master looks sad
74 Horde of zombie children being led by cultist to be labourers in masters lands 
75 Skeletons with scythes cutting fields with happy cult farmer watching 
76 Goblins spit roasting zombie, they like the way they squirm when you eats em
77 Priest telling ghouls they should fight against the necromancers 
78 Draconic lich ridden by lich flies through sky or a skeleton wizard on a wyvern zombie?
79 Ghouls feasting after a battle on both sides remains
80 Devil cultist preaching if you sell your souls hell will save you from the unlawful dead
81 Necromancers and cultists assembling a great flesh colossus ready to be animated
82 Robed men pouring strange potion into a water source for some probably bad reason
83 Hundreds of burning skulls fly overhead
84 Necromancer with cultists using a colossus to dig up an ancient graveyard
85 A necromancer envoy weeting elementalist wizards to convince them to join the dead
86 A necromancy cultist convening over a mortal and undead marriage
87 A cultist teaching sobbing man that with study he can raise his family as zombies
88 Miserable necro mutant outcaste camp listening to a cultist declare they are blessed
89 Inquisitors have rounded up necro mutants in cages ready to be burned
90 Inquisitors have rounded up local accused cultists with a mob and plan to burn them
91 Headless phantom on horseback rides down road, his ghost horse screaming
92 Glowing phantom stands in road menacing travellers but mostly scary
93 Cultists with necro mutant war hounds hunting for escaped children
94 Sky darkened by storm clouds making it dark enough for many undead
95 Cultists chanting for favourable weather like storms, heavy cloud or fog
96 The whole damned kingdom smells of rotting corpses
97 Giant eating squirming zombies he likes cos they don't run fast an they is stupid
98 Man chopping up a corpse and feeding to dogs just in case
99 The moon seems to look more like a skull than normal
100 Visage of demon or evil god seen in sky as night sets seen across the land

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