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d100 Kids of Nanny Binx for GoatQuest

Next time your game needs more goats your GoatMaster can use these tables. You've probably been worrying about the lack of goats in your games but now with games like GoatQuest, Goats and Grottoes, Dungeon Goat and other new games you can now relax. Possibly need to do goats as a BX character class or use this to create goats for a one of con game. A goat lore skill will help you unravel local goat secrets.

Dont forget Nanny Binx in petty gods tome but here is my early draft

She is in this book which you must get
I hope we get more osr books like this or has everyone gone pro now?

Nanny Binx wanders the multiverse leaving intelligent magic goats behind. Possibly she made other animals intelligent too and organised them into a anti chaos earth cult. Her descendants are not as powerful but still carry on her good work. She has tried to influence goat men and were goats into worshiping nature but this project is more difficult. Possibly her atheism gets in the way but earth goddesses appreciate the mana she has earned them which helps keep chaos at bay.

Typical magic goat
AC+3 HD 2 Att 1 d6 butt MOV 16"
Goats can climb like a thief and will climb sheer cliffs, tightropes, stand on a pole, rooftops or trees 16 or less on a d20
On a natural 20 they butt over opponents, they can do this if surprising anyone bent over
Magic Goats have a d4+1 other skill or lore fields of expertise

d12  Goat Type
01 Toggenburg - black or grey and white with toggles on neck
02 Anglo Nubian - various colours rounded nose
03 Angora (more like sheep sorry) or Cashmere
04 British Alpine - black and white 
05 Golden Guernsey - gold and wooly
06 Dutch Landrace - black and white, long haired, norse and irish versions too
07 Saanen - white
08 Black Bengal - black muscular
09 Booted Goat - shaggy red and black hair
10 Barbari - white with brown spots

11 Boer - big meat goats brown and white
12 Kalihari Red - large red 

d12 Goat Decor
01 Leather collar
02 Horns removed
03 Old hat
04 Floral garlands
05 Macrame decor with small brass bells
06 Leather collar with large bell
07 Carry bags
08 Scarf
09 Blanket coat
10 Ribbons

11 Dyed strange coloured fur
 Mystical tattoos

d12 Typical Goat Powers - all can speak common
d10 for billy goats d12 for nanny
01 Speak to any species
02 Druid of d6 levels
03 Priest of d6 levels
04 Wizard of d6 levels
05 Sorcerer of d6 levels
06 Only harmed by magic weapons
07 Can sense chaos and evil
08 Self reincarnation - if killed is reborn within 24 hours
09 Magic horns +1d3 to hit and damage roll once
10 Extra HD +1d4 whole HD

11 Always has d3+2 healthy kids each birth
 Healing milk two d8 doses every dawn and dusk (nanny goats only)

d12 Goat Quest
01 Investigating local petty crime like theft
02 Spreading warnings to animals about chaos cults
03 Seeking predator stealing farm animal children like fox or wolf
04 Investigating animal abusers or cattle mutilators
05 Bored and looking for adventure
06 Seeking missing human child
07 Seeking missing farm animal
08 Seeking a bad farmer who fled his crime scene
09 Helping animals revolt against wicked farmer
10 Seeking other magic goats or animals

11 On quest to enhance magic powers
 Investigating animal sacrifices of chaos cult

d12 Evidence of magic goat in area
01 Dead burned troll by local bridge with goat hoof prints as if they danced on corpse

02 Burned building with charred corpses holding curved weird knives inside
03 Animals all watching visitors as if spying on them
04 Farmer with head stuck in gate swearing about how was this possible
05 Funeral for farmer who fell off cliff somehow
06 Homeless ex farmer begging by road with charred stumps instead of hands
07 House covered in animal shit, every beast in area shits here
08 Wolf carcass hanging from tree with innards dragging on ground
09 Stomped flattened fox covered in hoof prints
10 Animals in barn bleating, stop and silently stare if human looks

11 Corn goats and goat decor and jewelry very very common in area, possibly vegetarians
12 Gang of goats by roadside look at visitors evaluating them

Kuseru Satsujin gave me some ideas I expanded on.

d100 Magic Goats
01 Mr Winky the magic goat wears a peaked wizard hat and glasses. He usually has a pet charmed monkey to open books for him. Teaches commoners wizardry for free

02 Nanny Zandra is an excellent dancer and entertainer who keeps a human dupe to collect money for her. Shes spends this to care for old and lame animals
03 Gordon the Golden prince prince of goats is handsome and golden furred. He fights monsters with his enhanced horns and HD. He likes to fight trolls and goblins most
04 Mimsy the Ghost Buttster can see and butt invisible spirits and drives away ghosts. She can even butt a spirit possessing a person out if she surprises them and butts them from behind
05 Billy Grumbleduke is a fierce fighter of chaos and cattle thieves and wolves. He allows short persons to ride him as a mount as long as they don't try to guide hid direction
06 Penny Zephyrtrot is a attractive nanny who moves nimbly and is faster than a racehorse
07 Conrad Roofssquatter likes to dwell on rooftops to keep safe and see enemies coming. In cities he gets excited and runs about on rooftops for hours where he is uncatchable
08 Polly Pennydrop cast's illusionary coins to trick victims into bending over for a laugh. She also is skilled at eating shreds of fabric off peoples posteriors
09 Gobredrikah the Druid Goat has a long beard and uses spells to sprout trees and tasty plants on roadsides. He likes to ride in the branches of tree folk and hops among the treetops
10 Cassy Doublecream makes the most delicious milk that fattens babies and makes magic nutritious long life cheese rations. She has luscious white glistening fur and has many protectors who she fattened as babies

11 Terraks the War Goat likes to wear armour and ha served as a mount for many smaller races. He regenerates wounds 1HP/round and goes berserk in negative HP
12 Ms Prissy wears a floral hat and likes to smoke long clay pipes. She can cast cleric spells and turn undead too

13 Machan the Mystic is a Goat sorcerer who can turn into a satyr or human at will. He has several identities he uses to learn magical secrets and investigate evil plots in human or elf lands
14 Sonya the Ruby Goat is a briliant evaluator of gems, jewelry and psescios metal. She claims she is a evaluator of fine wine but really is a drunk who lies to get booze
15 Barney Gigglepox is a brilliant goat comedian who can cast Natasha's Hideous Laughter three times a day. He shares material with bards in secret in return for beer and food
16 Corriana Pepperpot is a connoisseur of fine food who travels swapping recipes and reviewing eateries which is hard for a goat pretending she cant talk so she often travels with a fat youth
17 Nobby Hornbutt is a rascally goat who is surprisingly good at manipulating his horns even using them to pick locks, disarm traps and open secret doors
18 Cheryl the Peril is a brave lady goat acrobat with many incredible stunt skills. She uses them to lure chaos into deathtraps and ambushes and even likes living in dungeons or helping farmers trap wolves 
19 Mr Zippedy likes to bounce about crazily and bowl people over. He is quite sneaky and a master of surprise who can butt targets like a thief backstab skill 
20 Lady Moonhorn mistress of the night hunts evil by moonlight and is immune to energy drain attacks and paralasys. She hates ghouls and wights most and her horns are silver plated
21 Mr Cloppetey can run up any surface like spider climb spell and is immune to web effects. He hates giant spiders and is dedicated to squishing them all
22 Zrilla the Prophet Goat can answer three yes or no questions a day and can contact other planes once a week. She helps investigators of evil
23 Shaggy the Wonder Goat is a greedy, cowardly slacker but he still is awesome at hunting evil. He usually dupes some youths into helping them and occasionally is briefly heroic enough to save them or find clues 
24 Lady Penelope is a sophisticated goat of great charm who likes to eat paintings, scrolls of poetry and expensive instruments. She is a wonder at finding lost treasure and employs a butler to help her and save her when in trouble. She like to spy on people too
25 Kazzrah the Khaos killer is a might goat as big as a pony who gets additional two hoof attacks per round and han hir targets requiring magic. He has a permanent protection from chaos spell and can smell chaos tainted beings and objects. He lacks subtlety of his magic siblings
26 Shepizah the Glamour Goat likes to wear jewelry and make up and fakes exotic foriegn objects. She can use a body ow water as a crystal ball three times a week to help her solve mysteries
27 Jason the Great Goat is beloved by the gods and he is often aided by them whenever he becomes despondent about his quests failing. At least once a day a god will get him out of a jam or assist him. He often companies young heroes to teach them adventuring
28 Pamela the Mystery Goat is a super sleuth who can follow trains, scents and can detect evil. She often helps local law officers solve crimes and lets them take the credit 
29 Hobo the Wanderer likes to wander the world helping people solve problems then moving on. He is surprisingly good at finding the needy and carrying wounded, administering basic first aid and making traps and snares with rope using his hoofs and mouth
30 Lucy the Diamond goat hates evil wizards and can fire two 1d6+1 magic missiles from her magic udder per round. She often in disguise as a normal goat infiltrates wizard households and has butted several wizards off tower tops or into fire pits. She is immune to magic spell damage and dragon breath
31 Clancy the Butt Master lived with monks and now has a improved AC, HP, MOV and can make five d6 headbutts or kicks or hoof attacks per round. He is very humble and law abiding for a goat and knows hundreds of snappy but not very profound maxims 
32 Cerilian the Spirit goat can enter a trance allowing her spirit to explore areas or enter dreams of others three times a day. She can also speak to dead once a week
33 Sam the Piebald is a black and white furred red neckerchief wearing billygoat with the power to see through normal non magic walls and searches village housing for chaos cult objects. He then contrives a lynch mob to destroy the owners. He is very good at keeping his magic goat power secret
34 Corinda the Harmony Goad is a mistress of spacial dynamics and by artisticly chewing on things can render a area sanctified or protected vs chaos for up to a month. Some dont appreciate her gnawings at first. Wis effort she can make dimensional membranes less fluid making plane travel and phazing more difficult in a area
35 Toby the Indestructible has a bristly grey iron body and a +3 magic weapon is needed to hit him. He doesn't like rust monsters and always runs double speed away
36 Nanny Daphne likes to wear and eat flowers and uses her druid spells to spread floral plants. Her spell effects always have floral side effects. She likes to decorate villages and move on. If she finds a chaos village she plants giant carnivorous plants instead
37 Bucky the Brave loves exploring dungeons and he can knock down most reinforced doors half the time with one butt. He can knock down any humanoid with a roll of 16 or better in his attack roll and can knock giants down on a 19 or better
38 Nanny Phil knows hundreds of stories and legends which adventurers might find handy. She knows dungeon locations, cult rumours and monster lair locations. She dislikes going on adventures but loves to hear about them 
39 Vinny Shankhorn has unusually sharp horns that act as +1 and do double damage. He is a expert on organised crime in rural and urban areas
40 Samantha Gobbleguts can eat anything even cursed relics, evil gems, annoying intelligent swords, poison, green slime and even fire
41 Colby Blinkbutt has the ability to blink in combat and almost always gets to hit a foe from behind. He can teleport with a whole party once a week to his secret island cave base 
42 Cindy Queen of Goats likes to wear a tiny crown and gold bell on her gold collar. She actually shits 1d100 coppers pieces 1d6 times a day but only if she is happy and content
43 Happy Gutglob is a big fat billy who can bounce 3" up to four times a round or he can move full speed and make a 6" bounce. These bounces can go up or across and he can carry a normal person or two small passengers
44 Garry Plunket Goat detective is very good at spotting clues, trails and detects lies three times a day. Once a day he can commune with the Archons of Law to ask a yes or no question
45 Tabitha Twitchtail can never be surprised and detects secret doors and invisible things half the time. She is easily exited by her discoveries bleating and twitching her tail
46 Kane the Witch Hunting Goat can smell magic or persons with spell abilities. He hates unlawful magic and likes to work with inquisitors and witch hunters
47 Gruff the Crime Goat (Kuseru Satsujin) uses his incredible powers of deduction and trivia to solve mysteries. He likes to smoke a pipe and read but is always up for a mystery with his human helpers
48 Sofie the Wise Goat is a knowledgable she goat who gives great personal advice about personal matters, especially effecting family and love. She occasionaly helps authorities solve a mystery or intervenes to help the innocent falsley acused
49 The Scape Goat (Kuseru Satsujin) can eat curses and bad spells afflicting other persons freeing them of effects. He is immune to harmful magic effects and curses he eats but it takes him a round of nibbling to eat a magic effect. He can also eat harmful effects of sin which has similar effect to a priest confession helping a dying person reach a better afterlife
50 Crysophathia the She goat hates chaos and has improved HD and AC. Her udders can shoot two acid bolts per round inflicting 2d6 each or disolving metal bars or locks
51 Korby the Riding War Goat (Kuseru Satsujin) is a huge goat who can carry a armoured knight or several dwarfs into battle. He has 4HD and does double damage with a charge
52 Nanny Phantasia the Illusionist goat tricks criminals and cultists into exposing themselves with her magic. She is an expert and casting without sound or gesture and keeps her identity as a magic goat secret 
53 Byron the Billy Goat is a meloncholic poet prone to tantrums and meloncholia, but he loves the ladies and writing poems. He can use bardic abilities which sound just like bleating to humans but are still effective. Despite his deplorable side he is a clever mystery solver due to his experience and obscure knowledge. He has had his poems published in common under a fake naame
54 Nanny Cassandra is a cunning spy and has killed many cultists by aranging accidents. She often uses other animals to assist so many involve cultists being run over or ropes being gnawed through or burning branches being dropped on thatch roofs. She is quite ruthless and moves from town to town judging and killing cultsists
55 Gimpy is a small, limping billy goat but he is cunning and a natural sorcerer. He is a bit of a drug addict and gnaws drug crops and eats mushrooms. He likes to hold portals then uses spells to burn houses of cultists. He often is acompanied by normal goats as billy goat body guards
56 Nanny Miranda is a sophisticated goat who likes to smoke cigars and drink fine brandy. She has exacting knowledge of the vice dens of the rich and tries to steer investigations to them or at least the local pub. She is quite the scapper and gets two extra hoof attacks and wears a bowler hat
57 Godfrey the Gladiator Goat wears bronze armour and earned his freedom. He owns several humans who dress him and cover for him when on missions not apropriate for a heavily armoured goat. He has double HD and his suit gives him magic +2 to hit. He is fearless and immune to flame when dressed.  
58 Nanny Cordelia likes the fine things in life like being fed grapes on a sofa in a palace. She blatantly displays intelligence to get adopted by the rich as a curiosity then makes herself indispensable even without talking. She often helps slaves and will direct them with speech to aid her investigations 
59 Max the Magnificent is a handsome goat with big horns and a ornate collar. He infiltrates bandit camps then reveals their secrets by sending notes via pigeon using a spell cantrip to write by dictation. His fatal weakness is vanity and he loves being winner of country handsome goat contests
60 Shorna the Nannygoat likes to educate human children in secret to be kind farmers as she thinks this the best way to fight cruelty and cults. She even turns up at orphanages and educates whole gangs of urchins in secret. The urchins also act as her spies and she enacts terrible vengeance with her cleric spells on evil cults, especially ones that prey on children
61 Kaleb the Ice Goat friend of frost and snow is a shaggy long haired angora goat who specializes in cold related spells. He is immune to cold and has frozen cultests then shattered their bodies like glass by dancing on them. He even speaks to wind spirits who act as his spies and even carry him to far off lands. He doesn't like being domesticated but needs a haircut and hoof trim occasionally
62 Petra the Explorer carries a backpack and leads expeditions of human youths she has saved from sacrifice to explore ruins. She often recruits a band of murder hobos to act as monster killers if danger is about. She can spot traps and secret doors and advise her humans how to open them
63 Jimmy Black Buck is a were human able to adopt human form occasionaly and under the full moon. When human foes need silver or +1 weapon to harm him. He can resist his human urges and even has human followers to carry clothes for him. As a human he is a expert thief 
64 Penny is a Nanny with many mentalist spells like divination and ESP who can track a cultist down with ease. She even charms them and makes them betray their cults and turn themselves in to authorities 
65 Old Pete is a veteran goat wizard who has several human apprentices with him. He is crotchety but fair. Several of his apprentices have gone on to become teachers and he stays with them when travelling. He likes to plant trap spells on cultist implements and altars and kill them off one by one with evidence in hand. He likes to smoke and eat cream buns even though neither are good for him 
66 Donna the Wise is a far thinking nanny who offers her engineering advice to aid villagers with windmills, dams, waterwheels and defenses. Her followers have been know to set up siege weapons as traps to kill monsters
67 Clarence the Reading goat loves books but now he needs glasses which his human followers help him with. He encourages literacy programs and tries to disencourage cult activity. He offers a curriculum of classics to inspire heroism and virtue. He tries to help villagers overcome problems that drive them to desperately seek out cults. Many libraries admit him even though he eats the odd scroll absent mindedly (only ones with poor grammar and spelling)
68 Coriander the sea goat can turn into a fish from the waste down at will and specializes in sea mysteries. Many sailors have been saved by her and trust her. She infiltrates ship crews to find evil fish men or kraken cults
69 Luke the Unstoppable can shoot a d6+1 magic missile every round and can fly magically. He uses these powers to fight aerial monsters and track flying witch cults and even infiltrate them. Once he knows their habits he sends a message to inquisitors who mop up for him. He often is accompanied by young clerics in disguise on secret missions for the church
73 Miss Tawny can summon and bind earth elementals which she keeps in the bell on her collar. She uses them to improve the land around villages in secret and to battle demons
74 Tanner is a rascally billy goat who loves adventures and dungeons. He happily carries backpacks and is brave enough to fight a goblin or a wolf. Fortunately he is cleric and can heal wounds and turn undead. His collar has a holy symbol. He has saved whole parties of heroes who will come if he call for them by post 
75 Cora the Malcontent Nanny encourages free thought and ideas while trampling heresy and cult ideas. Her gang of youthful sidekicks stalk and beat cultists and robbing them for money. Her gang love to hear her tales of morality around the campfire at night
76 Barry is a big jolly goat who tells crude jokes and farts often. He likes to eat things he shouldn't but is a avid chaos cult hunter. He protects goat kin first but will look after kindly goat herders and farmers. He can turn invisible at will which helps him spy and fight but occasionally his flatulence betrays him 
77 Katie the Vigilant uses her communication skills to establish spy networks of birds to find cultists. She uses talking ravens to inform authorities and keep her anonymity. She thinks humans are flawed unlike goats
78 Sprinkles the Bro Goat, is every bodies friend, a top guy whos has supergoat sharisma, roguish charm and wit. He likes to move around so as to not overshadowing everyone. He loves the ladies of course but he enjoys spending time with gangs of manly murder hobos. He rolls two lots of dice for everything and he picks the best set for the result he wants. He serves the cosmic balance and fights for the gods of fate
79 Nanny Clover likes to use her human and animal followers to foil political corruption especially as a tool to find and secretly murder cultists. Her personal gang wars with secret societies has destroyed many towns in her purging. Some mistake her gang for a murder cult for some reason.
80 Solar the Sun Goat, claims to be son of the sun god in is youthful form as love god. He has a high charisma but has decadant dandy aristorat tastes. He is decadant but can fire two light ray once per round from his horns that inflicts 3d6 vs chaotic evil, 2d6 vs evil and 1d6 vs everything else. He doesnt like physichal contact with humans but tolerates 
81 Diana the She Goat is a swashbuckling wild forest goat who fights bandits, trolls, wicked hunters, or poachers on sacred hunting reserves. Chaos monsters and wicked goat men and were goats she might try to save them and redeem their taint, but if they dont follow through she kills them. She has double HD, bettar AC and MOV and does double damage
82 Barney the Good Goat is a wholesome sailntly goat with a stragley drown beard anf fur. He preaches love and understanding and can call a 3d6 fire or lightning bolt from the sky if outdoors at unrepentant sinners. Barney has to move around becaus his sainthood cult is threateneing to the echlisiarchy and nobility
83 Virtual is a strange other world goat.  He can walk through walls, move with blink of thought, and sometimes his form becomes lower resolution. He has multiple d6 lives which replace his corpse one round after dying. he doesnt talk he just says "denial of services attack". He possibly fights evil and is very attracted to butting zombies for double damage. but mostly runs about aimlessly butting things
84 Zachiaria is a grey hoat with longer black hair. He has awesome tatoos that store spells which he absorbs when cast at him. He can store 12 levels of spells and if he can absorb it it wont effect him
85 Keziah tyhe Strange Goat uses Tantric Goblin Shamanism and has drained all the local goblin shaman of her spells. At any time she has 2d6 first level spells, 2d4 second level spells and a d4 third level spells. At peak power she glows and floats over the ground, she walks like a mortal. If the ever fills up her power to maximum role able capacity she evolves to being a petty god. She is mostly nightmarish making some doubt her goodness 
86  The Hypno-Goat is believed to be the squicky offspring of Nanny Binx's dalliance with an alien creature who has developed a hypnotic gaze. All Hail the Hypno-Goat (Kuseru Satsujin)
87 Agrimi the Leaper is a nanny goat who can leap vast distances (somewhere between 2 and 200 miles, or as far as the horizon can be seen from it's current vantage point) in a single bound. While Agrimi can carry a single rider on these leaps, she rarely consents to do so (Kuseru Satsujin) 
88 Martin the Clever goat wears glasses and a tie and sometimes a scholars mortarboard. He loves to tell people what they did after the fact and "I told you so". He can offer good advice and is a wizard. He even went to wizard school. He likes dungeon adventures because he gets to be clover lots
89 Angora the Explorer is a cartographic traveler whose travels are displayed as map on her wool. This wool is periodically discarded whole, providing a fairly accurate regional map  (Kuseru Satsujin) 
90 Corey the Star Player Goat is a fantastic athlete and had double HD, better AC and does double damage. He likes to train goats and villagers to resist chaos and knows a wide arracy of military drills and training techniques. Once the locals have improved he moves on. he has been a sergeant in several militias. He also teaches wonderful sport to improve society
91 Bagot the Postal Carrier is a wandering nanny goat who delights in delivering mail and packages between distant locations. She has an unerring sense of direction when it comes to deliveries and ask only for small coinage in exchange (Kuseru Satsujin) 
92 Rainbow the Spectral goat can change his dimensional frequency and gender at will. The goat passes through walls and teleports anywhere within sight. It can turn human for one hour a day It shoots prismatic rays of different types once a round and can plane shift or time travel a whole party once per week. Has enigmatic purpose
93 Zaron the Unigoat has a mighty d10 damage unicorn horn that can cast heal and purify food and water three times a day. He says unicorns copied him. Sometime Zaron appears as a nannygoat and claims to be his own sister. You never see them together at parties  
94 Trolgo the Goat-Troll is a huge regenerating goat monster hybrid. Has double HD and damage Goat who regenerates 3HP per round. She is not bright but means well and is smart enough to subordinates herself to one of her sisters mostly
95 Two Headed Pete is twins. Two front halves joined at the waist. Where Pete poops nobody can figure out.  Has two butt attacks and each has a separate spell casting class. Hard to surprise and can run forwards or backward the same

96 Nanny Sleepy Time the Sandmans Goat at night can enter your dreams and look for evidence of cultists to try and redeem with nightmares. Can cast Sleep once every ten minutes, Stomps on the skulls of enemies with her hooves with two extra d6 attacks
97 Corben the Big Buck has double HD and Damage and can carry loads and even a unarmored person as a mount. His horns are +2 magic. He likes to work with Chaos killers and quickly his abilities are realized. he gets bored in peacetime and wanders off to the eternal frontier if peace breaks out
98 Sheila the Unreal is a wizard nanny illusionist who uses illusions to fake the supernatural. These illusions draw out evil and leave them exposed and easy to kill. She has a die hard gang of teenage followers to help her faux mystery solving antics
99 Big Kev the Bold Billy is a huge wargoat as big as a knights horse who loves battle. He has Double HD and damage and has two d6 hoof attacks. He wears chain or plate or leather barding depending on his mission and even silver or cold iron skull caps to battle certain monsters. Big Kev likes to carry knights or several smaller unarmoured persons into battle. He laughs loudly and likes beer 
100 Nanny Petunia likes to find and raise baby monsters and humanoids to be good and upstanding creatures opposed to Chaos. Chaos cults hate her so she often hires murder hobos to protect her children 


  1. Goats can carry 35% of their body weight up steep inclines of up to 60 degrees, and can be trained to enter dungeons if led by gentle sherpas.

  2. Probably all the goats fantasy RPG will ever need.


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