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d100 Kobolds for sale

In Shadelport kobolds are popular slaves, useful for hundreds of reasons. From expendable potion testers to door openers, kobolds are working hard. Do remember while cruelty to kobolds in public is not shunned like horse beating, treating them badly in kobold territory could be a problem. As kobolds treat each other often badly treating them a bit better is easy.

Kobolds are easy to store and ship. They tolerate conditions other races would die in. A well cared for kobold lives twice as long as a wild one.

Some religious leaders and a troublesome women's movement claim they have souls and can be almost civilized even deserving the same rights as goblins and orcs. Most people would look twice at a owner beating a kobold to death in the street. Kobolds work with phosphorous in match factories, mines, dye factories and other dangerous jobs. Many humans in the ghettos complain about kobold slaves and would also like to see them emancipated (and cooked in soup). Even urchins and mutants in the ghetto complain. Orcs and goblins dont care about how humans treat kobolds. Orcs rarely acknowledge they are visible. Goblins are happy humans don't treat them like kobolds even if only slightly better.

A few wizards with carpet bags of holding gave up using spells and just used kobolds.

Kobold Packaging and accessories
Sack 1cp
Apple crate 1sp
One kobold small keg 4sp
Six kobold barrel 2gp
One kobold carpet bag 4sp
Two kobold carpet bag 6sp
Wood backpack with iron bar door 2gp
Fancy iron cage 14gp
Kobold skin oil 1sp for 3 months of healthy shiny skin
Kobold skin oil scraper 4sp makes oil last twice as long
Booties 2sp
G-string 1cp
Loin Cloth 2cp
Pointy little cap 2cp
Adorable little trousers 2sp
Cute little jacket 3sp
Charming little hat 2sp
Fancy slightly silly court outfit 12gp
Pliars for removing teeth 1sp
Manacles 5gp with lock
Leg Irons 1gp bolted on
Neck Chain 3gp with lock
Silver nose ring and chain 15gp
Chastity belt 12gp with lock
Leash 1sp
Spectacles 25gp for literate kobolds
Owners Manual 12gp "On the care and breeding of kobolds" by R. QuiglyBranding 1cp
Tattoo 5sp
Neutering 1cp
Kobold ownership neck tag 1sp
Kobold kibble 1cp for a dry day survival rations but gives them kidney stones long term
Kobold candy 1sp for ten pieces (butterscotch most favorite)

Kobold egg 1cp
Baby kobold 1sp
Teen Kobold no skills 10sp good for expendable jobs
Adult kobold labourer 1gp
Adult kobold experienced personal servant 4gp
Expert Kobold 25gp+

d100 Quick kobolds for cash types
01 Expendable
02 Labourer
03 Servant
04 Tradesmen
05 Fighting
06 Subterfuge
07 Murder Hobo
08 Exotic
09 Petty magic
10 Magical

Extra HD for fighting types
10gp 2d4 HD
20gp 3d4
50gp 4d4
100gp 4d6

D100 Kobolds for sale
01 Trap tester - open doors, chests, walk down corridors, easy 1gp
02 Pole boy - poke stuff with ten foot pole in dungeons 
03 Food taster - eat and drink substances 
04 Matchstick maker - glow in the dark, rotting flesh 10sp
05 Hole inspector - investigate mystery holes 
06 Chimney Sweep - clean soot from 10sp
07 Gong farmer - unblock deadly city drains and sewers 10sp
08 Monster keeper - feed and clean up after captive monsters 10sp
09 Machine tender - work amid cogs of mills and machines 10sp
10 Dye worker - stomp in vats of toxic dye 10sp
11 Miner - digging and tunneling 
12 Baggage hauler or water bearer - carry 40lb loads 10sp
13 Fisherman - catch and dry fish 10sp
14 Picker - pick fruit and other crops 
15 Pig tender - look after pigs, try not to get eaten 
16 Shepherd or milk maid - watch animals or milk them 
17 Muck scraper - clean horrible filth of boots and stuff 
18 Rock cracker - smash big rocks into gravel 
19 Meat worker - assist butchers 
20 Wood collector - gather branches, chop and carry 10sp
21 Privy attendant - assist master in toilet 
22 Doorman or lamp bearer- open doors for masters or carry lamp 
23 Animal Groom - brush horses, cats and dogs 
24 Dressing Groom - brush clothes, help master dress 
25 Bath attendant - heat water, soap and scrub 
26 Barkeeper - serve and mix drinks, listen to losers 2gp
27 Bed attendant - keeps linen clean, catches fleas using body as bait, warm beds 3gp
28 Barber - cut hair and shave 4gp
29 Cook - cook common basic meals or make bread 2gp
30 Nanny - care for children 3gp
31 Spinner - operate spinning wheel to make wool or thread 2gp
32 Weaver - operate a loom or make rugs or baskets 5
33 Mechanic - service and oil and maintain machines
34 Smith - make metal goods like tools and basic weapons 
35 Cobbler - make boots 4gp
36 Tailor - make and adjust clothing 5gp
37 Scribe - takes dictation, reads aloud 
38 Potter - makes pots and dinnerwear 2gp
39 Barrel maker - makes and tends barrels 4gp
40 Leather worker - tan hide and make goods like clothes 3gp
41 Dart thrower - skirmisher and scout 4gp
42 Archer - forager and scout 6gp
43 Spearman - often aid hunters, might carry several javelins 8gp
44 Swordsman - sword and shield fighters 
45 Maceman - mace and shield 
46 Axeman - axe and shield, also woodcutters 
47 Gladiator - two short swords, helmet 20gp
48 Hunter - catch small game and birds 
49 Rock thrower - cheap skirmisher and bird scarer 
50 Drummer or horn blower - for marching and signaling 3gp
51 Stabber - sneak, hide, slit throats 
52 Arsonist - expert fire starter 
53 Suicide bomber - carries lit cast iron grenade to target 
54 Military Scout - observes enemy troops and camps 
55 Infiltrator - enters dungeons or households and spies 50gp
56 Poisoner - pollutes and food water supplies, poison knife
57 Assassin - infiltrates and kills leaders usually while asleep 100gp
58 Sniper - often use heavy crossbow for long range targeting leaders
59 Theif - all purpose stealthy agent
60 Kidnapper - expert in kidnapping targets, might need help carrying them off 100gp
61 Trapper - make or disarm traps
62 Sapper - military mining and plant demolitions 50gp
63 Locksmith - make or disarm locks
64 Incendiarist - render fuel from corpse fat and use flammable oil and smoke 100gp
65 Demolitionist - make explosive devices and black powder
66 Climber - expert climbing cliffs and buildings, assisting others 50gp
67 Potion taster - fairly good at identifying potions from taste
68 Dog handler - manage four trained dogs 50gp
Beast handler - manage a chained animal 100gp
70 Monster handler - manage a chained monster 500gp
71 Water breathing Species - excellent aquatic worker 
72 Gliding species - can climb and glide, good scouts
73 Extra arms - extra melee attack 100gp
74 Invisible - has invisibility cast to be spy, turn visible if attacks
75 Luminous - has has continual light cast on it, can cover with cape 100gp
76 Supernatural - needs +1 to be hit, competant warrior
77 Spider mutant - can cling to walls like spider
78 Berserk kobold - can fight up to -10 HP 100gp
79 Magic taster - can determine if thing magic by taste most of the time
80 Random mutant - weird mutation 
81 Petty magician - knows d4 clean cantrips 
Petty magician - knows d4 detect nagic cantrips 100gp
Petty magician - knows d4 stun cantrips 100gp
 Petty magician - knows d4 conjure egg cantrips 100gp
 Petty magician - knows d4 conjure salt cantrips 100gp
 Petty magician - knows d4 candle light cantrips 100gp
 Petty magician - knows d4 arouse cantrips 100gp
 Petty magician - knows d4 conjure flowers cantrips
 Petty magician - knows d4 conjure sweet cantrips 100gp
 Petty magician - knows d4 exterminate vermin cantrips 100gp
91 Kobold apprentice wizard d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice sorcerer d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice acolyte d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice healer d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice druid d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice wizard d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice psion d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold apprentice monk d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold pistolier d4 levels 500gp
 Kobold musketeer d4 levels 500gp

Kobolds are 90% doglike or small goblins in Shadelport with knockers and koboldi being next most popular slaves. Other types have been brought in by traders and adventurers.

d20 Revised Kobold Subtypes
1 - Canine, get along with dogs
2 - Draconic, tainted by draconuic blood, former dragon serfs
3 - Koboldi, drunken fornicators, giant genitals, amusing companions
4 - Knockers, mining folk, good craftsmen
5 - Pale dwellers, albino cave tribes, primative
6 - Frostlings, live in glaciers and snow
7 - Yellow, cunning jungle murderers
8 - Fire Newtlings, live in volcanoes, newt like
9 - Bogling, dwell in city sewers and swamps, carry infections and parasites
10 - Ratlings have rodent traits
11 - Saltkin, coastal scavengers with blue skin
12 - Bloodcaps, blood drinking pointy hat wearers
13 - Gliding, primative but good at climbing and have glider membranes
14 - Weasal kin, horrible fanged and hairy
15 - Frogkin, part frog like swamps
16 - Goatlings, have little horns to butt and hooves instead of feet
17 - Crablings, have crab claws and, chitinous armour
18 - House kobold, live in barns and under stoves, shy scavengers
19 - Raptorlings, tiny angry dino hybrid men
20 - Trollkin, weedy and hopeless part lesser troll

I will do d100 elite kobold squads soon


  1. Wow, I love the idea of another race (other than humans and elves) having so many subtypes.

    I don't know how I'd feel about using slaves, but getting a few and breeding them to populate a free Kobold City (hiring miner Kobolds to carve it into a mountain) sure would be fun!

    1. There have been many forms of slavery and near slavery throughout history: serfdom, thralls,indentured servants, creditcard users. It likely isn't as evil as being chased into the waste to starve, being burned alive,or hacked to death.
      D&D campaign civilizations are not the real world and don't have to be considered a romantic ideal. Sometimes societ sucks and it takes real heroes to rise above it.


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