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d100 Street Urchins of Shadelport

Urchins dream of looking this fine

Urchins of the streets of Shadelport are a tough lot. Most are zero level thieves with two skills and a weapon proficiency. Most grow into thieves and a few into fighters. A rare one joins church. Urchins might flock together and squat in abandoned property. Some are affiliated with gangs who encourage kids to be criminals. Others are recruited by criminals to perform jobs where small size or adorableness are an asset. Some would like to get a better life. Some will fake it and rob charitable supporters. Many have witnessed horrible things and are damaged. Some might grow into murder hobos. This could be a good campaign start and could be used as a background. Orphan catchers sell orphans to sweatshops, slavery and servitude to houses, ships and tradesmen.

d12 Why is this kid a urchin?
01 Abandoned at orphanage couldn't handle strict religion and ran away
02 Ran away from abusive home life with violent drunk parents
03 Sold as apprentice to cruel abusive master
04 Sold into apprenticeship with gang or crime guild but escaped
05 Escaped slavery probably born a slave
06 Family respectable but murdered and fled to survive
07 Family succession conflict and bastards being murdered so fled
08 Committed some tragic crime by accident and ran away from home
09 Abandoned by lazy or desperate family as a liability
10 Family killed while travelling and child fled

11 Family comfortable but kid rebellious and hides past from other urchins
12 Is a mutant and keeps it hidden, afraid of intolerant family

d12 Random Weapon Proficiencies
01-04 Brawling
05-07 Throw Rock
08 Sling
09-10 Knife
11 Dagger
12 Club

d20 Non 
Weapon Proficiencies
01 Streetwise, Run away
02 Beg, Pick Pockets
03 Etiquette, Fast Talk
04 Taunt, Survival
05 Shadow, Spot
06 Wallrunning, Jump 
07 Pick Locks, Evaluate
08 Night Vision, Climb
09 Acrobatics, Juggling
 Traps, Locks
11 Sneak, Hide
Ropes, Escape
13 Sing, Play Instrument
14 Carousing, Dance
15 Grooming, Disguise
16 Repair, Carpentry
17 Swim, Boat
18 Beast Husbandry, Beast Lore
19 First Aid, Fake Medicine
20 Numeracy, Sleight of hand

d12 Greatest Fear
01 Family finding them
02 Former master finding them
03 City feral child catcher
04 Sweatshop child catcher
05 Rival gang finding them
06 Being left alone
07 Hunger
08 Not protecting sibling or friend
09 Being weak or helpless or imprisoned
10 Attending school

11 Priests and dodgy do gooders
12 Whips, sticks or beating implements

d12 Greatest Dream
01 To make a big score and 
be showered in conspicuous status symbols 
02 To belong to a proper family without abuse
03 To live long enough to start own family and home
04 To care for siblings or friends
05 To get revenge on everyone who wronged them
06 To become so fearsome nobody will ever fuck with them again
07 To go to a good prison and make good connections
08 To join the coolest gang
09 To one day become a murder hobo
10 To escape city living and get a honest job in country

11 To find long lost good kin
12 To have some one protect and care for them

d12 Urchin Residence
01 Sleeps somewhere new every night
02 In gang squat in return for loot and favours
03 In a bin in a lane way behin a shop or workhouse
04 Under a bridge
05 In a sweatshop in return for work
06 In someones yard in return for chores
07 With creepy old merchant 
08 In a ruined building
09 In a graveyard or crypt or musoleum
10 In a sewer

11 In a box or barrel in alley
12 On a rooftop

d20 Urchin Loot (assume at least a shirt or loincloth)
01 Old moth eaten hooded cloak
02 A carved wooden or clay whistle
03 A sack of straw
04 A bag of a d6 turnips or onions
05 A bag of vegetable peelings
06 A d6 copper coins
07 A wooden club d6
08 A gang tattoo
09 A live pet d4 1=toad 2=rat 3=mouse 3=pigeon
10 A lump of old mystery meat on a stick

11 A reasonably fresh fish or eel
12 Half a stale loaf of bread

13 Apple cores d4
14 A small cracked cup
15 A small old battered bowl
16 A small moth eaten blanket
17 Dead rats d3 for dinner
18 Bag of 2d10 good throwing rocks or sling stones
19 A old starp or rope used as a belt
20 A tiny old bronze one edged knife d3

d20 Urchin Special Items
01 Sharpened coin
02 Piece of wire
03 Foot wrappings
04 Hand made shiv d3 or knuckle duster d3
05 A tattered old hat they imagine makes them look important
06 A horse chestnut on string to play conkers
07 Old bone or ceramic dice
08 Length of string good for cats cradle and other uses
09 Lump of chalk or charcoal for graffiti
10 A dirty satchel sling bag or carpet bag or backpack

11 Tatty toy or pathetic doll of wood, ceramic or fabric
 Broken cameo they imagine is someone who loved them
13 Thieves tools
14 Wire saw with wooden handles
15 Nice dagger in scrappy scabbard
16 A 10 foot rope 
17 A marlinespike used by dock workers and sailors
18 Scarf good for bandanna, sling, bag, face mask and more uses
19 Tobbaco and pipe or d6 cigar stubs
20 A nest of seagull d4 eggs and some straw and sticks

d12 Magic urchin items
01 Lucky coin (or other charm like clover or rabit foot) +1 on save roll
02 Lucky fetish +1d3 once on one roll often i tiny figarine
03 Healing dust cures d3 HP with a d4 doses or
04 Goodberries 2d4 fast d10+10 hours as days food or 1HP healing type
05 Magic paintbrush always good for vandalism as never runs out
06 Monocle provides d4 1=night vision 2=detect undead 3=detect evil 4=read 10m/day
07 Spiderclimb leg wrappings too small for adult human
08 Magic lolly lasts for a d4 years of sucking you can share with friends
09 Pet d6 1=gremlin 2=giant rat 3=blink dog puppy 4=hellcat 5=huge spider 6=Imp
10 Black lotus resin for d6 doses and a clay pipe

11 Potion d4 1=Invisibility 2=ingested poison 3=strength 4=acid 2d4
12 Dragon Scale charm +1 vs dragon magic or breath saves

d12 Regular Urchin Jobs
01 Tour guide for d4 1=murder hobos 2=merchants 3=migrants 4=students
02 Runner for d4 1=gang 2=city state 3=guildsman 4=noble 
03 Dirty job d4 1=Chimney sweep 2=sewer cleaner 3= 4=tannery
04 Sweatshop job d4 1=wool mill 2=mine 3=dye factory 4=handy craft
05 Begging, have good spot and deal with beggars guild 
06 Crier, makes public announcements and spreads rumours
07 Putting up graffiti advertising and political slander hoping to get into posters
08 Church provides food if you prey to their god and help make cheap jewelery for tourists
09 Selling crap on street d4 1=matches 2=flowers 3=dead rats 4=drugs
10 Working in alchemical factory handling poison and dangerous materials

11 Favours for creepy old people
12 Torch bearer for night travellers or 1in6 for murder hobos in dunge

d100 Street Urchins of Shadelport
01 King billy a cheeky fat shaven headed pug faced urchin who hopes to be a mob kingpin
02 Lars Krinkle likes to draw funny caricatures of rich on walls 100gp reward out for him
03 Molly Larson sell matches and candles on street and is watched over by assassins guild
04 Dennis Mannerson is a cheeky mischievous prankster and a werewolf sometimes
05 Golden Gunter is very handsome and has job offers for a bath house attendant 
06 Shanky Mcstabface loves his knife and is always keen to threaten or stab anything
07 Suzy Dumple works in sweatshops and factories and dreams of finding kin in the country
08 Black Billy works as a chimney sweep and is always filthy and caughing
09 Polly cares for the blind pit ponies in the tunnels and mines under the city
10 Eliza hobbles about in crutches begging at night she sleeps with her friends the rats

11 Meatspider is a crazy kid with funny eyes and he knows a mischievous cantrip spell
12 Mandy has a facial deformity making her grin no matter how awful her life is

13 Ten Tonne Tony is a fatty who works as a bakers boy and gets to eat the garbage
14 Tina stands crying mostly but dreams she is a lost snail princess
15 Big willy is a bully who robs other urchins and has a pet bull terrier named Sweet Pea
16 Corey is a cool troublemaker who likes the ladies, heists and hash
17 Rory works in a brewery and can eat all the vat yeast slops and beer he can drink
18 Habbo is a nasty sadist with a hat and cane who claims to be noble ruler of urchins
19 Saba came off a sailing ship one day and hopes to return to his home Monster Island
20 Latoya sings for her supper and restaurants feed her leftovers, she always has a flower
21 Beano Gutbust likes to fart and often clears crowds or acts as a distraction for gangs
22 Harace Horseface mucks out stables and dreams of being a jokey so he starves himself
23 Tabitha Trundle is a witch and older than she looks, she curses and kills in secret
24 Danny Muckfoot likes pranks and heists with his dog Grumble (actually a Imp)
25 Shelly collects shells which she sells to ladies and wizards and she wants a shop
26 Bluey Barnes is a tough tyke with a pet huge streetcat named Boston that kills dogs
27 Sharky is a spikey haired thug who likes fights and biting off ears
28 Golgo has just come back from being pole bearer for murder hobos with wild stories
29 Gemima was kidnapped and her nice clothes stolen and cant get home to Richtown
30 Varney likes to tells scary stories to urchins, sleeps in graveyard with holy symbol
31 Globby is a fishy faced urchin who swims well and gets free fish from the Squid cult
32 Belinda sells flours and does well and likes to help other urchins who protect her
33 Zippy is a ugly but agile boy who hopes to gets into a carnival but is wanted for stealing
34 Trevor Box ears parents are prostitutes and he wanders streets beating smaller urchins
35 Fanny sells seagull eggs in street and gang pay her to watch places
36 Buzby has a knack of finding beehives in city and has stings and sticky stains all over
37 Penny sells matches and works in factory, fingers turning green and she glows by night
38 Gobbo is a keen pick pocket and shows of his stab wound to anyone curious
39 Lorna sits about fountains looking sad and painters pay her to make artworks of her 
40 Donna and her huge feral cat steal food and mostly get away with it, cat has killed people
41 Gordon and his huge pet spider perform tricks and catch rats together
42 Vorga is a waggon nomad girl and reputed to tell fortunes for cash or make poison
43 Squddy is a mutant boy with tentacle arms, he hides them mostly and is well liked
44 Petunia smells of fish and is a bit green but the dock workers give her fish and coins
45 Randy is a goat thief and has a 12gp reward on his capture, goats just love him
46 Cindy sits quiet and sad but actually works as observer for the secret police
47 Fatty likes to rob urchins food and taxes local kids for shares of their dinner
48 Olga is a strong girl who beats up urchins who don't respect her
49 Vanessa lures other urchins to skinners who rob and strip them of everything
50 Audin keeps hanging around bards and has started working as a crier 
51 Durben has a big club and is a urchin beserker who has killed several drunks
52 Fatima works with a drug cartel as delivery girl and has gotten many urchins hooked 
53 Sasha has a pet fox and they have a good lair and bins to eat from
54 Zinda things murder hobos are good targets to rip off and offers to serve them
55 Gilroy likes to break into churches and shit on altars and has a few curses on him
56 Tucker is optimist who sees best in everything, he is seriously in denial about everything 
57 Vinny sucks up to gangs and thinks he has influence, hires bully urchins as bodyguard
58 Jackie Jones is a sassy second story thief who works with older gang members
59 Vickie is a shambles in shock but used to be a maid till demons ate her boss
60 Porcus is a greedy fat bully and is really a young devil swine without charm powers yet
61 Paula has worked on ships dressed as a boy and she has a falshion sword
62 Barry likes to sing for money and believes the star people will take him to paradise
63 Penelope came from a good family but was kidnapped by old creep who still stalks her 
64 Dandy mike has a magic monocle and a hat and cane and claims to be secretly noble
65 Velma can see ghosts and is constantly moving on and feels cursed
66 Viryana hears angels talking to her and is always getting into terrible situations
67 Goda Moong comes from far off land where humans enslaved by apes he claims
68 Glendas family died in a fire and anyone who crosses her seems to die by fire
69 Zithras Zorn is a swashbuckling pirate boy enjoying the city sights and loot
70 Ganny Minge has a knack for finding lost coins and pays other urchins to help him
71 Signy escaped slavery from north and is very strong willed and tough as nails
72 Sundra is actually in a cult and lures other urchins to be kidnapped and sacrificed
73 Tolby works for city urchin catchers and warns friends and reports enemies
74 Brianna is lovely and many local people feed and watch her and employ her
75 Flash is the fastest runner and increasingly uses rooftops to get around
76 Zanny Barg can quickdraw a knife like nobody and is getting work for his knife skills
77 Plebus is a son of a gang boss and uses this to intimidate and steal 
78 Virago is actually a sea spirit in human form looking for true love on the surface world
79 Glorgy Cole is actually a halfling faking being a urchin to help his crimes
80 Muzurzgy the dwarf is a downy faced dwarf kid born in slavery and ignorant of dwarf life
81 Chana is a exotic foreign girl who has been working as a servant to merchants more
82 Reznap is a filthy bard wannabe who relies on cocksure arrogance more than skill
83 Philby likes to smoke and spends all day looking for semi used tabbacco and cigar stubs
84 Manny is a squealing gossiper who sells information to gangs, he cant keep secrets
85 Simon is deeply religious and preys for hours for everything to get better
86 Johan Crieg from the continent always talks about how ghettos back home were better
87 Filby Oakley has become a blackmailer accusing newcomers of abusing him for cash
88 Portia gathers cloth scraps and makes clothes for her urchin friends who look out for her
89 Pandra is a shape shifting ogre wizard hag who likes like life as a urchin in city
90 Viriam has been blessed by gods and those who try to harm her are struck with curses
91 Puddool is a catfishman warlock who has changed to urchin form to study humans
92 Birelda was a noble but poisoned her family and fled, she now sells apples
93 Vilby is a mutant who hides is second stupid head under his clothes
94 Noname is covered in whip scars and never speaks but is a helpful friend
95 Zord fancies himself as a dashing thief and is obsessed with getting ladies kisses
96 Braznap wants to be a murder hobo, has own pole and a hatchet he stole
97 Torkan is a barbarian boy and his superiour leaping and survival skills have been a asset
98 Sonja is a scrappy red head who wants to be a warrior woman and not a slave
99 Conner was working for murder hobos and drank a immortality potion, he is a old urchin
100 Anastasia the blind goose girl with her seven geese (actually gold dragons)

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