Monday 5 November 2012

Gamma Aeon starting loot

Darn triffids - whose idea was it to make them cross pollinate with other plants?

id like to personalize this but need the speed

ill revise and tabulate my cryptic alliances
possibly may need to fix them a bit

will grow these from time to time

Tech Level 0 1d20
for early hominids, animals and plants mostly building culture from scratch
1 - a stick or leg bone 1d6 club
2 - tree branch 1d8 club
3 - stick and a rock
4 - 2H improvised junk maul 1d10 club
5 - haunch of animal meat 1hd6 or a 2h 1d8 bigger one
6 - unconscious small animal and a rock
7 - half a brick
8 - huge poison thorn 1d4 + 1d6+3 intensity venom (1d6 uses)
9 - branch with 1d6 x d6 healing berries and 1d6 x 2d6 rad-away berries
10 - mutagen contaminated bunch of fruit intensity 2d6+6 rad
11 - garrotte length of vine for strangling
12 - explosive puffball 3d4+2 poison 3m area and 2d6 dam
13 - grooming bird or remora like cleaner mutant hangs around
14 - locator collar (from who knows who) and possibly shredded clothes
15 - shiny wiggly talky metal rock - small damaged drone or robot
16 - parasite or symbiotic mutant for a pet (1in6 on d6 are smarter than you)
17 - giant mystery egg
18 - a mutant companion possibly offspring or a scavenger turned friendly
19 - cyborg body parts worn as primitive jewelery
20 - a spectacular novelty hat, wig or other ridiculous clothes item

Tech Level I 1d20
all tools stone, animal or plants or made from ancient trash, everything improvised
bed roll, 1d6 days food, water skin, flints, 1d4 torches
1 - Spear and 3 javelins
2 - 1d6 light mace and short bow with 20 arrows
3 - hatchet 1d6 and 1d4 darts
4 - stone hammer 1d4+1 and bag or rocks
5 - battle axe 1d8, soft leather armour
6 - Knife and bag of rocks
7 - soft leather +1 AC, club 1d6
8 - Staff and sling
9 - atlatl and 1d3 javelin and 1d6 darts - can use as a 1d6 club also (or a woomera in Oz)
10 - hunting or guard beast - dog, lizard, hawk, wolfweed etc
11 - 1d4 x d6 throwing clubs, or 1d2 throwing clubs and 1d6 x 1d4 throwing sticks
12 - 1d4 boomerang or blowpipe with 3d6 intensity 2d6+3 paralasys darts or 1d3 bolo
13 - 10 ft duralloy chain
14 - a farming tool like a hoe, spade, scythe, sickle, work maul, grain flail
15 - short bow, knife and a fresh-ish mutant animal carcass
16 - beast of burden - hyper burro or disarmed trained triffid or mega donkey, and a whip
17 -1d6 4litre pots of beer tied into a 6pack stick frame, club, cup
18 - bundle of fire wood, hatchet, packed lunch
19 - staff, musical instrument and a herd beast
20 - club, 30m rope, sack, cape, mechanical lock picks

Tech Level II 1d20
up to Napoleonic, making simple steel and gunpowder weapons, clockwork mechanisms
tent, metal pot, sleeping bag, knife, tinder box, lantern, oil, bottle of beer, 1d6 days food
1 - light d6 musket and 40 shots powder and ball and bayonet
2 - sword/mace/axe/spear 1d8 and shield, studded leather +2AC
3 - short bow, spear, dagger
4 - Crossbow, hand axe d6, studded leather +2AC
5 - Sword and dagger, soft leather +1 AC
6 - Short sword and 3 three throwing knives
7 - Scale+4 armour, and club 1d6
8 - 2d4 blunderbuss, 20 charges  of gunpowder, and sack of nails, club 1d6
9 - riding animal with 1d4 days beast fodder and saddle, club 1d6
10 - Guard beast - dog, lizard, hawk, wolfweed etc,  club 1d6
11 - slave servant human or minor mutant, club 1d6
12 - d6 sword cane and tiny flintlock 1d4 (could be combined into one)
13 - fishing rod, hat, jar of bait and survival knife
14 - beast of burden - hyper burro or disarmed trained triffid or mega donkey, and a whip
15 - pushcart of mutant vegetables or fake potions or scrap metal and a club
16 - 1d6 black powder grenades, box of matches, dagger
17 - 1d12 bottles of beer and 1d6 bottles of spirits easily made into molotovs, brass knuckles
18 - meat animal on a 10ft rope, cleaver
19 - mutant nanny goat - small pack animal that gives milk, staff, bucket
20 - bandages, 1d6 x 1d6 healing berries, jar of leeches, bone saw, needle, thread, 1d6 x KO drug

Tech Level III 1d20
up to WW1 steampunk wild west era recovered tech like airships, steam, cartridge based ammo
1d6 days of canned food, canteen, sleeping bag, knife, tinder box, lantern, oil
1 - old revolver 1d6 3d6 bullets, knuckle duster grip dagger
2 - old medium bolt action rifle and bayonet 2d6-2 bullets
3 - light pneumatic rifle 1d4, pump action, 20 rounds, 4 shot mag
4 - light shotgun, club 1d6 and a sack
5 - fencing foil and 5-shot light sleeve derringer pistol
6 - flare pistol plus 1d6 flares and 1 shotgun slug
7 - 6 sticks of dynamite, club 1d6
8 - steel chest plate +5AC, sword 1d8
9 - bicycle, 1d6 club, repair kit
10 - telescope, 1d8 sabre, nice hat
11 - knuckle duster, hidden knife, club, cape, sack
12 - 2d4 molotovs, club 1d6, zippo, box of 2d10 cigars or joints
13 - mess kit, 40 cans of creamed corn or baked beans, no opener, chef knife
14 - 4 cartons of cigarettes, lighter, 1d12 cans of beer, club
15 - sack of mechanical and clocks, 3m duralloy chain
16 - a 40 kilo motor on a cart, giant wrench, tin of fuel
17 - sack of live mutant ferrets 1d6, sack of dead rodents, ball of twine, club
18 -  knitting needles, mutant yarn, bag of buttons, needle thread, rags, huge scissors 1d4 or harpoon, sack of mutant blubber, hatchet, ambergris chunk
19 - sack of coal or scrap, shovel, wheelbarrow, gloves, goggles
20 - 1d6 scalps, dagger, lever action 5 shot carbine, sabre, 2d6 bullets

Tech Level IV 1d20
up to end of 20th century recovery: atomic power, space travel, tanks, jets, electric everything
1d4 days army rations, plastic tent, filter straw, lighter, torch, pocket knife, penlight
1 - automatic pistol 1d6 2d4 shots - 8 round mag
2 - light 20 shot magazine fed rifle 2d10 rounds
3 - riot shield and fire axe or truncheon 1d6
4 - baseball bat with nails 1d8 and garbage can sheild, frag greanaide
5 - pump action shotgun (tube 5 shots), 1d6 shells
6 - hunting slingshot 1d4, dagger, 1d4 micro frag grenades 3d6
7 - 1kilo slab of plastic explosives, 2 timers
8 - folding motorized scooter, solid off road wheels and truncheon
9 - inflatable raft and pump with tent and survival knife
10 - portable entertainment system and truncheon 1d6
11 - +3AC sport armour +  roller skates & 1d4 knuckle duster or hockey stick & ice skates
12 - riot helm with gasmask, radio, and loud speaker +1AC, chem cell per month and truncheon
13 - flamer pistol with 1d6 fuel shots and a fire blanket and extinguisher
14 - sawn off double barreled shotgun, 2 full barrels, 2d6 empty shells
15 - grenade launcher - one frag grenade, bayonet
16 - light machine pistol, 1d10 bullets, 8-20 shot mag folding stock
17 - doctors bag 4kilos, syringe, 1d6 KO drug, 1d6 x 1d6 healing drug, tools, 1d4 knife, etc
18 - mechanical tool kit 12 kilos, huge tool 1d8
19 - electronic tool kit 2 kilos, 1d6 chem batteries, 1d4 soldering iron
20 - shock baton and riot armour +4

Tech Level V 1d20
21st century cyber punk and mega city era,
1d3 days food pills, 1d6 water purify pills, auto-thermos, self inflating tent, laser pen, 1d4 glowsticks
1 - memory plastic truncheon and sheild, fits in hand, tear gas grenade
2 - memory plastic knife, hand size blob til activate, damage pack A vest and trigger
3 - whistle, personal alarm and irritant spray pack 1d6 shots and hand radio
4 - tazer 12 Intensity vs con power for 1d4 shots, kevlar vest
5 - remote control surveillance drone, chemax grenade
6 - 1d6 use spray plastiflesh (heal 1d6),1d6x 2d6 healing drug shots, geiger counter
7 - type B slug thrower full clip and battery, takes photo and calls police when fired
8 - low-light binoculars, 1d3 frag grenades
9 - sedgeway and hopelessly dated gps talking mapbox
10 - water purification canteen and chem cell, 2d12 days food pills, d100 salt pills
11 - portable terminal and connection jacks with hardened case 8kg chem cell for 1 month
12 - folding parawing glider pack or artificial gill mask
13 - ABC suit - radio, gas mask, 18 intensity sheilding, recharges from stray EM
14 - memory suit - changes colour and style, repels filth
15 - plastic slug pistol 20 shots disposable, neon and fluro plastic
16 - type A slug thrower full clip and battery, combination safety lock
17 - truncheon, whip, +4 riot armour, handcuffs, 1d20 cable ties
18 - electronic lock picks, switchblade, flashlight
19 - sculptable biomask, police ID, 1d6 knives, spring loaded wrist knife gun
20 - smart gauss machine pistol,  police ID to arm, 20 cap magazine, hydrogen cell per 3 mags fired

Tech Level VI 1d10
AI everywhere, anti grav, teleporters, star drive, super lazy citizens look down on previous tech
1d6 items of candy, music headphones, wrist computer/phone/game, can of energy pop drink
1 - Self repairing and cleaning jumpsuit +1AC
2 - Laser tattoo set with 3000 designs or shape shifting memory plastic wig (100 styles)
3 - bag of sex toys, 1d4 memory plastic decoy (gender of choice), micro reader with porn
4 - solar personal computer with jack and basic secretarial AI and games
5 - butler robot, fueled by scraps and makes grog, screwyAI, 1d4 bottles of grog inside
6 - 2d20 doses of party drugs of several varieties, pnumatic hypo, pipe, las lighter, 1 dose sober up
7 - android toy pet dog, cat or weird creature companion (mini t-rex, doll, plushy)
8 - power gauntlet, no batteries but still does d4
9 - disposable laser pistol 1d4 shots left 4d6
10 - combat helm, +1AC, radio, lowlight, lamp, gasmask, magnification runs off chem cell for month
11 - hoverboard, hydrogen cell per month, speed 100m
12 - hand scanner 60m, chem cell weekly 1d4 1=energy, 2=thermal, 3=alpha brain waves, 4=motion
13 - slip suit - +4 AC, super slippery except armoured feet, hands and knees, crazy sport wear
14 - soul globe - ancients personality recorded as AI, can talk but cant see
15 - spinerette - can spin 4 kilometers of monoline before needs new chemicals, tube of atomic glue
16 - vibriknife with 1 min power left
17 - survival suit with inbuilt hazard monitoring AI +4 AC Hydrogen cell per week
18 - match - can solder or puncture metal plate tool + 1d10 spare filaments
19 - toy ray gun which projects various beams and makes noises, chem cell per year
20 - AI Cam Drone - floating camera and voicebox, follows like a dog, hydrogen cell per month

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