Monday 26 September 2016

d100 Urban Structures in Ruins

Since the plague many small cities abandoned and sections of large cities abandoned. This is some handy table Im doing to create modern urban ruins on the fly and I will do some others too. I would probably generate as blocks or quarter blocks. A small rural city might only have a few dozen important sites. Bigger ones will have hundreds or thousands.

Rural pitt stops on the road was a early attempt
Random Law encounters
Slumburbs - mass housing estates outside of walled cities

d10 Condition
1 Very good pristine, recent advertising d6 months old
2 Slightly worn, dated ads a year old
3 Some damage, older advertising d4 years old
4 Vandalized, ads are ten years old often vandalized
5 Covered in graffiti
6 Partialy burned
7 Partially collapsed
8 Mostly collapsed, mostly walls but some shelter
 Entries collapsed but sealed rooms
10 Pile of rubble

d10 Advertising and Signage
1 Food or beverage items 
d4 1=soda 2=snacks 3=takeaway 4=
2 Vice Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol
3 Public warnings 
d4 1=terroroism 2=fallout 3=mutants 4=cults
4 Public messages d4 1=drink driving 2=election 3=war recruitment 4=patriotic
5 Mural 
d4 1=patriotic 2=local pride 3=paid street art 4=abstract colourful blots
6 Media d4 1=pop music 2=movies 3=book 4=magazine
7 Television network adds d4 1=show 2=news 3=network promo 4=sports8 Health care d4 1=vitamins 2=drugs 3=medical care 4=plague
 Clothing d4 1=shoes 2=underwear 3=fashion 4=work
10 Vehichles 
d4 1=bikes 2=off road 3=family sedan 4=sports

d10 Quick Structures
01 Public fittings, monuments
02 Public buildings
03 Residential apartments
04 Industrial
05 Retail
06 Office blocks
07 Government
08 Recreation
09 Demolition and construction
10 Other strange stuff possibly dangerous

d100 Urban Structures in Ruins
01 Bus shelter or depot
02 War memorial
03 Graveyard
04 Park with pick nick and bbq facilities
05 Plaza with public art work and sculpture
06 Bridge
07 High rise car park
08 Pay toilet d4
09 Phone boxes d6
 Train station
11 Police station
12 Hospital (1in6 mental facility)

13 Fire station
14 Library
15 Public admin
16 Museum
17 Art gallery
18 Aquatic centre
19 Sport centre
20 Council works depot
21 Town houses 2-3 story
22 Apartment block
23 Gated community of town houses
24 Private Mansion
25 Motel complex
26 Luxury hotel complex
27 Apartment block
28 Apartment block with shops on ground floor
29 Highrise apartment complex
30 Sealed archology
31 Power station
32 Garage complex
33 Small Factory
34 Printing press
35 Gated industrial park
36 Gated science park
37 Warehouse complex
38 Grain silo
39 Recycling centre
40 Garbage dump
41 Shopping mall
42 Supermarket
43 Hardware warehouse superstore
44 Row of basic shops
45 Row of boutiques
46 Row of takeaway stores
47 Market complex for meat, fish, vegetables, flowers
48 Car accesories
49 Car yard
50 Petrol station and garage
51 Small building of office suites
52 Large building of office suites
53 High rise of office suites 
54 Corporate arcology
55 Homeless shelter
56 Cyborg war veterans shelter
57 Nurses housing complex
58 Student housing complex
59 Prison complex or arcology
60 Church complex or cathedral
61 Army base or recruitment centre
62 Airport or helicopter pad or airship moor or docks
63 Post office sorting centre
64 Courthouse
65 Local government chambers
66 University campus
67 Technical College
68 School complex
69 Youth centre
70 Preschool centre
71 Cinema
72 Game console arcade
73 Zoo
74 Bowling alley
75 Shooting range
76 Sport field
77 Race Track (dogs, horses, cars, gocarts)
78 Casino
79 Convention Centre
80 Gymnasium
81 Demolition site
82 Construction site
83 Boarded up building to be reconditioned
84 Building was full of squatters and marked for demolition
85 Building was a sweatshop
86 Cargo container depot
87 Open pit construction site
88 Long abandoned fenced construction site with pond and vegetation
89 Armoured crack house for gang or druglabs
90 Partially constructed wall or road with mobile sheds
91 Theme park operated by androids (War World)
92 Dinosaur or pliestocene theme park
93 Botanical gardens (1in6 over run by triffid hybrids)
94 Centre for disease and mutation control
95 Space Research lab
96 Bunker complex
97 Cryogenic facility
98 Temporary field or refugee hospital
99 Black Lab in disguise
100 Secret society lodge hall or cult temple

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