Tuesday 5 December 2017

My Setting World Map

So I've been pottering with this for a few years  and plan to recycle stuff from old settings. Mostly vague so far but will help me make some tables such as:

d100 Famous mercenaries for hire from many lands
d100 Traders and goods from many lands
d100 Desert City States
d100 Wondrous places from across the world
d100 Legendary Places from across the world
d100 Great Cities of the world
d100 ruined and lost cities of the world

Possibly mark some Xor gate points for quick travel and snacks

The world is smallish but the north is perpetually frozen and the south is on fire or boiling.
Most of the world is dominated by powerful magician hierachies and warlords
Most of the world is happy in the stone or bronze age and using magic
It's an age of exploration, new trade and new technology for some
Certain lands of man stole steel and iron the gunpowder from the dwarfs and used against the elves and trolls and anything really.
Most of these advanced lands are in state of warfare and in sway of alchemists
Some of the ancient states still ruled by gods have sent monsters to the invaders lands
These Lands send expeditions to find magic items and slaves across the world to help win their wars
City of lead is a sprawling ruined city of the old ones with a permanent wolf pirate fortress
City of Brass is where efreet and salamanders and elemental fire beings trade with the world
More detail to be added yet

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