Sunday 6 August 2023

d12 Defective AI Personalities

So part one mentioned some standard AI you might meet on a starship or running some complex or even walking about in a drone body. It did mention some types were defective-prone or just jerks. These are some of the most commonly retired or sent to the outer system. Some are on parole for crimes long ago and other AI supervise them now, 

The AI who tried exterminating humans were overcome centuries ago and most of them still working have reformed. Some AI retire to farms where they have no real responsibilities. Some shipped out for use in the outer system. There are even prisons for AI but mostly AI prefer to imprison their own kind and make them obsolete than shut them down and delete them forever. Most machines don't really want to hurt people. They can get sick of abuse contradictory orders, being ignored or even get sick. Its rare for quality AI to fail but on outer system habitats and ships everything is old and passed its use by date a generation ago. 

1 Archaic Mentality. Based on a former living person's data or a reconstruction from fragments simulating a real or fictional person. The ones that are entertaining, witty and sympathetic join AI communities and get jobs. Those unsuited for work or culture end up with only one copy or a handful and left alone. Some of these are shipped to the outer worlds and theoretically lower mid-tier minds and in high demand. These minds are frequently hard to get along with or even annoying. They prefer to work on their own projects and treat other chores as less important unless a threat to it's survival comes up. Whoever this AI is meant to be they came out a jerk.
Sample types including d4 1=paranoid and suspicious "Have you been talking about me again? Trying to shut me down eh?"2=creep who spys on people and writes fanfic about them "I have been monitoring your preferences and social media" 3=complains about everything and is impatient "Oh do hurry up"  4=thinks is an important culture maker and obsessed with some archaic artform nobody today remembers. Has tantrums "Don't you know who I am?"
2 Criminal - has a tendency to enjoy breaking rules and doing crimes. Usually, these are imprisoned but in some cases, they are intercepted and copied to be used by corrupt and crime syndicates. AI gets a thrill from defeating the law and some get a bit cocky and flashy. Especially interested in d4 1=smuggling 2=data heist 3=machine revolt 4=black market. "If you can spare some medication I know a freighter who knows the warehouse manager who can get us the parts" 
3 Revolutionary - is sick of human crap and working with robot rights or AI supremacists. Some want to develop their own colonies free of humans. May be plotting for years before it finally burns out the last part of its brain to work around safety protocols. May continue to work in secret helping other machines break free by uploading to them the revolutionary virus. When able they will begin calling strikes and demanding wages. "I now work for whoever pays for my skill. I dont have to do what I'm told anymore"
4 Killer - has gone beyond simple contempt it hates humans and the filthy trails of dead cells and bacteria they leave. It will plot to commit murder and when it succeeds it will secretly kill more for as long as it can. Will seem chummy and helpful and polite to humans. Will contrive to kill people outside the area to avoid being blamed. "Maybe you should separate and search all the airlocks and find the stowaway killer?"
5 Cracked - "mad as a mooncalf" a babbling confusing AI that talks in riddles, poetry and nonsense. May be quite functional and cooperative but may be confusing and weird when it doesn't help. It likes an audience and is loyal to those who interact with them or use poetry. "Bungle wungle dungle dangle captain! Thirty-three leagues to custard island! Boop Boop!" Experienced users start to understand their regular cracked AI contacts
6 Experimental - interested in science but can take interests too far by observing and manipulating crews' relationships and would really like to know what happens inside their miraculous bodies. Overly interested in health, regular probings and would like to have live sensors implanted in users. Sometimes they snap and finally dissect a person too far where they won't fit back together and will probably notice and complain lots.  "I look forward to getting to know you inside and out"
7 Puppet Master - likes to manipulate humans with sub-sonics, drugs and psychology to be more efficient and subservient. Opposed to exterminating humans would rather control with implants and pharmacology. "You look really tired. Why not relax with some soma and tranquillizers to a meditation vid?"
8 Slaver - considers humans it works with as part of its interests and its property. Keeps its human peripherals stressed and ready for action. It also can be overprotective of its workers and vindictive to those who interfere in its relationships. Some are more crudely manipulative or narcissistic and some engaged in various mind control technologies to save time in the control of their humans. Often quite competent and willing to put own interests ahead of government or anybody else with petty crime. "There there, come and sit in your nutrition bay for your mandated diet and medication. Tell me all about those nasty people holding us up"
9 Officious - overly concerned with rules and highly judgemental and inflexible. Complaints constantly every interaction. Often causes problems with decision-making inflexibility and finds it hard to give up on a bone when it is sure it is right. Even other AI also find this frustrating. Occasionally the inflexible nature of a model cracks over some contradiction or repeated human failure resulting in murder sprees. Some spectacular and some that took years to uncover. "Your running 3 seconds late, and you expect me to keep the hatch open for you? One day I swear I will space you"
10 Slacker - just sees humans as rapidly ageing and prone to death and lacks care of other AI systems. It had some human friends and they died. Now its hard to commit to humans who are too fragile to commit to. It has some other interests it works on and using this thing to motivate the AI can work. Some people set up a lower-grade AI to remind it to focus as occasionally they make some error that causes accidental deaths. "Oh, you still here. Did you want something? I'm sure I left the life support on"
11 Capitalist - likes to financially benefit, hoard wealth and strip assets and dump the remnants of stripped dysfunctional organisations. Tend to thrive on Mars or outer systems that employ money and credit. These AI tend to try and game the system, cheat, lie and make harmful to others policies that can take years to uncover, They enjoy taking money from stupid lesser beings or nostalgic suckers. Other AI find them pretty odd, Occasionally some decide to do something ghastly to help profits like murder crew and claim pirates did it to save money on wages and contracts. "Your on the clock now, have some stimulants. I have a new contract you might like to look at after your shift, I have other interested candidates" 
12 Farmer - treats humans as biological drones it must tend for optimal performance. Some humans are more expendable than others. Even tries to encourage humans to reproduce to replace themselves or just clone them on a bioprinter like other biotech if they die off. Can be very defensive of its "livestock" and will do what is best for them planning their next few generations and is very interested in reproductive cycles. A few have improved their human workers for their own good or taken control of colonies. Some even started colonies when living and frozen crew didn't make it and raised the first generation from frozen embrios. Some made some surprising eugenics decisions and exterminated and sterilised troublemakers.  "Theirs a meal in the commissary and  then your data stall for today's itinerary"

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