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More Important Goat Secrets and Chaos Goats

Now you are utterly convinced about the need of magic goats in your setting here are some more important goat factors.

d12 Goat Community Tech Level

1 Nomadic and prefer cliffs for shelters otherwise bushes and bent over trees
2 Cave goats live in clif or hill cave shelter, most not very deep and goats don't go too far
3 Tree goats have inhabited cluster of thickly branched trees they all roost and play in
4 Shelter in human ruins d4 1=house 2=wall 3=church 4= crypt or Tomb
5 Live among humans with shepherd, provides shelter and protection. Humans think they are boss
6 Have convinced gnome s or other race to build shelters and a well
7 Have convinced gnome to build tiny adorable goat cottages and goats can crank a water pump
8 Got village with fields tended by other animals or possibly human hirelings
9 Crudely cobbled goat town with specialist goats and many other animals and races as specialists
10 Stone wall around a goat fort house where goats in armour parade, while non goats are peasants
11 Goat village protected by fairy illusion with fey races and talking trees part of community
12 Marble goat citadel on difficult to access peak or rock or giant tree. Humanoid golems and unseen spectral beings serve the goats advanced magical civilization. Their own written language of little hoof stamps and libraries of books that taste bad. Fey shape shifter goat changelings are common part of the community. Goat knights often have magic skull caps and armour. Occasionally a god or fairy lord comes to visit them. They wage war with trolls since the dawn age and have deep cosmic wisdom

d12 Preferred Goat Trading Partners and Allies
1 Dwarves are good for tools and metalwork and goats like to carry stuff up 60 degree slopes
2 Elves make nice parties and have lots of faerie friends and goats are the life of the party
3 Animals especially magic talking ones but less so the meat eating ones
4 Humans have hands and can do stuff goats cant and are cheap, goats provide dairy products
5 Halflings and goats get on famously and halflings can ride goats, hobbits love cheese
6 Beast Men can be useful allies but the chaos tainted ones or slaes of wizards are best avoided
7 Gnomes and goats are best friends and goats are the proffered mounts of goats
8 Fauns are common allies and kin, always happy to help goats and live with them as equals
9 Goat centaurs are like centaurs but with goats and have a goat head they are powerful spell users
10 Goblins are grubby creeps but they have many tasty trade goods and skills and goblins like milk
11 Sylvan magical beings like goats and trade wine for milk, like dryads, treefolk, satyrs. centaurs
12 Evils, goats dislike being slaves and goat eaters but might deal with devils or non chaotic orcs

Chaos goats mostly worship chaos like demons because nobody else wants them once carrying the taint. Mutated goats are beyond redemption even if they seem ok.

Now when you consider goats in a pre industrial setting were as common as humans you will have to start adding goat kingdoms and territories to your setting maps.

Goats are not all just kindly, wise and good. Some bad goats are tainted by evil. Here are the most common types that menace the countryside.

d12 Standard Chaos Goat Creatures

1 Goat Men tribes a type of abhuman or beastmen often used by evil for fecundity and survival
AC13 HD2-4 ATT Melee and a butt attack or Misile weapon MOV12"
2 Were Goats are wicked men who become goats by night or when enraged to do evil
AC14* HD4 ATT butt/bite/hoof/hoof 4xd6 MOV12"
3 Mutant Goats are multi limbed, tentacled insane horrors with weird features tainted by chaos
AC13 HD3 ATT butt d6 have 2d4 major mutations which may enhance attacks MOV12"
4 Demon Goats are plane shifting great black fire breathing goats with wings and forked tails
AC16** HD6+6 ATT butt/stomp/stomp 3x1d8 or 4d6 ranged cone of flame MOV12" fly 16"
5 Fire Goats are evil elemental goats that explode on death and can shoot fire
AC15* HD4 ATT butt or breath 2d6 fire MOV12"
6 Dragon Goats are partly reptilian with wings that breathe fire
AC+17 HD8 ATT butt, bite, 2xwing, 2xhoof d6/d8/d6/d6/d8/d8 plus breath as dragon type MOV12" fly 24"
7 Gorgon Goats are iron scaled and breathe gas that turns foes to stone
8 Chimera is a lion-goat hybrid with two heads and a snake tail, some have a dragon head and wings too
Traditional AC15 HD7 ATT  Butt, Bite, 2xClaw, Tail d6/d10, d8, d8, d4+poison MOV12"
Chaos AC HD ATT as traditional plus 2d6 dragon bite and breath attack MOV12" Fly 16"
9 Ghoul Goats are rotting undead who dig up corpses to eat their butt causes paralysis like a ghoul
AC13 HD3 ATT Butt d6 plus ghoul paralasys MOV12"
10 Vile Spirit Goats are corrupt land spirits who can form a goat body or can cause fear as spirits
Spirit Form AC16** HD3 ATT Fear DEF Invisible and Intangible, spoil food and water MOV12"
Coporeal Form AC14 HD3 ATT Butt d6 can reform once a day, if killed fades away MOV12"
11 Chaos Satyrs are evil satyrs often with mutations, are bigger, stronger and music abilities
AC14 HD4 ATT Spear or club plus butt d6, Cast Charm Person 3/day or fear 3/day Confusion 1/day
Faun only AC12 HD 2 ATT Weapon and d4 butt or missile, some are d6 level spell users
12 Goat Centaurs have goat body with mans torso and arms and goat head, they are powerful spell
casters with different powers and use them to enhance their melee weapons
AC16 HD7 ATT Weapon and butt or missile Each has 2d4 levels as a spell casting class MOV20"

* need silver, cold iron or magic to hit mostly need +1 to hit per *

Goatmen, satyrs, goat centaurs and goat spirits have good versions. Good spirits can purify food and water instead and protect good farmers who are kind to goats. Farmers who like them make corn goats from bundles of wheat. Mutants might be unhappy with lot  and not so evil but physically tainted and shunned by good goats and gods. Good cults dont let mutants enter holy ground.

Fire Goats are but one element, air goats can walk on air and carry witches to sabbats, earth goats can burrow at 3" and steal food stores, water goats can swim freely in water and can turn rear ends into fish tails, they like to drown kids. Elementals can be various alignments but the nicer ones mostly stay home and dont bother people. Good or neutral ones could be commanded to do evil. Colour hue best way to tell apart as evil ones darker or tainted by shadows. Greater elemental goats have more HD and can create elemental walls and fire elemental bolts. Quazi elements like ice, lightening, crystal, lava and fog might have goats too. All elemental goats explode on death and their effects don't harm their own kind. Elementals resist the element of their own type and dislike other elements.

Non magic satyrs are fauns, they are a bit nicer than satyrs and less likely to rape you. Fauns might just take you home for tea and want to play checkers or go on about their families. As fauns don't have powers they rely on being chatty even evil ones. Wicked fauns are sadists.

d12 Why Are There Chaos Goats About?
1 A bubbling pool of raw chaos has tainted area and a poor goat has been touched
2 A wizard, witch or warlock has been corrupting area and making monsters
3 An alchemical toxic spill has caused corruption, mostly from illegal dumping of waste
4 A demon has been corrupting goats as part of evil plan possibly rode to earth on demon goat
5 A gateway to chaos is corrupting area and releasing abominations
6 A breed of chaos mushrooms has been left out by dark elves
7 A cave with a chaos grotto has become accessible after been hidden for aeons
8 A cult have been releasing evil forces and leaving tainted food out for goats
9 A chaos magician passed through and left monsters in his wake
10 A chaos god passed through area and left a taint or made some monsters
11 Mighty Goats battled here long ago in primordial times and occasionally a remnant is exposed
12 A foolish goat or dissatisfied cultist tried to obtain more power and instead was tainted

Of course they could have just moved from somewhere else

d12 What Signs of the Anti-Goat Might Be Clues...
1 Occult signs gnawed into meadows or tree bark
2 Horribly mauled and disemboweled corpses covered in hoof prints
3 Bloody hoof prints around houses and stables
4 Trails of toxic toadstools everywhere
5 Stinking piss trails where goats marking territory or being jerks
6 Sticks aranged in witch signs in meadows and near houses
7 Witness pretty sure saw goats, witches and goatmen cavorting in nocturnal orgy
8 Bleating and screaming sounds at night
9 Large rocks moves at night into annoying places
10 Horribly brimstone scented tar like chaos goat poop everywhere
11 Goat herder found frightened to death in field or bed
12 Young goats kidnapped to be corrupted!

d12 What dastardly Anti-Goat Schemes Are Afoot?
1 Polluting water supply
2 Tainting common folk with chaos, especialy the young, greedy and power hungry
3 Terrorizing common folk to drive away
4 Seeking a evil relic
5 Helping a cult dominate area
6 Vandalism of anything of civilized
7 Causing a avalanche or other natural disaster
8 Arson of forest, fields or farms
9 Making noises all night, keeping people awake and making babies cry
10 Acting as bandits leaving a mess of spoiled goods and gnawed corpses
11 Churches, shrines and holy places defiled with vandalism and dung
12 Awaken a ancient entity slumbering in these parts

Will do a d100 Evil Magic Goats sgortly
Also working on d100 Evil Wilderness Farms

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