Saturday 10 September 2016

Murder Highway Image Dump 5

Will be looking at some more extreme apocalypses far more extreme and gonzo than Murder Highway

Anyway this above images from Waste Knight game looks freaking awesome and contains elements of my favorite computer games like Roadwar2000. Poor Ayers Rock now a missile silo.

My setting not like this pic from but alternate Sydney's might be already intermixing. Emanations of alternate futures might be interacted with in a dream like state or during temporal anomalies.

In murder highway the centre is desertified but some coastlines shrinking. City centres so walled and enclosed and above waterline they are not effected. Outer zones have more flooded sections. Some cities like Venice where people hang on like Sydney other like Adelaide leave semi sunken ruins to hell. Mutant crocs love global warming.

My planet Psychon is what i made when unsure if i could run gamma world or dnd. It is where my gamma world type gonzo games. Murder highway keeps it's face more straight. It is more like a 2000AD comic or anime while Planet Psychon is a Saturday Morning Cartoon for adults.

Also look out for upcoming mutant crawl classics

And Mutant Epoch

My game is a slow motion apocalypse in progress not a true post apocalypse

Im a big fan of TSR Gammaworld second edition, it is one of best games ever, and one of best designed box sets ever. Gammaworld could be my setting in 300 or 400 years in the future but needs more undead.

Ghost in the Shell and a few anime influentual too.

Morbis Gravis and Druuna comics in heavy metal was awesome and a big influence on my decaying bunker/city/spaceship settings. Xor and my ruined spaceships and mutants all owe something to this. Lots online but very adult and a bit too much bondage and butt rape for my taste. The story is a dreamlike mess but the setting is incredible

So Dark future to return as a PC game.
Not much newer info than this

Some more classic dark future - I cant't recommend the Jack Yeovil/Kim Newan Books enough 

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